Antique Solid Brass Floor Lamp

For a beautiful lighting addition to any home, an antique solid brass floor lamp is a lovely and classical way to go. The lamp not only illuminates the room but also accents the solid brass in a way that makes it glow with a very delicate sheen, accenting your home. Take a look at this collection for more.

Best Products

Traditional solid brass floor lamp traditional floor lamps

Traditional solid brass floor lamp traditional floor lamps
Romantics will find something for themselves in this two-level floor antiquw lamp, which offers an elegant classic look. Made of lithium brass - but finished in soft antique gold. It has a multi-level base, decorated with a classic leaf motif.

Brass Torchiere Floor Lamp

Brass Torchiere Floor Lamp
An elegant though rather simple traditional vintage floor lamp crafted of polished brass. It has a flat round foot, a tall thin straight round section stem ended with a funnel-shaped uplight lampshade with a lever switch.

Rare french tole porcelain rose paris

Rare french tole porcelain rose paris
Unique pendant lamp in the shape of bird cage. It is made of metal and decorated with floral theme. Great as main or additional source of light in the living room, bedroom and more.

Vintage brass torchiere floor lamp casella

Vintage brass torchiere floor lamp casella
Dating around 1972, this Italian designer torchiere floor lamp will be an eye-catcher wherever it appears. Smooth, sleek silhouette, combined with solid, brass finishing ensures elegance for years.

Lightolier brass and aluminum torchier

Lightolier brass and aluminum torchier
An elegant traditional floor lamp featuring a frame looking like a simple elongated trumpet standing upright. It has a round base and a tall stem of glossy brass but an uplight flared up lampshade (with a switch) of glossy aluminium.

Porter Floor Lamp

Porter Floor Lamp
Are you a fan of elegant and modern decorations? Then, this amazing and stylish floor lamp may perfectly fulfill all of your expectations! Check it out now and enjoy a unique design in your living room or bedroom.

Wilmington Down Bridge Floor Lamp

Wilmington Down Bridge Floor Lamp
Classic floor lamp in retro style. Round lampshade gives a warm shade of light. Neutral accent to any interior according to personal taste.

Our advice Buying Guide

In addition to adding character to your living spaces, an antique solid brass floor lamp can bring traditional style into your home despite your decision not to use antiques throughout the rest of your design. Its subtle and beautiful features allow decorative enhancements without being overt. Because there are many considerations regarding features and designs, we're going to help narrow your focus.

How to Maintain Your Antique Solid Brass Lamp?

Because you're purchasing an antique, it goes without saying that this lamp will require extra maintenance. Under most circumstances, modern lamps have styling with a focus on convenience and ease of use. However, antique pieces lend themselves more to design and appearance. Therefore, you'll see fragile materials incorporated into their finishes that require extra care during cleaning. When maintaining your antique solid brass floor lamp, it's essential you use a brass cleaner that's formulated for antiques. Otherwise, you can clean your lamp using linseed oil that's been boiled and applied with a clean cloth.

How to Decorate with a Solid Brass Floor Lamp?

One of the best features regarding antique floor lamps is you could come across one that no one else seen or incorporated into their interior decorating before. For those who are looking for significant pieces that have unique features with a traditional style and one-of-a-kind designs, then utilization of an antique solid brass floor lamp in their decor is a must. The unique design lends itself well not only for traditional design but also transitional styles as well where it's a mix of traditional and modern elements.

What is the Value of Antique Floor Lamps?

Another benefit of decorating with antique floor lamps is you're making an investment in your home while simultaneously beautifying the space. Instead of devaluing over time like other furnishings and decorative elements throughout your home, antiques will continue to increase in value. Therefore, if you choose to resell this piece in the future, you could stand to make a profit.

How to select the right height for a floor lamp?

Make sure you choose a lamp with a broad base so it won’t tip over easily. When thinking about the lamp’s height, remember that rooms with tall ceilings won’t look right with a short floor lamp. Ideally, the best measurement should be between 58 and 64 inches tall. That way, the bottom of the lampshade is at or slightly above eye level when an individual is seated. Try to keep all of your lamp shades so they're at the same level with each other or so their edges are within a few inches.

What's the Average Cost of an Antique Solid Brass Floor Lamp?

Depending on the size and where you make your purchase, you’ll find that an antique solid brass floor lamp will vary significantly in price. For example, you could see them ranging between $200.00 and $1,200.00.

A floor lamp adds versatility to the space because it can be placed in just about any area of the room. In addition to being a space-saving piece, an antique solid brass floor lamp adds sparkle to the room without being bulky. If you're looking for a way for including a sleek design while minimizing space, utilization of this kind of lamp achieves that goal.


Antique solid brass floor lamp 1

This tall standing lamp will ideally compliment living room interiors, regardless whether traditional or modern. Gold stand, combined with snowy white shade creates a universal, elegant composition.

Antique solid brass floor lamp 3

Made from solid brass, this beautiful floor lamp may constitute a real bargain for all fans of antique or retro design. It embodies the best features of the mid-century style.

Antique brass floor lamps

Cool and vintade, real retro-style antique floor lamp. Made from solid brass, goldish. The lamp shade is made from clear glass with the light bulb inside. Beautiful winged mermaid pattern on the lamp base.

Description this vintage antique floor lamp is solid iron and

description this vintage antique floor lamp is solid iron and has been ...

Antique solid brass floor lamp 2

An antique floor lamp that features great functionality and simple beauty. It's an ideal lamp for reading as the post is height adjustable. Made of brass it is a solid piece. It gives strong and warm light.

Vintage floor lamps with marble base

A chic antique oil lamp converted to an electric one. Its brass base is adorned with floral motifs. It has 4 curved legs and a tall stem with collars, bulbs, neckings. Its ball shade is of milk glass with floral accents, chimney - of clear glass.

Antique solid brass floor lamp

Antique solid brass floor lamp featuring an extra thick rounded base for stability. The lamp has a superb distressed look and a beautiful sculpture of a soaring eagle in the middle for an impeccable stylish appeal. It should be a great accessory for your living room.

Antique solid brass floor lamp

An antique floor lamp that features a contemporary and simple design. The base is made of solid and durable brass in a beautiful, golden color. There is no shade so it's a perfect lamp for reading. It works with 60 Watt bulb.

Polished solid brass faux bamboo design floor lamp

Polished solid brass faux bamboo design floor lamp

Antique standard lamps

Solid Brass Nautical Theme Bridge Lamp (Antique Brass Finish) -- comes in an antique brass finish with a nautical sailing ship motif on the arm of the lamp. Heavy cast brass base and twisted rod stem. Comes complete with the white Opal glass shade. Measur

Brass floor lamp antique

ong Description: Height 60 (152 Cm) Inlaid Leather-Wood Accents Solid Brass With Antique Patina shade number: 189797 shade size top: 16 s...

Solid brass floor lamp this lamp accommodates four bulbs a

solid brass floor lamp this lamp accommodates four bulbs a three way ...

Ornate vintage antique solid brass bridge floor lamp arm part

ornate vintage antique solid brass BRIDGE FLOOR LAMP arm part

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Antique brass floor lamp with marble base

A simple floor lamp that will be a functional and decorative element of your room. It features a post curved at the top and a simple shade. All the elements are made of high gloss, golden brass that will suit traditional and modern interiors.

Antique french lamps 14

If you like the characteristic French classicism, these antique lamps will delight you. Being a crystal masterpiece, it will enlighten the room with a magnificent sparkling experience, greatly contributing to an eclectic character,

Brass bamboo floor lamp

Royal Marine Tripod Floor Lamp Antique Brass-Restoration Hardware, $1399