Dragon Lamp

Want to add an accent feature to the interior and make it really intense and kind of scary? Just browse the lamps I've collected below. The dragon lamps in the selection catch the attention with twirling bodies and menacing looks.

Dragon tables

Table lamp in oriental style. There is, attached on marble base, metal gold-plated kickstand in a shape of dragon. Kickstand is hanged on the dragon's tail and stylised on traditional Chinese lantern.

Dragon lamp 4

For everyone who loves dragons this is just a dream come true. This dragon lamp will look splendid in your little ones' room, adding a certain amount of character and letting you enjoy the glow of the green light coming from its eyes.

Dragon lamp 7

Original and truly breathtaking - this carved wooden vintage dragon lamp sports the pagoda shade and makes for a nice option for illuminating your interior and make it a bit more warmer and welcoming.

Sitting dragon lamp

Sitting Dragon Lamp

Loving this but would scare the shit out of you

Loving this... But would scare the shit out of you in the middle of the night if you were half awake - (just sayin) - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit

Dragon lamp

Lamp in oriental style. Kickstand of this lamp is made of wood and it is sculptural and looks like dragon. Lampshade looks like old-fashioned Chinese lantern. This item will be perfect garden decoration.

Dragon lamps

This lamp is a functional and decorative bedroom item. Its base is awesome for all fans of Dungeons and Dragons. Its shade features a standard shape, but it includes a nice white pattern associated with fantasy ideas.

Antique wood chinese dragon lamp hand

Antique Wood Chinese Dragon Lamp Hand
An antique table lamp in a Chinese style. It's a wooden sculpture that presents a figure of a dragon with skilfully curved lines. It features a simple bulb dangling from the the object. It will be an exotic decoration of your room.

Dragon lamp shade

When miniature dragons roost upon a lamp post, when they watch through the night, then . . . . EDK ---- A Shiny Perch by Dragondust

Dragon lamp 45

Site to learn how to make very cool paper mache dragons and other things--the Maleficent dragon is amazing!

Finally this stunning dragon lamp calls to mind the best

Finally, this stunning dragon lamp calls to mind the best in medieval ...

Gothic Guardians of Light Medieval Dragons Table Lamp

Dragon lamp 12

Bronze dragon light fixture at the entrance to the Drake Hotel on Walton Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Dragon lamp 9

Phenomenal table lamp in the shape of castle. Lampshade gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated decoration for each room.

Dragon lamp 30

Dragon lantern

Dragon lamp 5

A roaring traditional table lamp in the form of a menacing dragon with large wings which is sitting on 3 classic vertically grooved columns standing on a tiered footing. It's manufactured of metal in brown tones and very rich in details.

Dragon lamp 26

Splendid Pair of Iron Sea-Wyvern Antique Lamps - Monumental | Lighting | Decophobia | 20th Century Design

Art nouveau hand hammered copper brass glass dragon lamp

Art Nouveau Hand Hammered Copper Brass Glass Dragon Lamp
Made with German art noveau style in mind with hammered copper, brass and glass in its structure this dragon lamp will surely elevate any setting instantly, providing both the needed functional aspect and a boost of sophistication.

Dragon table lamp 7

I like this table lamp with a cast brass dragon frame. Dragon stands on a thick, square base finished in black color. The shade of this lamp is located on a dragon's tale. The whole lamp looks very unique.

Firelight gothic dragon table lamp castle evil color 1

Firelight Gothic Dragon Table Lamp Castle Evil Color

`Draco Awakens` Lying Dragon Lamp

Nights Fury Sculptural Hanging Dragon Lamp

Nights Fury Sculptural Hanging Dragon Lamp
If you're looking for a piece with true style and originality then this dragon lamp will aid you in your quest with its resin structure, making for a perfect addition to your home decor, while adding character to any room of your home.

Dragon lamp 27

Dragon - Delphi Stained Glass

Dragon heads with horns lamp hanging from chains

Dragon Heads with Horns Lamp Hanging from Chains

Red fire dragon lamp

Red Fire Dragon Lamp

Dragon table crystal dragon figurines dragon glass cube

Dragon Table, Crystal Dragon Figurines, Dragon Glass Cube

Light of dragons fire statue table lamp gothic medieval decor

Light Of Dragons Fire Statue Table Lamp Gothic Medieval Decor Display Products
Medieval design Toscano, thought this was a lampshade at first, and was like MOST EPIC LAMPSHADE IN THE WORLD. This cool dragon design looks like straight from a fairytale. Incredibly nice and neat finish.

Dragon lamp 29

Svitavy Library Lantern in Czech Republic

Antique metal table lamp amt03 antique table lamp with turtle

antique metal table lamp amt03 antique table lamp with turtle

Dragon lamp 1

carved wood chinese dragon floor lamp ca. 1920

Dragon lamp item name dragon lamp size l31 w17 h45

dragon lamp item name dragon lamp size l31 w17 h45 5 packing ...

Antique carved chinese dragon table lamp

Antique Carved Chinese Dragon Table Lamp
This Chinese dragon table lamp sports a charming design that makes it stand out in any interior and with the early 19th century design it is sure to become a focal point of your interior and a nice illumination point.

Guarding dragon night lamp

Guarding Dragon Night Lamp

Dragon lamp 44

Homemade lava lamps....fun summer activity (if your kids are prone to spilling like mine it's probably best done outside)

Dragon table lamp 3

Table lamp with a very original and unique frame in the form of dragon. This durable metal construction in nice bronze finish looks beautifl. Dragon wings play the role of a lamp shade in this fantastic stylization.

Dragon lamp 43

Blue Dragon Figurine

Dragon lamp 14

White Dragon Lamp by Jonathan Adler at Neiman Marcus

Dragon table lamp 2

This is a dragon that has never slept, guarded the golden fleece that was suspended on a branch in the grove of Ares. Now was transformed into a brass figurine and protects the light in your room, resting on your nightstand as a dragon table lamp.

Dragon lamp 21

Streetlight, Copenhagen, Denmark. I have stood under this very amazing Streetlight......around 1 minute before she came on. So I have a daylight pic and a nighttime pic! It truly is a madical piece of Work. <3

Gothic Dragon 18" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade

Gothic Dragon 18" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade
Now you can illuminate your home with this amazing gothic dragon tabletop lamp. It offers a fearsome winged dragon that holds a sword in one hand and a torch in the other one for a more exceptional look.

Blue Dragon Hanging Ceiling Lamp 8738C-US17

Dragon lamp post

A curious table lamp that will turn heads wherever you place it. The piece features a decorative and a little bit scary base in the shape of a dragon made of solid bronze. The shade is in the shape of a dome in a lavish, golden color.

Dragon lamp 38

Dragon Lamps, Pair

Dragon lamp 24

Sotto il segno del Drago by marta ( on - off ), via Flickr. don't know the translation but I know it's about a dragon streetlamp

Dragon Touch Lamp

Dragon lamp

Dragon lamp

Lacquer 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Lacquer 25" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Dragon lamp 39

Maybe I should get one of these for the house. I would definitely be the only house on the block with a dragon holding a lantern on the roof! Hope it lights up - maybe I can use it for a porch light!

Thai Vintage Handmade ASIAN Oriental Red Japanese Dragon Bedside Floor or Table Lamp Lighting Shades

Dragon lamp 10

*A Rare and Monumental Pair of Highly Important Bronze Torchères French, Circa 1870.