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We have Chinese dragons, medieval dragons, and even a lamp made to resemble Disney's character Maleficent in dragon form. So many dragons, so many lamps, so little room to buy them all. For the dragon lovers out there, we are sure you will find the dragon lamp that speaks to your style and taste, and want at least one for your home.

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Our Picks

Dragon lamp 4

For everyone who loves dragons this is just a dream come true. This dragon lamp will look splendid in your little ones' room, adding a certain amount of character and letting you enjoy the glow of the green light coming from its eyes.

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Light Of Dragons Fire Statue Table Lamp Gothic Medieval Decor Display Products

Light Of Dragons Fire Statue Table Lamp Gothic Medieval Decor Display Products

Medieval design Toscano, thought this was a lampshade at first, and was like MOST EPIC LAMPSHADE IN THE WORLD. This cool dragon design looks like straight from a fairytale. Incredibly nice and neat finish.

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Antique wood chinese dragon lamp hand

Antique wood chinese dragon lamp hand

An antique table lamp in a Chinese style. It's a wooden sculpture that presents a figure of a dragon with skilfully curved lines. It features a simple bulb dangling from the the object. It will be an exotic decoration of your room.

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Nights Fury Sculptural Hanging Dragon Lamp

Nights Fury Sculptural Hanging Dragon Lamp

If you're looking for a piece with true style and originality then this dragon lamp will aid you in your quest with its resin structure, making for a perfect addition to your home decor, while adding character to any room of your home.

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Dragon tables

Table lamp in oriental style. There is, attached on marble base, metal gold-plated kickstand in a shape of dragon. Kickstand is hanged on the dragon's tail and stylised on traditional Chinese lantern.

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Finally this stunning dragon lamp calls to mind the best

Finally, this stunning dragon lamp calls to mind the best in medieval ...

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Antique carved chinese dragon table lamp

Antique carved chinese dragon table lamp

This Chinese dragon table lamp sports a charming design that makes it stand out in any interior and with the early 19th century design it is sure to become a focal point of your interior and a nice illumination point.

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Dragon lamp 7

Original and truly breathtaking - this carved wooden vintage dragon lamp sports the pagoda shade and makes for a nice option for illuminating your interior and make it a bit more warmer and welcoming.

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Dragon lamp post

A curious table lamp that will turn heads wherever you place it. The piece features a decorative and a little bit scary base in the shape of a dragon made of solid bronze. The shade is in the shape of a dome in a lavish, golden color.

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Sitting dragon lamp

Sitting Dragon Lamp

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Dragon Lamp

Buying Guide

A dragon lamp is definitely a decorating statement - and you can decorate with them in many ways. These types of luminaries can be anything from whimsical to terrifying, and so can match a wide number of scenarios. As these pieces contain a lot of detail, you’ll likely want to keep them front and center as a focal piece or a topic of conversation. Keep the rest of your styling neutral so the dragon can really pop!

Our favorite tip is to decorate with dragons in twos. For example, have a dragon lamp on either side of a bed, or have one dragon lamp on either side of a couch. This offers calming symmetry even with such a dynamic lighting focus.

Dragon lamps are great decorative pieces for a fantasy-inspired interior. Unique and mysterious, these elaborate, bold lighting statements are worthy of a place centre-stage. For a bedroom, a large dragon wall lamp placed over the bed can create a magical look. Alternatively, place two smaller wall lamps or bedside table lamps either side of the bed to create visual symmetry and balance the light around the room. Dragon lamps can also be a fun statement piece for a living room, dining room, or even hall way. Place them either side of the sofa, a console table, or spaced evenly along the walls to create the ultimate mythical setting.

Best Ideas

Dragon lamp

Dragon lamp

Gothic Dragon 18" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade

Gothic Dragon 18" H Table Lamp with Sphere Shade

Now you can illuminate your home with this amazing gothic dragon tabletop lamp. It offers a fearsome winged dragon that holds a sword in one hand and a torch in the other one for a more exceptional look.

Dragon lamp 45

Dark blue dragon lamp with a red tongue, glowing red eyes, and flaring red nostrils can be constructed using paper mache. Or you can purchase this plaque-mounted, gorgeous papier mache ferocious beast for display on your gaming room wall.

Dragon lamp

Lamp in oriental style. Kickstand of this lamp is made of wood and it is sculptural and looks like dragon. Lampshade looks like old-fashioned Chinese lantern. This item will be perfect garden decoration.

Dragon table lamp 7

I like this table lamp with a cast brass dragon frame. Dragon stands on a thick, square base finished in black color. The shade of this lamp is located on a dragon's tale. The whole lamp looks very unique.

Dragon lamp 12

Bronze dragon light fixture at the entrance to the Drake Hotel on Walton Street in Chicago, Illinois.

Dragon lamp 24

Sotto il segno del Drago by marta ( on - off ), via Flickr. don't know the translation but I know it's about a dragon streetlamp

Dragon heads with horns lamp hanging from chains

Dragon Heads with Horns Lamp Hanging from Chains

`Draco Awakens` Lying Dragon Lamp

Dragon lamp 43

Blue Dragon Figurine

Guarding dragon night lamp

Guarding Dragon Night Lamp

Dragon lamp 14

White Dragon Lamp by Jonathan Adler at Neiman Marcus

Pair chinese brass urn table lamps with dragon appliques

Pair Chinese Brass Urn Table Lamps With Dragon Appliques ...

Dragon fire pot lamp black resin 24 h table lamps

Dragon Fire Pot Lamp, Black Resin 24"H - Table Lamps ...