Lily Pad Table Lamp


Lamps are quite useful, don’t you think? Now they can also have an interesting and nice look – just have a look at the photos that are presented in this collection. It can be recommended by numerous customers who have already ordered their own table lamps. Choose the right style and shape for yourself.

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Reserved for dinara art nouveau brass

Reserved for dinara art nouveau brass

The lovely combination of brass construction and subtle lampshade makes the ya delightful lily-shaped lamp a perfect solution for your interior. Fragile glass lampshade and robust construction create a unique composition.

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Vintage gooseneck table desk lamp cast

Vintage gooseneck table desk lamp cast

A gorgeous addition for indoor use, perfect for enhancing vintage-looking homes. The base is made of durable brass, holding a matching gooseneck with a lovely glass shade designed in shape of a blooming lily.

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Ten light lily table lamp tiffany

Ten light lily table lamp tiffany

A truly breathtaking Tiffany table lamp that boasts of its impeccable design and vintage appearance. The gilt bronze lily pad base is attached to 10 matching stems - each topped with an elongated lily shade made of stained glass.

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Lily pad table lamp 5

Featuring beautiful stained glass, this lily pad table lamp constitutes a marvellous example of the so-called Tiffany style. Each lily features a triple tonal transition.

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Wilkinson table lamps

Captivating lily pad table lamp is a delightful way to original and subtle interior design. The beautiful floral motif of the lampshade, as well as the whole base, creates a unique whole that delights in every detail.

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Tiffany Inspired Lighting 5 Way Lily Table Lamp In Blue In Bronze

Tiffany Inspired Lighting 5 Way Lily Table Lamp In Blue In Bronze

Beautiful lily pad table lamp. The deep, shaded blue colour of the glass makes it a great addition to a bedroom, to achieve a dramatic, atmospheric effect. It kind of reminds us of antique furniture, too.

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Antique Vintage Victorian Style Lamp Gold Lily Pad Tulip Flower Crook Neck

Antique Vintage Victorian Style Lamp Gold Lily Pad Tulip Flower Crook Neck

With a such a beautiful vintage Victorian table lamp any decor can be elevated into another level. It features the gold lily pad tulip flower crook neck and the metallic finish.

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12386 amber green pond lily accent lamp in mahogany bronze

... 12386 Amber/Green Pond Lily Accent Lamp in Mahogany Bronze finish

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Lily pad table lamp 11

Vintage L WMC Table Lamp Green Slag Glass by GarageSaleGlass, $59.99

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Lily Pad Table Lamp

Buying Guide

A lily pad table lamp is often an excellent addition to a desk. The lily pad design has a calming or soothing effect on most people. Plus, it provides you with lighting, which is something that most people lack in most rooms.

Keep in mind that a lily pad table lamp comes in many different designs and styles. Oftentimes, the choices are so plentiful that they can confuse the average buyer. As a way to help clear some of the fog, this article will feature a buying guide for lily pad table lamps.

When it comes to lily pad table lamp, there are two major categories in relation to the primary purpose. The first one is for decorative purposes, while the other one is for functionality purposes.

Hence, the first question you should ask when purchasing a lily pad table lamp is "do I need lighting or more decor?”

It's critical that you answer that question as there are different guidelines to follow when buying for lighting versus decorative purposes.

If you want to buy a lily pad table lamp because your desk seems a bit bare, then don't worry too much about the different lighting categories. If this is your primary purpose, then your main focus should be on the design and style of the lamp. In interior design, there are a lot of different themes. It's best that you know the theme of the room or the desk. Once you have that, then you'd want to buy a lily pad table lamp with a design that is aligned with the room's theme.

If you are buying a lily pad table lamp because you need a lighting source, then the first thing to be knowledgeable about is the difference between ambient and task lighting. These two are the major categories that encapsulate most lamp types. A lamp that is used for providing illumination to the entire room is categorized as ambient lighting. On the other hand, task lighting is a lamp that is designed to provide you with lighting to do a specific task like writing, drawing or doing paperwork.

  • Ambient Lighting - To find a lily pad table lamp that is good for ambient lighting, it should project most of the light sideways and upwards. Typically, this is accomplished with the lampshade shade. Shapes such as the drum and inverted coolie are some of the best ones for ambient lighting purposes.
  • Task Lighting - If you are looking for a lamp that's excellent for task lighting, then you should look for the one that will direct most of the light downwards. Some of the best ones will even completely block the light from escaping to the sides and up. For the lampshade shape, the bell, coolie, and empire are some of your best choices.

Keep in mind that there are lamps that can do both task and ambient lighting. However, in most cases, such lamps become a "jack of all trades, master of none." Also, they are typically more expensive.

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A FINE TIFFANY FAVRILE GLASS AND BRONZE TWELVE LIGHT ''LILY'' TABLE LAMP circa 1900. Consisting of twelve iridized gold glass shades supported by twelve patinated bronze stems on a layered lily pad base. Six shades inscribed ''L.C.T. Favrile'', six shades

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1960s lily pad and snail brass table lamp at 1stdibs

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