Rice Paper Table Lamp


Rice paper table lamps are incredibly lightweight lighting source used in most traditional Japanese homes. Have you respect and appreciate all things Japanese or just love the idea of a rice paper lamp. Take a look at this extensive collection of rice paper table lamps and pick one for yourself. You will appreciate seeing these in your home and enjoy the light that they give off. Perhaps get two or three.

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Our Picks

Yoko 17" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Yoko 17" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Classic table lamp mounted on metal base. Rectangular lampshade is made of paper. Suitable as night lamp in the bedroom, or additional source of light in the living room and others interiors as needed.

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Netherlands 26" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Netherlands 26" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

This tall table lamp with round base and rectangular shape exudes elegant modern look. The shade is made of paper; its tone comprises an appealing contrast with bronze finish of the base. You may put it on any surface to enhance room's features.

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Rice paper 16 inch white haru lamp china

Rice paper 16 inch white haru lamp china

A pretty floor lamp that will suit contemporary interiors in a classy style. it features a regular, metal base in a black color and a large, white lamp shade made of rice paper, which is known to give warm, yet subtle light.

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Rice paper table lamp 3

An aesthetic traditional Asian style table lamp with a pull chain switch. It has a base of bronze-finished materials. It's composed of a rectangular foot and a thin round stem. A narrow cylindrical lampshade is of rice paper in creams and beiges.

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Paper shade table lamp

Collapsible table lamp with ivory rice paper shade outstretched on bamboo ribs. Japanese style inspired, an updated take on oriental design. Gives warmth to the bulb's light and softens it. Great in bedroom.

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Rice paper table lamp

Japanese-inspired, this rice paper table lamp constitutes a fabulous proposition for those, who love the oriental art. Made of various forms of frosted blown glass, arranged in harmonized shapes, create a warm romantic glow.

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Rice paper table lamp 11

This floor lamp connects modernity with oriental style. The kickstand is simple and made of metal, but lampshade is inspired by Chinese traditional lantern and made of rice paper. Due to its simplicity, it will be fitted to every type of interior.

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Rice paper lamps

This IKEA Vate table lamp made from Asian rice paper bring a subtle and lantern-like character. The bulb is fully covered with the shade so the light is very delicate and climatic. An ideal enhancement to your dining room or bedroom.

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Ikea vate lamp

Such a simple, yet beautiful rice paper table light, bound to give your room an exotic, Asian appearance. If you’re looking for a gorgeous, far-west piece in your living room or bedroom, this lamp is just perfect!

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Amazing lighting frosted glass lantern table lamps by foscarini

Amazing lighting- Frosted glass lantern table lamps by Foscarini

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Rice Paper Table Lamp

Buying Guide

Rice paper has been used extensively for thousands of years, especially in Asia. Rice paper gained a wider audience when it became popular in Europe in the 1900s. Nowadays, it has experienced a resurgence in popularity, primarily as a décor material. With its unique texture, it offers a novel and attractive appeal as a table lamp.

If you try to shop for a rice paper table lamp, you'll realize that you have a lot of choices. The options range from the traditional-looking table lamps to the modern ones with unique shapes. The assortment of choices is an excellent thing as the chances are good that you can find the right one for you no matter your preference and budget. On the downside, the sea of choices can be a source of confusion.

To help you navigate through your options, this article is going to be a buying guide for rice paper table lamps.

Most people assume that if it has the name of rice paper, it's made from rice. This is not exactly accurate. There are rice papers that are made from rice straws but they are not very common.

Perhaps the highest quality of rice paper comes from the bark fibers of the mulberry tree. Such kind of rice paper is more durable than most rice paper variety.

Arguably, the most common type comes from the rice paper plant. It's a different kind of plant that produces the rice grain. This type is still durable, but not as much compared to the mulberry variety. On the upside, it's more affordable.

Other rice paper may come from hemp and bamboo. The quality and durability often depend on the manufacturer.

There are two major categories of rice paper table lamp. There's the standard and the spherical.

  • As the name suggests, the standard looks like the lamp that you are accustomed to. It features a lamp and a lampshade. In such kind of setup, the lampshade is the one that's crafted from rice paper. The standard may be used for ambient or task lighting depending on the shape of the lampshade.
  • The spherical rice paper table lamp will often feature a round-like shape. It typically comes with circular strips of bamboo or wire to support the paper. This also provides that elegant texture that the rice paper table lamp is known for. Most of the time, this type of rice paper table lamp is used for ambient lighting.

If you don't know yet, ambient lighting means that it's used for general illumination of the room. On the other hand, task lighting provides you with lighting to aid you while doing some task (e.g., reading, drawing, drafting)

Getting the right height for your rice paper table lamp is crucial especially if you are getting the standard type. The most important factor here is to ensure that your eyes don’t have direct line-of-sight to the bulb. Hence, make sure that the bottom part of the lampshade is lower than your eye-level when you are seated.

Best Ideas

Paper lantern table lamp 7 years gold supplier buy paper

Paper Lantern Table Lamp 7 Years Gold Supplier Buy Paper Table Lamp

Rice paper table lamp 4

Geometrical minimalistic table lamps. They have simple triple kickstands made of wood and striped lampshades made of rice paper. These lite lamps will be suit to modern, simple and bright interior, especially for living room.

Ikea vate table lamp

SET OF 2 ASIAN RICE PAPER MOOD TABLE LAMPS WITH 2 ENERGY SAVING BULBS - Click image twice for more info - See a larger selection of table lamp sets at - home, home decor, table lamps, gift idea

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Set of 2 ikea rice paper shade table lamp desk

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Rice paper table lamp 2

These beautiful table lamps feature a shade made of thin rice paper, which gives them a subtle and lantern-like character. The bulb is fully covered with the shade so the light is very delicate and romantic.

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