Japanese Lantern Table Lamp

Japanese lanterns are such a beautiful, yet still very simple, concept. They put off just the right level of glow, and still light the room perfectly. And now, we have a Japanese lantern table lamp that does the same, minus the flaming center. These are a fantastic addition to a minimalist home, or one decorated in a traditional Japanese style. Very nice.

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Japanese style shoji lantern table lamp

Japanese style shoji lantern table lamp
A fine piece of Japanese craftsmanship, this table lantern will illuminate your room with romantic ambiance and warm light. Its flawless silhouette is made of natural-finished wood, perfect for intimate gatherings.

Asian oriental dawning sunset japanese

Asian oriental dawning sunset japanese
The Asian style of this beautiful Japanese table lamp makes the interior a touch of oriental taste. Beautiful design captivates with its stylish design and craftsmanship, which makes the interiors a delight.

Paper lamp japanese lantern table lamp

Paper lamp japanese lantern table lamp
Table lamp in oriental style. It is mounted on wooden frame and covered with paper. Gives warm tone of light in all kinds of interior.

Oriental Furniture Ido Japanese 17 H Table Lamp With Square Shade

Oriental Furniture Ido Japanese 17 H Table Lamp With Square Shade
Representing the characteristic Japanese style, this original table lamp with square shade is a 17" high masterpiece. Made using spruce wood and rice paper, this lamp and square shade bears an Ido theme with its criss-cross pattern and rice paper backing.

Table Lamp Led Asian Handmade Wood Oriental Lighting Lantern Decor Japanese Home

Table Lamp Led Asian Handmade Wood Oriental Lighting Lantern Decor Japanese Home
A beautiful example of modern and traditional influences interfusing with each other. This Japanese lantern table lamp embodies the traditional oriental style, while being equipped with a LED lighting.

Rice paper lamp handmade lamp table lamp

Rice paper lamp handmade lamp table lamp
Bring oriental accents into your home decor by choosing this pretty, Japanese table lamp. Entirely handmade, the lamp includes a cuboid metal frame, wrapped with decorative rice paper, standing on an espresso-finished base.

Wooden Art Shade Lantern Bedside Home Deco Oriental Asian House Table Lamp Light

Wooden Art Shade Lantern Bedside Home Deco Oriental Asian House Table Lamp Light
This lamp is like an invitation to a traditional Korean home. When the light is on, we can see four plants, maehwa (spring), orchid (summer), chrysanthemum (autumn) and bamboo (winter) that symbolize the four seasons. A greate lantern in oriental style.

Our advice Buying Guide

Japanese lantern table lamps bring the Far East’s beauty and grace into our homes while lighting up interiors with their soft, warm glow. Most are constructed from genuine washi rice paper that’s set within wooden frames, making stylish accents that are perfect for even modern homes.

How to select the right color for a Japanese lantern table lamp?

You may have noticed that particular types of light like flourescent make you seem sick or wash out. Getting the wrong type of light will also make your home look bland and washed out.

2700K is a common choice of homeowners as it’s a warm lighting type that gives a home/room a yellow cast. If you want the type that’s close to natural lighting which is white, then opt for 3000K; it will show your room’s colors. As for 4000K and above, they’re blue-ish and cool. They’re great for modern style rooms that have blues and whites.

Sometimes, even the right lighting color can seem wrong for a certain situation or time of day. It is always a great idea to have options. If you can get a dimmer switch, it will be better as it will boost a room’s ambiance when needed.

3-way bulbs are great as well if you require bright lighting for sewing or reading and you wish to lower down the brightness if you want to watch television or converse with guests.

Where to put a Japanese lantern table lamp?

To determine the right Japanese lantern table lamp for your space, determine where you’ll be placing the lamp. Check out the height at which the lamp should sit. If you’ll be using the lamp as bedside lighting, then get the distance of the lamp from the bed. If it will be placed in your living room, take the distance from the lamp’s potential placement to the chair or couch that will be nearest to it.

Getting a table lamp, then trying desperately to fit it to a certain place is never a great idea. Although it can work perfectly if you’re lucky, most of the time the lamp would just be too short, too bright or too tall, which is why it’s important to get the exact measurements before making a purchase.

Also, define the lamp’s purpose before you start making a decision as you might not require a luminous bedside table lamp as opposed to one that will sit in your living room’s side table.

How to pick the right size for a Japanese lantern table lamp?

The lamp’s height will be affected by its location as well as the décor that surrounds the lamp. A bedside table that’s tall goes well visually with a shorter lamp and vice versa. As a general rule, pick the lamp that doesn’t give off glare when you’re resting or seating right next to it. This rule applies regardless of whether you’re shopping for a Japanese table lamp for your reading nook or a bedside table lamp.


Asian oriental japanese bamboo dawning

Asian oriental japanese bamboo dawning
If you never have enough of Orient inspired accessories in your space, check this Japanese table lamp out. Bamboo frame holds warm amber colored black drawing paper inserts that dim the light and create unparalleled ambiance.

Antique japanese lantern table lamp

Antique japanese lantern table lamp
Enchanting with its original mushroom shape, this antique Japanese lantern can be a delightful table lamp, adding refinement to almost every decor. It features hand wrought cutwork rusted metal and updated electrical fittings, hardware and cord.

Table Lantern Lamp Or Bedside Floor

Table Lantern Lamp Or Bedside Floor
Today, modern Japanese lantern table lamp is more often made of wood and frosted glass. Once, glass replaced rice paper. This lamp has enriched its frosted glass with a colorful butterfly that admires beautifully painted flowers.

Japanese Kanji Lantern Shoji 13.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Japanese Kanji Lantern Shoji 13.25" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
IF you like Asian decorations you need to buy this table lamp with drum shade. It is perfect for your living room and bedroom. You will be impressed how amazing this lamp is. It is a great choice.

Quinn 12" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Quinn 12" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade
This rather unique table lamp in a walnut finish combines a solid wood frame with a beige drum shade designed of polyester/cotton. The lamp is equipped with pull-chain switch controls, and accommodates 90W incandescent or equivalent CFL bulbs.

Japanese lantern table lamp

The Japanese style of these captivating table lamps gives the interior an exceptionally pleasant design. Beautiful wood construction with subtle and delicate rice paper inserts delights and brings to the room a unique ambiance.

Japanese lantern table lamp 3

Domestic Japanese lantern table lamps have a light construction made of wood. Initially, models from the Land of the Rising Sun had walls made of strong and light-reflecting rice paper. This is also here in the form of a rectangular prism.

Japanese lamp paper

This Japanese lantern can be a magnificent table lamp. Its oriental design shall appeal to all, who love Asian art. Simple, yet solid proposition, made from high-quality wood.

Japanese lamp

Take advantage of fine simplicity of this Orient inspired electric lantern table lamp, crafted from kiln dried spruce wood and topped off with honey finish to match all Japanese themed interior spaces.

Japanese bedside lamps

Embodying the classic oriental style, this wooden lamp in a pagoda shape will be a perfect gift for all Asian art lovers. Placed on the table, this lantern will create a romantic illumination.

Japanese lantern lamps

Bring a dash of oriental elegance and style into your home with this traditional Japanese lantern table lamp. Constructed from a combination of slender wooden frames and bamboo shades, the piece is designed to deliver cozy ambient lighting into any space. It also stands on four thick legs for support and safety.

Classic edo era japanese shoji lantern hand crafted in a

Classic Edo era Japanese shoji lantern, hand crafted in a sleek, modern shape. Lightweight wood frame finished in a lacquered black. Contrasting white rice paper is fiber-reinforced for durability. Shoji rice paper lanterns provide a softened, indirect li

Great diy project for the home would be really pretty

Great DIY project for the home. Would be really pretty in a bedroom or three in a row over a island or dining room table.

Japanese red double cross indirect light wood paper tatami shoji

Japanese Red Double cross Indirect Light Wood & Paper TATAMI Shoji Lantern Lamp

Japanese lantern table lamp 1

Initially, models from the Land of the Rising Sun had walls made of strong and light-reflecting rice paper - today, on the example of this bright rectangular japanese lantern table lamp - walls are made of frosted glass, accompanied by a light beige frame.

Thai Wood Lamp Handmade Oriental Japanese Red Sakura Cherry Blossom Tree Branch Bedside Table Lights or Floor Home Decor Bedroom Decoration Modern Design

Japanese table lamp 1

This table lamp features a very attractive Japanese lantern stylization. Its black old-styled finish provides aesthetics to many indoor and outdoor areas. The whole lamp is resistant to different forms of wear and damage.

Japanese lantern light

This 17" Kobiyashi Japanese Bamboo Lantern will add a smooth oriental atmosphere to any interior. It will enchant with its handcrafted kiln dried dark stain bamboo that branches around washi paper shade.

Japanese table lamp

Opt for something a bit more original with this amazing Japanese table lamp that sports the perfect shape for distributing light evenly around your space, while the yellow tone to it will make the room feel warmer.

Japanese end tables

japanese end tables

Parker 20" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Parker 20" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Oriental furniture unique inexpensive comtemporary lighting 19 inch koru japanese

Oriental Furniture Unique Inexpensive Comtemporary Lighting, 19-Inch Koru Japanese Bamboo Shoji Paper Lantern Table Lamp by Oriental Furniture. $71.00. Kiln dried bamboo pole body. 19 5/8" tall small bedside lamp, 8 1/2" diameter poly reinforced washi pap

How to make a japanese table

These beautiful Japanese traditional lanterns can be a key element of your interior design that would define its character. Made of light materials and decorated with beautiful paintings are perfect for anyone who likes the oriental atmosphere.

Japanese lantern lights

Bring oriental accents to your home by choosing this lovely table / floor lamp made by Japanese artisans. It features a fine bamboo frame with a rice paper shade, creating full of warmth and coziness ambiance.

George nakashima

George Nakashima

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Thai Vintage Handmade ASIAN Oriental Handcraft Japanese Sunset Bamboo Tree Art Bedside Table Light or Floor Wood Lamp Home Bedroom Decor Modern Design from Thailand

Lighthouse table lamp 3

Useful table lamp with an attractive lighthouse theme. It is finished in white color, so it looks very good among many other elements of home or office design. Small amount of light is useful and attractive.

Japaneese lanterns

For those fishing for Japanese style accessories, this lantern table lamp hits the mark. The shade is of course made of paper. Such a lamp may successfully decorate a casual nightstand or dining table.

Japanese lantern table lamp 3

An eye-catching traditional Japanese electric table lamp having a rectilinear black frame. It has an open bottom part with straight legs and simple stretchers. A lampshade of white reinforced rice paper features black painted bamboo motifs.

Asian lantern lamp

Designed by Noguchi beginning in 1951 and handmade for a half century by the original manufacturer in Gifu, Japan, the paper lanterns are a harmonious blend of Japanese handcraft and modernist form. The ceiling shades are made of handmade washi paper and

Akari noguchi model 20n table lamp designed by noguchi beginning

Akari Noguchi Model 20N Table Lamp; Designed by Noguchi beginning in 1951 the paper lanterns are a harmonious blend of Japanese handcraft and modernist form

Chinese table lanterns

Minimalistic table lamp inspired of East Asian lantern. Modern materials give this traditional Japanese lantern a new life. The shade has pressed flowers while the natural reed handle supports the rust colored metal frame.

Japanese lantern lamp

With this modern interpretation of the traditional Japanese lantern your interior will surely gain on visual appeal, while you can simply sit back and enjoy the perfect way of illuminating it with style and ease.

Mulberry rice paper ball handmade three flower bud design art

Mulberry Rice Paper Ball Handmade Three Flower Bud Design Art Shade .

Oriental lantern lights

Japanese paper lantern in creamy white, with peach red blossom flowers scattered all over its surface. Recommended particularly for weddings, baby showers and other parties - when tied together, the lamps create Chinese style lighting garland.

Lighthouse table lamp 4

Fun and original base of this table lamp is what catches everyone's attention, while the high quality structure ensures just years of use. It sports the attractively hand painted set and will become a centerpiece for tables or nightstands.

Lighthouse lamp

An eye-catching traditional table lamp featuring a tapered up stem modelled on a lighthouse (in off-white and blue hues) over a metal post with a finial. A conical lampshade is made of a textured off-white material.

Lighthouse table

Sleek white finish and inimitable idea make this a distinguishable item. Unusual, lighthouse shape attracts with its big attention to details, resembling faithfully the building's facade.

Lighthouse table lamp

The light of the lighthouse did not once save the lives of the lost souls at sea. Let him lead you through the house - in the form of a lamp, which is the core of the white lighthouse. A white shade of lighthouse table lamp has cross decoration on the edge.

Japanese style table lamps

- Table Lamp 09362

Japanese table lamps

Transform your home into an oriental oasis of warmth and coziness, with this snazzy Japanese table lamp. It features a milky shade, with an off-white round base for stability along with a matching top ring with carry handle. Easy to hang.

Japanese lantern table lamp 4

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