Battery Operated Desk Lamp

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Every once in a while, you'll end up in a room with two few outlets. If you need to plug in your laptop and charger cell phone that takes up one outlet right there. Or maybe the outlet is just too far away for your short lamp cord. Whatever the reason, we have a grand selection of battery-operated desk lamps that will take care of your problem efficiently and with style. See collection for more.

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Updated 08/02/2023
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Battery Operated Glass Desk Lamp

Battery Operated Glass Desk Lamp


What We Like: Textured glass lamp shade, nice ambiance, no plug

What We Don’t Like: Fragile construction

Not So Good For: Task lighting in a home office

Perfect For: Patio tables

Light up your desk or workspace with this stylish, energy-efficient, battery-operated glass desk lamp. With its built-in LED light and stunning textured glass shade, this lamp is not only aesthetically pleasing but economical as well.

The battery-operated feature requires 2 AA batteries and includes a push-thru switch on the socket for easy access. The LED bulb included in the set has an E27 lamp base, and its warm white light can be set to a 6-hour timer that will recycle automatically after 18 hours. Place one on your desk, mantle, or patio table for gentle ambient light.

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Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Everly Quinn

What We Like: Touch-sensitive switch

What We Don’t Like: Battery drains quickly

Not So Good For: Heavy-duty usage

Perfect For: Small spaces and bedrooms

This cordless LED desk lamp features an integrated LED light and a touch switch on the base that allows you to adjust the brightness according to your needs. Its 14" tall body is made of a sturdy aluminum base, and its slim design can fit on the smallest of nightstands.

The battery powered lamp includes a dimmable option and is powered by 5V AA batteries, so you don’t have to worry about cords or plugs taking up your space. Rated at 5 watts, the integrated bulb provides up to 120 lumens of light with a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours. Perfect for bedrooms and home offices, this lamp will look great in homes with modern and traditional décors.  

$46.99 $57.99

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Large Resin Desk Lamp

Large Resin Desk Lamp

Loon Peak®

What We Like: Long battery life

What We Don’t Like: Cannot replace the bulb, not very bright

Not So Good For: Reading nooks

Perfect For: Bedroom nightstands or an entryway

If you’re looking for a sleek, modern table lamp that adds brightness to indoor and outdoor spaces, this resin desk lamp is an ideal choice. Featuring an integrated LED light and a three-stage dimmer and timer for customizing the light level and duration, this battery-powered cordless lamp is perfect for any home décor.

Its base is crafted from natural slate and resin, providing durability and weather-resistant protection, making it perfect for the outdoors. The shade is made from white polyester fabric and provides up to 300 lumens of brightness. Its long-lasting battery life allows up to 200 hours of use before recharging, giving you reliable lighting without worrying about cords or plugs.

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Rechargeable Battery Operated Desk Lamp

Rechargeable Battery Operated Desk Lamp

Ebern Designs

What We Like: Portable design for easy carry

What We Don’t Like: The charge doesn’t last long

Not So Good For: Long hours of use

Perfect For: Late-night reading

This battery-powered LED desk lamp is an ideal option for your bedside. The targeted LED light is perfect for reading late at night without waking up your partner sleeping next to you. It also features a compact flip-open design for quick and easy use, allowing you to store it away when you’re done.

The lamp comes with a 3' USB power cord, making it easy to recharge the lithium-ion battery with any USB ports available, including your laptops. It also offers three adjustable color temperature modes to switch between ambient and task lighting while using only 4.5 watts of power. Use it to create a minimalistic and modern look in your home, and enjoy the convenience of easy cordless lighting.

$40.99 $51.99

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Adjustable Cordless Desk Lamp

Adjustable Cordless Desk Lamp


What We Like: Motion sensor

What We Don’t Like: Full plastic shade and base

Not So Good For: Use in a home office or students room

Perfect For: Bedside lamp

With six long-life LEDs providing up to a combined total of 60 lumens, this adjustable cordless desk lamp can provide light for a multitude of tasks, from reading to watching television. It has two selectable lighting zones, one for the body and one for the shade, and it can be powered either with 3AA batteries or with a DC 5V adapter.

This lamp is energy efficient and can run continuously for up to 48 hours on the max battery setting. You also have the option of manual control, or you can set it to automatic mode. The adjustable, dual-zone design lets you set the bright dual-zone settings to suit your activity, from a soothing ambiance when relaxing to full-power illumination for reading.

$30.44 $31.89

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Battery Operated Desk Lamp

Buying Guide

Yes, battery operated desk lamps can give you enough light to concentrate on study- or work-related tasks.

However, it all depends on what model you go for: for the brightest results, we recommend a battery operated desk lamp featuring LED lights.

How long a battery operated lamp lasts varies based on various factors.

The battery may last for anywhere between a couple of hours to more than 40 hours before requiring a recharge (for rechargeable batteries) or replacement (for non-rechargeable batteries). This depends on the battery type as well as the lamp’s brightness setting during use. Rechargeable batteries will last for about three years but even this will vary depending on frequency of charge/recharge cycles.

The lamp’s LED bulb could run for thousands of hours. The lamp itself may work for years depending on frequency of use and the quality of handling.

Best Ideas

LED Battery Operated Piano / Desk 14" H Table Lamp

LED Battery Operated Piano / Desk 14" H Table Lamp

Classy table lamp, appropriate for desk or piano. It is made of metal. The base is black, while the rest of the lamp features golden finish. The design enhances the decor with uptown traditional vibe.

Battery operated desk lamp 3

With this functional desk lamp your work will be properly illuminated and your eyes not so tired. This LED lamp has an elongated shade and is made of durable metal in mahogany bronze finish. Battery-operated.

Led battery desk lamp

Being a great accent to your contemporary office space, this black led battery powered desk lamp constitutes not only a stylish, but also a very practical piece of furniture. Its compact size saves precious desk space.

Battery operated led desk lamp

Classically styled desk lamp is battery operated, so no search for plug-ins, no worries about system compatibility, no cords to trip over. Yet it will go perfectly with any classic office setting, especially large desks made of heavy wood.

Desk Decoration 27" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Desk Decoration 27" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Battery desk lamp

Battery operated, cord free desk lamp with adjustable arm, contemporary design, all black. Useful at home and outdoors, such as on camping, during boating, anywhere when you need light and there's no power outlet nearby.

USB LED Folding 12" H Table Lamp

USB LED Folding 12" H Table Lamp

16" LED Desk Table Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck

16" LED Desk Table Lamp with Adjustable Gooseneck

This is a classic shaped modern styled desc lamp is made of solid yet lightweight aluminium and has a matte, soft white finish. It can be bent to adjust high. LED lamps give a soft light and will last long.

Stained Glass Floral Leaf 23" H Desk Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Stained Glass Floral Leaf 23" H Desk Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Battery powered clip on lamp

Powerful and bright battery operated LED desk lamp - for crafts and works that need strong light. Anti-glare feature protects user's eyes. 180-degree up and down pivoting head allows to direct light precisely.

Gooseneck Desk 19" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Gooseneck Desk 19" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Battery Operated Led Clip On Task Bbq Light Hobby Crafts Work Bench Night Stand

Battery Operated Led Clip On Task Bbq Light Hobby Crafts Work Bench Night Stand

Glowing with white light and functionality, this clip-on desk lamp is easy to install and battery-operated. It comes with an adjustable goose neck, a slender shade, a durable base with strong clips, and LED lighting.

Battery desk light

Ivation Multipurpose Gooseneck 7-LED Dimmable Clip Light with Stand - Battery operated, or plugs into USB or outlet - Can be used for BBQ, grill, reading, Book, tabletop/desktop, tasks, computer ect. - Desk Lamps -

INNORI Eye-protected Touch-Sensitive Dimmable LED Desk Lamp,3-Level Brightness for Different Occasions

Battery operated 12 led desktable lamp rt357 from hd

Battery Operated 12-led Desktable Lamp Rt357 from HD

Battery operated reading lamp

Thanks to this functional desk magnifier, you will get a great mix of modern elegance and practical solutions. The 2x & 6x magnifier is battery-operated, has an adjustable neck, widened base for stability, and a two-toned black and silver finish.

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