Disney Princesses Table Lamp


If you were to wish upon a star, what would it be? We think it should be for one of these Disney princess table lamps. Read a book by the light held by Jasmine, or maybe Snow White. These are official Disney products, and are made specifically for consumers who love the Disney princesses, and let's face it, who doesn'? See collection for all the princesses.

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Our Picks

Disney Princess Bedside Table Lamp Light Retired

Disney Princess Bedside Table Lamp Light Retired

A cute retro lamp featuring a base of colourful plastic showing 4 princesses created by Disney, dancing on a pink stepped base (with an inbuilt musical box) around a gilt metal stem. A conical plain greyish shade has delicate bluish floral motifs.

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Generic wk317579 disney princesses table lamp

Generic wk317579 disney princesses table lamp

All the princesses met to watch over the light of your child. The pink Disney princesses table lamp presents the Disney Princesses on its lampshade. It has an easy-to-use twine switch and a compact, pink design that makes it easy to carry.

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Disney princess globe lamp

Disney -Princess Globe Lamp

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Disney princesses table lamp 2

Disney princesses Table Lamp

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Disney princesses table lamp 1

Adorable and cute approach to a funky table lamp made to resemble a Disney princess castle, all made in a light pink color. The table lamp has a round base and a matching shade in a pink color, providing a complementing look.

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Disney princess table lamp 1

If you are looking for some lovely accents to your child's bedroom, this Disney Princess table lamp may be one of them. It features a Pink lampshade with clear beads for trim. The three-way lamp turns on the bulb, then princesses dresses turn on when night light is on.

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Disney princess kool lamp

Disney Princess Kool Lamp

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Disney princesses table lamp 29

Disney Princesses 3 Dimensional Table Lamp Nightlight

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Disney princess table lamp 3

Disney Princess Table Lamp

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Disney princess die cut table lamp 2

Disney Princess Die-Cut Table Lamp

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Disney Princesses Table Lamp

Buying Guide

The main advantage of battery-operated table lamps is that you can move the light anywhere you want even when there’s no power outlet nearby. You and your children won’t have to worry about tripping over cords, the lamp will light up even when there’s no power, and it won’t increase your utility bills at all. Besides, you can opt for rechargeable batteries if you don’t want to constantly replace the batteries, which could be expensive over time.

For an even longer battery life, consider using LED bulbs as they don’t consume a lot of power. Contrarily, table lamps with cords are more likely to cause accidents, especially when placed in children’s rooms. Nonetheless, you don’t have to constantly spend your money on batteries since all you’ll need is an outlet to run the lamp.

When it comes to other decor elements that go with a Disney decor table lamp, you have a couple of options. Firstly, there's nothing wrong with going all out and creating an exclusive Disney theme in your child's bedroom. This includes Disney accessories and decor in bedding, furniture, wall decals, art, and even getting your little angel a little Disney bed.

But if that sounds like too much, then try and bring a balance with colors that complement the Disney table lamp but are not overbearing at the same time. Color suggestions include baby pink, lilac, baby green, and blue, as well as lemon-colored decor and accessories.

Best Ideas

Princess table lamp

Table lamp for girls. This element of design features a round base that provides good stability and support. Pink frame is paired with a standard shade that shows an original Disney princess, so it provides light and decorates indoors.

Disney princesses table lamp 22

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home kitchen home décor kids room décor lamps lighting

Disney princess table lamp 5

Disney Princess Table Lamp

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