Vintage Hula Girl Lamp

We imagine you can't swing a coconut brassiere without hitting someone who has seen, or has always wanted, one of these fun and classic vintage hula girl lamps. A touch of the Hawaiian islands, these attractive hula girls hold up your lamp with style and elegance. Take a look at the many hula girl possibilities in this extensive collection of vintage hula girl lamps.

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Cool Vintage Wwii Era Hawaiian Hula Girl Lamp Topless Boobs Light Up

Cool Vintage Wwii Era Hawaiian Hula Girl Lamp Topless Boobs Light Up
An unusual and fun lamp in the shape of a hula girl in the vintage syringe is an interesting way to get a Hawaiian climate in the interior. Beautiful themes and attractive colors create a stylish whole.

Woopsy 15.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Woopsy 15.5" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This table lamp features an innovative design that is sure to become a hit and an attraction for kids or guests. The lamp will brighten any room you place it in, be it with its light or attractive design.

Hula girl lamp 1

Hot and ebullient Hawaii - an unknown part of America. This lamp will bring you to mind these islands, and it will bring with it a sculpture of an exotic dancer a bit of warmth to your home. A vintage style of hula girl lamp is visible in Hawaiian flowers.

Vintage hula girl lamp 1

Vintage Hula Girl day I will own one!

Hula girl lamp 1

The lovely vintage Hula girl lamp combines a beautiful Hawaiian dancer figure and a beautiful floral lampshade. The whole is presented beautifully, bringing to the decor an exceptionally comfortable style.

Topless hula girl

Functional and decorative lamp with a durable hula girl frame. Its solid construction with bronze finish and additional decorative accents looks very nice in any interior design. This lamp provides good level of light.

Hula lamp

Attractive and solid vintage hula girl lamp. It provides good level of light on a table and its solid hula girl frame decorates indoors at day and night. Original and unique character of this lamp is very attractive.

Our advice Buying Guide

A vintage hula girl lamp is a charming piece of decor for any room. The hula girl indeed invokes the laid-back feel and vibe of the Pacific islands. Of course, it's still a lamp thus serving a purpose of providing you an excellent amount of lighting.

The vintage hula girl lamp is a specialized form of lamp. Hence, you need to carefully consider a couple of factors before making a final decision. Otherwise, you could end up with a lamp that is not suitable for your unique situation.

How to determine the right height for a vintage hula girl lamp?

A good rule of thumb to follow when finding the right height is following the "eye-level rule." If it's too high, it would be uncomfortable to use. If it's too low, it will look really awkward.

It's likely that you'll be placing the vintage hula girl lamp on a table next to a chair. To employ the eye-level rule, start by sitting down on the chair. Next, you'd want to measure the distance between your eye level and the top of the table.

The bottom part of the lampshade must be lower than your eye level. The reason why you want to do this is to make sure that your eyes won't be in a direct line-of-sight with the lamp's bulb.

What does vintage really mean?

These days, the term vintage is not specific enough. Hence, it's best that you know the different terms so you'll have an easier time finding what you want.

The first thing to decide is if you want something vintage or vintage-looking. Vintage-looking is a new lamp but made to appear as if it's old. Generally, a vintage-looking lamp is cheaper than a vintage. Also, your troubles when it comes to quality are minimized as it's a new item. On the downside, vintage-looking isn't "authentic."

If you want something that is aged and rich history, then vintage is what you are looking for. The advantage of a true vintage is it comes with a higher degree of desirability. It will likely come with a good story behind the item, which makes for an excellent conversation starter. On the downside, you can expect a vintage to be more expensive.

What are vintage hula girl lamp shades made of?

Typically, your choices fall between a fabric and paper type.

  • Fabric lampshades have the advantage of being more durable compared to paper types. They also come in different forms from cotton to silk. The downside with fabric is it's costlier and requires a bit more of maintenance.
  • Paper lampshade is the cheaper option. It also comes in varying form of thickness from the thin ones to the width of cardboard. Paper is also better does a better job of blocking or directing light. On the downside, the paper is not as durable compared to fabric.

The key to finding the right vintage hula girl lamp that works well with your situation is knowing how to filter your options effectively. With the key points mentioned above, you should be able to narrow down your choices to a manageable list.


Vintage hula girl lamp 5

Vintage inspired table lamp with hula girl figurine. Sculptural lamp base with smiling Hula girl dressed in a grass skirt. The shade apparently has red fringes trim to complete the retro style decently.

Hawaiian lamps

If you are a fan of vintage style, you can add this metal topless hula girl lamp. This girl is dancing! I remember this accent piece from old movies. And I think that's a great gift idea.

Vintage hula girl lamp 11

Tiki lamp hula girl

Hula girl 1

Hula girl!

476 hawaiian hula girl metal lamp girl does hula dance

476 hawaiian hula girl metal lamp girl does hula dance when turned on ...

Vintage hula girl lamp 16


Vintage hula girl lamp 2

Designed in the 1945, this lovely table lamp emanates with vintage charm and exotic appearance. The body is made in shape of a hula girl with straw dress, that rests on a green-finished round base, while holding a 4-tier salmon shade.

Hula lamps of hawaii

Vintage inspired Hula Girl Lamp - Vintage and Retro

Hula girl lamp uk

Who doesn’t love hula girls! This is one of the most vintage, cool and cheerful themes for any decoration. This hula girl lamp is no different – it will single-handedly change your room from boring to cool.

Hawaiian table lamps

Vintage Pair of Hawaiian Hula Girl Lamps Adorn Your Tiki Bar with Lovely Hula Hands.

Hula girl lamp

hula girl lamp

Vintage hula girl lamp 13

Another one from paradise.

Dancing hula girl lamp

Hula Girl Figural Table Lamp with dancing motions...Almost as fantastic as a Leg Lamp!

Hula girl lamps

Vintage Hula Girl Lamp - Playing the Ukulele

Hawaiian lamp shade

Hula Lamps of Hawaii vintage dancing hulu lamp limited edited $1295

Hawaiian hula girl lamp

The unique and very original hula girl lamp is an excellent way to create a Hawaiian atmosphere in the interior. Beautiful cast metal design, beautiful dancer figure and delicate shades with fringes create a unique whole in vintage style.

Vintage hula girl lamp 21


The item vintage hula girl dancing mechanical lamp is in

The item “Vintage Hula Girl Dancing Mechanical Lamp” is in sale ...

Vintage hula girl lamp 10

Gorgeous Rare Vintage 1930s Motorized Hula Girl Lamp With Wave Base BY Dodge | eBay

Hula girl lamp moving hips

Bring some fun to your living room, with this gorgeous, hula girl table lamp. The body is in shape of a mahogany dancer in a green dress, who supports a wide round shade that looks like a stylish summer hat.

Hula lamp vintage on the hawai i store vintage hula

Hula Lamp Vintage on The Hawai I Store Vintage Hula Lamps Collectible

Rare vintage bronze hula girl motion lamp with hut clock

RARE Vintage Bronze Hula Girl Motion Lamp With Hut Clock

Topless hula girls

Do you wan tot add some tropical decors into your apartment? The vintage hula girl lamp with tropical flowers on the shade is an excellent product for bedroom or living room.

Vintage hawaiian hula girl chalkware signed linder 41 19 tall


Vintage 1960s eames era barsony style hula girl lamp 1

Vintage 1960s Eames Era Barsony Style Hula Girl Lamp

1940s dodge company hawaiian hula girl table lamp

1940s Dodge Company Hawaiian Hula Girl Table Lamp

Vintage hula girl

This table lamp whisks its owner away to tropical latitudes. The drum shade is supported by a sculptural Hawaiian hula girl wearing long grass skirt. She stands on a bronze colored base. It's a faithful reproduction of the original design.

Vintage hula girl lamp 6

Vintage Plasto Hawaiian Girl Lamp Original Shade Hula 50s Large Chalkware RARE

Hula girl table lamp animated motion pin up by midcenturymisfits

Hula Girl Table Lamp Animated Motion Pin Up by MidCenturyMisfits

3 treasure craft

<3 Treasure Craft!!!

Rare vintage bronze hula girl lamp with hut clock this

RARE Vintage Bronze Hula Girl Lamp With Hut Clock. This is a very difficult piece to find, and is highly sought after by collectors of vintage Hawaiiana, or vintage motion clocks. While Dodge, and other companies, made different versions of this lamp in t

Hula dancer lamp

Transform your room into an exotic tiki bar with this fantastic black palm table lamp with a pretty hula girl sitting on its base. The upper part is covered by a 3-tier shade - made of steel wire and quality fabric, and beautifully adorned with sparkling embellishments.

Rare vintage bronze hula girl motion lamp with hut clock

RARE Vintage Bronze Hula Girl Motion Lamp With Hut Clock...

Vintage hula girl lamp 3

Aloha! The light from this lamp will be like a lantern on the way to Hawaii. Say also hi to hula girl, on whose shoulders lies the bowl. The lampshade is made of wicker, lightness is added by hanging red tassels. So typical for hula girl skirts.

Vintage hula girl lamp 4

Mid Century Continental Art Hawaiian Hula Girl Lamp Pool of Water Lily Pad Urn | eBay

Hula lamps

Vintage 1940s Hula Girl Lamp

Vintage hula girl lamp

Vintage HULA Girl Hawaiian Plaster / chalkware LAMP w Orig. Shade Tiki

Vintage hula girl lamp 18


Vintage hula girl lamp

Exotic dancer, evokes the smell of the holiday. Illuminate your room in an extremely tropical way. Made of bronze, with a bright finish. This Iolani Vintage Hula Lamp play with a light and red colors. Dancing fringes are attached to the lampshade.Aloha!

Vintage hula doll

Lovely table lamp in Hawaii style. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric. Perfect as nightlamp or extra source of light in each room as needed.

Hula lamps clocks and tropical lamps 1


Lamp shade 10 x 14 8 tall oval

Lamp Shade: 10" x 14" 8" tall oval

Vintage hula girl lamp 14

18" Vintage Hula Girl Lamp Hilarious!