Plug In Swag Lamps

Hanging lamps can be quite an interesting way to light the home. And for your hanging lamp desires, we give you plug-in swag lamps. These are eclectic, attractive, and made to last. Do something mundane or something exotic. Your decor will be enhanced by introducing one of these, or more, into your space. See collection for all the options.

Best Products

Vintage hanging light hanging lamp swag

Vintage hanging light hanging lamp swag
If you are inspired of late medieval style, this hanging lamp is must-have in your home. It has gold-plated chain and carved frame, but the most luxurious element of this is lampshade, which was made of amber.

Beautiful 60s vintage hanging lamp mid

Beautiful 60s vintage hanging lamp mid
This vintage hanging ceiling lamp introduces bold 1960s vibe married with extravagant bohemian feel to a decor. Beautiful amber shade is enclosed in a swirly design wrought iron socket, colored bronze.

Chloe Lighting Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp

Chloe Lighting Tiffany Style Victorian Hanging Lamp
Now you can easily opt for this Tiffany-styled, Victorian hanging lamp for your household. It offers a colorful structure that breaks the light and brightens up your setting almost instantly, while creating perfect atmosphere.

Vintage Midcentury Hollywood Regency Ice Crystal Cut Glass Plug In Swag Lamp

Vintage Midcentury Hollywood Regency Ice Crystal Cut Glass Plug In Swag Lamp
Vintage lamp with a ceiling mounted design. This crystal construction is durable and looks very attractive. It is an element that provides very good level of illumination. Metal chain assures great support and stability.

Plug In Swag Cluster Chandelier Pendant

Plug In Swag Cluster Chandelier Pendant
A simplistic set of pendant lamps that is suspended from long black cords attached to the metal hook that is firmly screwed into a ceiling. The plug-in lamp is consisted of 5 bulb fixtures that hang very close to each other.

Striking sculptural pendant lamp plug in

Striking sculptural pendant lamp plug in
This lamp with interesting design will change the view of your room. A lot of light giving lamp with unique wooden frame is symbol of classic and style. It good choice for aesthetic finish your room decor.

Montreat hanging mercury glass pendant light plug in light nice

Montreat hanging mercury glass pendant light plug in light nice
The glitter plug-in lamp for the classical living room. It looks wonderful in a monochromatic stylization, especially with the fair colors. The shining curve of the lamp could add the expression to your interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Adding a plug-in swag lamp to a living space is the perfect way of adding light and a decorative element to a room. More often than not, plug-in swag lamps are aesthetically pleasing as they’re meant to be used in rooms as decorative features. It's the reason why homeowners opt for this type of lighting fixture.

If you’re thinking of beautifying your home using easy to install, versatile, and functional lighting fixtures, then you’re in the right place as we have a swag lamp buying guide below!

What kind of lighting do you need?

To ensure that you get the best plug-in swag lamp in relation to your living space and needs, the first thing you need to do is consider the lighting source’s intended purpose. Do you need a bright light so you can work? If not, perhaps you want a soft light to set a room’s mood. A swag lamp that’s too bright or too big can overwhelm a space with limited ceiling height and floor space. But, one that’s of the right size and brightness will prove to be perfect for a small space.

What shapes of plug in swag lamps are there?

  • Cone - A cone-shaped swag lamp can make use of only one or several lights and it can either be made from Mica, blown glass, Alabaster or other types of materials. A cone swag lamp may come with a contemporary or traditional design.
  • Bowl - A bowl-shaped lamp is one of the favorites among homeowners as the shape can work in any space regardless of its style. A bowl swag lamp, however, is best for a dining room or a foyer that requires primary or ambient lighting. It can come in pen shell, mica, or blown glass.
  • Cylinder - A swag lamp with a cylinder shape adds modern sophistication to sitting spaces and kitchen islands. It can suit modern and contemporary-styled settings.
  • Lantern - This bright lighting option is great for traditionally-styled dining rooms and kitchens. It can feature a durable metal enclosure around its light bulb. Lantern swag lamps are available in all types of materials as well from blown glass to mica.

What are the major types of plug-in swag lamps?

  • Track - Track swag lamps can be moved in order to provide versatile task lighting. It's great for kitchen islands and bars.
  • Glass - A glass swag lamp gives an artistic feel which can enhance any type of room or style. It can be made of clear glass, glass hand-blown by an artisan, or tinted glass. A versatile light such as this one can suit not just dining rooms and kitchens but also bedrooms and entryways. It can range from traditional and elegant to sleek and modern in terms of design.
  • Crystal - A crystal swag lamp is the most elegant option for hanging lighting. It can bring about an air of decorum and sophistication to a dining room or foyer. It is especially great within more traditional interiors.

Now that you know what the market has to offer, it’ll be easier for you to make an informed buying decision! So, what are you waiting for? Check out the incredible plug-in swag lamps available online today!


Versailles 1 Light Crystal Chandelier

Versailles 1 Light Crystal Chandelier
This crystal chandelier has a astonishing, elegant design and will help create a luxurious decor. It has a silver metal frame, bent in soft shape and is decorated with artificial crystals. Require one bulb.

Black modern bare bulb pendant light

Black modern bare bulb pendant light
Plug-in hanging lamp for minimalism enthusiasts. When you need no more than a single dangling bulb to light a room nook, this ceiling lighting with stylish industrial inspired bronze socket fills the bill.

Plug In Transformer Photocell for Landscape Lighting

Plug In Transformer Photocell for Landscape Lighting
A plug in transformer photocell that turns the tranformer on when it's dark and off when some light appears. Made of black metal. Really useful, comes on as soon as it gets dark, so you don't have to worry about carrying a torch with you.

Swag lamps

If you are looking for a single lamp, this model in a rustic, warm climate will be perfect. Beautiful motifs set on a seemingly large lampshade give the interior a unique atmosphere. Solid construction provides strength.

Plug in swag lamps 2

Chandelier in industrial style. Metal frame is covered with transparent glass. It is mounted on adjustable chain. Modern design for living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste and need.

Plug in hanging light

A gorgeous chandelier for living rooms or offices, that hangs on a metal chain for even lovelier appearance. The lamp has a laser-cut, double drum shade, and it works especially great in the dining room with no overhead lighting.

Swag lights lowes

This swag lamp is very easy to install and use even for unexperienced users. It features a warm amber glass shade that is stylish and solid. Its metal chain features an oil rubbed bronze finish that is also stylish.

Kaia frosted beads 12 wide chrome plug in swag pendant

Kaia Frosted Beads 12" Wide Chrome Plug-In Swag Pendant - ashley

Brielle Antique Brass 12" Wide Crystal Plug-In Swag Pendant

Pendant lamp finished with carefully made crystals. It is mounted on metal frame. Great as main or additional source of light in any interior as needed. Received a lot of top ratings from satisfied customers.

Vintage swag lamps

The precursor of this design was the artist Louis Comfort Tiffany, born in 1848 in New York. A stained glass lamp is an array that returns from secession. This hanging plug in swag lamp's lampshade has cobalt colors combined with greenery.

Hanging lamp plug in

Unique design for a set of two plug-in hanging ceiling pendant lamps, made out of wicker weave in two different colors – brown and white. The lamps are fitted with a similar chain on the top, which gives a matching finish.

Plug in pendant lamps 10

A simple traditional plug in hanging lamp with a fixture of black-coated metal. It has a vase-like lampshade of clear glass featuring regular bulges. It's enclosed in a similar shape wire 'cage'. It has a long cord and accommodates 1 standard bulb.

Floral plug in style swag pendant light traditional pendant lighting

... Floral Plug-in Style Swag Pendant Light traditional pendant lighting

Swag lighting

Opal Glass Plug-In Swag Style 12" High Pendant Light -from $39.99

Plug in swag lamps

This is one of beautiful expensive looking ceiling light that won't break your decorating budget. The crystal pendants, and black-white pattern on the shade, creates the striking product.

Upgradelights® 14" Burlap Swag Lamp Hanging Lighting Fixture Portable Swag Lamp Kit Natural

Swag light fixtures

Oriental design for a plug-in swag lamp in a ceiling pendant style. The lamp is made out of glass cover with metal elements and a classy chain to hold the lamp, which gives it an old-fashioned, antique appearance.

Centinela lantern 12 wide glass plug in swag chandelier

Centinela Lantern 12" Wide Glass Plug-In Swag Chandelier

Plug in hanging lamps

This fashionable chandelier hangs on a stylish chain, and is covered with a beautifully embroidered shade. It is suitable for almost any room, especially with a contemporary decor. Uses a 150 Watt bulb.

Plug in pendant lamps 1

This plug in pendant lamp brings vintage accents and warm light to any home decor. The frame is made of powder-coated wire and beautifully shaped, while being suspended from a black cord that hangs on a metal hook screwed into a ceiling.

Plug in pendant lamps 7

This wonderfully crafted, industrial chandelier distinguishes itself with an exquisite rustic character. Solid iron construction proves sustainability. It will be loved by everyone, who enjoy the vintage vibe.

Swag light fixture

PLUG IN Swag Cluster Chandelier Pendant

Plug in chandeliers 1

Plug-in chandelier with a very attractive design. Its durable and decorative construction is finished in silver color, so it perfectly matches any type of interior design. It assures good illumination of indoors.

Mason jar chandelier lowes

Tan Weave 16" Wide Brushed Steel Swag Chandelier - to replace the one hanging next to built-in shelves. $89.99

Tremble giclee swag style plug in chandelier contemporary chandeliers

... Tremble Giclee Swag Style Plug-In Chandelier contemporary chandeliers

Amber glaze 17 wide plug in swag chandelier farmhouse chandeliers

... Amber Glaze 17" Wide Plug-in Swag Chandelier farmhouse-chandeliers

Hanging swag lamp

Original chandelier mounted on adjustable chain. Metal frame is finished with decorative crystals. Includes 6 lighs. Adds freshness and elegance to each room.

Mid century swag lamp plug in swag light hanging by

Mid Century Swag Lamp Plug In Swag Light Hanging by KickassStyle, $95.00

Plug in chandeliers 2

Very beautiful and luxurious chandelier inspired of vintage style. It is decorated of real crystals and lamp's frame is covered of silver. It is hanged on silver chain. This type of lamp is dedicated to very rich dining room.

Outdoor night light plug in

Lamp photocell with a plug in construction. This state of the art technology provides night illumination without using on/off switches. It features an energy efficient LED light that saves electricity.

Plug in chandeliers 18

This 23.5", wide 8-light swag plug-in Chandelier enchants with its royal, majestic character. Featuring a multiplicity of tiny crystals, it creates a magical glittering experience.

American Lighting ALSENPI Automatic Light Control, Plug-in, 300-watts Maximum, Photocell

This automatic light control offers a perfect choice for all those, who want to go for functionality and don't necessary need to opt for style. It is durable and will surely allow for years of use in any home.

Plug in pendant lamps 9

Astonishing and original silver Moroccan lights. They were hand made by a skilful craftsman, which is an extremely time-consuming process. The lamps are made of top quality brass. They will give your space an exotic touch.

Plug in lamp photocell

An aesthetic practical energy-saving wall sconce equipped with LED bulbs and a photocell. It has a rectangular casing of black finished material. Walls are of creamy glass transmitting light with an X-shaped inlay on a front panel.

Plug in lamp photocell 2

Night lamp in the shape of seashell. It is covered with clear glass and gives warm tone of light. Handy gadget for each home.

Maxhood Plug-in Sound and Photocell Sensor Led Light, LED Sensor Night Light Lamp, Plug-in LED Sensor Light LED Wall Light Lamp (Warm White)

Imagine you can have everything on your one clap. Ok, maybe not all but a light in the room. Thanks to the plug-In light control with photocell- your lamp can turn on at night and off in the morning.

MOBI Tykelight WallMate, Elephant

Nightlight in the shape of an elephant. The item lights in the colors of rainbow and automatically turns on when it's dark. It operates in any standard AC outlet and is features ETL safety certificate.

Plug in chandeliers 3

Why not add a touch of class to your household with this three tier acrylic crystal chandelier. It includes a cord kit and everything to make it easy to install, while its refined looks of elegance make it blend smoothly with your decor.

Bendant Lamp

Bendant Lamp

Plug in swag chandelier

Plug In Swag Chandelier

Plug in chandeliers 7

Chandelier with a durable metal construction and practical plug-in connection. This element of design features ten electric candles that assure good level of illumination of any indoors. Attractive pink color matches any decor.

Plug in chandeliers 22

On the cylindrical lampshade of this designer's shade plugin chandelier - there is a compilation of convex lines, like tangled roads on a map in silver and gray shades. From a metal frame ornamented from the bottom - dangle black crystals.

Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier in Lavender Topaz

The Dreaming chandelier is the perfect choice for a little girl's room. Beautifully finished in a pleasant shade of lavender crystals is very tasteful and certainly will appeal to every child.