Moroccan Hanging Lamp


There is nothing quite like Moroccan furniture, and that goes double for Moroccan hanging lamps. these are quite beautiful, will fit any style of bulb up to a certain size, and will accent a room in the charms of West Africa. If you are looking for the right lamp to hang in your home and give your space an interesting sense of style, take a look at this collection for more.

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Our Picks

Moroccan pendant light

These hanging lamps combine Moroccan traditional handicraft and modern design. Entwining pattern and gold finish make them suit glamour-oriented interiors. Feel whether these hanging Moroccan lamps are fit for your home style.

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Diy moroccan lanterns

A stunning traditional Moroccan hanging lamp having an intricate pear-shaped black-coated metal frame with a bottom widening and a finial. It's wonderfully decorated with size and shape-varied colourful glass plates. It has an adjustable metal chain.

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Moroccan asni pierced antique brass hanging lamp

Moroccan Asni Pierced Antique Brass Hanging Lamp

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How to make a moroccan lamp

A wonderful pair of old-fashioned hanging lanterns that boast of impeccable design and exotic elegance. Made in Moroccan style, each lamp has a brass-finished metal frame surrounded with small pieces of clear glass.

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Moroccan hanging lamps

Hanging Moroccan lanterns boost the ambiance incredibly, especially when they're set in groups. Their warm, flickering light brings an extraordinary feel - good to be used at special occassions, such as weddings.

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Moroccan pendant light fixture

Highly ornamented brass lamp cover is perforated at strategic intervals to emit light. Ornate bas relief patterns surround the perforations and small panes of colored glass creating an amazing, unique lampshade with a lovely style all its own.

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Hanging moroccan lanterns

An admirable contemporary Moroccan hanging lamp hand-crafted of brass with a beautiful dark finish. It has a spherical body featuring intricate regular perforation with floral motifs. It has a short spindle top finial to attach to a cord hook.

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Moroccan hanging lanterns

Hanging lamp in Moroccan style. Frame is made of metal and decorated with sophisticated ornamentation. It is mounted on adjustable cord. Suitable for residential and commercial premises.

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Boho lanterns

Crafted by talented Moroccan artisans, this lovely set of 3 hanging lamps boasts of fashionable looks and exotic charm. Each lamp has an egg-like shape, with durable copper construction and stylishly perforated design.

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Moroccan hanging light


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Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Buying Guide

A Moroccan hanging lamp comes with a unique look that never fails in catching the attention of visitors and guests. Because of its unique aesthetics and functionality, a Moroccan hanging lamp is often hard to come by. Perhaps you already know this, and that's why want one for your home.

Keep in mind that a Moroccan hanging lamp is a broad term, which can be a source of confusion for the inexperienced shopper. To help you navigate, this article is going to be a Moroccan hanging lamp buying guide.

The first thing you need to determine is the type of hanging lamp you'd want to get. Your choices typically fall into the standard, mini pendant, island, multi-light, and inverted.

  • The standard is the basic option, which also means it’s more economical. The standard type comes with a single lamp with a standard size.
  • As the name suggests, the mini pendant is sized smaller compared to the standard. Its primary use is for a small and one-person table. It's sort of a personal lighting. However, you can also use the mini pendant as a unique lighting fixture for a regular table or hallway by purchasing more than one lamp.
  • An island hanging lamp will typically consist of two or three lighting sources. The lighting sources are attached to a central pole or fixture. An island is an excellent option for a pool table, bar or desk.
  • The multi-light typically means a hanging lamp that comes with more than three light sources. This type is often designed to be grand, which is why it's often used as an alternative to a chandelier.
  • The inverted comes with a design that projects more light upwards or to the ceiling rather than downwards. Because of this, it offers a unique kind of lighting experience. An inverted can work well for a breakfast nook, foyer or dining room.

The height of the Moroccan hanging lamp needs to be carefully considered. For a hanging lamp, the "height" pertains to the distance between the unit and the floor. Hanging lights are often used for a table or hallway.

  • If you are buying a Moroccan hanging lamp for a table, then the ideal height is anywhere between 28 inches and 32 inches.
  • If you are planning to place the Moroccan hanging lamp on a walkway or hallway, you'd want 7 feet clearance between the floor and the fixture.

When shopping for a lamp, you may have noticed that lamps come with varying wattages. You should not ignore this factor. The lamp's wattage typically means the amount of light it can provide. Ideally, you'd want around 60-75 watts per 20 inches of table or counter space.

Best Ideas

Moroccan hanging lamps lanterns

Thin, perforated metal in ornate designs characterizes these beautiful brass lamps. Crystal decorations hang from the rim of the top, while a sturdy brass piece holds it all together at the bottom. Charming, and very Moroccan old-world design.

Morrocan light

Hanging light pendants are an elegant addition to the office.

Love this but way too expensive moroccan hanging pendant light

Love this, but way too expensive. Moroccan Hanging Pendant Light

Antique brass moroccan hanging lamp 1

Antique Brass Moroccan Hanging Lamp

Antique moroccan lantern

A truly breathtaking hanging lamp, designed in Moroccan style and suitable for both indoors and outdoors. The lamp offers an incredible effect even when off, boasting of a powder-coated metal frame surrounded with deep blue pieces of stained glass.

Moroccan lantern ceiling light

Brass globe hanging pendant lamp - a variation of Moroccan hanging lamp. Adds a bling factor to your interior, as the brass finish shines and shimmers when the lamp is lit. Really nice home décor idea.

Moroccan ceiling fabric

love this lantern! I world love the money to put these all over the back yard and make a private little oasis for myself!

Moroccan jeweled lantern hanging lamp turkish brass ottoman

Moroccan Jeweled Lantern-Hanging Lamp Turkish Brass Ottoman

Lot detail moroccan hanging lamp

Lot Detail - Moroccan Hanging Lamp

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Large moroccan brass hanging lamp at 1stdibs

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