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Lend a touch of global design to your interiors with a Japanese pendant light. Driven by simplicity in material and form, these droplights add a touch of airiness. This can be attributed to lightweight translucent fabric or rice paper shades. While they are inspired by traditional Asian lamps, they also have a contemporary appeal which makes them versatile. With these selections, we’re sure that you’ll find an option so you can bring home a piece of Eastern design to your home.

Woven Pendant Lamp

Woven Pendant Lamp

$205.99 $265.99

Woven Pendant Lamp

Bay Isle Home™

$205.99 $265.99


These pendant lights with Japanese style are a sure showstopper in any space. It features a unique rice paper lamp shape with a top and bottom collar reinforced by fiber. Powered through a simple power cord. 

Designer Advice

Great for tropical, coastal, modern farmhouse, and resort-style interiors. The natural shade of the bamboo, along with its crisscross patterns, would go well with linen-upholstered couches, giving your space that relaxed and casual vibe. Its elongated shape also works with rounded or rectangular tables with a white or warmer shade of wood stain.

Zen Inspired Lights

Zen Inspired Lights

Zen Inspired Lights


This Japanese light pendant brings a modern yet minimalistic touch to any room. Meticulously handcrafted from paper while resting on a metal structure. Its versatile design can hang above a kitchen, entryway, or reading nook. 

Midcentury Modern Pendant

Midcentury Modern Pendant

Midcentury Modern Pendant

Legion Furniture


Make a unique statement with these geometric Japanese hanging lights. It provides ambient light from its white shade and rests on a metal frame with a brushed nickel finish. The piece is lit through a hardwired cord.

Designer Advice

The retro-modern appeal of this lamp would work so well in midcentury, contemporary, eclectic, and bohemian interiors. Available in three sizes, the largest one is best for living rooms and dining spaces. Meanwhile, the medium piece would make a great foyer and breakfast nook chandelier. For an interesting illumination, we recommend using a warm white bulb.

Multi Tiered Japanese Lamp

Multi Tiered Japanese Lamp

Multi Tiered Japanese Lamp


This hanging lamp with a Japanese-inspired design is a centerpiece to any space. Beautifully handcrafted from rice paper, it wraps around the iron frame with metal ribbing like an accordion. Includes an energy-efficient LED bulb. 

Designer Advice

A unique piece with a space-age and futuristic theme. Aside from working as a droplight, it can also be used as a floor lamp, providing you with versatility and multi-functionality. Due to its size and verticality, we recommend installing these as side lights rather than the main light, especially in large spaces. Use two to frame an interesting midcentury modern shelf.

Geometric Round Pendant

Geometric Round Pendant

Geometric Round Pendant



Resembling paper lanterns, these Japanese droplights serve both form and function. The orb-shaped collapsible shade adds warmth to any room. Exquisitely crafted from rice paper with uneven bamboo ribs as a frame inside. 

Designer Advice

These lights are versatile and can be applied to a variety of dry spaces and different interior styles. For larger areas, we recommend creating an ensemble, incorporating all sizes, in groups of three or five. A medium or a large one will be more than enough in more compact rooms, especially if it’s in a breakfast nook or a small apartment.

Red Japanese Lamp

Red Japanese Lamp

Red Japanese Lamp

Latitude Run®


Add an Eastern-inspired touch to your space with these Japanese pendant lights. Its wrapped ribbon shade mimics a Japanese lantern with a brushed nickel finish. The frame is crafted from metal, while the unique shade is made of fabric. 

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Japanese Pendant Light

Buying Guide

People always look for ways to make the homes they live in more classy and beautiful. At times, brand new styles are tried, especially when TV shows, magazines, or even the homes of their friends feature new interior themes. With the many options we have available today, utilizing an innovative way to give our homes better features and looks is no longer that difficult.

One way to give your home a fresh look is by adding Japanese hanging lamps in it. These lamps aren’t really new as they’re used as home fixtures for centuries in the east. However, western countries have discovered how they can also beautify their living spaces.

A Japanese hanging lamp gives a room a new appeal and perspective. Wherever it is added, it serves as an attractive decorative item and a source of mood lighting.

You can use multiple Japanese hanging lamps for a space that’s longer than 4 ft.

The recommended wattage for every 20 inches is 60 to 75 watts.

If you plan to purchase several small-sized Japanese hanging lamps, an odd number of lamps is better looking than an even number as it can provide more visual appeal and some sense of balance. An odd number would prove to be crucial in decorating a certain space, but it is also important that you consider certain situations wherein five lamps feel overwhelming and three lamps seem too few. An even-numbered décor can be made acceptable for the right reasons.

The height of a Japanese hanging lamp should be up to 38” above a table or island’s surface. If you won’t install it over a table, the lamp must be 72” above the floor.

Do you need a Japanese hanging lamp to illuminate a kitchen table or study table? If so, then the busy work area requires something that can offer lots of direct lighting.

If you only need the hanging lamp for design, then opt for a dimmer light. You can acquire a dimmer switch and use it with a Japanese hanging lamp. You'll be able to add mood lighting to your space using a Japanese-inspired hanging lamp if it doesn’t emit too much brightness.

A hanging lamp’s general design can be straightforward, but there are different mounting points where this type of lighting fixture can be hung from your ceiling.

  • For a mono-point lamp, it’s suspended from one fixture installed on the ceiling. It offers versatility as you’ll be able to install individual lamps where you want them on the ceiling.
  • For the monorail mounting points, one track is used in hanging several Japanese hanging lamps. The track can be used as an aesthetic feature.

By their nature, Japanese hanging lamps are fragile so you must treat them with care. It's common sense that you should turn the lamps off from the fuse box, as well as detach the shades before you start their cleaning. Use a dry microfiber cloth when you’re wiping the lamps clean.

Best Ideas

Flower pendant lamps by lighting artist sachie muramatsu the lanterns

Flower pendant lamps by lighting artist Sachie Muramatsu. The lanterns use layers of traditional Japanese paper (‘washi’) made from naturally grown mulberry trees, arranged and dyed to mimic enormous hanging flowers. #bohemian #rose

Wonderful illumination with the hikari hanging pendant lamp

Wonderful Illumination with the Hikari Hanging Pendant Lamp

Lamp japanese

This pair of Japanese hanging lamps will add a designer, contemporary appeal to any modern interiors. Inspired by mid-century design, it will work out well in cafes, bistros or private lofts.

Japanese hanging lamps

Delightful floral form and gorgeous colors make this Japanese hanging lamp a real treat for lovers of the original lighting. The whole made with attention to detail is unique. Ideal for bedroom, living room or hallway.

Japanese lights 1

Japanese hanging lamps never go out of fashion! This timeless addition will easily enrich any interior with oriental, dramatic energy. They come in two colours, black and gold, but why not take both?

Japanese hanging lamps 1

Designed by Japanese artisans, this hanging lamp sparkles with antique 19th century craftsmanship. The lantern boasts of lattice design and hardwood construction, reinforced with metal hardware and topped with a metal ring.

Japanese style ceiling lights

Watashi Japanese Hanging Lantern - - I think this is the dining room lamp.

Japanese hanging lamps 6

Vintage style hanging lamp. Have you already heard of moooi lamps (answering the yet-unstated question: yes, the spelling is ok)? Moooi lamp is a type of pendant lighting of Japanese origin and design. It usually has clear glass shade.

Japanese style lamp

Modernize your living room by choosing these static Japanese bubbles hanging lamps. Different sizes create the unique and extraordinary look in any apartment.

Japanese lamps

Japanese lamps give a unique character wherever they can be installed. This japanese hanging lamp - has a form of big bubble,with simple patterns of Asian flowers have been broken down. The finish of the lamp and its structure - all have warm beige color.

Japanese hanging lamps 7

Japanese hanging lamp - I was always into Orient inspired décor styles, and while a 'full Asia mode' is perhaps too much, slight accents like lamps are always welcome. This lamp features a classic wooden double-cross design in deep red. Perfection!

Oriental Furniture Harajuku Hanging Lantern, Natural

Japanese style hanging traditional electric lantern. Made of lightweight white paper on the wood frame. Plugs into standard electrical outlet. Approvided with American wring, light socket and wheel switch.

Japanese hanging lamps 20

Being a popular home decor item for almost 2,000 years, the characteristic Japanese lantern lamps are delicate construction, in most cases made from rice or silk paper over a bamboo or wire frame.

Japanese hanging lamps 15

Japanese hanging lamps everywhere will bring a touch of Asian charm and wrap the interior with warm light. The natural design of the rice paper forms a spherical cocoon, as the hanging lamps in a bright subdued shade.

Origami diamond pendant light

Origami diamond pendant light

Hanging lamp in oriental style. Lampshade is made of paper. Sophisticated accessory for each room according to taste and need.

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