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The great Buddha is still a symbol of peace tolerance and self-control for many Asian nations and plenty of people scattered throughout the world. And if you appreciate the words and teachings of the great Buddha, then having a Buddha lamp in your home could be a good way to show your dedication to his principles. They're stylish and very high quality.

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Bronze buddha lamp

Bronze buddha lamp

Durable lamp with Buddha base made of metal in bronze finish. This decorative frame is very solid and provides good support to the whole construction. Its standard shade features a nice, neutral gray color.

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Buddha 14.2'' H Table Lamp

Buddha 14.2'' H Table Lamp

If you are a fan of original and intriguing decorations, this awesome and stylish table lamp is gonna totally amaze you! Check it out now and enjoy a unique Asian style in your living room or bedroom.

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Buddha 24.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)

Buddha 24.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade (Set of 2)

If you're a real fan of intriguing and unique Asian style, this awesome table lamp might be a perfect opportunity for you. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design in your living room or bedroom!

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Buddha lamp 14

Table lamp in elegant style. It is mounted on Buddha shape base with gold finish. Lampshade is covered with fabric and reinforced with solid stitching. Suitable as bed side lamp or additional source of light.

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Stone buddha lamp 2

Stone Buddha Lamp

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Buddha lamp 15

This Buddha Happiness lamp may be the perfect size for a nightlight *yesh, I'm afraid of the dark* @urban outfitters

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Buddha lamp 13

Buddha Lamp

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Silver gilded bronze buddha lamp

Silver Gilded Bronze Buddha Lamp

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Buddha lights

Ceramic Buddha lamps inspired by the art of 1940s. These lamps look very interesting and their construction is wear resistant. Buddha heads are located on small round bases that assure good stability.

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Buddha lamp 20

Gold Buddha Lamp

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Buddha lamp 21

Praying Buddha Lamp

Buddha lamp

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Buddha lamp 31

Gorgeous outdoor ambience

Buddha lamp 34

charm bracelet & DIY buddha lamp - photo by apartmentf15


Buddha lamp 16

It's not as much the style of lighting as it is about the effect of the light itself. The best one is the frosted or yellow bulbs to use in your light fixture, it gives a warm glow.

Pokhara 31" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Pokhara 31" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Buddha table lamp

This unique table lamp takes you on a journey to exotic lands. A sleek simple design, with black base and shape, creates a fine stage for a gold coloured 3D Buddha head sculpture incorporated into the base.

Oriental Happy Buddha Lamp with Wooden Base

Buddha lamps design by slide studio

BUDDHA lamps, design by SLIDE Studio

Lotus Buddha Lamp

LumiSource Buddha 4" Sphere Electra Lamp

Buddha lamp 24

In a hectic world, we all need a place of sanctuary. Reach out for your own sense of zen with the Samatha Buddha Lamp. Topped with a natural-toned shade, the quiet serenity of this lamp will create harmony in your own décor.

Buddha lamp 25

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