Mushroom Lamp Shade


A different way to cast light throughout your space is with a mushroom lampshade. Lose are an interesting design and throw light in a unique way. They are available in several styles and colors and you are sure to find one in this collection that will fit your unique design ideal. Look and see if we have one for you.

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Our Picks

Mushroom lamp shade 5

If you don’t take a second look at this lampshade, you'll think it's a real mushroom. The lamp has a big mushroom which is the lampshade and other small mushrooms and even its own grove which are all made out of wood. The lampshade gives your lamp a light brown glow.

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Midcentury chrome mushroom table lamp

Midcentury chrome mushroom table lamp

This lampshade presents how vintage and modern influences can be wonderfully combined in one object. Its 70's design is juxtaposed to shining, metal, chrome, white paint. Its total height is approx. 16 1/2 inches tall and 11 inches wide.

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Mushroom lamp shade 1

A charming antique French style table lamp looking like a fabulous mushroom. It's crafted of quality glass in creamy shades with painted beautiful floral patterns in prevalent greens, reds, browns and oranges. It has an on-cord switch.

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Mushroom lamp shade 4

Unique table lamp in the shape of mushroom. Natural accent for each place.

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Vintage mushroom lamp

A great, retro table lamp inspired by the 80's. It features a shade in the shape of a mushroom and a vibrant, transparent, purple color. The base is made of durable, white plastic. It will be a nice, vintage accent of the room.

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Mushroom lamp shade 4

Spicialty Lighting Reviews

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Flossie table lamp white mushroom alabaster shade

Flossie Table Lamp, White Mushroom Alabaster Shade

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Mushroom lamp shade

A wonderful lamp inspired by nature! It's a simple, but impressive DIY idea. You just need a plaster of paris and muslin for a base and a lampshade that looks like a big mushroom. It will be a unique decoration of your bedroom.

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Spider shade on mushroom base century studios 15 tiffany studios

Spider Shade on Mushroom Base | Century Studios 15" Tiffany Studios Style

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Mushroom paper lantern

Ingenious and artful laurel lamp with mushroom shade. Silver, metalic holder with white, round and soft shade. Best choice for artistic, creative spaces. Looks also amazing outdoor, decorating wooden table for evening garden party.

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Mushroom Lamp Shade

Buying Guide

When you cast the right light in your home, it helps transform its entire atmosphere. Many believe the lightbulb's wattage plays the most significant role in this strategy. However, the lampshade's style and design are also critical considerations. That's where a mushroom lamp shade comes into play. With its mid-century modern design, it incorporates well into a myriad of decorating options. Therefore, we've put together this buying guide to help inspire your buying choices.

Featuring artful silhouettes and elegant lines, a mushroom lampshade can include metallic details that can also mix with earthy details. What's more is this style of the lampshade is seemingly not going out of style. Therefore, it's possible to place these lamps into designs that will make lasting impressions. Here are some examples:

  • Modern: add a chrome mushroom lampshade to the room’s décor to highlight the interior’s clean lines, minimalist features, and polished hardware.
  • Vintage: brass finishes are reminiscent of yesteryear and offer a lived-in feel with the arching goose-neck style of the art-deco mushroom lamp shade.
  • Tiffany: these lamp shades feature leaded glass and bronze that create elegant designs like a dragonfly, for example. With colors including blue, yellow, and green, these shades exude soft and warm glows.
  • Mushroom Inspired Lampshades: you'll find that these lampshades look like mushroom caps and feature bases that look like stems. Their whimsical beauty enhance rooms featuring nature, vintage, or transitional themes.

Just as there are many styles for a mushroom lamp shade, there are also many materials from which they are made. Common elements include:

  • Amber glass
  • Blown satin opal glass
  • Chrome
  • Coral
  • Cut crystal
  • Frosted glass
  • Leaded glass
  • Painted glass
  • Plastic

Picking the best mushroom lamp shade for your interior is going to be based on your preference ultimately. The main reason is that many of these designs either feature a “mushroom” design or one that’s neutral. Therefore, you’ll mainly be matching the materials it’s made from and the colors of the shade. Taking those two factors into consideration will help you pair the shade perfectly with your room’s décor.

Measuring for the best mushroom lamp shade is another story. The lampshade’s height should be approximately two-thirds of the lamp shade's body. Ideally, the shade's width should be equivalent to the lamp base's. However, because we're looking at a mushroom lamp shade, these typically run wider. You’re not going to find a standard measurement for these lamp shades due to their wide variety of options and styles.

For those who are selecting this lamp for task lighting or reading, it’s best that the edge of the shade is at eye-level. The measurement for this is typically thirty inches tall from the top of the shade to the bottom of the base. Taking this measurement will help prevent the light from shining directly into your eyes if you like reading at your bedside and will provide enough illuminated surface for task lighting.

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Mushroom lamp shade 6

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