Extra Large Lamp Shade

Check this collection of extra large lamp shades. More for decorative sense than practicality, adding one or more of these extra large lamp shades to your ceiling lights or floor lamps will make a statement that says your like things extravagant. With many styles, colors and shapes to choose from, we think we might have the perfect lamp shade for your home.

Best Products

Burlap straight side drum lamp shade

Burlap straight side drum lamp shade
With the rustic texture of the burlap that pairs beautifully with the mix of colors this drum lamp shade is the perfect option for your interior to just ooze style and elegance and will easily make for a nice addition to your living room or bedroom decor.

7.25" Dupioni Silk Hourglass Scallop Lamp Shade

7.25" Dupioni Silk Hourglass Scallop Lamp Shade
7.25 inch high lamp shade made of high quality Dupioni silk. Additionally, it's hourglass shape makes it very original. The shade can be attached with a clip and it fits majority of modern table lamps.

16" Burlap Drum Lamp Shade

16" Burlap Drum Lamp Shade
This drum lamp shade is characterized by a brown burlap fabric design, and metal spider fitting. The shade is extra large, reinforced by metal, and compatible with LED, compact fluorescent (CFL), halogen, incandescent, and fluorescent bulb types. Wipe clean with a dry cloth.

Extra large lamp shade

Such a sophisticated, elegant design for a ceiling lamp with a huge drum shade. Great for a traditional, classy dining room, bound to spice up its surroundings with its unique look. Simply amazing!

Large lampshades

extra large shades!

Extra large lamp shade 8

Extra Large Linen Lamp Shade - White

Extra large floor lamp shades large drum lamp shades floor

Extra Large Floor Lamp Shades: Large Drum Lamp Shades Floor,Large Drum ...

Our advice Buying Guide

Almost every room in the house will need a lamp shade, and some rooms may require more than one. As a result, it's the perfect opportunity to go lamp shade shopping and choose all your favorites. One of the common types of lamp shade you may come across is the extra large lamp shade. This is, of course, related to the size, therefore leaving many options open in terms of the shape, colors, and styles. Here are some things you should consider before buying any extra large lamp shades.

Can an extra large lamp shade fit every room?

A room which is around 12ft by 12ft should seek to have a lamp shade which is no larger than 24 inches in diameter. This is a good guide to use, and you can adjust the sizes according to the size of your room.

This is important to think about since a small room will not look great with a very large lamp shade. Extra large lamp shades should therefore be reserved for the larger rooms of your house. These often include the living room, master bedroom, and dining room. You can also use extra large lamp shades for lamps within the rooms, but again, the size of the room could mean that a lamp shade which is too big makes the room look even smaller.

How opaque should an extra large lamp shade be?

When buying any lamp shade, it's important to look at how transparent or opaque the material is. You should therefore choose a lamp shade made from a material which provides adequate lighting - based on whether you intend to have a dimly lit room or a brightly lit room.

  • Glass: This is the best material for giving off plenty of light since it is completely transparent. You should be aware, however, that colored glass is less transparent and will dim the lighting slightly.
  • Fabric: A light colored fabric material is ideal for achieving lighting levels which are somewhere in between. It will not be too bright, but won't be too dim and low either. Choose a darker fabric if you want the room to be dimmer, but change to a lighter fabric for a brighter room.

It is also important to remember that the brightness of the room will often depend on the strength of the light bulb. Lamp shades will do little to dim a very bright light bulb, while no amount of transparency will brighten a dim light bulb.

Does the extra large lamp shade fit the lamp?

Some people think that every lamp shade will fit every lamp, but it doesn't take more experimenting to find out that this isn't the case. You will come across universal lamp shades which have been designed to fit almost every lamp, but you will also find lamp shades which are sized more specifically.

As well as the actual size of the lamp shade fitting the lamp, you'll also need to check that the lamp shade isn't too heavy for your lamp and that it won't put any unnecessary pressure on the furniture.


Extra large ceiling lamp shades

A funky arrangement of a cafe in an urban style. Huge lamp shades dangling from the ceiling are the most distinctive element of the space. They ideally match simple tables with plastic chairs and yellow accents in the room.

Extra large drum lamp shades

extra large drum lamp shades

Extra large lamp shade 24

Extra Large Stitched Patter Lamp Shade - Dove

Ikea lobbo shade

Extra Large Linen Lamp Shade - White

Extra large lamp shade 21

Creme Mushroom Pleat Lamp Shade 12x18x18 (Spider) - #K5507 |

Oversized lamp shade

Extra Large Linen Lamp Shade - White

Extra tall lamp shades

Extra Large Droplet Tie Lamp Shade - Gully Gold

Extra large lamp shade 1

large drum lamp shade Threshold™ Flax Drum Shade Large | 410 x 410 ...

Home shades extra large rectangular lamp shade

Home Shades Extra large rectangular lamp shade

Extra large drum shades

extra large drum shades

Extra large lamp shade 30

Vita Eos Extra Large Ceiling Light Shade White Feathers Lamp Shade 75x45cm - Vita from Hurn & Hurn UK

Extra large lamp shade 2

extra large drum shade using Ikea lobbo shades....this just may work in my dining room!

Extra large paper lampshades

Oversized Geometric Link Lamp Shade - Trout Stream

Large pendant lamp shade

Scallop Hourglass Extra Large Lamp Shade in White

All projects satelight lighting design custom made light fixtures interior

All Projects - Satelight - Lighting Design, Custom Made Light Fixtures, Interior Lighting, Decorative Lamp Shades, Feature Pendant Lights - ...

Extra large lamp shade 25

extra large garden balustrade lamp item # SL3341 | designer Studio OVERVIEW Height: 43 1/4" Width: 24" Base: 8 1/2" Square Shade Size: 18" x 24" x 16" Wattage: 1 - 150 Watt Type A Socket: Dimmer price $630.00 finish shade quantity

Source for extra large drum shade for dining room chandelier

Source for extra large drum shade for dining room chandelier update: Custom Drum Lamp Shades

Extra large oversize 27inch 70cm statement ceiling pendant lamp shade

Extra Large Oversize 27inch/70cm Statement Ceiling Pendant Lamp Shade ...

Extra large standard lamp shades

Extra Large Olive Leaf Ceiling Chandelier. Love the gold leaf brilliance. Also comes in chandelier...

Extra large lamp shade 26

Extra large 16" Drum Lamp Shade, Natural Linen

Circa pendant light satelight extra large drum style pendant lights

Circa Pendant Light - Satelight - Extra large drum style pendant lights in turquoise patterned lamp shade material

Extra large lamp shade 22

Extra Large Drum Pendant

Circa pendant light satelight extra large drum style pendant lights

Circa Pendant Light - Satelight - Extra large drum style pendant lights in turquoise patterned lamp shade material

Black lamp shade

Black lamp shade

18" Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

18" Fabric Drum Lamp Shade

Large Drum Lamp Shade

Very large lamp shades

Big modern ceiling fixture with extra large gray shade is right at home in an ultra modern interior. Here, the dark linen shade and black metal frame of the chandelier contrast dramatically with light colored setting.

Extra large lamp shade 27

George Nelson Bubble Lamp, saucer light, pendant lights, modern lighting, hanging lamps, bubble lamp shade, retro light - modernica

Extra large ceiling light shades

The exclusive handmade lamp for the newborn's room. Exquisite pink silk shade and tafeta champagne sash. Perfect hourglass shape of extra large shade. Provide the subdued light ideal for breastfeeding or taking care of a child in the night.

Extra large lamp shade 17

- White Ruffle With White Trim Extra Large Lamp Shade, $142.20

16" Linen Drum Lamp Shade

16" Linen Drum Lamp Shade

Lozz extra large shade aluminium

LOZZ Extra Large Shade - Aluminium

Hourglass medium lamp shade

Elegant lampshade in the French style. It is made of fabric and finished with decorative lace. Designed for floor lamps. Sophisticated accessory for the living room, bedroom and more.

Extra large lamp shade 7

- Pink Extra Large Lamp Shade, $142.20

Oversized lampshade pendant

Extra Large Lamp Shade Lamp & George Nelson Bubble Lamps

Quoizel LLA5205RA Laila with Rustic Antique Bronze Finish Cage Chandelier With 5 Lights

Extra large lamp shade 31

Cute flamingo mint and fuchsia lamp shade.

Hourglass lamp shade

If you’re looking for a unique addition to your bedroom to give at an old-fashioned, antique vibe take a look at this gorgeous vintage lampshade in an hourglass shape, made out of pink-colored cotton with a decorative rim.

Jubilee Collection 3610 Scallop Hourglass - 10.25" Medium Shade Only, Ivory Finish

Coming from India, this hourglass medium lamp shade enchants with its highest quality finishing, comprising the best cotton and silk, upholstering the metal frame. Ivory finished, has the size of 71/4 " x 71/4 " x 101/4".

Jubilee Collection 3607 Scallop Hourglass - 10.25" Medium Shade Only, White Finish

Medium lamp shade with a durable construction and attractive white finish that matches any decor. It is made of metal, silk and cotton - these materials are not only attractive, but they are also resistant to excessive wear.

Extra large lamp shade 15

- Lavender Extra Large Lamp Shade, $142.20

Extra large lamp shade 29

Replica Poul Christiansen Le Klint 172 Pendant Extra Large 52cm by Poul Christiansen - Matt Blatt

Extra large lamp shade 18

Scallop Hourglass Extra Large Lamp Shade in Pink modern-lamp-shades