Half Lamp Shades


If you like to have your lamps near a wall but those cumbersome full round shades keep that from working, we have a great idea for your plight. Half lamp shades give the same light protection, give the same style concept, and allow your to create sconces if you so desire. Take a look at all the options in this extensive collection of half lamp shades.

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Our Picks

Half lamp shades 28

Stylish half lampshades featuring a neat white finished fabric design supported by strong brass coated metal. The lampshade measures 4“ x 4“x 4.5“ in size and its breathtaking aura of modern elegance will completely transform your bedroom or any other space.

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Half lamp shade embroidered floral silk

Half lamp shade embroidered floral silk

Romantic and rustic lampshade made of delicate flax beige was decorated with handmade embroidered flowers of subtle blue color. This color is also visible in the hand-made frame of presented here half lampshade.

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Cruise ship lampshades replica lampshades no minimum quantity quick

Cruise Ship Lampshades Replica Lampshades No Minimum Quantity Quick ...

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Half lamp shades 40

Durable and well-built half lampshades that will last for years. The shades are supported by a super strong chrome-plated wire frame and topped with a fabric-based cover, finished in pearl for outstanding elegance.

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New half shade wall sconce lamp lampshades hall foyer quality


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Half lamp shades 7

A half lamp shade that is suitable for nestling up to the wall. This element of lamp equipment is finished in neutral colors, so it looks very stylish in any home design. It is also resistant to different forms of wear.

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Linen half lamp shade 1

Linen Half Lamp Shade

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French shield half shade lamp shades cream chiffon set of

French Shield Half Shade Lamp Shades- Cream Chiffon-set Of 4

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Half lamp shade 1

half lamp shade

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Half lamp shades 22

Venetian Lampshade in Rubelli Lampas Fabric Sherazade Tuono Pattern Half Lamp Shade

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Half Lamp Shades

Buying Guide

Half lamp shades are a popular solution for wall lamps since they help you maintain a fairly flat look and save space.

However, you can also use half lamp shades with traditional table lamps. They’re a particularly handy choice if you’re looking for a solution that will help you make the most of a narrow table or nightstand.

At the moment, some trending styles of half lamp shades are design-led pieces featuring contemporary and unusual shapes, vibrant colors, and geometric shades.

However, unless you’re happy to change your décor almost every year, we recommend choosing half lamp shades that match your specific interiors rather than sticking to a trend that might not work well with the rest of your furniture.

Half lamp shades tend to give off the most light, because their unique shape allows light to bounce off the back as well as surrounding walls—instead of directing most of the light downward as a normal, full lamp shade might.

If you’re wondering what color to purchase, know that white shades tend to light full rooms best, while darker shades are usually best for making a dramatic statement with your lighting.

Best Ideas

Half lamp shades 6

An elegant traditional half lampshade crafted of plain white-creamy parchment with braided edges and wavy trimming of a thin decorative string in golden shades along edges. This squarish half lampshade has an arched top.

Half lamp shades 26

Dreamcatcher and a Half lamp shade design by artist Alexandra Gjurasic available on

Half lamp shades 8

Venetian Lampshade in Rubelli Silk Jacquard Fabric Green and Gold Les Indes Galantes Pattern Half Lamp Shade

Irina half shade lamp by bradburn tweet pin it lamp

irina half shade lamp by bradburn tweet pin it lamp

Fortuny lamp shades

This parchment structured lamp shade offers something a bit different and truly original to your household and comes with the irresistible style and glamour look that your interior will benefit from instantly, while the material trim on the design makes it even more eye-catching.

21" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

21" Mushroom Pleat Empire Lamp Shade

This is made in the traditional style of the lamp shade is a beautiful decorative accent for your home. Beautiful colors and interesting shape makes it perfect as a decorative element in the living room or the bedroom.

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

14" Shantung Soft Bell Lamp Shade

A beautiful shade for your lamp in traditional style and yellow finish to allow adding some warmth and coziness to your interior, while the material provides strength and reliability with the silk and shantung combination.

21092 white half shade quantity price 29 95 21092 white

21092 white half shade quantity price $ 29 95 21092 white half shades ...

21903beige half shade quantity price 39 95 21903beige half shades

21903beige half shade quantity price $ 39 95 21903beige half shades ...

Upgradelights Pair of 6 inch Eggshell Upgradelights Wall Sconce Clip on Shield Lamp Shade Half Shade Chandelier Shades Clips Onto Bulb

Round half shade

Round Half Shade

Upgradelights Clip on Shield Shade Chandelier Half Shades

Half lamp shades

This beige parchment half lamp shade embodies well the shabby chic character. Finished with gold trimming, it is suitable for a standard lamp size. The shade measures 25 cm wide at the base.

Lamp shades parchment half lamp shade parchment lampshade 1

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