Woven Lamp Shades

Such lamp shades as the ones presented on this site, not only look well but can also be a functional element. Even if you haven’t thought about having one at home, you can now decide on the model the appeals to you most. Which one will it be, in the end?

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Vintage wood lamp shade net wicker retro

Vintage Wood Lamp Shade Net Wicker Retro
This lamp embodies the moment when two styles meet - a magnificent combination of retro and futurism design, enchanting for both the enthusiasts of vintage, as well as modern style.

Woven lamps

Bring something different to your décor's style - an extraordinary hanging lamp with ingeniously woven shade gives this welcome extra edge to the room. The shade's shape was somehow inspired by bee hive.

Woven lamp

Nantucket twisted table lamps. Like all but the basket weave shade

Woven lamp shades 13

A truly wonderful choice when it comes to original light sources in your interior - this lamp shade offers the woven structure full of color and immensely original, making it catch everyone's attention instantly.

Eclairage de bronze

Éclairage de bronze

Woven lamp shades 17

Being a great example of handcrafting, these beautiful bamboo pendant lamps come from an award-winning inspiring concept store. They embody well the contemporary trends in design - minimalism, yet being also close to nature.

Rattan lamp shades rattan lamp shades products rattan lamp

Rattan Lamp Shades , Rattan Lamp Shades Products, Rattan Lamp ...

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Woven lamp shades can be handmade or machine stitched. The material and type of weave used dictates how the light is delivered. Most shades have a filtering insert inside of the shade for protecting the structural integrity of the woven material in addition to toning down the brightness of the bulb.

Shades come in assorted colors, styles and shapes that give any room a natural ambiance of light. Woven material, also called textured, warms a decor that would otherwise have a sharp appearance.

Types of Weave

The selection of materials used for woven lamp shades is endless. From thick burlap string to fine linen thread, shades are available for any type of decor. The type of weave and color can often bring a different style to a room by updating a shade. Here are some examples.

  • Open Weave - An open weave means that the threads never come together. Burlap, rattan and seaweed can be placed in this category. Due to the bulkiness of the material, the weave is never completely closed. This leaves a very textured look.
  • Plain Weave - A simple under and over tight weave that is commonly found in cotton blends. Machine made, it is also one of the most inexpensive types of fabric weaves. Often used with natural linen shades.
  • Basket Weave - Loose fitting yarns provide height and width in shades that create a highly textured look. Regular weaves consistent with the plain weave can be used in creating these types of shades. 
  • Satin Weave - Saved primarily for satin-like and Charmeuse fabric, the weave is fine and closely set for presenting a sheen for refinement.


  • Classic drum shaped shades are popular for almost any decor. They can have a round smooth shape or be slightly tapered from top to bottom.  
  • Think of the liberty bell when looking for a bell lamp shade. Skinny at the top and wide at the bottom, the bell shape used to be classified as a feminine traditional style with sleek satin weaving. However, rattan is emerging in the bell shape as a robust welcome in entryways.
  • Empire shades are known for a hard shell insert. Straight and angled by 50% to 80% from top to bottom, they are well served in contemporary decors. Because of the hardback construction, handmade woven lamp shades can present an open or basket weave on the outside. Rustic and industrial designs welcome this change.
  • Coolie lamp shades take on the shape of a wide Chinese hat that adds a dramatic flair at the bottom. A plain weave and void of color, this type of shape works well with burlap in country or Charmeuse in traditional decors. 

Make sure to measure your shade to lend the right proportionate height and width. The lamp shade should be 2/3 the size of the lamp body. Keep the base simple in design for woven lamp shades with lots of texture.




Woven lamp shades 3

Extravagant? Not so much, but stylish - indeed. This lighting pendant elevates the interior's style to higher level with its original woven design. No cost for coziness - the coloring scheme of this hanging lamp is warm.

5 favorites the dip dyed trend wicker lamps dip dyed

5 Favorites: The Dip-Dyed Trend .. wicker lamps dip-dyed in indigo via The Andes House

Tulum woven lamp shades

tulum || woven lamp shades

Woven lamp shades

Round lampshade designed for pendant lamp. It is made of braided string. Suitable as main or additional source of light. Simple form and contemporary design.

Woven lamp shades 9

Bamboo hand knitted tea dyed sisal from Swaziland | Ay Illuminate

Woven lamp shades 28

DIY twine lamp shade tutorial

Woven lamp shades 33

This woven lamp shade will help you create a warm, sunny ambiance, known from the summer houses, in your interiors. Lightweight, yet solid construction, designed to last for long years.

Woven lamp shades 27

= white and wood

Woven lamp shade 3

Woven lamp shade that looks very attractive in any design at day and night. It is solid and protected from high temperatures generated by light source. Its neutral gray color perfectly matches any interior design.

Wire weaved lampshade in warm colors

Wire Weaved Lampshade In Warm Colors
An unusual, DIY idea for a set of lamp shades. They are hand crocheted from wire, which is a very tedious and skillful task. The shades look very subtle and they come in positive, bright colors, which will be a nice accent of the room.

Woven lamp shades 14

Wicker isn’t just for chairs – these statement-making Italian lamps add coastal style in a creative way. To keep the mahogany cabinets from looking too dark, the interiors were painted white, and glass fronts were added to reflect natural light.

Future ceiling lamps

A bunch of woven lamp shades. Not-so-bad alternative for casual fabric shades - jute weave brings kinda natural, raw accent indoors and lets through more light than a solid fabric. Must give 'em a try

Woven lamp shades 8


Woven lamp shades 29

serena lily wicker pendant light

Woven lamp shades 6

.Great idea of repurposing a placemat for this rustic woven shade, visit the site to learn how-

Woven lamp shades 4

Weave fabric lanterns-Katherine, I can totally see these in your nursery room! Would like to try this on a tomato cage.

Dareau woven rattan lamp shade 1

Dareau Woven Rattan Lamp Shade

Woven lamp shades 12

woven rope pendant lamp Design Sponge DIY AshleyAnn. I could try this to make the rope baskets I want to make!

Woven lamp shades 22

Ana Kras

Woven lamp shades 15

Plastic bottles woven with wicker form Chimbarongo shades for PET Lamps project

Woven lamp shades 31

STIL INSPIRATION: San Giorgio | by the pool

Woven lamp shades 7

DIY: wire waste basket turned pendant light

Woven lamp shades 21

Woven plastic bottle Pet lamps by Alvaro Catalan de Ocon

New obsesion rattan or wicker pendant lamp shades

New Obsesion: Rattan (or Wicker) Pendant Lamp Shades

Woven lamp shades 10

DIY lamp. W some type of metal wire for a steampunk affect or color for Alice in wonderland

Wood lamp 2

wood lamp

Woven lamp shades 25

Architect: Yong Pak of Pak Heydt & Associates, Interior Design: Kay Douglass, Photos: Mali Azima

Woven lamp shades 11

The Duo is the newest member of the Geo Series of hand woven lamp shades. This lady is all about the drama! Featuring strong geometric

Rattan wicker hanging lamp shade vintage 1960s hollywood regency

Rattan, Wicker Hanging Lamp SHADE. Vintage 1960's. Hollywood Regency ...

Woven lamp shades 34

a macrame lamp…

Woven lamp shades 1

Mega•Crafty: Woven Flower Pot ~ Part 2

Woven Seagrass Drum Shade 10.5x11x8.5 (Spider)

Woven lamp shades 38

home decor. rattan chandelier, white ceiling

Woven lamp shades 39

Harriet Goodall | Palm, (coastal), passionfruit vine, krokia and old painted corrugated iron in greys and pinks.

Woven lamp shades 41

Patina White: collected & created, love the simple ruffled shams and the lamp.

Woven lamp shades 16

Clothoid.A, a lamp shade by Igor Knezevic of Alienology. Printed in nylon plastic by Shapeways ($360).

This lamp is definitely a possible diy project 1

this lamp is definitely a possible DIY project

Woven lamp shades 23

DIY: Basket Pendants

Lustre sustentavel recicle faca vc mesmo

Lustre sustentável, recicle, faça vc mesmo

Help finding wicker woven lamp shades tiny ones

Help finding wicker/woven lamp shades? Tiny ones?

Uttermost 21108 Alita Champagne Drum Pendant

Woven lamp shades 24

Refurbish a tired lampshade with jute

Rattan lamp shade

Rattan Lamp Shade