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Have you ever spent any time at the beach you have probably seen some driftwood, and maybe you thought about making that driftwood into something? Maybe you've even thought about that driftwood story and where it came from. If driftwood fascinates you then you will love our collection of driftwood lamps. they're quite stylish and each one has a story.

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Driftwood lamp sculpture natural design

Driftwood lamp sculpture natural design

Everyone that has come into my home has commented on this driftwood lamp sculpture. And I know why! Because it's a handmade accent piece with rustic design and fabulous finish.

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Driftwood Table Lamp

Driftwood Table Lamp

Distinguishing itself with its driftwood character, this designer-looking lamp will help you create a sophisticated, eclectic appeal in your living room or bedroom space. A good way to add your interiors a distinguishing character.

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Driftwood lamp for sale

Excellent coastal-inspired driftwood lamp designed with a natural and rugged appeal that should combine well with the rest of your decor. The lamp still retains is natural wood grain finish and is a great piece of statement furniture for any home.

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Driftwood lamp sculpture mother nature

Driftwood lamp sculpture mother nature

The phenomenal driftwood lamp is a stylish combination of untypical design and functionality. The whole is presented in a very elegant manner, bringing a unique atmosphere to the decor. The branches and lightweight lampshades blend beautifully.

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Driftwood lamp 26

A truly exceptional lamp that is a real piece of art. The shade is simple and basic, but the structure of the lamp was sculpted from driftwood cedar. The wood is in its natural state with all the imperfections left untouched.

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Natural driftwood lamp

Natural driftwood lamp

The beautiful construction of this driftwood lamp made of natural materials impresses. The classic lampshade emphasizes the beauty of the base, which together brings an exceptionally cozy atmosphere to the interior.

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Driftwood lamp with rope home decor bulb

Driftwood lamp with rope home decor bulb

Table lamp in industrial style. It is mounted on wooden base and finished with decorative rope. Interesting addition for each room. Received many positive recommendations from clients for careful execution and modern design.

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Driftwood lamp 19

troutrivernaturals - driftwood and slate lamps - ArtFire

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Vertico Riverine 18" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

Vertico Riverine 18" H Table Lamp with Rectangular Shade

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Driftwood lamp 24

Natural Cedar Driftwood Lamp made by C. Joseph Elder at Skipjack Nautical Wares & Marine Gallery

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Driftwood Lamp

Buying Guide

Driftwood lamps can be found in different styles, ranging from simple, rustic pieces to rugged coastal-style designs to elaborate eclectic bases. Some lamps consist of a classy single branch while others feature numerous intertwined roots for an unusual but attention-grabbing display. Although unique in their own way, driftwood lamps all bring a cozy and appealing look to any home.

If you’re looking for a statement-making light fixture that can instantly elevate your home decor, a driftwood lamp won’t disappoint. Its rugged look and natural beauty can bring a quirky character to any setting, whether it’s placed on a side table in the living room, on your bedside table, or in the entryway on a console table.

Furthermore, these accent pieces all have a distinctive and eye-catching nautical design that suits most, if not all, home styles, even minimalist ones! In addition to being exceptionally stylish, these types of lamps are sturdy and can make your home much cozier while providing ambient lighting for reading and relaxing in the evening.

Best Ideas

Driftwood lamp 22

Driftwood Art & Furnishings: Re-Purposed Beach Finds For the Coastal ...

Lamps made from driftwood

Oliphant: Modern and Rustic Lightsculpture (Fine Art Lamp) with Driftwood base This lamp has the unique quality of being rustic and chic - simultaneously great for both modern and rustic decor & interior design.

Driftwood lamp 14

This lovely table lamp has a powder-coated metal base - adorned with various driftwood pieces, tied up together by using a strong rope. The imperial shade is made of a quality dark fabric with a white lining.

Drift wood lamp

Unusual but very impressive driftwood lamps are an exciting combination of attractive form and original natural design. Beautiful base with classic beige shade creates a cohesive whole, which looks great in the living room.

Love love love driftwood lamps

love love love driftwood lamps

Each of these repurposed driftwood lamps is one of a

Each of these repurposed driftwood lamps is one of a kind.

Driftwood lamp 18

This is great because it incorporates a little color and texture in an unexpected place. I love it much much.

Gorgeous twig and branch light fixture perfect for an eclectic

Gorgeous twig and branch light fixture, perfect for an eclectic living room. Treibholz Elke Paus

Branched driftwood floor lamps by doris brixham

branched driftwood floor lamps by doris brixham ...

Drift wood lamp ikea hackers ikea hackers

Drift wood lamp - IKEA Hackers - IKEA Hackers

Driftwood table lamp with black base and unique detail piece

Driftwood Table Lamp with Black Base and Unique Detail Piece

Driftwood lamps that bring the beach and the forest into

Driftwood Lamps That Bring The Beach And The Forest Into ...

Wildwood lamps olmsted driftwood lamp brown 23309

Wildwood Lamps, Olmsted Driftwood Lamp Brown, 23309

St ives driftwood driftwood lamps

St Ives Driftwood: Driftwood lamps