Gargoyle Lamp

From the classical archways of old buildings and staples at gothic churches, come the gargoyles to look over the world of man and guard us from evil. And if you have this essence in your home we offer gargoyle lamps, that embody this Guardian spirit in a fun and clever way. Take a look at all the gargoyle lamps we have, and choose your next Guardian for your home.

Resin Gargoyle light fixture 

Resin Gargoyle light fixture 

Resin Gargoyle light fixture 


Finely crafted from cold-cast resin with a metallic white finish, this gargoyle wall-hanging lamp features a dragon head design with a round white light. It's also corded for easy installation.

Designer Advice:

You can hang this in the corner of your outdoor living space and decorate it with flowers to soften the aesthetic, or let it look over your garden and illuminate your flower bed. It lends itself well to any traditional space with modern accents and would look at home in any Victorian, Gothic, or Medieval-themed space.

Sitting Gargoyle outdoor light

Sitting Gargoyle outdoor light

Sitting Gargoyle outdoor light


With its glowing yellow eyes and beautifully sculptured wings, this Gargoyle is unmistakably goth. Made from weather-resistant resin with a handpainted stone finish, it features a solar panel to keep the battery powered and the lights on at night.

Designer Advice:

Place this Gargoyle light in your garden to create interest and ward off evil. Depending on the amount of sun exposure it gets, you can expect it to provide a few hours of uninterrupted light each night. It's got a cool gothic vibe which you can play up through the use of garden gnomes to keep the magical garden theme going.

Vintage Gargoyle outdoor light fixture

Vintage Gargoyle outdoor light fixture

Vintage Gargoyle outdoor light fixture

DWK Corporation

Visually impact your space with this vintage gargoyle solar lamp. It's carved from weather-resistant resin with a bluish-gray finish and stands 20 inches tall with a solar LED light powered by a single AA battery.

Designer Advice:

Gargoyle's sculpture originated in the fourteenth century as part of the goth movement, and you, too, can incorporate this timeless aesthetic into your home with this vintage piece. You can use it as a decorative light for your porch or patio, making it a cute addition to your garden. Place it in the middle of your flower bed for the ultimate gothic summer garden.

Durable plastic Gargoyle lamp

Durable plastic Gargoyle lamp

Durable plastic Gargoyle lamp


Carefully carved with care from durable plastic, this lamp features a unique design with a Gargoyle hugging the light bulb. It's battery-powered with a push button switch and stands on a stable pedestal base.

Designer Advice:

Gothic architecture is made to draw your eyes up, as is the purpose of this gargoyle lamp. It would make for a quaint addition to your Halloween decorations, and once the season has passed, you can use it to decorate a part of your garden or add gothic flair to your outdoor entertainment space.

Gargoyle table lamp

Gargoyle table lamp

Gargoyle table lamp

Here we have a dramatic gargoyle table lamp crafted from resin with a novelty base and a high-quality fabric shade. It has a beautiful stone finish, carefully carved details, and a convenient switch-on cord.

Designer Advice:

This Gargoyle lamp would be a fascinating conversation starter in a neo-goth space with Cathedral-style decor. You can also use it to spruce up an elegant study/home office with warm textures and sophisticated decor. It would also make for a fantastic heirloom for a Gargoyle collector, and you may also gift it to a dragon lover.

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Gargoyle Lamp

Buying Guide

Despite the grotesque features and the hideous demeanor, gargoyles command quite a fan following. One that has got a shot in the arm after the Harry Potter and the Game of Thrones universes unfolded. But the fact is that irrespective of whether you are a horror movie buff, a potterhead or just in awe of gothic architecture, Gargoyles make attractive décor pieces.

Gargoyle lamps in particular are perfect for both aesthetics and functionality. Picture walking into your library to be greeted by a gargoyle lamp hanging over the reading table. Or one on your porch with fiery red lit eyes to greet visitors. A bit creepy maybe. But certainly not run-of-the-mill.

If you’d like to add one of these to your home, then here are some of the important things to consider.

Gargoyle spouts were a common feature in Gothic architecture used to drive water away from the buildings. This makes Gargoyle lamps perfect for outdoor applications like the porch, the yard or the patio. It adds a touch of medieval design to your façade and certainly doesn’t hurt the aesthetics one bit.

However, you’d have to select a material that can stand up to the weather. Or ensure that it’s installed in a shaded or protected area, away from exposure to the elements.

For indoor use though, you have tons of options to choose from. There are gargoyle table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps as well as ceiling lamps. Check the available space as well as an outlet to connect the lighting fixture before you narrow down on one.

The gargoyle figure in a gargoyle lamp is often made of metal, like wrought iron or bronze. While this allows the design to stay true to the vintage element that it’s associated with, it makes these fixtures heavier than normal lamps.

Some manufacturers offer these lamps in heavy duty plastic. These are better suited for outdoor use. However, if you plan to install this on drywall or on the ceiling, ensure that you have the hardware needed for it.

The lampshades can be made of fabric, glass or plastic.

The biggest draw of a gargoyle lamp is the design. And there are hundreds of them to choose from. What style of Gargoyle do you fancy?

  • There are the conventional gothic gargoyles which are like a mix of a dragon and a demon. You can pick one of these if you are aiming for a sinister looking lighting fixture.
  • Then there are the Potter Universe fueled modern interpretations which veer more towards the dragon. These are better suited for children’s rooms.
  • One of the most common designs has the lampshade suspended from the Gargoyle’s teeth or have the Gargoyle holding the lampshades.
  • Table lamps can have gargoyles figurines on the base.
  • A gargoyle with a globe in hand will look stunning with a color changing LED bulb in it.

Gargoyles with their large wingspan and protruded snouts can have a much larger footprint than what it appears to be. Measure the available space before you select a design.

  • For table lamps, account for the additional space needed for the other décor pieces or the things that you typically place on the table.
  • If the lamp is installed in an entryway, then ensure that there’s enough clearance around it to allow people to move freely.
  • Outdoor lamps are typically larger than the ones used indoors. Measure the height, width, depth, and wingspan.
  • Does the lampshade hang lower than the statute? Ensure that it's installed at the right height.

Best Ideas

Gargoyle lamp

The Notre Dame style wall lamp. The gargoyles are the wonderful historical architecture's element. I am not pretty sure if it will be ok to put it to the private apartment, but in the public space, it could be.

New 1 Light Gargoyle Outdoor Wall Lamp Lighting Fixture Oil Rubbed Bronze

New 1 Light Gargoyle Outdoor Wall Lamp Lighting Fixture Oil Rubbed Bronze

A fabulous wall lamp created for an outdoor use. It is characterized by a metal figure of a dragon with an elegant, rubbed bronze finish. A lantern-like shade will bring the spirirt of the old world to your space.

Gargoyle lamp 18

Gothic style exterior lamp brings a hint of medieval castle appeal to an otherwise ordinary house facade. Oil-rubbed wall mount fixture with detailed bat winged gargoyle sculpture. By Triarch International

Gargoyle lamp 11

Gargoyle wall sconce

Gothic table lamps

{Escape} Budapest, Hungary by Jamie Silva #escape #amazingplaces #gargoyles

Gargoyle table

Antique luxurious table lamp in Gothic style. It has solid kickstand made of bronze, which looks like gargoyle. Lampshade is made of dark material, which soften the light. This lamp plays its role perfectly as a night light.

Gargoyle 1 Light Medium Lantern Head

Gargoyle 1 Light Medium Lantern Head

Change your home into a haunted medieval residence. The Medium Lantern Head decorated with four gargoyles is a great addition to the Halloween. It is finished in oil rubbed bronze finish with gold highlights.

Gothic gargoyle outdoor light small

Gothic Gargoyle Outdoor Light - Small

Gothic Gargoyle Lamp, Black Resin 16.5"H by ACK

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Boscolo Hotel, Budapest - faun lamp posts

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gargoyle lamps - Bing Images

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Gargoyle Candle Holders, Cat, Lion, Wolf Candle Holders -- Section 7

Three light dragon street lamp

three light dragon street lamp

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Enormous cut crystal and gargoyle oil lamp with heavy metal

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