Skull Lamp


Have you enjoyed the look of a skull, or maybe you like to write horror, then you will appreciate this skull lamp? These lamps encapsulate the skull motif in many styles that will not only capture the darkness within your imagination but also give you an interesting accent piece that will get plenty of attention.

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Our Picks

Baby skull lamp

Baby skull lamp

The dark and very attractive lamp with the skull motif is a unique element of the decor. The whole is original and will appeal to fans of horror and horror stories. Beautiful details and black lampshades blend perfectly.

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Skull Lamp

Skull Lamp

Original and decorative lamp with a skull base. This handmade item features a durable construction based on metal. Its traditional shade is finished in neutral color. This beige shade matches any interior design.

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Crystal head vodka lamp skull light

Crystal head vodka lamp skull light

A great piece for game rooms, pubs, bachelor pads, and dorms. This unique lamp has a shade in shape of human skull attached to the industrial pipe frame with a water valve on top.

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Skull Wall Sconce Crystal Head Vodka

Skull Wall Sconce Crystal Head Vodka

An effective combination of wall sconce with a skull motif made of glass is a unique combination that delights. Unusual form and style will make both the living room and the hallway or bedroom a dark but fascinating look.

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Plasma Skull 9.4" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Plasma Skull 9.4" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

This 9.4-inch height table lamp features a black plastic body with a detailed glass skull sitting on top. The plasma lamp is touch activated, and provides moving light that follows your finger when placed on the globe. Wipe with a clean, dry cloth.

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Skull and Crossbones Sculpture

Skull and Crossbones Sculpture

This hilarious skull and crossbones neon lamp adds this unique thrilling accent that you'd love to have in your den or man's cave - it is also a great idea to enhance your ambiance with a distinct twist on Halloween!

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Skeleton lamp

Does it not look like made by the Hobbit heroes?The mysterious lamp of the dwarf's house has an orange lampshade with few stylized holes. The leitmotif is the skull, hence the lamp stand holds the hand of a skeleton. For people with strong nerves.

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Skull light

Nickel Plated Bronze Skull Lamp

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Skull lamp 3

Atrocity Skull Lamp Light Nemesis Now Gothic Decor Gift - Crazy Auctions

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Skull lamp 4

Now you can transform your room into a terrifying chamber of doom with this fantabulous table lamp. It has a glowing skull body resting on a metal base in shape of two books, holding a steampunk bell shade.

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Skull Lamp

Buying Guide

Getting a skull lamp design may seem like a strange idea. But once you look at the various contemporary and even classic designs that are available in the market, you may start to warm up to the thought. Skull lamps are designed to play two very important roles. First, they can help provide unique lighting. Secondly, they are quite spooky and different compared to lamps you’d get on an average home. If you love standing out, then they are a very good choice.

First, they are unique. When it comes to interior décor, the goal for many homeowners is to get options that are rare and different from normal. Well, skull lamp designs do offer that option. In addition to this, the lamps can be easily customized for outstanding beauty. It’s not just about getting a skull and lighting it up. There is a lot of craftwork that goes towards the design and the finishing. In the end, you get a customized solution that will work for you.

There are a few things you will need to look out for when you buy skull lamps. Size is the first one. The lamps come in different sizes. You can get smaller, average, or bigger designs. The size you choose should be determined by some simple factors. For instance, where do you want the skull lamps to go? Are they going to be used as the primary lighting source in the room or just for wall accents? If you are thinking of using the lamps as the primary sources of light, then bigger designs are ideal. In addition to this, if you intend to use the lamps as wall accents then bigger options proportionate to the wall should be purchased.

You also need to look at the finishing. Skulls are supposed to be white but any color can work for decor purposes. Black skulls that glow in the dark can be spookier than light colored ones. Some skull lamps may also feature a combination of plain colors with simple accent touches. Other designs may also feature unique patterns on the finishing that make them quite unique. The finish needs to be aligned with your existing décor. Finally, the overall appeal still matters. When you are dealing with such unique décor pieces it’s all about your tastes and preferences. In that case, always buy something that appeals to your sense of style.

You can start your search for quality skull lamp designs online. There are various customized options too in the market. The cost varies based on a number of factors including the size of the lamp, its design, and the craftsmanship it offers. But most designs are relatively affordable and can easily be purchased through online sellers.

Best Ideas

Skull lamp 2

Spooky Skull Lamp

Skull lamp

Ready for a dash of horror gothic style indoors? I'm dying for this skull lamp! Adjustable arm ends with a shade that gives me the chills - a glossy black skull with (somehow adorable) gold colored teeth. Halloween decoration idea!

Deer skull lamp

Here's something interesting for home library or teenage room: the brass skull lamp for desk, nightstand, end table or side table. This is a perfect idea gift for every fan of Gothic.

Desk Lamp with Life-size Skull and Bone Shade

Kevin skull lamp 2

Kevin Skull Lamp

Skull lamp 17

Spine Lamp @Angela Weir -- If I had a chiropractic practice of my own -- or decorating privileges, this would be top on my list. haha

Momento de mori table lamp

Momento De Mori Table Lamp

Crystal head vodka lamp

Incorporate some spooky, mysterious atmosphere to your interiors with this inimitable skull lamp, resembling the ones you heard about in some tropical islands' myths. But don't be afraid, may the light be with you!

Skull lamp shades

Whoa, now THAT’S what I call a proper lightbulb! If you want your interior to be a bit more… interesting than usual, then such a lightbulb is just what you need. It might also be a great idea for a gift!

Zia privens new philippe skeleton floor lamps have a look

Zia Priven's new Philippe skeleton floor lamps have a look you'll die for! These chilling, life size, creepy-cool lamps will get you into the Halloween spirit, but we love...

Crystal head vodka bottle ideas

muriel brandolini « a thoughtful eye Divine lamp

Skull floor lamp

The dark and stylish skull lamps are a sensational way to create an unusual, somewhat scary interior design. Pendant lights are incredibly intriguing in every interior. Will appeal to young people and children.

Vodka lamp

Skull lamp made with empty bottle of Crystal Head vodka. Instructions on Luxiare

Skull lamp 13

Get an old lamp for the secondhand store and you've got a great lamp for the holiday!