Tiffany Lamp Bases


Tiffany lamps are a stunning addition to any home, but occasionally you may want to change the base to something more fitting to your existing decor. Or may need to replace a base in case of breakage or aging. Finding a new and suitable base that matches your existing Tiffany shade is much easier with the suggestions we have provided here.

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Our Picks

Tiffany Style Lotus Table Lamp Base

Tiffany Style Lotus Table Lamp Base


Complete with a button switch, this zinc alloy base is suitable for your existing Tiffany style lampshades. It is specifically made to be most suitable for holding wide bouillotte or empire-shaped shades, but it can also work for some larger inverted square bell-shaped shades without tipping or looking out of place. 


Designer Advice:

The flat lotus flower design on the lower half of this table lamp base is subtle yet stunning. The zinc material brings a unique aged bronze or shiny copper look to it, which fits into a wide range of existing decor aesthetics. Overall, this 13" high base is great for end tables, bedside tables, or sideboards.

Bright Gold 23 Inch Antique Style Lamp Base

Bright Gold 23 Inch Antique Style Lamp Base

The Porcelain Garden

With a top to bottom measurement of 23.5", this tall and sturdy replacement lamp base has a starburst pattern and is the perfect style for Tiffany glass shades. The large 9" round antique bronze base weighs almost 5 pounds to ensure the lamp won't tip with even a large and heavy shade on top.


Bold and Simple Lamp Base for Tiffany Shade

Bold and Simple Lamp Base for Tiffany Shade

Capulina Lighting

This large and bold 24-inch tall lamp base is perfect for a wide range of sizable Tiffany lamp shades. Being tall, it works best with barrel-style lampshades but can also hold a wide range of flared or umbrella shades. The base is made from resin, allowing for highly detailed accents along the bottom.


Designer Advice:

Offering two screw-in E26 sockets with pull chain switches, this dark brown resin table lamp base gives a bold and simple accent to any room of your home. Perfect for studies, libraries, dens, and other rooms where mature simplicity is warranted, you'll be able to easily use this base with a 16 to 18-inch lampshade.

Original Style Tiffany Lamp Base for Bedrooms

Original Style Tiffany Lamp Base for Bedrooms


Made from some of the original mold shapes used by the Tiffany company, this lovely 26.5" table lamp base is stunning in its artistic flair. Made with a rope design on the stem and a unique eye-catching and contrasting ivory disk of color at the base, you'll be able to display large 16" shades on this dual-socket base.


Tall Victorian Style Tiffany Floor Lamp Stand

Tall Victorian Style Tiffany Floor Lamp Stand


Made from resin, this tall Victorian-style lamp stand is a beautiful addition to any room of your home. The intricate patterns on the base bring to mind leaves or flower petals, while the upper accents offer images of fleur de lis and lotus blooms that can add an elegant and mature accent to a den, study, or reading room.


Designer Advice:

Say goodbye to dark corners of your room with this tall and practical floor lamp. Specifically made in the Tiffany style, this bronze-colored stand measures 64 inches high and comes complete with a dual socket setup. It's perfect for extremely large and grand Tiffany shades in a variety of styles.

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Tiffany Lamp Bases

Buying Guide

Nearly everyone is familiar with Tiffany cut-glass lampshades but equally lovely are the lamp bases. Tiffany reproduction lamp bases allow you to furnish your home with that same lovely elegance. Some of the bases are made of metal, while others incorporate the cut glass theme used in the shades. Regardless of which style is being used, these reproductions will be a conversation piece in your home.

While Tiffany reproduction lamps usually cost a great deal less than a genuine Tiffany lamp, you should be aware that some of them can be part of a signed series, and can be fairly pricey themselves. It really depends on the quality of the reproduction and its history – you might say that some of the older reproductions have become collectors’ items themselves.

A good Tiffany reproduction lamp base can become a family treasure, especially the ones signed by authentic reproduction houses. When purchasing these reproductions, keep a close eye on the quality and make sure you are getting the materials and workmanship for which you are paying.

  • Simple Tiffany Bases

Some of the Tiffany bases are fairly simple in design. They might be a single stem shape, or perhaps three columns, often made of brass or bronze. These graceful designs, even though they do not draw attention to themselves, elegantly support the cut glass shades making a lovely statement that will go well with plush furniture, lacy drapes, wingback chairs and the like. Or, you can go shabby chic or boho, and match them up with just about anything.

  • Themed Bases

Other bases, such as bird on a grapevine or lily pond design have themes that go with the shade. Some of them, such as the Tiffany warehouse bird on a grapevine, are made of durable materials such as zinc, and are likely to wear well for many years. Some of the bases are even made of bronze. However, watch the materials carefully, as a few reproductions of reproductions are made of resin and are far less durable.

  • Ceramic Vase Shaped

Not all Tiffany lamps came with bronze or even zinc bases. Some are ceramic and are shaped more like a vase. The best of these are weighted with sand to help keep the lamps from tipping over. These ceramic-based lamps can be a little larger and they are a tiny bit less expensive than the ones with metal bases.

  • Cut Glass Bases

A particularly beautiful Tiffany lamp base is the Dragonfly lamp. The base is beautiful greens, blues and some bits of pink, with its own illumination separate from the two bulbs that are used under the shade. The shade itself displays dragonflies. The coordinated effect is exceptionally beautiful. This reproduction is made by Warehouse of Tiffany, a company that specifically creates reproductions of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s amazing designs.

Best Ideas

Tiffany lamp replica

This base is known as a "Twisted Vine" Bronze Lamp Base and it is done in the most sought after Brown/Green Patina. This bronze lamp stands 25" tall to the top of the riser. The foot has a diameter of 9,75 inches.

Tiffany Dragonfly With Empire Bronze Base Lamp Museum Repro Handel Pairpoint

Tiffany Dragonfly With Empire Bronze Base Lamp Museum Repro Handel Pairpoint

The beautiful reproductions allow you to bring style and nice ambiance to the interior, so this tiffany draginfly lamp base made of bronze will be an excellent way to revitalize the decor in the vintage.

Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp Museum Quality Reproduction Bronze Glass Inlay Tile Base

Tiffany Dragonfly Lamp Museum Quality Reproduction Bronze Glass Inlay Tile Base

An interesting stylish base for table lamps. It looks like a squat vase, is crafted of materials finished in green shades and features large textured dragonflies and floral motifs incuse on a surface.

Bamboo sr floor base

Bamboo Sr. Floor Base

Reproduction art nouveau lamps

A very good reproduction of Tiffany’s “Waterlily” stained glass lamp. The base was made from bronze. The stained glass is green, blue, yellow and with shades of red. A true piece of art, no doubts about it!

Groveland Tiffany Buffet 33" H Lamp with Empire Shade

Groveland Tiffany Buffet 33" H Lamp with Empire Shade

This lamp has got a design that is inspired by Tiffany. It has got an empire shade and dark antique bronze finish. It is perfect for add décor and elegance to any room in your home. You need to have it.

Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 27" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade

Tiffany Jeweled Peacock 27" H Table Lamp with Cone Shade

A class and elegance in its purest form - this Tiffany table lamp with cone shade is a truly breathtaking piece, that was designed for the purpose of keeping your home in line with the best and most appreciated pieces of art, while at the same time adding to its practical side.

Reproduction tiffany style lamp with tile base

Reproduction tiffany style lamp with tile base

A faithful reproduction of a Tiffany style lamp that you can place on your desk to make it even more snazzier. It has a round base displayed with a bunch of small tiles, and a mashroom-like shade designed of little shards of staind glass.

Tiffany stained glass reproduction lamp shade

Tiffany Stained Glass Reproduction Lamp Shade

Malta Tiffany 21.75" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Malta Tiffany 21.75" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

This wonderful handmade glass shade on a solid metal structure is unusual and stylish addition to the practical and decorative interior. The whole gives the salon or bedroom a remarkable climate.

Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

Tiffany 23" H Table Lamp with Square Shade

If you're looking for a way to upgrade your interiors, this stunning piece will do wonders, accentuating any modern decor to perfection. The interplay of amber, white, yellow and brown of the glass shade will make your room instantly look more colorful and appealing.

Meyda Tiffany 27812 3 Light Mosaic Dragonfly Table Lamp

Beautiful Tiffany-style lamp. Stained glass shade not only looks extremely well but will also throw amazing light reflexes. The lamp leg is even better – it’s long since we’ve seen such a detailed and rich finish.

Tiffany lamp base

Inspired by Tiffany style, this faithful reproduction boasts of a colorful mosaic shade and body, designed in shape of a stylish mushroom. It has a pointy finial on top, and a round, flat base for stability.

Tiffany lamp reproductions 1

Tiffany Lamp Reproductions

Dale Tiffany Wisteria Table Lamp

This charming table lamp with a beautiful stained glass shade is a perfect combination of functionality and a spectacular decoration ideal for any interior design. Beautiful coloring and brass design fascinate.

Tiffany reproduction lamp bases 3

pleased to introduce another tiffany studios reproduction lamp base ...

Floor lamp bases for stained glass

Stained glass standing lamp. It’s a reproduction of Tiffany’s Bamboo lamp. The base was made from bronze, while the shade has original colours. Beautiful light reflexes guaranteed!

Tiffany lamp base only

Richard A. Bennett Jr. Leaded Glass Table Lamp - Prairie Studio Design with Scarab. Tiffany Reproduction Stick Base

Lt2402 lb1302

LT2402 - LB1302

25.5" H Tiffany Flying Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp

25.5" H Tiffany Flying Dragonfly Lighted Base Table Lamp

Art nouveau lamps reproductions

With this Tiffany reproduction lamp base your home decor is going to be as chic as never before. The layering shades of blue is so interesting and reminds me of the deep ocean. The shade is made of squares, so it looks a little bit modern for me.

Tiffany wisteria lamp museum quality reproduction bronze tree base

... Tiffany Wisteria Lamp, Museum Quality Reproduction Bronze Tree Base

Reproduction tiffany lamps

Featuring a beautiful blue dragonfly shade on a mosaic base, this Tiffany lamp reproduction will add a focal point to any refined interiors. Recommended for all fans of this style, as well as all vintage or retro design enthusiasts.

Tiffany lamp bases

A chic authentic lamp with a half of acorn-like base of bronze in browns. It stands on 4 curved legs fixed to a squarish foot with rounded corners and concave edges. An umbrella-like lampshade is of stained glass tiles in greens with orange accents.