Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp Stained Glass Table Lamp


In such a lovely collection of colors, these dragonfly Tiffany lamps exude elegance and style, and will make for a great and glorious addition to any home. The glass is colored to perfection, and as only Tiffany glass can do, it catches the light and makes it dance on all it sees. Take a look at all the dragonfly Tiffany lamps in this breathtaking collection.

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Dragonfly tiffany lamp stained glass table lamp 4

Are you searching for a table lamp that would spruce up your home ambiance? Well, you the need to consider this Tiffany's lamp. It features the dragonfly motif, stained glass shade with many shades of blue and the base, which looks like the tree trunk.

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Dragonfly tiffany lamp 2

Original table lamp with stained glass lampshade covered with colorful glass. Metal base is decorated with carefully made carvings. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

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Tiffany lamp dragonfly

Well-built table lamp with a neatly rounded base, a sturdy metal stem, and that state-of-the-art stained glass top. The lamp is designed to deliver balanced ambient light and its colorful bliss of elegant design will completely transform your entire home.

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Dragonfly tiffany lamp stained glass table lamp 6

Table lamp in elegant style. Lampshade is decorated with carefully made stained glass. Richly decorated base is made of metal and glass. Ideal as night lamp or extra source of light in the living room,hallway and more.

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Blue tiffany table lamp

Around 6000 dragonflies of modern living species occurring mainly in the tropical and subtropical zone are known around the world. One of them makes the leitmotif of this Tiffany stained glass table lamp. Art Nouveau magic.

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Tiffany style dragonfly lamps

Very beautiful table lamp inspired of Tiffany style. Kickstand is made of brass and stylised on tree. Unique lampshade is made of stained glass work and decorated of little hand-made dragonflies. Perfect match to your bedroom!

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Dragonfly tiffany lamp stained glass table lamp 5

Thanks to this Tiffany table lamp, you are getting a truly gorgeous accessory for illuminating your home or office. This rare antique features a "drop head Dragonfly" shade made of stained glass, and a "twisted vine" metal base.

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Tiffany dragonfly lamp

Irregular and very spectacularly made dragonfly tiffany lamp with lampshade with stained glass delights. This stylish table lamp based on brass base will be a unique accent for the decor of the living room.

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A jeweled dragonfly leaded glass and bronze table lamp circa

A "Jeweled Dragonfly" Leaded Glass and Bronze Table Lamp, circa 1910, 26"hx22"w

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Louis comfort tiffany 1848 1933 dragonfly table lamp c 1900

Superb dragonfly table lamp designed to amaze. First, the lamp is fitted with a mushroom-like stained glass shade. It is supported by a strong metal base too and comes with intricate art décor detailing that should help you accessorize your home like never before.

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Dragonfly Tiffany Lamp Stained Glass Table Lamp

Buying Guide

Tiffany lamps are synonymous with the Art Nouveau period. The hundreds of stained glass pieces, hand fused using a copper foil or lead, the umbrella styled lampshades and the generous use of nature-inspired motifs.

It made for an intense bouquet of colors, unmatched in its elegance. It is no wonder then, that a century later, it continues to evoke the same response from collectors and connoisseurs.

One of the most popular ones is the Tiffany Dragonfly lamp, which features one of Tiffany’s most widely used motifs, the dragonfly against an array of stained glass.

But with technology came forgeries and almost 70% of the lamps that are labelled as Tiffany lamps today are reproductions or replicas. If you are out in the antiques market searching for an authentic Tiffany lamp, then here’s a brief guide on how you can separate it from the fakes.

Tiffany studios made both, floor lamps as well as table lamps with the dragonfly motif. One thing that was common between the two is the exclusive use of bronze for the base. In fact, the use of any other metal, like brass or copper for the base is an easy giveaway that it’s a replica.

In extremely rare cases, the studio used art pottery as the base for their lamps. But these lamps are incredibly rare.

Due to the high cost of bronze, Tiffany lamps have a lead ring placed in the hollow base that gives it some weight and prevents it from being knocked over accidentally.

One of the reasons for the widespread popularity of Tiffany lamps was their stringent quality norms. They always used the highest quality mosaic glass or confetti glass. The latter is used extensively in their lamps and accent pieces.

Just tap the glass gently and check if it rattles. That usually occurs with authentic aged mosaic glass. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not authentic if it doesn’t rattle though.

  • Look for the stamp. Tiffany Studios always stamped their lamps with a ‘Tiffany Studios New York’ stamp followed by a number for the lamp. The stamp was either made on the base or on the lamp shade itself. Having said that, most forged lamps and replicas also carry this stamp.
  • Inspect the condition of the lamp. Bronze acquires a patina as it ages. It’s a given that every Tiffany lamp, no matter how well it is preserved will have a patina, which is nothing but a layer that forms over the metal. There might be other signs of aging as well, like faded color.
  • Find about the previous owner. The chances of the lamp being authentic increase manifold if it comes from a single owner, like an estate. Try to find out about the previous owner(s) of the lamp. If you are buying one from an antique store, ask for a letter of authentication or a guarantee.

All said and done, it is not impossible to find an authentic Tiffany lamp at a garage sale or an estate sale or just in an old attic of a Fixer upper that you brought. If that’s the case, then you’ve just hit the jackpot. Even the most poorly maintained Tiffany lamps command a six figure price tag at auctions.

Let’s face it. Not everybody can afford a million dollars for an accent piece. If you are like most others, then there’s a huge collection of Tiffany lamp replicas to choose from. Some of them even mimic the age of the lamp with artificial patinas and minute imperfections. Go ahead and get one for your home by all means.

Best Ideas

Tiffany dragonfly lamps

Original Tiffany's dragonfly lamp with stained glass mosaic top and bronze base. Each glass piece was hand-cut and carefully wrapped in copper foil. Dragonflies adorning the shade sport rich tones of red, blue and yellow.

Tiffany lamps dragonfly

** Tiffany Studios, New York, Favrile Glass and Patinated Bronze " Dragon Fly" Lamp.

Leadlight table lamps

Tiffany style table lamp, or rather: a striking collection of table lamps. What these lamps have in common is the dragonfly motif. Stained glass mosaic(mostly blue, teal and green) is incorporated into bronze framing.

Dragonfly table lamps

Dragonfly table lamp. Designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, produced by Tiffany Studios, 1910-20. Gift of Mrs. Margaret Carnegie Miller. 1977-111-1-a/c. Cooper-Hewitt Museum Conical shade of amber and green stained glass with dragonflies around the sides

Chandelier stained glass

A wonderful classy chandelier with a dark finished metal frame hanging on chains. Its round upturned umbrella-like lampshade is made of size and shape-varied stained glass tiles created charming fruit motifs in vivid colours.

Dragonfly lamp tiffany

Tiffany lamp - I have a friend who collects these. I have never even envisioned having one of these, but I do love stained glass, just not as a lamp.

Stained glass dragonfly

Multi-color glass table lamp with an attractive mosaic on its shade. The base of this lamp is round, so it assures good level of stability. All materials used in this lamp are very solid, so the whole item is wear-resistant.

Tiffany dragonfly lamp shade

Tiffany-style Blue Dragonfly Table Lamp | Shopping - The Best Deals on Tiffany Style Lighting

Dragonfly lamps

The beautiful stained glass lampshade form of this phenomenal table lamp delights with details and makes the interior unique. Beautiful details and bronze base create a wonderful accent to decor.

Tiffany lamp hanging head dragonfly lamp on mosaic was acquired

Tiffany lamp, Hanging Head Dragonfly Lamp on Mosaic was acquired by the Art Institute of Chicago (Gallery 171) in 2006.

Tiffany Dragonfly Cone Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Tiffany Dragonfly Cone Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Dragonfly lamp shade 1

This wonderfully designed dragonfly table lamp is a solid piece of furniture made of stained glass. Have a look at the multiplicity of various chip elements in the lampshade. It will fit well both in eclectic bedrooms and living rooms.

Hanginghead dragonfly tiffany stained glass table lamp

Hanginghead Dragonfly Tiffany Stained Glass Table Lamp

Tiffany dragonfly table lamp 1

Full of color and sophistication, this fabulous Tiffany lamp creates a truly romantic ambiance in any room. The lamp is made of tiny pieces of stained glass, featuring a beautiful dragonfly design, an umbrella-like shade, 2 on / off chain switches, and a stable base with lovely metalwork.