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Now here is a piece for your home that you will love. If you have been looking for a chandelier, your search is over. We present our collection of antique Tiffany chandeliers. These chandeliers are breathtaking and will light your home in a style and class that can only be truly captured by an item from Tiffany’s. For your next beautiful chandelier, see our collection.

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Updated 22/11/2022
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Geometric Tiffany Chandelier

Geometric Tiffany Chandelier


Able to be dimmed to a low light level, this gorgeous chandelier features the classic Tiffany style. It has a color scheme of pink, red and blue against a yellow-beige base and is handmade from 100% stained glass.

$175.99 $339.99

Designer Advice:

This lamp would be the perfect finishing touch to a warm living room. If you have a beige or cream sofa, red cushions will make a bold statement and allow you to add a splash of color to an otherwise neutral room. Of course, you can also pick from the other colors – aqua blue would refresh a room well.

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Pretty Tiffany Chandelier Antique

Pretty Tiffany Chandelier Antique

Fleur De Lis Living

This chandelier has a fixed height, so make sure it’s right for your space. Featuring a white background with a black outline and multiple jewel tones threaded through in a geometric pattern, its dome shape is elegant and sophisticated.

Designer Advice:

The jewel tones of this chandelier will give you plenty of opportunities to experiment with tones and colors. We recommend picking out emerald green or burgundy for a decadent and rich look, especially if your room has a lot of mahogany or dark-toned furniture. Small details like burgundy cushions on an armchair can make all the difference.

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Rose Tiffany Chandelier

Rose Tiffany Chandelier

Meyda Tiffany

Featuring six small shades, each with a stunning rose motif on, this chandelier has been hand-finished. The main color scheme is bronze, with the flowers painted in shades of pink, rose, and plum for an antique stained glass effect.

$1731 $3252

Designer Advice:

Play on the rose pattern of this chandelier by picking out pretty flower accessories for your space. This can be as simple as faux flowers in a vase near your windowsill, or go bolder with floral curtains or a large floral rug. These pieces will create a floral vintage-style theme that’s perfect for an antique home.

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Tiled Vintage Tiffany Chandelier

Tiled Vintage Tiffany Chandelier

Meyda Tiffany

Inspired by Victorian lodge art, this chandelier can be dimmed. Its main color scheme features amber, cream, and terracotta tones alongside a hint of emerald green and mahogany bronze hardware. The design has several geometric tiers that cascade down.

$705 $1422

Designer Advice:

The tiled design of this chandelier gives it an Art Deco look that would look best with mid-century modern furniture. A coffee or end table featuring the distinctive tapered legs of mid-century furniture would finish the look beautifully. Furniture in honey or warm brown tones would also accentuate the terracotta detail of this chandelier and the bronze hardware.

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Mission Style Tiffany Chandelier

Mission Style Tiffany Chandelier

Foundry Select

Dimmable and sloped ceiling adaptable, this chandelier features three identical hanging lights. Each light has a mission-style geometric pattern in dazzling shades of brown, red, and black. The hanging bar above is made of metal with a chic matte finish.

$226.99 $349.99

Designer Advice:

Take inspiration from the mission look of this chandelier and add it to a room with mission furniture. The main characteristic of mission furniture is the triangle-esque geometric pattern that’s also seen on this chandelier, so try to go for pieces with a similar design. As for colors, pick out warm tones with a bronze or gold lamp and gold hardware.

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Honey Tiffany Style Chandelier

Honey Tiffany Style Chandelier

Meyda Tiffany

This chandelier has six dome-shaped lights, each of which features an intricate honey floral design and delicate petal edges. The color scheme of green, plum, and periwinkle is complemented by antique bronze hardware. It can be dimmed depending on the bulb used. 

$1961 $3738

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Tiffany Chandeliers

Buying Guide

Ornate and formal, antique Tiffany chandeliers are a trait of quality and prestige. A vintage look points to handmade perfection. However, for affordable style in certain decors, there are fine models with the same rich detail as an original.

Glass is the main material used in antique Tiffany chandeliers. Each piece is cut according to a specific shape and style that fits into a well-planned pattern.

  • Glass - American made stained glass for use in mosaic art comes in sheets that can be cut to shape and size. Swirls, streaks and plain colors make interesting designs and pictures. Original Tiffany chandeliers often used confetti glass which is different than the varieties offered today.
  • Metal - Lead holds the pieces of glass in place. The hardware and base may be made of brass or zinc. An authentic Tiffany will use solid bronze.

Antique Tiffany chandeliers have a distinct style that is set apart from other stained glass models. The most popular styles have floral designs. There are also chandeliers with geometric shapes. Both have brilliant colors that dazzle when the bulbs are on. Other creations may feature birds or fruit. While a full one piece pendant style with 3 bulbs is the most common of all Tiffany chandeliers, a grouping of smaller pendant lights can be found. Canopies may be upright or inverted. All types of decors are welcoming to Tiffany chandeliers with the right motif.

  • Center of Room - Single canopy antique Tiffany chandeliers can range from 17 inches to 47 inches in diameter. The standard height of a chandelier for ambient lighting should be 7 feet from the floor. For proper room sizing, add the width and length of the room together. For example, an 8 X 10 room could use an 18-inch wide chandelier.
  • Over Table - For an 8-foot ceiling, the chandelier should hang 30 to 36 inches above the table top. Higher ceiling needs to add another 3 inches per extra foot of height. Use 2/3 as the measurement in relation to the length and width of the table.

If you are looking for an original Tiffany chandelier, they are usually found at auctions or in attics. If the purchase is made at an antique shop, always ask for a money-back guarantee. When looking for original antique Tiffany chandeliers, there are certain distinguishing marks to look for.

  • Patina - Fading of brass parts of the light will show wear, or patina.
  • Loose Glass - As a Tiffany shade ages, it will lose its tight fit and will probably rattle.
  • Stamp - All original Tiffany pieces will have a stamp of Tiffany Studios somewhere on the glass shade or base.
  • Socket - Turn paddle-knob sockets were used by Tiffany that were made by GE, Perkins and Bryant. While this is a distinguishing trait, the socket may have been changed out over the years from wear.

Best Ideas

Dale Tiffany 7362/1LTA Fruit Jewels Pendant Light , Antique Brass and Art Glass Shade

Illuminating and decorative chandelier with antique brass frame. Its art glass shade features multiple colors, so this chandelier is able to decorate indoors both at night and day. It also plays practical role in the house.

6 Light Tiffany Fishscale Chandelier

6 Light Tiffany Fishscale Chandelier

If you're a fan of extraordinary design and intriguing look, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and unique light chandelier. It's not only original and stylish, but also very, very functional!

Antique tiffany chandeliers

Old styled chandelier for ceiling mounting. This attractive and durable element of design features a metal frame finished in black color. It is based on chains and its lower part is made of glass available in different colors.

Tiffany chandelier

Tiffany Chandelier

Tiffany style renaissance 2 lights ceiling hanging pendant lamp 18

Tiffany-style Renaissance 2-lights Ceiling Hanging Pendant Lamp 18

Antique tiffany chandeliers 10

Give your spaces a dash of vintage elegance with this antique chandelier. The piece comes with a beautiful design and features a series of intricate art décor detailing that truly makes it stand out. It’s easy to mount on the ceiling too and should last you for a long time.

Antique tiffany chandeliers 31

Deriving from the 1980's, this antique chandelier constitutes a marvellous example of the Tiffany style. It will embellish any kind of decor, truly enhancing the value of the space.

Dale Tiffany TH12223 Cabrini Inverted Hanging Fixture, Antique Brass

Tiffany hanging lamp with dragonfly stained glass pattern adds warm ambient lighting to any room. The lower glass panes are yellow, imparting the feel of natural sunlight. The bulb is positioned below the glass pattern around the shade’s rim.

Antique tiffany chandeliers 25

"Chandelier" Made By Tiffany Studios c.1905

Antique tiffany chandeliers 13

antique Tiffany lamps, Art Nouveau lamps and chandeliers, antique stained and beveled glass

Antique tiffany chandeliers 5

Louis Comfort Tiffany

Grape trellis tiffany shade chandelier


Antique tiffany lamps art nouveau lamps and chandeliers antique stained

antique Tiffany lamps, Art Nouveau lamps and chandeliers, antique stained and beveled glass

Antique tiffany chandeliers 26

First Presbyterian Church One Symphony Circle, Buffalo, NY Tiffany chandelier. (sold early 2006)

Antique tiffany chandeliers 33

Art Glass Lamps — A Century of Elegant Lighting

Geometric leaded glass and bronze chandelier tiffany studios c 1910

Geometric leaded glass and bronze chandelier / Tiffany Studios / c. 1910 / Christie's

Antique tiffany chandeliers 39

Maleficent Chandelier | Overstock - Tiffany Chandeliers & Pendants - in silver for the entry way.

Dale tiffany chandelier 1 light pendant lamp grape design


Dale tiffany chandeliers dragonfly 2 light antique bronze

Dale Tiffany Chandeliers Dragonfly 2-Light Antique Bronze ...

Beaded chandelier tiffany style stained glass 3 lights

Beaded Chandelier Tiffany Style Stained Glass 3 Lights ...

Meyda tiffany 19061 greenbriar oak tiffany antique copper

Meyda Tiffany 19061 Greenbriar Oak Tiffany Antique Copper ...

Antique tiffany chandeliers details about chandelier

Antique Tiffany Chandeliers | Details about Chandelier ...

Antique tiffany style hanging ceiling light chandelier

Antique Tiffany style hanging ceiling light / chandelier ...

Antique tiffany style stained glass hanging chandelier 3

Antique Tiffany Style Stained Glass Hanging Chandelier ...