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With their delightfully retro vibes but iconic timelessness, Betty Boop lamps can be a playful yet stylish addition to your decor. They’re bound to become a statement piece in your home, regardless of whether you decide to place it in your living room or on a nightstand. From authentic vintage gems to more contemporary takes on the Betty Boop theme, our team has scouted for the most beautiful, eye-catching, and… ‘Boop-Oop-a-Doop’ lamps for you.

Vintage Betty Boop Lamp

Vintage Betty Boop Lamp

Vintage Betty Boop Lamp


If the reason why you love this character is her retro feel, don’t settle for anything less than a Betty Boop lamp with her figurine. This compact model is only 8.6” tall, so it’ll be really easy to find the right spot to display it.

Designer Advice

This type of Betty Boop lamp is more adequate to make a decorative statement rather than to use as a reliable source of lighting. For example, you could showcase it on a shelf that puts it in the spotlight and switch it on to help create a dim ambiance in your living room.

Betty Boop table lamp

Betty Boop table lamp

Betty Boop table lamp


Just over 14” in height, this Betty Boop light pairs up a versatile empire shade with a delightful figurine on its base. Its design can easily work both as a nightlamp or as a statement piece to showcase in your living room.

Designer Advice

While your Betty Boop lamp will likely involve more than one color, you can choose it strategically to complement your existing palette, too. For example, the red lampshade matches Betty Boop’s dress in this model, so it’d be ideal as an accent in a warm-colored room. 

Creative Betty Boop glass table lamp

Creative Betty Boop glass table lamp

Creative Betty Boop glass table lamp


This is an interesting take on the most common Betty Boop lamp ideas: instead of a classic shade, it consists of a bottle with some fairy lights inside it. Once again, it’s more suitable for ambiance and as a decorative statement rather than some task lighting.

Personalized Betty Boop touch lamp

Personalized Betty Boop touch lamp

Personalized Betty Boop touch lamp

Personalized By Billy


This 12” Betty Boop lamp can be personalized with a name, which makes it especially suitable for a kid’s bedroom. Including a remote, it consists of an LED light in sixteen colors, so you’ll never get bored of it!

Designer Advice

With its neon-like light, this Betty Boop lamp can also help you reinforce the vintage inspiration that this beloved character never fails to convey, whether that’s to complement settings in the same style or to add a retro touch to more contemporary interiors. 

Custom Betty Boop neon lamp

Custom Betty Boop neon lamp

Custom Betty Boop neon lamp


Available in three size options, this hand crafted neon Betty Boop lamp is made from hand bent tubing. Silent and completely safe as the lights do not get hot to touch, it can be placed in your kid’s bedroom or gaming room. It’s power cord operated so no need for spending money on batteries. 

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Betty boop lamp 5

*BETTY BOOP ~ lamp - really want this! My angel touchlamp burned up in my house fire and this would help mend the hurt!

Betty boop touch lamp 1 6 panel brass 638 bbp

Betty boop touch lamp 1 6 panel brass 638 bbp

Betty boop is a queen of cartoons. This betty boop lamp can be called so a queen of table lamps! Based on the metal high-gloss ground, with gold trim - has a traditional glass lampshade with image of betty boop itself.

Betty boop lamp 1

Large table lamp with a nice and original Betty Boop pattern. Its round base provides support for decorative figurines. Small light area is suitable for desks, tables or nightstands. This lamp provides additional aesthetic value to the room.

Betty boop lamp 10

betty-boop-abajour-starlet-bb-collection-betty-boop-abajour-starlet-bb-collection-_31_31.jpg (600×800)

Betty boop lamps

90s Betty Boop Lamp Wall Figure.. I still have mine

Betty boop lamp 29

Betty Boop Superstar Lamp

Betty boop lamp 38

Any Betty Boop fans here? Spice things up a bit with this extraordinary cartoon themed touch lamp in rich vibrant red. Each of the shade's glass panels showcases an original image of coke-serving Betty Boop.

Betty boop lamp 31

Betty Boop Sweetheart Lamp

Betty boop lamp 15


Let me buy 6

Let Me Buy

Betty boop lamp 32

Pin Up Motion Lamp

Betty boop lamp 18

Very popular nowadays is the image of a cartoon betty boop. This lamp is inspired by her sweet kiss. The raspberry-colored cover is supported by the betty itself - in an elegant dress with a drink in hand. Everything based on red ground.

Betty Boop Boudoire Lamp,16.60"H

Betty boop lamp 39

Betty Boop Cabaret Lamp

Betty boop lamp 12

betty boop furniture

Betty boop light

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Betty boop lamp 43

Betty Boop Golf Lamp

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