Stained Glass Cat Lamp

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The perfect object for adding a touch of whimsy to any room is a stained glass cat lamp that is offbeat yet chic. A cat lamp made of stained glass will reflect light well to create a stunning shimmer effect, especially if placed near a window. The stained glass automatically creates a vintage vibe too. Cute, unique, and something different, our design experts have picked out a few of the best stained glass cat lamps so you can find your perfect match.

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Updated 12/09/2022
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Amber Stained Glass Cat Lamp

Amber Stained Glass Cat Lamp

Red Barrel Studio®

This lamp is unusual due to its kitten-like design. It features a cute face outline and beige undertones. Made entirely from stained glass, it has an amber gold color scheme with green eyes. A 25-watt bulb is required though not included.

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Center Cat Stained Glass Lamp

Center Cat Stained Glass Lamp

Astoria Grand

Featuring a solid head and base, the center of this glass lamp contains a beautifully colorful stained glass design. Made up of reds, oranges, and beige, it will brighten any room. It requires a candelabra bulb which is not included.

Designer Advice:

A great choice if you want a statement piece, this lamp would look great in an entryway, especially near a paneled door or window for maximum light reflection. The bold and bright color scheme means you can pick out one color to accent, though we recommend orange for a warm and cozy look. Accent beige for a more neutral look.

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Orange Vintage Style Stained Glass Cat Lamp

Orange Vintage Style Stained Glass Cat Lamp

Astoria Grand

A switch is included with this lamp, though no bulb. It is inspired by traditional Tiffany designs and has a light orange color scheme with gleaming emerald green eyes. It is designed to look like a sweet sitting cat. The maximum bulb wattage is 15.

$191 $315

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Gray Cat Lamp

Gray Cat Lamp

Meyda Tiffany

Featuring a charming light gray/pale blue finish with black and green accents, this lamp requires a candelabra-style bulb. It has a sitting cat design with outlines around the paws for that little extra something. The eyes are bright green.

$189 $315

Designer Advice:

If you don’t like super bright colors, this lamp is an ideal pick. Its more serious and muted color scheme will go with lots of existing décor, whether you’re a fan of neutrals or prefer pale gray and blue. We recommend this lamp for a coastal chic décor scheme, as blue is a prominent color for the coastal trend and will match well.

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Stained Glass Cat Lamp

Buying Guide

If you are a feline lover or you simply love the idea of using cat decor, then a Tiffany style cat lamp is an excellent addition to any of your desks or tables. Furthermore, the iconic Tiffany color is always in style. Of course, it's still a lamp, so it serves a vital function which is to offer illumination.

If you don't know yet, there are a lot of Tiffany style cat lamps to choose from. The multitude of choices is often a source of confusion for many shoppers. The best way to avoid confusion is by knowing how to filter out the choices that do not fit your wants and needs. With regards to the Tiffany style cat lamp, the first question to ask is - am I buying for decorative purposes or a source of lighting with an interesting cat decor twist?

If you are buying for the purpose of decorating the desk and/or room, then your primary focus should be the style of the area. Interior design is a wide subject. To simplify, this article is going to cover the major ones.

  • Traditional - The traditional style often comes with a lot of "flair." This basically means it comes with additions that are considered as non-functional. It may have elaborate and intricate styling enhancements. Also, the size of the lamp is typically large as a way of gaining an impression.
  • Modern - You can say that the modern type is the complete opposite of the traditional one as the non-functional additions are on a bare minimum or even non-existent. The modern style often creates an attractive impression by using clean and sleek lines. It may also incorporate asymmetric design elements.
  • Contemporary - This one balances both traditional and modern styles. It does incorporate some "flair" but to a lesser degree compared to the traditional. It's also sleek and clean but isn’t bare like modern lamps.

Now that you have a basic idea of some of the major interior designs or styles, you now need to assess the interior styling of your room. From then on, you get the Tiffany style cat lamp that will match the room's style.

If your primary goal is to buy a Tiffany style cat lamp to provide lighting, then your focus should be on the lighting type. There are two major lighting types: ambient and task.

  • If you need additional light for a desk to help you with homework, then what you need is task lighting. Look for the Tiffany style cat lamp that will project light towards the bottom, and not to the sides and up.
  • If you are buying a Tiffany style cat lamp to help light up the entire room, then you're looking for ambient lighting. For such, you'd want a lamp that will direct the light towards the ceiling and the sides. What you don't want is the light being projected downwards.

Best Ideas

Cat Accent Lamp: SophistiCat Handcrafted Translucent Accent Lamp by The Bradford Exchange

Handmade lamp with stained glass lampshade in a shape of cat. Stained glass-work is made of colorful glittering and white, stylised od porcelain, glass. This lamp is very sophisticated, it will be perfect gift to someone unique.

Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass White Bead Pattern Table Lamp with Cat Base, 6 Inches Closed Lampshade

Cat lamp 16

An unusual and funny Tiffany style table lamp in the form of ... a large sitting cat with a head turned back. It's manufactured of durable white and creamy translucent vinyl adorned with a blue collar and colourful flowers and dragonflies motifs.

Tiffany cat lamp

... & Garden Home Decor Lighting & Ceiling Fans Tiffany Style Lighting

Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Green Dragonfly Table Lamp with Cat Base, 6 Inches Lampshade

Makenier vintage tiffany style made from stained glass - green dragonfly table lamp with cat base, with its cool 6 inches lampshade. It looks pretty cool, doesn't it? I'd love to have one stanging on my dining room.

Lotus Bud Bastet Cat Table Lamp

Lotus Bud Bastet Cat Table Lamp

If you are a cat lover, you will appreciate this table lamp. It has the famous Bastet cat as the base, referring to the ancient Egyptian mythology. The shade is made of shards of glass and has been beautifully adorned.

Bronze tiffany style cat lamp with bat shade 1

Bronze Tiffany Style Cat Lamp with Bat Shade

Favorite april fools finds tiger cat table lamp

Favorite april fools finds tiger cat table lamp

An adorable option not only for cat lovers. Its intricate design and wonderful attention to details shall appeal to everyone. It is a handmade project, that enchants with its colorfulness and liveliness.

Makenier Vintage Tiffany Style Stained Glass Pink Flower Table Lamp with Cat Base, 6 Inches Closed Lampshade

A vintage electric table lamp featuring an amazing base in the form of a cat (bowed like a hoop stick) with a head at the bottom and a tail up. It's of metal finished in bronze. An oval lampshade is of stained glass tiles in prevalent creamy hues.

Tiffany style cat lamp 4

This Tiffany style cat lamp is a must-have not only for all pet enthusiasts but basically for everyone who enjoys home decor. This kitten lamp is meticulously hand-crafted in high-quality translucent vinyl to capture the look of stained glass,

New Arrival Colored Glass Cat Tiffany Table Lamp Lights Children'S Lamp

A beautiful example of Tiffany style at its best. This cat lamp will enchant everyone, regardless their age or sex. Big attention to details, characteristic for this style combines with solidness, ensured by zinc alloy construction and high-quality glass shade.

Stained glass cat lamp

Tiffany Style Handcrafted Curious Cat Lamp

Tiffany style cat lamp 2

Tiffany Style Stained Glass Cat Lamp, Vintage Art Glass Bobble Head ...

Stained glass cat lamp 1

Tiffany, based on experiments, created a unique technique of stained glass. Today - it is not only window decorations but also lamps in non-standard forms, eg in the form of sweet cat. Orange, black and white colors - togethert create a truly feline effect.

Tiffany style cat lamp 5

A charming table lamp in Tiffany style. It's a figure of a cute, wooden cat with his body made of stained glass in various colors that will beautifully sparkle when switched on. Tiffany style lamps are always the highlight of the room.

See the small card with the code on it the

See the small card with the code on it? The seller printed that out ...

Sassy Cat 7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Sassy Cat 7" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

This 7-inch height table lamp in a sitting cat design, features a gorgeous, gray art glass body, with glistening glass jewels playing role of cat's eyes. The lamp is hand-crafted, and accommodates one 15W candelabra base bulb.

Tiffany cat lamp

YIf you're a cool cat you should have a cool cat tiffany table lamp in your bedroom, staning on the night table. This cool thing is constructed from many glass pieces, all different shapes and shades.

Fumat tiffany style cat base wisteria table lamp in 2020

FUMAT Tiffany Style Cat Base Wisteria Table Lamp in 2020 ...

Show your cat love in tiffany style 1

Show Your Cat Love In Tiffany Style |

Adorable stained glass cat lamp tiffany style night light

Adorable Stained Glass Cat Lamp Tiffany Style Night Light ...

Tiffany style dragonfly shade with cat accent lamp table

Tiffany Style Dragonfly Shade with Cat Accent Lamp - Table ...

Tiffany style cat on cushion lamp review compare prices

Tiffany Style Cat on Cushion Lamp - review, compare prices ...

Charming cat table night light lamp tiffany style glass

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