Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

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Elegant yet bold, stained glass butterfly lamps bring warmth and color into your living spaces. Whether you put them in your entryway or display them in your private library, these lamps provide the perfect accent lighting solution. They’re a quirky decor piece during the day and a warm beacon of light in the evenings. Check out the myriad butterfly stained glass lamps to decorate your home in the collection below.

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Updated 21/12/2022
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Traditional Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Traditional Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Canora Grey

If you want a monarch butterfly lamp to display your love for all things regal, you’ll love this one. Its classic design features a sturdy metal base with a small upturned lamp. The main lampshade is bowl-shaped, featuring floral motifs. 

$269.99 $299.95

Designer Advice:

The detailing on this stained glass lamp is perfect for displaying in your living room, and it will give life to your otherwise staid study, bedroom, or office space. The sturdy and decorative base is best suited for tabletops. The lamp has two light fixtures and lights up in three different combinations, providing the perfect lighting solution for various activities.

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Butterfly Motif Stained Glass Lamp

Butterfly Motif Stained Glass Lamp


This stained glass lamp butterfly is a bold decor piece for your art studio or children’s bedroom. The butterfly shade sits on a bronze base with floral details and lights up from behind its wings. It also features beautiful cabochon accents.

Designer Advice:

If you’re creating a butterfly or nature-themed room in your house, this butterfly lamp is just the piece you need. The intricate design works well with any decor style. The bottom is sturdy, so there’s little risk of tipping. The lamp has a forward-facing design and leaks light from the back, so it is best suited against a wall or backdrop.

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Classic Stained Glass Butterfly Table Lamp

Classic Stained Glass Butterfly Table Lamp


This butterfly stained glass lamp takes inspiration from bankers’ lamps. It has a light-adjusting mechanism so you can change the direction of light to suit various purposes and decor themes. The multicolored lampshade features a butterfly motif in front.

Designer Advice:

This durable and versatile lamp works perfectly as a nightlight, piano lamp, accent light, or study lamp. It is also a fun piece when you need to add some color to your otherwise minimalist office decor. It lights up with a warm glow and has a sturdy base, so you can place it wherever you want without worrying about damage.

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Artsy Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Artsy Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Express your passion for the arts with this delicate butterfly lamp. It is trendy yet classy and will give your space a contemporary glow. The lower glass bottom features colorful butterfly motifs that throw color while the lampshade balances in white.

Designer Advice:

We love this stained glass butterfly lamp. It has a quirky design that adds personality to the room. The white fabric drum shade adds a touch of tradition to its intricately painted glass bottom. It is a delicate piece with a high risk of damage, so we recommend placing it in a safe and elevated corner for your display.

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Vintage Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Vintage Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Bring a traditional vibe to your living room with this classic 1980s pagoda-style butterfly lamp. The lampshade features a butterfly on leaves design and radiates a soft and natural light that is gentle and soothing to your tired eyes.

Designer Advice:

This stained glass butterfly lamp is an excellent decor choice for your entryway table, outdoor patio, porch, or the middle of the living room. Its subtle design and soft ambient lighting make it the perfect lamp for traditional, rustic, or cottage core decor styles. Its square-shaped design and large bottom will require ample surface space to sit safely without fear of tipping over.

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Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

Buying Guide

The stained glass contains lead and can lead to lead poisoning. In order to avoid lead poisoning, dust your lamp daily and keep it out of reach of children. To make it safer and remove lead, mix distilled water with dish soap and soak the cloth in it for a few seconds before wringing it out and cleaning the surface of your stained glass lamp. Do this daily.

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When considering where to place your stained glass butterfly lamp, there are many options. A butterfly lamp is, of course, an accent piece and should be placed where it is visible for all to see.

These lamps are true prices of art and should be displayed on end tables and desks in your living room or entryway so guests can immediately get a sense of your artistic style when they walk in.

Butterfly lamps are filled with vibrant colors, and so you may also place them anywhere else in the home that needs a vibrant splash of color or a room that needs to look more alive.

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Stained glass butterfly lamp 3

Wonderfully crafted, with big attention to details, this Tiffany style, butterfly lamp is made from solid stained glass. Creating a magical, fairytale-like atmosphere in the room, it is a must-have for every bedroom.

Stained glass butterfly lamp 5

An amazing electric table lamp having a stone-like base of bronztone resin with brass accents. An unusual lampshade in the form of a large colourful butterfly is of stained glass tiles. The lamp requires 1 up to 40W bulb and has an in-line switch.

Stained glass butterfly lamp 12

If you want some color all year long then simply plant this exquisite stained-glass lamp on a nearby table. It comes with two butterflies, each with distinctive markings, that settle on a bronzetone rosebush brimming with blossoms.

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Victorian Inspired Floral Distressed Metal & Stained Glass Butterfly Lamp

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