Mid Century Lamp Shade

Back to the age of disco is where you will find these lamp shades in every home in the country. Right there with Bell bottoms and lava lamps, these mid century lamp shades will fit in nicely. And if you love black lights and Pink Floyd then you might want to grab a couple of these lampshades for your home and start a new revolution. They are well made, and we have plenty of them.

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1950s Mid Century Modern Atomic Space Age Starburst Table Lamp Fiberglass Shade

1950s Mid Century Modern Atomic Space Age Starburst Table Lamp Fiberglass Shade
Designed in the 1950's, this mid century moren table lamp boasts of a striking, atomic space starburst design. It features a fiberglass drum shade that rests on a lovely shaped body with a metal round base.

Made to order mid century vintage style

Made to order mid century vintage style
A chic retro style lampshade for table and floor lamps. It's of artificial fiberglass parchment in reds with a thin straight crisscrossed black lines pattern. It consists of 3 rings. A central ring is wider and partially encloses top and bottom ones.

Mid Century Modern Lamp Fiberglass Shade In Excellent Condition Atomic Era

Mid Century Modern Lamp Fiberglass Shade In Excellent Condition Atomic Era
This mid-century modern lamp is a gorgeous piece that arrived straight from the atomic era. Its shade rests on black steel wire legs, and is made of red fiberglass, surrounded in the middle with a matching ring.

Lamp shade 14 drum retro modern orange

Lamp shade 14 drum retro modern orange
Tasteful table lamp in retro style. Conical base is made of wood. Drum lampshade is covered with fabric and finished with interesting pattern. Great addition for each room.

Vintage pair of mid century danish

Vintage pair of mid century danish
Wood wonderfully joined here with brass elements, which were additionally gold plated. Danish style in a modern version of a mid-century lampshade, however, also referring to cylindrical shades - up to the 50s and 60s.

Made To Order Mid Century Vintage Style

Made To Order Mid Century Vintage Style
Thanks to this retro table lamp, your bedroom will be shining with vintage charm and impeccable design. Made in mid century style, this 1950's lamp has a fiberglass base that is topped with an aqua blue drum shade with geometric pattern.

Mid Century Table Lamps

Mid Century Table Lamps
Enchanting with the turquoise blue finish, this pair lamps embodies well the mid-century design. Standing on a bedside table or etagere, they will be a stylish accent to one's interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Lamp shades are an important part of interior décor. They provide the ambient lighting needed to bring out the beauty of your interior. In addition to this, the designs of these shades can be breathtaking. There are many different types of shades but if you’re looking for something unique, going for medieval designs can be a great idea. But there are some important factors to keep in mind.

How to match a mid-century lamp shade with décor?

The main reason why most people buy mid-century lamp shade designs is for the décor value that they bring. In that case, as you shop around, make sure you pick shades that match your existing interior. And not just the color only, even the size of your shade can determine how it fits into the décor in the spaces available at home.

There are a few rules that can help you pick the right size.

  • Make sure the shade’s height is at most 3/4 of the base. The width of the shade too needs to be bigger than the base.
  • The shade also needs to be a little raised so that the base can be visible. Mid-century lamp shade bases do have a beauty of their own and they need to come out.

What types of mid-century lamp shades are there?

Mid-century lamp shades may also come in different types but mostly, the distinguishing factors are often based on the light diffusion capabilities.

Here are some of the common options:

  • Collie Shade Designs - The coolie shade is wide at the cone. The base also has a larger diameter compared to the top. The light from the lamp will come from beneath the lamp shade. The sitting areas will be brighter while the ceilings will be dimmer.
  • Empire Shade Designs - The empire shade design is perfectly cone-shaped. However, it lacks the dramatic effect that comes with the collie shade. The light in the empire designs is also redirected downwards but you will get a bigger glow on your ceilings too.
  • Drum Shades - The drum shades are cylindrical in nature. They’re going to diffuse light equally from the bottom and at the top. This means they offer the best lighting among the three options we have covered here.

What are the elements of mid-century lamp shades?

Lamp shades do have a number of unique elements. First, there’s the hardback. This is the plastic backing that’s found inside the shade which is designed to hold the shade into place. The shades also have a lining on the outside for aesthetic purposes. The lining is perhaps the most visible element of the shade. However, it’s important to note that all decorative aspects of the lamp shade are called trim. This may include things like the material used, the gallery, overall finish etc. The gallery is simply the decorative band that’s found at the bottom of the shade. The design varies from one shade to another.


Mid century modern origami shadehanging

Mid century modern origami shadehanging
When I was younger, I was delighted of the origami art, My husband bought for me this mid century and modern origami shade, which is hand made, and it brings the oriental touch into my bedroom.

Mid century lamp shade 1

The interesting mid century lamp shade, which is a motion clock from 1960's. It can be used as a home lamp, or as an unique gift for friends and family.

Mid century lamp shade 2

The stunning design of these unique mid century lamp shades makes the decor can change unrecognizable. Stylish colors and impressive form create an original whole, which will check in the living room or bedroom.

50s lamp shades

A wonderful choice for illuminating your home with warm light and funky chicness. This mid-century table lamp has a two-tier shade, a sleek wood base with starburst design, and a brass-finished metal round base for stability.

1950s mid century modern atomic space age starburst table lamp

.1950's mid century modern atomic space age starburst table lamp with fiberglass shade

Mid century modern lamp shades

Thanks to this mid century lamp, you will have enough warm light to create truly romantic ambiance in your bedroom. Includes a 2-tiered shade, a starburst center, and a lit body that sits tightly in an espresso-finished round base.

Fiberglass lamp

You will love the speckling of presented here mid-century lampshade. It comes to us from the 1950s with stardust fiberglass tier shade and atomic elements. Some say that is the blue base is very feminine. Pure, magical art of the highest form.

1950s lamp shades

Can't fnd the perfect lampshade for your vintage 50s or 60s lamp? Here's a link to instructions on "How to Make Fiberglass Lamp Shades" How cool is that!!??

Fiberglass lamp shade

Unique table lamp in modern form. Base consists of metal wires. Richly decorated lampshade gives warm tone of light. Adds freshness and modernity to any interior.

Fiberglass lampshades

These mid-century Eames Era lamps constitute a fabulous proposition for the fans of retro design. They embody the characteristic for that time fascination with fiberglass and lucite.

Most wonderful table lamps for a unique lighting with different

Most wonderful table lamps for a unique lighting with different light fixtures. #design #modern #lighting |See more suggestions at

Vintage fiberglass lamp shade

Summer in the city! Or summer on your mid century lampshade. It has ainted the images of beachers, swimming in the ocean. The motion lampshade brings not only light but also a sea breeze. It has a cylindrical shape and is finished with a metal ornament.

60s lamp shades

Mid Century Modern Lamp with Fiberglass Shade by concealedjewel

Mid century modern table lamp 2

Mid Century Modern Table Lamp

1950s lamp

Awesome Mid Century Modern TV Lamp Skyscraper Style | eBay

Atomic lamp shades

VTG 1950's Eames Era Retro Majestic Table Lamp Boomerang Atomic Dual Drum Shades

Lamps couch drapes colors everything screams amazing 1950s continental lamp

Lamps, Couch, Drapes, Colors - everything screams amazing. 1950's Continental Lamp with Two Double Lamp Shades

Mid century lamp shade 8

This unique lamp combines smoothly the past and future. Deriving from the mid-century, it shows heavy retro influences, while at the same delighting with its futuristic appeal.

Mid century aladdin hotel blackamoor lamp fiber shades ebay

Mid Century Aladdin Hotel Blackamoor Lamp Fiber Shades | eBay

Retro lampshade

Mid Century Modern Home Decor Ideas | Contemporary interior design | 2015 home decor trends

Mid century lamp

mid-century lamp

Mid century lamp shade 10

1950s lamps. Looks like it's gonna run away ;-)

Retro lampshades

Made in the mid-century style shade lamp on the impressive base impresses with interesting details. Retro styling and a beautiful combination of gold, black, and colored lampshades bring to the room an amazing ambiance and style.

Fiberglass lamp shades for sale

Marvel at those lovely antiques that will bring rustic elegance into your vintage decor. Designed in the 1950's, all those shiny beauties boast of fancy shapes, illuminating interriors with old-fashioned glamour.

Oh my love the form the shades the lines ahhh

Oh my...love the form, the shades, the lines....ahhh. just a quintessential mid century modern lamp.

This is different but i love the shade more

This is different , but I love the shade more!

Mid century atomic retro lamp three tier fiberglass shade rare

Mid Century Atomic Retro Lamp three tier fiberglass Shade Rare rectangle Shade (20.5"W x 8"D x 29"H) asking abt $200 or offer 2/2/2015

Retro vintage lime green lamp

retro vintage lime green lamp

1960s table lamp glass and wood wild retro by dead50smodern

1960s Table Lamp Glass and Wood Wild Retro by Dead50sModern, $295.00

Mid century lamp shade 7

If you are looking for a piece that will sport the mid-century or retro design then look no further. This lamp shade offers the circle pattern and the contrasting yellow finish to catch everyone's eye easily.

Mid century modern lamp and hand painted by debrasoriginals 195

Mid Century Modern Lamp and Hand Painted by debrasoriginals, $195.00

Triple tiered shade lamp retro


Mid century lamp shade 13

Cool 1950's Plasto chalkware lamp

Atomic lamp

Play with geometry and don't be afraid to surprise your visitors with bold decor details: sculptural creations of these designer's lamps in black and gold come both in form of a table lamp and a ceiling chandelier.

Vintage mid century hawaiian chalkware continental art co lamp modern

Vintage Mid Century Hawaiian Chalkware Continental Art Co Lamp Modern 3D Shades | eBay..

Wow i would not mind finding this one ive seen

Wow, I would not mind finding this one! I've seen several lamps with stepped plastic shades, but they are usually either in horrible condition, or the subject is too kitschy. But flamingoes? Sure!

Mid century lamp shade 12

We need more contemporary styled lighting made with wood! Look at that soft glow - it's beautiful.

Moonshine lamp shades

1stdibs | Important Gilt Brass Table Lamp by F. Albini, F. Helg, A. Piva

Urbanest Stacked Ball Table Lamp with Linen Shade, Black Nickel, Set of 2

Mid century vintage style 2 tier fiberglass lamp shade

Mid Century Vintage Style 2 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade ...

Mid century style 3 tier fiberglass lamp shade by jetsetdesign

Mid Century Style 3 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade by JetSetDesign

Mid century style 3 tier fiberglass lamp shade retro modern

Mid Century Style 3 Tier Fiberglass Lamp Shade Retro Modern

Vintage mid century modern lamp lamp shade not included

Vintage / Mid Century Modern Lamp / Lamp Shade NOT Included