Antique Stiffel Lamps

The antiques stiffel lamps shown in this collection might prove to be a treat not only for fans of classic style. They are available in different sizes, shapes and designs and nobody should be disappointed with such a great variety of choice. And what would you say about these solutions?

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Stiffel floor lamps brass

These elements is must-have in every vintage lover's home. These table lamps are stylised on kerosene lamp. They are made of brass and covered with gold paint. They make your interior more stylish and old-fashioned.

Hollywood regency style pair of brass cream colored stiffel table

Hollywood Regency Style Pair Of Brass Cream Colored Stiffel Table Lamps
A beautiful table lamp that comes with the brass structure and the cream colored shade - it will surely elevate the look of your interior and thanks to the regency style of its design, provide a stunning and significant boost of appeal.

Lamp stiffel

Antique torchiere lamp with a very solid and decorative brass construction. This element of home design stands on a round base and its post includes many decorative accents. Upper part of this lamp provides good illumination of indoors.

Antique stiffel lamps 2

Stylish table lamp mounted on metal base with antique finish. Lampshade is made of fabric. Tasteful accent for the living room, bedroom and more. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and elegant design.

Pair vtg footed antique brass tall table lamps stiffel ethan

Pair Vtg Footed Antique Brass Tall Table Lamps Stiffel Ethan Allen
I purchased two of these footed antique table lamps for my drawing room. They are on both sides of my sofa. The tall size and brass finish make them stylish and elegant with a luxury touch.

Stifel lamps

A set of four unique lampshade replacement made in a traditional, vintage style. The lampshades are made out of stained ceramics with white backgrounds and colorful floral patterns in a variety of different colors.

Pair of stiffel vintage brass lamps

Pair of Stiffel Vintage Brass Lamps

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In 1932, Ted Stiffel founded the Stiffel Lamp Company. Until that time, except for Tiffany lamps, table lamps were simply functional. Electric lighting had improved the ability to see but had not yet provided something attractive to look at. Mr. Stiffel changed that.

Overall Appearance

Stiffel lamps were about 30” tall with shade included. They often had a slender stem, an attractive, understated shade, and would not look out of place in any room. They frequently used metal as the base part of the design. The metals could be brass, bronze, brushed copper, or black and white enamel. A few were made from high-quality wood.

The Shades

Identifying a Stiffel shade is easy if the label has been left intact. Frequently made from silk shantung from China, the lamps usually had a small brass label reading “Stiffel Lamp Company” or simply “Stiffel” located inside the shade.


One distinctive aspect of Stiffel lamps, as opposed to cheap imitations, is the weight. Made from genuine metals, the lamps were heavy, making them difficult to knock over or displace. Each lamp design was an artwork that could grace any living room or bedroom.

The Switch

Stiffel held the patent on a distinctive type of light switch. Rather than a button or a knob, the user could gently grasp the stem or upright part of the lamp and pull down to turn the light on or off. Ted Stiffel held the patent for this type of light switch until the 1960s when he lost the court battle over the patent.

The Materials

Stiffel lamps were made using a variety of materials that included bronze, brass, pewter, and silver. Finishes included brushed, polished and antique brass, polished nickel or silver, or a combination of silver and black. A few were gunmetal gray, Roman bronze or burnt umber.

Further Identifiers

Stiffel lamps are also marked on the bottom of the base. Sometimes the green felt on the bottom of the lamp would hide the label, but if you carefully unscrew the base, you can find the plaque or find etched in the metal the words “Stiffel,” “Stiffel Lamp Company” or SLC in the base.

To identify Stiffel lamps, look for the labels – Stiffel, Stiffel Lamp Company or SLC, located in the base of the lamp. But more than that, look for slender, graceful stems supporting tall shades to create a lamp of some height. Stiffel Lamp Company also produced some pole lamps, which had the distinctive pull stem switch.

Most of all, look for quality. The Stiffel lamps were heavy, made of real metal or distinctive grades of wood, and they were carefully weighted to prevent tipping. Like many antiques, they were built to be beautiful and to last. In a world that was already running to art deco designs and making money by using cheap, flashy materials the Stiffel lamps stood out as quality products that exhibited quality workmanship. Regardless of your overall décor, if you can find a Stiffel lamp, it is a treasure worth hanging onto.




Stiffel lamp

An exquisite addition for dens, living rooms, bedrooms, and offices. This astonishing piece of light-bringer is going to revolutionize the decor of your home. The beautifully crafted brass base and the bowl shade make a truly unique combination of functionality and luxurious appearance.

Stiffel lamps 2

Now that's what we call a unique lamp. This brass stiffel table lamp was made in the bouilette style. It carries an irresistible vintage appeal and ensures ultimate reliability – it's resistant to damage and time alike.

Stiffel brass table lamp 3


Stiffel 1

Classically styled table lamp with antique brass socket and finial complemented with large cream shade. 3-way switch function lets adjust the brightness to current user's needs, such as bright light for reading and soft dim light for cheerful mood.

Stiffel com

It's easy to find a white lamp in your favorite style. Here antique stiffel lamp combines with golden hoops, decorations and decoratively carved leaves from the palm. A very delicate decoration that decided about the style of the lamp.

Stiffel lamp company catalogue

Table lamp in Vintage style. Metal base with gold finish is decorated with crystals accents. Fabric lampshade gives warm tone of light. Great solution for the living room, bedroom and more.

3-Way Table Lamp Antique Brass TLN7608AB

The traditional approach to an old-fashioned table lamp with a frame made out of antique brass metal with a high polish finish. The table lamp has a uniquely-shaped lampshade on top in a white colour, providing a subtle detail.

Pair mid century hollywood regency stiffel brass torchiere table lamps

Pair Mid Century Hollywood Regency Stiffel Brass Torchiere Table Lamps 1970s
Chic stylish table lamps having beautiful bases of brass. A base is composed of a round foot and a decorative tall stem. Flared lampshades are crafted of milk glass with a vertically grooved pattern and have gently indented top edges.

Antique stiffel lamps embossed ornated black acanthus ribbed designs

Antique Stiffel Lamps Embossed Ornated Black Acanthus Ribbed Designs ...

Stiffel style brass and marble table

Stiffel Style Brass And Marble Table
Stylish stiffel table lamp. This is electric lamp stylised on a kerosene lamp. It is made of gold-plated brass and burnished marble. It is perfect to every interior furnished in vintage or secessionist style.

Mid century hollywood regency vintage solid brass table lamp by

Mid Century Hollywood Regency Vintage Solid Brass Table Lamp By Stiffel
This is super cool! Mid-century hollywood regency vintage table lamp made from solid, goldish brass. It's base is very artistic and super shiny. The lamp shade is made from light, creamy and soft cotton.

Vintage hollywood regency lamps

Set of 2 table lamps in elegant style. Base is made of metal with gold finish. Tapered lampshade gives warm tone of light. Stylish addition to the bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

Hollywood regency lamps

A wonderful base for a table lamp that is made of heavy, solid brass with a shiny finish in a twisted design. You can match almost any lamp shade here as a timeless look of the base will go well both with modern and traditional pieces.

Mid century stiffel lamp from a unique collection of antique

Mid Century Stiffel Lamp | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Mid century vintage regency stiffel portable solid brass table lamp

Mid Century Vintage Regency Stiffel Portable Solid Brass Table Lamp
This Brass table lamp combines unique, ornamental design with the solidness of construction. It perfectly fits onto wooden or marble table or desks. A real bargain for all fans of mid-century vintage style.

Vintage stiffel mid century hollywood

Vintage Stiffel Mid Century Hollywood
A wonderful table lamp inspired by the Holywood of the 1950's. It's made of brass with a golden finish and subtle decorations in the middle. It will be a phenomenal accent of your room. It gives subtle, warm light.

Vintage mid century stiffel candle french bouillotte table lamp brass

Vintage Mid Century Stiffel Candle French Bouillotte Table Lamp Brass Copper
This solid, brass table lamp represents what's best in vintage style. Coming from mid-century it shall interest especially antique lovers. It can be a good addition to your bedroom space, as well as living rooms or foyers.

Stiffel brass table lamp 6

Table lamp in classic form. Pedestal base is made of brass. Lampshade is covered with fabric and reinforced with solid seams. It is very well appreciated by customers for high quality and elegant design.

Rare stiffel brass quatrefoil fluted

Rare Stiffel Brass Quatrefoil Fluted
Stiffel brass table lamp, super stylish and with cool shape. I wanna have one in my living room. Or actually 3 of them, placed in one line. They look really decent and classic. I really like its oval shape!

Brass pineapple lamp by stiffel

Brass Pineapple Lamp By Stiffel
Maybe italians are not happy when someone add pineapple to pizza-while adding it to their home interior is a good idea. Made of stiffel brass lamp, it has an obvious pineapple shape, but in a delicate dimension.Versatility gives it a white, traditional shade.

Stiffel table lamps 4

Stiffel Table Lamps
This pair of antique stiffel lamps enchants with its unique turquoise-blue finishing. Combined with brass bases, they create an alluring ambiance, especially in the evening.

Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Antique 31" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade
A truly stunning piece if you're looking for a nice way to add an antique-like look in your apartment, this table lamp with bell shade will prove to be a top-notch solution. Being both beautiful and classy, it provides a nice addition to any setting.

Vintage stiffel solid brass lamps photo

Vintage Stiffel Solid Brass Lamps Photo

Stiffel table lamps price

Floor lamp as additional source of light in any interior as needed. Base is made of metal with antique finish. Lampshade is decorated with tassels. Traditional form and timeless style.

Vintage stiffel table lamps

A classy vintage table lamp featuring an ornate, adorned with grooves and collars, base of brass and white porcelain. A very tall cylindrical, but slightly sunken on sides, lampshade is of patternless white fabric. The lamp is in excellent condition.

Stiffel A824 Table Lamp - Satin Brass White Antique

Stiffel lamp value

Pair of Stiffel Brass "Tulip" Lamps by Stiffel, circa 1960 | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Stiffel tension pole floor lamp mid century

Stiffel Tension Pole Floor Lamp Mid Century
Drawing from a design rom the middle of the last century - at some point, it will be possible to get a copy of such a metal antique stiffel lamp.3 separate shades at different height, have an angle adjustment and a slim cup shape. Their ends are honey-colored.

Vintage stiffel brass lamps

Stiffel Antique Lamp

Stiffel brass lamp

Authentic vintage table lamps from 1960's. They have double-gourd bases of crackle glazed blue ceramic with brass both strips at the bottom and pagoda-like necks in upper parts. Round size-varied 2-tier fiberglass shades have red and orange hues.

Vintage floor lamp stiffel lighting bouillotte by timelessnchic 149 95

Vintage Floor Lamp Stiffel Lighting Bouillotte by TimelessNchic, $149.95

Pair stiffel art deco revival ivory ceramic brass table lamps

Pair Stiffel Art Deco Revival Ivory Ceramic Brass Table Lamps
When we arrange a house in a retro or art-deco style - Antiques inherited from the ancestors or elaborated on the flea market lamps will add authenticity. These 2 antique stiffel lamps have a strong ceramic design and a base with a brass plinth.

Stiffel floor lamp

With those magnificent twins your living room is going to be illuminated in a jiff. Each of these dazzling lamps includes a red fiberglass shade, and a highly decorative base that looks like a genuine hookah.

Vintage stiffel lamp

Paired Stiffel Faux Bamboo Brass Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Pair of stiffel ostrich egg lamps from 1950s

Pair Of Stiffel Ostrich Egg Lamps From 1950s
This pair of Stiffel Ostrich Egg lamps comes from the 1950's, being a part of the unique collection of antique table lamps. The base is finished in antique brass, being an exquisitely solid and stylish material.

Wonderful pair of 1950s stiffel lamps

Wonderful Pair Of 1950s Stiffel Lamps
A pair of small lamps that look very good in both antique and modern indoors. They are suitable for illuminating tables and desks. They include metal frames and standard, round shades. The base area is finished in white color.

Stiffel lamps ebay

Stiffel Square Shell Antique Old Bronze Desk Lamp -

Pair of turquoise lamps brass trim stiffel c 1960

Pair Of Turquoise Lamps Brass Trim Stiffel C 1960
This incredibly beautiful set of turquoise brass lamps is an exceptionally beautiful and very stylish interior design element. Beautiful lampshade and base create a coherent and very pleasant to the whole.

Stiffel lamps brass

Pair Of Monumental Stiffel Candlestick Lamps | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Vintage stiffel brass table lamps

Pair of Satin Brass Candelabra Lamps by Stiffel | From a unique collection of antique and modern table lamps at

Stiffel floor lamps 1

This stiffel lamp introduces some elements of antique stylization into the house. It includes some decorative metal elements and a small round base for additional stability. This lamp is solid and reliable.

Stiffle lamps

A sophisticated decoration for living rooms, bedrooms, and guest rooms. This set of 2 table lamps features a beautiful base with 3 balls, each of different size; a well-balanced base, and an off-white drum shade.

32 Inch 3-Way Table Lamp Antique Nickel TL-A848-AN