Victorian Floor Lamps

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Floor lamps do a lot for a room. They can increase overall task lighting and create an ambient light that enhances comfort while adding design interest to your space. Victorian floor lamps, in particular, are effective at elevating the look and feel of a space because they’re inspired by the era’s idyllic outlook. Think rich, palatial color schemes, huge waterfalls of crystal chandeliers, Churchlike design motifs, and ornate octagonal shapes. If that sounds like your style, keep reading for a selection of unique Victorian-era lamps.

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Updated 17/10/2022
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Vintage victorian standing lamp

Vintage victorian standing lamp

Lamps Plus

Consider this standing lamp with a scallop dome shade for a more shabby chic take on Victorian design. It stands 60 inches tall with a base made from sturdy cast resin and metal. The shade has an elegant antique white finish with a fringed edge.

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Arched stained glass victorian style floor lamp

Arched stained glass victorian style floor lamp


This Victorian-style lamp is made from a resin base with an antique brass finish and a gooseneck silhouette. The green wisteria shade is crafted from stained glass and is connected to the lamp using a beautifully detailed arch that adds a touch of texture.

Designer Advice:

This floor lamp is perfect for an antique-style room with themed furniture and gilded accents. The green brings an optimistic vibe, while the brass base harkens to the more lavish aspects of the Victorian age. The downward shape provides focused light that’s perfect for reading a book or writing a grocery list. You can adjust the angle of the lampshade to throw light in a wider pattern on the area of your choice.

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Gooseneck silhouette victorian floor lamp

Gooseneck silhouette victorian floor lamp


Standing at 63 inches with a hexagonal stained glass shade, this lamp brings more of the Tudor aspect of Victorian design. It features a handmade resin base finished in bronze, a gooseneck silhouette, and an easy-to-use pull chain.

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Stained glass victorian floor lamp

Stained glass victorian floor lamp


Breathe new life into your living room with this vintage Victorian torchiere floor lamp. It stands 66 inches tall with a bronze iron lamp base and a stained glass shade that emits a warm, cozy glow.

Designer Advice:

The Victorian era was a dynamic time characterized by optimism, which is reflected in the aesthetic and style of this lamp. From the handcrafted shade to the gilded bronze base, it directly connects you to this extravagant era. To get the most out of this aesthetic, place the lamp in the corner of a living room or study with a dark accent wall and bold traditional furniture made from rich oak or cherry wood.

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Victorian style floor lamps

Victorian style floor lamps


Illuminate your space with this sophisticated Victorian-style Tiffany lamp. It’s got a handmade resin base with an intricately detailed antique bronze finish and a flawless stained glass shade with a whimsical pull chain switch.

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Antique victorian floor lamps 

Antique victorian floor lamps 

Chloe Lighting

This refined floor lamp features 369 pieces of cut glass, 18 cabochons, and 24 crystals, all painstakingly copper-foiled to create the perfect stained glass shade. It stands on a sturdy resin base that measures 70 inches tall. 

Designer Advice:

The wider shade of this lamp lets more light through, allowing it to flood the ceiling with a brilliant glow just as overhead lighting does. Place it in the living room, bedroom, or any room where you need ambient lighting. Make sure the space has bigger, heavier decorating with ornate detailing to complete even more novelty and beauty.

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Victorian Floor Lamps

Buying Guide

The grandeur and opulence of the Victorian era are synonymous with their stunning light fixtures. Be it the elaborate chandeliers, the banquet lamps, candelabras or the more ubiquitous floor lamps, form was always considered as important as function.

Right from the shades, to the hand-blown glass to the delicately carved and decorated bases, Victorian lamps make excellent accent pieces and focal points. Today, these antique lamps command a hefty price tag in the collector’s market, which also makes them most likely to be counterfeited.

Here are a few boxes to tick off, if you are shopping for antique Victorian floor lamps.

Victorian lamps are by far the easiest to identify from among most of the lighting fixtures that were in prevalence from 1800-1900. As we mentioned earlier, everything was at its ornate best right from the time of the whale oil lamps to the kerosene lamps which replaced them, and the floor lamps which became prominent in the later part of the Victorian era, when electricity became commonly available.

Lampshades rose in popularity during this phase and fabric and shaded glass were the most commonly used shade materials. The irony though is that even the cheapest, utilitarian versions of these lamps used smoked white glass instead of clear glass.

Further, these shades were often hand-painted with floral designs and landscapes or featured delicate engravings. In the later part of the era, slag glass and case glass shades replaced fabric. Materials like mica and porcelain became popular.

Other than the ornate glass shades, Victorian floor lamps typically have tall stems which extend for a height of five to six feet from the base. The stems were mostly made of brass and are usually coated with Bronze and gold. Do the old magnet test to determine if its authentic brass.

Even the stems weren’t left undecorated though. Hand paintings and filigree were commonly used to decorate the stems as well as the bases.

One of the challenges in identification is that some of the early Victorian lamps do not have a distinctive maker’s mark. For example, the Pewter lamp. Other prominent lamp makers from the time are Eben Smith, Caper Molineux, Boardman Gleason.

There are a lot of cheap replicas that were made in India circa 1970 which have flooded the market and are sold as vintage Victorian lamps. Keep an eye out for these. Speak to an appraiser who can authenticate the lamp before you pay a hefty price for it.

What is the intended use of the antique lamp that you are looking to purchase? If it’s a centerpiece for the living room, then you are in luck. There will be no dearth of options. The caveat is that the lamp may not necessarily be in working condition.

If you intend to use it as a lighting fixture, then enquire about the condition of the lamp. Many antique resellers acquire the base of the lamp in good condition and then source a matching lampshade for it.

Others swap the old oil wick and cylinder for an electric bulb which reduces the value somewhat. In either case, the seller must be transparent about any modifications or alterations performed.

Look at the size of the stem. If it will be placed adjacent to a sofa or a cushion as a reading lamp, then five feet is just about the right size. But you can also find floor to ceiling lamps which throw the light off the ceiling to create a diffused ambiance.

Best Ideas

Old floor lamps

Such a lamp would have used Queen Victoria herself at her court. Richly decorated in pastel floral motifs, including fringes and great precisoin. This antique floor lamp has a gold finish and is hand-painted. The base of the lamp is delicate, hand-decorated.

Silvered lilies at dusk antique

Silvered lilies at dusk antique

Elegant, traditional standing lamp. The Victorian style carries timeless appeal and never goes out of fashion. If you want to express your stylish inner self through furniture, then this classic lamp is perfect.

Antiques victorian floor lamp

Victorian Chinoiserie Lampshade with Antique Chinese Embroidery Floor Lamp

Victorian lamps 2

Victorian Lamps

Antiques victorian floor lamp 15

Tall floor lamp with opulent shade, rich with all those beams, frills, embroidery and stuff. Victorian era lamps tended to be elaborate in style and so's this one. Hand-painted base isn't half bad either.

Victorian carved mahogany floor lamp with custom fabric shade


Antique victorian lamps

Have you been searching for a lamp that just does not look like the typical lamp? Well, you need to consider this standing oil lamp, which has got the Victorian style, round shade with flowers and brass finish.

Floor lamp 76

Floor Lamp

Antiques victorian floor lamp 6

Vintage floor lamp inspired of oriental style. The shade is ombré dyed from amethyst to green and is covered on both sides with antique metallic lace. The shade has extra-long, dramatic hand beaded fringe in beautiful amethyst jewel tones.

Antique victorian floor lamps 4

Antique Victorian Floor Lamps

Victorian lamp 2

With the Victorian design of the structure and the beautifully detailed base as well as the decorated, beaded shade this floor lamp will ensure a significant boost of both style and utmost charm for your interior.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 2

Such a lamp could be borrowed from the Queen Vicotria. She was an expert in good taste. Embroidered by hand, in beige shades, with lace and fringes with little amber.It also includes handmade floral motifs. Made of burn-out silk velvet with peacocks.

Victorian floor lamp

Full of meticulous details, boasting carefully curated stained glass composition, scroll carving, cabriole feet and crown top molding, this Tiffany style Victorian pedestal lamp is definitely a true stunner.

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Antique victorian lamp

Victorian Floor and Table Lamp Shades and Antique Lamps by Nightshades

Antique floor lamps beaded victorian lamp shades by antique artistry

Antique Floor Lamps & Beaded Victorian Lamp Shades by Antique Artistry

Home lamps floor lamps standard floor lamps meyda 31314

Home > Lamps > Floor Lamps > Standard Floor Lamps > Meyda 31314

Chinoiserie lampshade with antique textiles by christine kilger of nightshades

Chinoiserie Lampshade with Antique Textiles by Christine Kilger of Nightshades

Antique floor standing lamps

Solid metal lamp with a Victorian stylization. This functional element is suitable for floor placement. Its paw feet are durable, decorative and very stable on flat floors. Attractive scrools and ornaments improve aesthetics of this element.

Victorian Torchiere Hester Floor Lamp

Victorian Torchiere Hester Floor Lamp

If you're a fan of intriguing and original solutions, this amazing and stylish floor lamp might be a perfect opportunity for you. Check it out now and enjoy an incredible design in your living room or bedroom!

Victorian 66" Floor Lamp

Victorian 66" Floor Lamp

This unique and stylish floor lamp is gonna amaze every fan of intriguing and original solutions! Check it out, bring some elegance to your house and enjoy an awesome design and the highest functionality.

Rembrandt floor lamps

Outstanding Original Bradley Hubbard Piano Floor Lamp & HUGE Original Shade with BEAUTIFUL COLORS & Mums

Antique brass piano lamp

Presented here two similiar antiques Victorian floor lamps are examples of glamor that does not meet kitsch. Golden and copper finish, combined with spherical stems.

The white balls at the very top have delicately sculpted faces.

Antiques victorian floor lamp 10

$158.00 Stacked Teapots Kitchen Lamp A whimsical tower of precariously placed cups teeter their way to a lovely shade. Lamplight offers a softer, relaxed ambience for kitchens after hours when the harshness of overhead lights lessens the joy of hot choco