John Deere Table Lamp

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The John Deere line of farm equipment is an unmistakable and well-known icon. For those of you who love the farmhouse aesthetic, one of these lamps will be the perfect addition to your home. These lamps below feature the logo, or the whole tractor.

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Updated 12/04/2021
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John Deere Table Lamp With Tractor And Farm Scene Lamp Shade

John Deere Table Lamp With Tractor And Farm Scene Lamp Shade

Farm themed John Deere desk lamp. The sculptural base features a green tractor figurine. The empire shade depicts some farm life scenes. A specific lighting to illuminate a table. Original vintage accent.

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John deere table lamp 6

John Deere Farm Tractor Dash Lamp -

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John deere table lamp 1

john deere night stands | John Deere Lamp Night Stand Bedroom (03/18/2009)

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John Richard Black And Gold Urn Table Lamp Traditional Table Lamps

John Richard Black And Gold Urn Table Lamp Traditional Table Lamps

Table lamp mounted on pedestal base with gold finish. Empire lampshade gives warm tone of light. Perfect as bedside lamp or extra source of light in any interior according to taste.

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John deere tractor lamp

Table lamp with farm theme. Empire lampshade is covered with fabric. Great as night lamp or additional source of light in any interior as needed.

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34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

34" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

If you're a fan of original and intriguing decorations, you're gonna fall in love with this amazing and stylish table lamp. Check it out and bring some extraordinary design to your living room or bedroom!

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Antler 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Antler 27" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Beautiful table lamp, made of resin in ebony finish, with realistic deer antlers handlers on both sides. Empire shade, made of beige fabric. Very elegant and masculine lamp, perfect for a master study or office.

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Glass 51" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Glass 51" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Unusual table lamp with many carvings on the basis. The construction is made of metal, wood and glass. Finishing in antique style. Oriental accent to any interior.

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Pearlized Glass Accent 28.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Pearlized Glass Accent 28.5" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Sophisticated table lamp made of glass, silk, crystal and marble. Traditional look and elegant finish to any interior according to personal taste and imagination.

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John richard lamps

An attractive traditional table lamp featuring an ornate finished in browns base in the form of an urn with 2 scroll lugs. It's placed on a square marble foot and has a round stem with a finial. A bell lampshade is made of plain creamy fabric.

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John Deere Table Lamp

Buying Guide

Under some circumstances, table lamps are as important of a feature as art on the walls. When in combination with other accents including rugs, clocks, and other accessories, the right John Deere table lamp is an excellent addition to any living room, study, or bedroom. These lamps are available in a variety of styles, materials, and features. We’ve put together this buying guide to help inspires your decisions.

When shopping for a John Deere table lamp, one of the first things you’re going to notice is the selection. You’ll find options including designs on the lampshade as well as unique styles for the lamp’s base. Therefore, the choice you make regarding the shade or the base is solely determined by your preference. For example, do you prefer a John Deer design on the shade and an industrial style base? Or would you instead have a tractor theme base with a simple shade? There are also options available for selecting a combination of the two.

While a John Deere lamp may seem limiting regarding decorating options, this doesn’t have to be the case. The obvious choice is to pair this lamp in rooms featuring dark colors, deep wood tones, or with leather furniture. Those are good choices, but not your only options. Decorating with a John Deere table lamp can also include:

  • Placement in a home office where you’re craving a bit of whimsy and this brand is a favorite.
  • On tables where friends gather to play cards, watch movies, or watch sports.
  • In a teen’s bedroom where they’re outgrowing “little kid” things and are exploring all things that dig in the ground.
  • Wherever you’re set up to work on gardening, automotive, or other industrial tasks—like on a work table in the garage, for example.

Under most circumstances, you’ll find these lamp bases constructed from metal or iron with painted finishes. The colors mimic the same as the John Deere brand. In some cases, the metal surface features the name of the company embossed in the metal without any paint.

The shades are available in stained glass, printed fabric, and printed paper with a wax coating. Despite the metal or iron bases being incredibly durable, the shades are fragile. Therefore, extreme caution should be used when dusting and cleaning. The main reason is that these lamps are typically found in vintage or antique stores. Thus, the materials they’re made from are delicate.

Table lamps are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. When you’re picking out your John Deer table lamp, think about its use. Are you going to use it for decorative purposes, task lighting, or reading? Once you determine its purpose, you can select an appropriate size. Otherwise, you can choose one purely on how it looks. The standard measurements for a table lamp should be at eye level when someone sits down on the couch or chair. Typically, a side table will run between 25 to 30 inches tall. A sofa or chair's seat is approximately 19 to 20 inches from the floor. So, consider those measurements when picking your lamp.

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John deere table lamp 3

John Deere Tractor Small Table Lamp Farm Scenery Shade Gift or Collect

Tractor lamp shade

Windmills decor | Windmill Table Lamp at Rocky Mountain Cabin Decor

John richard table lamps

Antique approach to an elegant, John Richard table lamp with two lights hidden under an iron shade, which gives the piece a unique look. The frame of the piece is made out of painted brass, giving it a classy appearance.

John deere lamp

An interesting industrial style table lamp created from quite unusual elements of cast iron in greys. It has a base of a cylinder head cover of John Deere brand tractor and a 3-arm stem of plumbing pipes and elbows. Lampshades are of metal wires.

John deere lamps

Green Farm Tractor 19 Inch Table Lamp Country

John richard lamps 7

An attractive classy electric table lamp featuring a cup-like base adorned with bulbs, necks, collars and grooves with a whitewashed finish and golden undertones. A classic conical lampshade of fabric in same colour scheme has golden rims.

John Richard Acanthus Black Table Lamp

The classic shaped lamp with the interesting leg carved in the acanthus leaf shape. Additionally the leg has been covered with the delicate, shining bronze layer, what makes an original composition with the simple cylindrical lampshade.

Brunch Buffet 39" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

Brunch Buffet 39" H Table Lamp with Drum Shade

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