Vintage Cast Iron Lamp Light

This range of choice will surely appeal to those who like nice lamps. All the solutions, sizes, shapes and colours of these lamps look nice and the lamps themselves are very functional. Because of this, nobody should have a problem with finding the one they like most. How about you and your choice?

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Vintage cast iron lamp light 2

Beautifully crafted of cast iron, this street lamp is long-lasting and weather-resistant, and it can easily enhance your outdoor or indoor area. Includes 4 arms and 5 decorative lanterns - all supported by a massive pole with animal head decorations.

Vintage industrial desk lamp machine age task light cast iron

Vintage Industrial Desk Lamp Machine Age Task Light Cast Iron Steampunk
My brother is a big fan of steampunk and industrial design, so I bought for him this desk lamp. It is made of cast iron, and has the machine details. He was so excited!

Customizable vintage industrial desk

Customizable Vintage Industrial Desk
The vintage cast iron lamp light is a perfect combination of beautiful design and exceptional character. The base of the base captivates and delights so that it will perfectly suit every original layout.

Vintage cast iron lamp light 3

If you like the gentle appeal of 19th-century design, you shall be enchanted with this cast iron street lights, inspired by the vintage items. Solid iron construction will provide solidness and durability for years.

Vintage cast iron lamp light 14

Beautiful cast iron vintage street lamp post with TONS of intricate details. Wish I had such lamps in my garden - fairy-tale 19th century novel vibes guaranteed! The less ornament lamps could perfectly do as garden lamps.

Vintage industrial ajusco factory desk

Vintage Industrial Ajusco Factory Desk
If you want to truly improve your home with vintage charm, then, this industrial desk lamp is a way to do it. Thanks to the lamp's functional neck, it can be adjusted at many different angles, and attached to a desk by using its old-fashioned metal clamp.

Vintage art deco goose neck desk lamp

Vintage Art Deco Goose Neck Desk Lamp
Table lamp in vintage style. Base is made of cast iron. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant design for all kinds of interiors.

Our advice Buying Guide

Buying high-quality antique lights is not easy. Antique designs are very rare and finding something authentic that works for you takes time and a little bit of effort. However, a vintage cast iron lamp light can indeed deliver outstanding class in your home. Their cozy designs and unique style will accessorize any room and will bring out its entire beauty.

But before you buy any type of antique lighting, you may want to consider the following simple things:

What are the different styles of vintage cast iron lamp lights?

Vintage cast iron lamp lights come in different styles. But they are also expected to perform simple lighting roles in the room they are placed. Before you buy, you must decide what is important to you. Do you want stylish designs that deliver more on the décor side or simple ones that just provide the lighting? In most cases, vintage cast iron lamp light designs are purchased as decorations. Although they will still produce the light needed, this is not that important. In that case, try to prioritize style over functionality. The lamps can be artistic in the way they are crafted and they will cost more. But then again, they will offer ultimate décor value for you.

What are the circuitry requirements for vintage cast iron lamp light?

There are lamps that can stand alone without connecting to an extension cord while others need a regular supply of electricity. Vintage style lamps tend to have very unique circuitry requirements. You cannot just plug them in any socket available. In that case, assess the circuitry requirements of the lamps you are about to buy and see if your home can meet them. If not, you may want to have the right wiring done or buy lamps that are flexible enough to work with different types of wiring. Additionally, try to also consider the bulb size and wattage for the lamp if needed.

What kind of lighting is characteristic for vintage cast iron lamps?

Although there is so much décor value that comes with vintage cast iron lamp light designs out there, you still need to find solutions that offer cozy and romantic lighting. After all, this is what lamps are for. The illumination offered by most vintage lighting solutions tends to be less intense. It’s very likely that you will probably need more than one lamp to illuminate an entire room depending on the size. However, the cozy lighting can bring out the beauty of other accessories in the home. In that case, it may be nice to go for vintage cast iron lamp light solutions even if you have to buy two or more lights for one room.

How are vintage cast iron lamps finished?

There isn’t a lot you can do with wrought iron when it comes to finishing. Most of the time, these lamps will come with a plain coat of black on the iron and a few other decorations. But there are some designs that offer some touch of creativity when it comes to craftsmanship and style. You have to look out for these kinds of products in order to enjoy the best finishing you can find.



Vintage cast iron lamp light 11

Give your home office desk a new piece of decoration with this vintage cast iron table lamp. The lamp sits on a stable four-legged base and is supported by a slender but strong metal frame. The frame is also adjustable so that you can tilt the lamp the way you want to.

Cast iron lamp 1

This extraordinary recreation of an antique double pulley lamp with strong industrial character can effortlessly center any design. Die-cast operated pulley system makes this iron pendant work with flexibility.

Edison pipe lamp desk light vintage

Edison Pipe Lamp Desk Light Vintage
While pursuing the latest industrial trends, an entire interior remodelling is often unnecessary - sometimes an understated accent, like a vintage cast iron desk light with Edison bulb, can speak volumes.

Vintage cast iron lamp light

Bring immense Victorian elegance into your property with this gas-powered boudoir lamp. The lamp is constructed from a combination of cast iron and brass for that superb stylish appeal and features excellent detailing along the metal too. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

Victorian Amore 21.3" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Victorian Amore 21.3" H Table Lamp with Bowl Shade

Vintage industrial lighting vintage gooseneck cast iron lamp machine age

Vintage Industrial Lighting - Vintage Gooseneck Cast Iron Lamp - Machine Age Decor - Christmas Gift - Vintage Desk Lamp

Vintage gooseneck desk lamp

Vintage lamp with an industrial style. Antique cast iron construction of this element is durable and long-lasting. Original, industrial style looks very interesting in almost any type of interior decor.

Vintage pair of cast brass and iron lamps c 1900

Vintage Pair of Cast Brass and Iron Lamps, c. 1900. #vintage #lighting

Antique rare cast iron motion lamp glass moving waterfall scene

Antique RARE cast iron Motion Lamp glass moving Waterfall Scene Niagara Falls

Vintage cast iron lamp light 4

Vintage Industrial Cast Iron Woodward Machine Light / Lamp image 5

Pulley light vintage industrial cast

Pulley Light Vintage Industrial Cast
An ordinary bulb in an unusual form, hung on a simple black cable, falls subtly in the industrial style with a metal construction of factory screws and steel reels. Together they attached to the wall only required inspiration and create vintage cast iron lamp.

Vintage eagle gooseneck lamp cast iron

Vintage Eagle Gooseneck Lamp Cast Iron
The straightforward and timeless form of this charming cast iron table lamp gives the interior an exciting atmosphere. Gooseneck adds all functionality, and original look and finishes in black are impressive.

Vtg arts crafts cast wrought iron medieval gothic hanging lamp

... VTG Arts & Crafts Cast Wrought Iron Medieval Gothic Hanging Lamp Light

Vintage cast iron table lamp

Vintage Cast Iron Table Lamp
This amazing, vintage and cast iron structured table lamp will surely help you add some much needed color and charm to your space, while the perfect and beautifully detailed structure of the base makes for a nice decor boost.

Collectibles lamps lighting lamp repair refurbishing parts 35

Collectibles > Lamps, Lighting > Lamp Repair, Refurbishing > Parts

Vintage cast iron bridge floor lamp restored rewired 1900 1940

Vintage Cast Iron Bridge Floor Lamp Restored Rewired 1900 1940
Sometimes it is difficult to find a floor lamp that will at the same time be subtle and will brighten the entire room. The cast iron bridge floor lamp, has a unique vintage character. It stands 58-1/2” tall with a 12” diameter base - so the is slim and delicate.

Vintage industrial pulley sconce

Vintage Industrial Pulley Sconce
This is an interesting looking vintage cast iron lamp that would create very specific mood into your room. Made of fancy looking materials and also a very convenient tool for your interior lighting it will attract lot of attention.

1950s garden turtle candle lamp cast iron vintage by nachokitty

1950s Garden Turtle Candle Lamp Cast Iron Vintage by Nachokitty

Vintage cast iron lamp

Vintage Cast Iron Lamp

Vintage cast iron lamp light 1

Made from cast iron, this solid and beautiful rooster table lamp constitutes a great way to add a stylish, rustic accent to your decor. It comes from the 1950's-60's. Stands on a wooden base with an earth tone, crimped metal pillar.

Such a fun light fixture for the right kitchen

Such a fun light fixture for the right kitchen

Vintage industrial desk lamp machine age task light cast iron

Vintage Industrial Desk Lamp Machine Age Task Light Cast Iron Steampunk
Now you can improve your rustic office by using this industrial desk lamp with adjustable angles thanks to its steel articulating arms and cast iron joints. It holds an opal glass lamp shade in oil-rubbed bronze finish.

Vintage cast iron lamp light 6

For those who are brave enough not to compromise on industrial décor styles... This desk lamp, uniquely crafted out of galvanized cast iron piping, is helluva style statement with outright masculine vibes - 100% industrial. Or even 101%.

Antique cast iron lamp 1

Antique Cast Iron Lamp
Imagination knows no borders, just an object at your fingertips to create a modern masterpiece. Let it be a tin pot - it made a vintage cast iron lampshade of this electric lamp, on a washed-out old beige base.

Jonas 18" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade

Jonas 18" H Table Lamp with Novelty Shade
Even if you are not a plumber with a passion-industrial pipes are associated with an industrial style. Hence, the black-finished tube is the backbone of the lamp, where a light bulb is added to the tap - and that's how was created vintage cast iron lamp light.

Industrial lamp antique cast iron base vintage cobalt enamel shade

Industrial Lamp Antique Cast Iron Base Vintage Cobalt Enamel Shade Tumblemonkey
A small table lamp, ideal for a workshop, drafting table or a bureau. The fans of vintage will get enchanted with its old, industrial appeal, resulting from the combination of cast iron base with a cobalt enamel shade.

Antique cast iron pulley lamp vintage 1

Antique Cast Iron Pulley Lamp Vintage
A cool industrial style vintage ceiling lamp with a lampshade in the form of a diamond-like crate of metal wires. It has adjustable height with using a cord attached to a hook in a wall and a black-finished cast iron pulley wheel fixed to a ceiling.

Vintage cast iron lamp light

It looks like a medieval microscope but it is an old, medieval vintage cast iron lamp light that takes all the secrets under its magnifying glass with its light. Made of bronze, richly sculpted, it combines style with industrial screws and knobs.

Chandelier vintage deco cast iron

Chandelier Vintage Deco Cast Iron
Elegant, sophisticated interior needs special, luxurious decoration, so this antique chandelier will be perfect! Bulbs are covered with golden glass and chandelier's frame is made of sculptural, mahogany wood.

Vintage cast iron gooseneck desk lamp glass insulator steampunk art

This unique table lamp connects modern style with classic Art Deco style. This stylish lamp has vintage kickstand made of carved brass and simple lampshade covered with fluorescent, turquoise plastic.

Vintage cast iron lamp light 12

Landlige Hjem

Vintage gooseneck lamp

5 lights pendant lamp in industrial style. Frame in the shape of pipe is made of cast iron. Unique addition for each room according to taste and need. Simple form and modern design.

Peter Table Lamp

Peter Table Lamp
This knotted rope table lamp features an eye-catching iron base, embellished with detailed rope accents. The empire shade is made of quality material. The lamp blends perfectly with contemporary interiors, decorated with nautical themes.

Cast iron light

Antique Finger Oil Lamp with Cast Iron Wall Mount and Reflector by HoosierPickers

Vintage cast iron lamp light 13

Cast Iron Hanging Pendant Lamp Light Vintage Industrial Salvage Style

Vintage cast iron lamp light 15

Vintage Industrial Floor Lamp with Mirrored Shade - Machine Age Task Light - Cast Iron - Steampunk - $435

Antique art deco nouveau cast iron boudoir original hand painted

Antique Art Deco Nouveau Cast Iron Boudoir Original Hand Painted Lamp ...

Antique iron lamps

This vintage kerosene lamp would not be as visually attractive if it hadn't this beautiful blue and teal glass font that looks as if it were covered with mother of pearl. The carved base is handsome too though.

Antique cast iron lamp

Antique Cast Iron & Wood Pulley Lamp - Vintage Industrial Edison Fixture

Silhouette Lady with Dove 16" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Silhouette Lady with Dove 16" H Table Lamp with Bell Shade

Winston 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade

Winston 29" H Table Lamp with Empire Shade
This intriguing and stylish table lamp is gonna totally amaze every fan of unique and original solutions. Check it out now and bring some unusual design and extraordinary functionality to your living room!

26art nouveau vienna secession oil lamp loetz green glass gilt

26Art Nouveau Vienna Secession Oil Lamp Loetz Green Glass Gilt Cast Iron Marble | eBay

Vintage industrial cast iron pulley trouble lamp light fixture steampunk

Vintage Industrial Cast Iron Pulley Trouble Lamp Light Fixture Steampunk Lightin | eBay