Iron Floor Lamp

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Here's a great way to add a rich glow of light to your living space. Wrought iron floor lamps offer a touch of the rustic, and come in a wonderful selection from an eye-catching piece of wimey to screen lamps that add a touch of warmth and mystery, to the functional piece with extra arms to spread the light about. This collection is full of a variety in so many style you may not be able to pick just one.

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Updated 06/03/2023
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Iron Floor Lamp With Fabric Lampshade

Iron Floor Lamp With Fabric Lampshade

Mercury Row®

This iron lamp with dimmable light comes with silver, brass, or black tripod legs and a white linen drum shade. It is lightweight, stands sixty-six inches tall, and has a cord length of ninety-six inches.

$89.99 $204

Designer Advice:

The thin legs and large shade create an off-balanced look making it a choice for those with artistic inclinations. Because it’s dimmable, it works well for mood setting in living rooms and bedrooms. The wide base does take up a larger footprint, and its light weight may be an issue for homes with large dogs.

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Black Iron Floor Lamp With Cage Shades

Black Iron Floor Lamp With Cage Shades


Turned on by a footswitch, this floor lamp made of iron takes three Edison bulbs for a well-lit space. The pole comes in black, red copper, and gold tones and has a dimmable rotary switch for easy access.

$82.99 $109.99

Designer Advice:

The open wire cage shades create ambient light versus the harsh lines that a solid lampshade creates. The lampshade style is perfect for rustic and industrial themes, and the tree style offers more light making it ideal for large rooms. Because of the open shade, be weary of placement, as it can cause a glare on TV and computer screens.

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Minimalistic Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

Minimalistic Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

Everly Quinn

Simple and stylish, this iron floor lamp has a small arc top and an exposed lightbulb without a shade. The round base makes it sturdy, and its versatility allows it to be placed in most rooms in the house.

$35.99 $45.99

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Arched Iron Floor Lamp With Metal Shade

Arched Iron Floor Lamp With Metal Shade

Wade Logan®

The wide arc on this wrought iron floor lamp stretches high above sofas and coffee tables. The bowl lampshade gives off a direct light, and its antique brass finish looks great in mid-century modern rooms.

$115.99 $134.99

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Tall LED Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

Tall LED Wrought Iron Floor Lamp

Latitude Run®

Perfect as a task and reading light, this floor lamp has an adjustable gooseneck and comes in chrome, black, and brown hues. It's powered by touch and has a remote control that can change the brightness and color temperature.

$54.99 $59.99

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Iron Floor Lamp

Buying Guide

A great addition to your home if you are trying to find something vintage and elegant, wrought iron rustic floor lamps are simple and useful. A durable material which will last for decades in your home, you can control the appearance by changing the lamp shades regularly to match your tastes. Here are some things you should consider when buying a wrought iron floor lamp.

This is where most of the variation is. The material is the same for all of the lamps – they are all made from wrought iron. However, the shape will vary from lamp to lamp, so looking at pictures of different styles and figuring out what's best for your home can help you determine the right choice.

  • Curved: This lamp extends up to around 5-6 feet in height, then bends around to create a hanging lamp effect. There is often a horizontal beam fixed to the curve of the frame to allow a lamp shade to be fitted in an upright position rather than a hanging position.
  • Straight: This is a straight vertical floor lamp which is normally around 5.5 feet high. A straight wrought iron beam is connected to a wrought iron base and will usually have very little extra detail. This is perhaps the simplest of designs and ideal for modern and minimalistic houses.
  • Nature style: Rather than one straight beam, a curved beam extends up to around 5 feet high and is decorated with several other wrought iron curved beams to create a branch or leaf effect. This is a more decorative style which is perfect for homes with little detail already, or if you want to draw more attention to the floor lamp.

The base will play an important part in getting the right size and making sure that it fits in your home, so it's definitely a factor to think about beforehand.

Although the base is often circular, this isn't always the case and it could be in the form of several curved iron beams. Measure in inches the available space that you have for the floor lamp in your home. If you already have a floor lamp which you are planning to replace, measure the size of it to give yourself a reference point.

Find out the size of the base before buying any floor lamp. In order to ensure all parts of the lamp fit into the space you have allocated, measure any wider parts, such as extended beams or curves.

Before cleaning your floor lamp, take off the lamp shade to make sure this doesn't become prone to damage. Wrought iron can be cleaned with warm water and soap. If you want to use a milder cleaning product, vinegar mixed with warm water will get rid of any dirt from your wrought iron rustic floor lamp easily. A sponge is one of the best accessories to use for cleaning wrought iron.

Best Ideas

Claremont Floor Lamp

Claremont Floor Lamp

Standing 59'' tall, this floor lamp in a bronze graphite finish offers a classic curlicue design, consisted of a wrought iron pole and wrought iron 3-legged base. The empire shade is designed of quality tan fabric. Accommodates 100W incandescent bulbs.

Wrought iron lamp base

Stunning freestanding floor lamp constructed from sturdy wrought iron and finished in a distressed metallic look. The stand is also supported by a heavy square-shaped base for safety and stability. It’s relatively tall, making it the ultimate floor accent for any home.

Iron floor lamps

Inspired by nature, this wrought iron rustic floor lamp offers a design that seamlessly fits in with a typical cabin-in-the-woods décor layout. Dark colored metal base mimicks curved twigs, with cones and long pine needles.

Meyda Tiffany Custom Lighting 107463 Loon Pine Needle 1-Light Floor Lamp, Mahogany Bronze Finish with Beige Art Glass Shade and Marble Accent

Coming with a mahogany bronze finish with beige art glass shade and marble Accent, this beautiful Tiffany custom lighting measures 24" x 16" x 68.5. It requires one 100-Watt medium base incandescent bulb.

Wrought iron rustic floor lamp 1

A wonderful rustic floor lamp featuring an amazing base modelled on tangled sprigs of creepers. It has a round foot and is made of wrought iron with a finish in greenish and brownish tones. Three tulip-like shades are of hand-blown glass in yellows.

Antique wrought iron floor lamp um29533 1 jpg


Cal Lighting BO-433 120 Watt 59" Craftsman / Mission Metal Floor Lamp with On/Of,

This mission metal floor lamp with on/of buttom right under the shade. Made from wrought rustic iron looks pretty amazing with this cool kraft paper lamp shade. I can see it in huge, loft-style castle or villa.

Wrought iron rustic floor lamp 3

This iron-made, solid lamp, represents what's best in contemporary design. Hand forged to accent any home or cabin. Tri-leg shape terminates in a classic penny foot that really sets this lamp apart.

Cavaletti Floor Lamp

Cavaletti Floor Lamp

It is a stylish floor lamp that is a fantastic addition to any living room, bedroom and family room. It has got six finish options to choose: black, bronze, burnished steel, dark smoke, mahogany and natural iron.

Black iron floor lamps

An attractive traditional floor lamp, equipped with a 3-way switch, featuring a base of wrought iron finished in black gesso. It has a 3-arm foot and a tall thin round section stem with collars. A cylindrical lampshade is of white parchment.

Leaf Iron Floor Lamp

Leaf Iron Floor Lamp

Beautiful and illuminating, this lovely floor lamp in a silver finish stands on a sturdy iron pole with 3-legged base. The drum shade is designed of white microfiber, and accommodates 150W incandescent bulbs.

Wrought iron rustic floor lamp

961 fl iron lamp details 150w 3 way pine twig wrought iron floor lamp ...

Somerson Industrial Loft Vintage Gate Post Floor Lamp

An unusual floor lamp in an industrial and vintage design. It features a simple lamp shade in a dark color and a base in the shape of a gate post, which was made from forged iron with matte black brown finish.

Wrought iron floor lamps

An interesting floor lamp that features contemporary and organic design. The lamp shade made of wood in a natural color captivates with its simplicity. The base is an iron post that resembles tree branches.

769 fl wrought iron floor lamp lamp number 769 fl

769 fl wrought iron floor lamp lamp number 769 fl lamp description ...

Feiss urban renewal 1 light floor lamp in rustic iron

Feiss Urban Renewal 1 Light Floor Lamp in Rustic Iron FL6308RI

Floor Lamps BronzeFloor Lamp

Rustic style has many dimensions-one of them is presented in a strong way on this wrought iron floor lamp.Its shade-reminds the glowing fire, from a home fireplace. Dark iron elements, spread into long body lamp and ends with a thick lampshade of fiery color.

Floor lamps wrought iron

This rustic floor lamp will enchant all enthusiasts of floral motives as well as rustic vibes. Its glass shade adds the whole construction a unique character. It will suit well vintage interiors, complementing both bedrooms or living rooms.

Rustic wrought iron floor lamps wrought iron floor lamps

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Rustic wrought iron spanish revival floor lamp

Rustic Wrought Iron Spanish Revival Floor Lamp ...

4280 1p lam floor lamp floor lamp rustic wrought iron

4280-1P LAM Floor lamp, floor Lamp, Rustic Wrought Iron

Hand forged wrought iron floor lamp with base scroll work

Hand Forged Wrought Iron Floor Lamp with Base Scroll Work ...

Floor lamps awesome wrought iron floor lamp rustic

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Floor lamps unique modern and rustic styles

Floor Lamps - Unique Modern and Rustic Styles