French Country Floor Lamp


French country items are found throughout the Foter Collection, and many of them are specific to the kitchen or living areas for both style and functionality. But this is the first light source we offer you. French country floor lamps will bring together your French country style beautifully. Take a glorious walk through our collection for more views and details.

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Our Picks

Casa cortes french architecture antiqued 64 inch floor lamp

Casa cortes french architecture antiqued 64 inch floor lamp

Leaving the center of Paris if you hit a country house on the side of the road - you can see a rench country floor lamp in bright colors, like this one. Standing, with a curious shade - returning love to France, with the inscriptions and symbols of Paris.

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Torres Floor Lamp

Torres Floor Lamp

Floor lamp in classic form. Base is made of wood and finished with delicate carvings. Lampshade is covered with fabric. Received many positive recommendations from customers for neutral design and high quality.

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Floor Lamp in Espresso

Floor Lamp in Espresso

Stylish and elegant floor lamp made of durable metal, offering solid ans stable frame, protective shade for the lightbulb, and elegant design providing visually appealing and functional vintage style item.

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French lamps

Floor lamp that introduces French stylization into the house. Its post includes some decorative carvings and the bottom area features a stable base with four legs. Traditional shade includes an original logo on its surface.

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French country floor lamp

Vintage French-inspired countryside flow lamp with a neatly recessed metal base and a white fabric-based lampshade. The piece stands on four thick legs for stability and its brass-like finish, neatly accentuated with elements of white, should add immense character into your spaces.

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French country lamps

A true beauty - this French country floor lamp is a fine choice for when you're going for a more classy and subdued decor in your interior and would love a nice accent piece. It sports the brass base and a simple yet oddly fitting beige shade.

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Beige French Candlestick Floor Lamp

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Lori Floor Lamp

Lori Floor Lamp

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Catherine floor lamp on the light boutique

Catherine Floor Lamp on the light boutique

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French style floor lamps

French Country Floor Lamp on OKL ($299 v. $610 retail) Made of: base, wood; shade, linen Size: 66"H x 21.5"W; base, 12"W Weight: 30 lbs Bulb: 150W Finish: base, distressed white; shade, breeze off-white "Add a touch of French country style to any space wi

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French Country Floor Lamp

Buying Guide

A French country floor lamp is a gorgeous addition to your living room and deserves to be front and center. But what is the ideal position for a floor lamp in a space with a TV? Your French country floor lamp should sit next to the television, but far enough away that the warm light doesn’t shine onto the screen. You can also place it slightly behind the TV screen to prevent glare.

The distance you’ll need to place the lamp away from the television ultimately depends on the size, shape, and brightness of your specific lamp. Floor lamps serve best from the corner of a room, so if you place your French country lamp in the corner and the TV centered on that same wall, you’ll avoid any unwanted reflections.

Floor lamps come in various styles and configurations, which can impact the type of light emitted. The benefit of a French country floor lamp is that it often features a shade with a wide opening at the bottom, sending diffuse light around the room. These pieces are ideal for placement next to a TV as they send the light downward.

To choose the right bulb for your French Country floor lamp you’ll need to consider a few factors about your living space and the function of the lamp. Depending on the lamp, you might be choosing between incandescent, LED, halogen, and CFL light bulbs.

The most common options for home lamps are LED and incandescent bulbs. LEDs emit a bright light, are energy efficient, and give off no heat while operating. They have a long lifespan (up to 50 000 hours), so if your floor lamp is in a hard-to-reach area, this can be a convenient solution.

However, many people will prefer the cozy warmth that an incandescent bulb gives off for their French Country floor lamp. While not as energy-efficient, they give off a bit of heat and cast a warmer, orange glow that beautifully complements the French Country design scheme.

Due to the way that a French country floor lamp’s shade is angled, this type of lamp tends to make a great office or reading lamp—as most of the light will be directed downward.

Because of this, we’d recommend placing a French country floor lamp just next to an office desk, reading chair, or on either side of a sofa or couch.

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Threshold� Oil-Rubbed Bronze Downbridge Floor Lamp with Gray Shade

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Hand-Carved Corinthian Column Floor Lamp with French Drum Shade, Size I ; 8½" sq., 77"H

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