Over The Couch Lamp

These terrific lamps seem to defy gravity. Arch sofa floor lamps are a fun and interesting way to light certain areas of your home. They can be in a single tier style, or have multiple finger-like lamp extensions that can blanket an area in light. And the base, while sturdy, doesn't take up too much space, and can fit under a sofa if needed. Pretty slick.

Large Arched Floor Lamp for Behind Corner Sofa 

Large Arched Floor Lamp for Behind Corner Sofa 

$93.99 $190.99

Large Arched Floor Lamp for Behind Corner Sofa 

Wrought Studio™

$93.99 $190.99

What We Like: The increased reach it has

What We Don't Like: Shade is very round

Not So Good For: Sitting above small chairs or armchairs

Perfect For: Directing light away from the wall and over the couch

This over-the-couch lamp is graceful in the way it hangs above a long or wide sofa. Its length is so long that it easily reaches a coffee table, which someone might use as a work or writing surface. It is resistant to fire with its metal and marble makeup and is offered in four lustrous colors: chrome, black, copper, and gold.

The shade is highly reflective, which could be a distraction if placed by a window or other light fixture. Its long and arched frame is adjustable, but the further away from the base, the more unstable it can be. To fix this, keep it behind a sofa in the corner of a room.

Over the Couch Lamp With Rattan Shade

Over the Couch Lamp With Rattan Shade

Over the Couch Lamp With Rattan Shade

Langley Street®

What We Like: Two-prong base for tight fits

What We Don't Like: The foot switch may be hard to reach

Not So Good For: Sitting beside a couch on its own

Perfect For: Bohemian and tropical interior designs

Fitted with a tan rattan drum shade, this sofa lamp has two layers giving it a layered effect and a neat light display on walls. The see-through textured shade hangs from a U-shaped kink in the black metal stand and has a V-shaped prong on the bottom. Turn it on and off with the round button foot switch.

The V-shaped base lets you tuck it into a corner behind a couch and allows the couch to be flush with the wall. This means folded blankets sitting on the back of your couch won't fall behind the couch.

Tree style Over the Sofa Lamp

Tree style Over the Sofa Lamp

Tree style Over the Sofa Lamp

Zipcode Design™

What We Like: The graceful tapered look

What We Don't Like: Four-way switch can be slippery to operate

Not So Good For: Homes with young children and adventurous pets

Perfect For: Contemporary and modern styles

This behind-the-couch lamp comes with three white fabric shades in cylinder form that emit more light than a lamp with a single shade. It works great with lighting a small room or a large living room with additional lighting.

The lamp can be extended to eighty-seven inches, making it taller than other lamps that sit over couches. This added height makes it perfect for sitting over couches with high backs like reclining sofas, wingback chairs, and some loveseats. One downside to this tree-style floor lamp is the branches are not adjustable.

Over the Sofa Floor Lamp With Dimming Capabilities

Over the Sofa Floor Lamp With Dimming Capabilities

Over the Sofa Floor Lamp With Dimming Capabilities


What We Like: 3-way dimming capabilities

What We Don't Like: Thin stem looks like a wire

Not So Good For: Business settings and large rooms

Perfect For: Minimalist styles and reading

This behind-a-couch lamp has bright, medium, and dim lighting and offers an art deco charm with its thin stem. Its giant string light curve is great for outlining the top of an accent chair or a small fireplace. The warm white light is great for people with sensitive eyes who do artwork, writing, homework, or reading.

It's shorter than other sofa floor lamps, which could be a drawback for some. Minimalists love the long wire-like frame because it takes up less room, but to other home styles, the thin stem can be an eye sore. 

Dual Light Behind the Couch Lamp

Dual Light Behind the Couch Lamp

Dual Light Behind the Couch Lamp


What We Like: The lower of the two lamps is adjustable

What We Don't Like: The shade is plastic and not glass

Not So Good For: Rustic or farmhouse styles

Perfect For: Homes with small children, clumsy adults, or active pets

This lamp over the couch comes in a brass or black finish with a solid steel frame and white plastic bowl shades. It is smart-enabled, has an adjustable height, and has a rotary socket switch type to turn the lights on and off from the sofa.

The large bowl shade on top is directed to the ceiling to bounce light throughout the room. The small bowl shade on the bottom can be moved to face down to use as a reading light. Each shade has its own on-and-off switch, which comes in handy if you're watching a movie and want a darker room.

Conversation starter Behind the Couch Lamp

Conversation starter Behind the Couch Lamp

Conversation starter Behind the Couch Lamp

Mercury Row®

What We Like: Super unique

What We Don't Like: Light sits at eye-level

Not So Good For: mood-setting or directing light up or down

Perfect For: Dispersing light in all directions

Looking like one big light bulb, this behind-the-sofa lamp stands tall and straight and is coated in an antique brass finish. The LED Edison light bulb is turned on using the rocker switch, and once on, the bright light is dispersed in all directions.

This is a fantastic showpiece that makes a statement, though its lack of shade and dimming abilities can be off-putting to readers. Not everyone likes this over-the-couch lamp because the single and large bulb looks too casual or strange to some. It looks best when sat behind a couch, in the corner of a room, or beside a couch where the long stem can be seen.

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Over The Couch Lamp

Buying Guide

The right height for an arch sofa floor lamp depends on your available space and whether you need the lamp for task or mood lighting. An arch sofa floor lamp is a funky addition to your living room with extensions that reach over your couch and illuminate the space in a unique way. These lamps fit perfectly into the corner of a room beside the sofa due to their sleek, narrow base.

The average height on the market ranges from 75”-86” tall. This may seem exceptionally tall, but the lamp’s arch needs to have enough height that nobody hits their head on it while getting up and down off the couch.

These dramatic lamps come in a variety of looks and colors, so you can incorporate them into any design scheme, be it rustic or ultra-modern. They also provide exceptional lighting for working or reading because the light comes from directly overhead.

Arch sofa floor lamps are ideal for reading because they provide both ambient and directional light, depending on where they are placed and the shape of the lamp shade.

The best location for an arched lamp for reading is next to the sofa or an armchair. Position the lamp base between 6”-12” away from the side of the sofa so that the lampshade is not directly overhead, as your shadow will obstruct the book’s pages.

Choose a lamp with bell-, empire-, or drum-shaped shades, as these styles provide better task lighting. You should also consider the type of bulb the lamp uses. LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs are ideal as they provide whiter light, perfect for illuminating book pages. Look for arch lamps that take bulbs that emit between 450-800 lumens to avoid eye strain.

The best materials for an arch sofa floor lamp depend on the style of your space and how long you want the piece to last. Arch floor lamps come in a huge selection of materials. The base and arms are typically made from metal, such as stainless steel, powder-coated steel, aluminum, bronze, or brass. Many models can be painted gold for a glamorous finish to your room. Metal is the most durable option for a long-lasting light fixture, especially if you have a home with pets and small children.

Arch floor lamp shade can be made from the same material as the base or crafted from a complementary material, such as cotton, linen, paper, plastic. Cotton, linen, and plastic shades come in various colors and styles, making it easy to choose one that coordinates well with your living room. Metal shades are better suited to modern, industrial, and transitional interiors.

Always check that the lampshade is rated for fire safety; some paper or linen lamp shades are flammable and can only be used with light bulbs that emit minimal heat, such as LED.

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Behind the couch lamp

Arching Black Floor Lamp Metal Living Room Furniture Sofa Couch Modern Light NEW #Modern

73" Arched Floor Lamp

73" Arched Floor Lamp

Contemporary floor lamp with white drum-shaped shade mounted on a large arched base with silvery finish. As a whole, it exudes true modern look. It is pretty big, but customizable, as the swing arm is adjustable.

Arch sofa floor lamp 1

Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp Love this for my sectional family room sofa, right in the middle wedge cushion where I never have light to read!

Arch lamp with glass and grey sofa and pillow and

... Arch Lamp With Glass And Grey Sofa And Pillow And Wooden Coffee Table

Henry Arched Floor Lamp

Henry Arched Floor Lamp

This stylish and very impressive floor lamp is a practical and very robust model. Solid metal construction and light and curiously made lampshade ideally suited to the living room or bedroom.

Arch sofa floor lamp 2

Ion Floor Lamp @ @

Adjustable Overarching Glass Floor Lamp

Adjustable Overarching Glass Floor Lamp

This functional floor lamp is a device that provides appropriate light level at night and it also decorates indoors at day. This classic and contemporary steel construction features an antique bronze finish.

Arch sofa floor lamp 22

An arched floor lamp rover the sofa, such as this affordable one from West Elm. Overarching Floor Lamp - Polished Nickel | West Elm

Belle 3 Light Arched Floor Lamp

Belle 3 Light Arched Floor Lamp

Modern floor lamp with 3 spherical white Orient-stylized paper lanterns. It's round base and a sleek column with 3 thinner arched rods are made of chromed metal. This lamp has a rotary switch and is intended for at maximum 60W bulbs.

Arch sofa floor lamp 30

Neat arc lamp for over the dining table. The base of the stem is wrapped in black leather.

Sofa floor lamp 7

A mid-century modern pendant floor lamp and a small table - combined together created a gorgeous piece of furniture. It has three splayed legs. The pendant has a solid wood frame around the teardrop light fixture. Measures overall 55.5″H x 19″ table dia x 14.5″ table height.

Behind the couch floor lamp

Modernistic sweeping arch design and impressive range make this floor lamp a boon by a sofa - the light can reach the most distant corners. Other features of the lamp include satin-nickel finish and elegant round marble base.

Arch sofa floor lamp 34

Plasma Floor Lamp, Chrome on

Arch sofa floor lamp 4

Floor lamp in contemporary form. Frame is made of metal with gloss finish. It is fitted with 4 lights. Perfect as additional source of light in the living room, dinning room, bedroom and more.

Lamp for sectional sofa

This modern floor lamp immediately draws all eyes to its dramatic arch. Although it may look fragile, a chrome base helps balance the arm so it remains in place. UL approved to ensure safety and quality for an experience that will last for years to come.

Sofa floor lamp 28

Mid-century inspired Scandinavian home. Simple, yet alluring mixture of materials and patterns: gray fabric upholstered couch, striped monochrome floor rug, metal floor lamp, wooden cart replacing a standard end table, gray walls.

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