Arch Sofa Floor Lamp

These terrific lamps seem to defy gravity. Arch sofa floor lamps are a fun and interesting way to light certain areas of your home. They can be in a single tier style, or have multiple finger-like lamp extensions that can blanket an area in light. And the base, while sturdy, doesn't take up too much space, and can fit under a sofa if needed. Pretty slick.

Best Products

Adesso loft arched floor lamp

Adesso loft arched floor lamp
A nice and beautifully arched floor lamp that will go smoothly into the corner of any room, providing you with the needed light for when you want to create a warm atmosphere or read a book. It sports the charming, warm tone of its shade.

Adjustable floor lamp industrial

Adjustable floor lamp industrial
Floor lamp in industrial style. Base is made of metal with antique finish. Includes 3 lights. Suitable as additional source of light in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

73" Arched Floor Lamp

73" Arched Floor Lamp
Contemporary floor lamp with white drum-shaped shade mounted on a large arched base with silvery finish. As a whole, it exudes true modern look. It is pretty big, but customizable, as the swing arm is adjustable.

Belle 3 Light Arched Floor Lamp

Belle 3 Light Arched Floor Lamp
Modern floor lamp with 3 spherical white Orient-stylized paper lanterns. It's round base and a sleek column with 3 thinner arched rods are made of chromed metal. This lamp has a rotary switch and is intended for at maximum 60W bulbs.

Henry Arched Floor Lamp

Henry Arched Floor Lamp
This stylish and very impressive floor lamp is a practical and very robust model. Solid metal construction and light and curiously made lampshade ideally suited to the living room or bedroom.

Classified moto floor lamp

Classified moto floor lamp
Built from recycled Japanese motorcycle bits from the 70's and 80's, this floor lamp is a sturdy construction with a pretty dramatic past, as being rescued from the salvage yard. It stands approximately 53 inches high from floor to top of socket.

Our advice Buying Guide

How tall should an arch sofa floor lamp be?

The right height for an arch sofa floor lamp depends on your available space and whether you need the lamp for task or mood lighting. An arch sofa floor lamp is a funky addition to your living room with extensions that reach over your couch and illuminate the space in a unique way. These lamps fit perfectly into the corner of a room beside the sofa due to their sleek, narrow base.

The average height on the market ranges from 75”-86” tall. This may seem exceptionally tall, but the lamp’s arch needs to have enough height that nobody hits their head on it while getting up and down off the couch.

These dramatic lamps come in a variety of looks and colors, so you can incorporate them into any design scheme, be it rustic or ultra-modern. They also provide exceptional lighting for working or reading because the light comes from directly overhead.

Are arched sofa floor lamps good for reading?

Arch sofa floor lamps are ideal for reading because they provide both ambient and directional light, depending on where they are placed and the shape of the lamp shade.

The best location for an arched lamp for reading is next to the sofa or an armchair. Position the lamp base between 6”-12” away from the side of the sofa so that the lampshade is not directly overhead, as your shadow will obstruct the book’s pages.

Choose a lamp with bell-, empire-, or drum-shaped shades, as these styles provide better task lighting. You should also consider the type of bulb the lamp uses. LED, CFL, and halogen bulbs are ideal as they provide whiter light, perfect for illuminating book pages. Look for arch lamps that take bulbs that emit between 450-800 lumens to avoid eye strain.


Adjustable Overarching Glass Floor Lamp

Adjustable Overarching Glass Floor Lamp
This functional floor lamp is a device that provides appropriate light level at night and it also decorates indoors at day. This classic and contemporary steel construction features an antique bronze finish.

Overarching Floor Lamp

Overarching Floor Lamp
This floor lamp is a device that offers good light level in specific areas of a room and house. Its polished nickel base and arm provides long service life. This lamp also includes a nice linen shade.

Fillmore metal sectional task floor lamp

Fillmore metal sectional task floor lamp
the Fillmore Sectional Floor Lamp is perfect for reading books at evenings. It features a steel body with hollow cast-iron base for industrial style.

Arch sofa floor lamp

Modern design for a mid-century floor lamp with a unique, arched design. The singular, metal frame with a dark coat of paint and a stabilizer on the bottom hold five different lamps which position can be personalized.

Behind the couch lamp

Arching Black Floor Lamp Metal Living Room Furniture Sofa Couch Modern Light NEW #Modern

Arch sofa floor lamp 4

Floor lamp in contemporary form. Frame is made of metal with gloss finish. It is fitted with 4 lights. Perfect as additional source of light in the living room, dinning room, bedroom and more.

Arch sofa floor lamp 27

I've always loved this lamp and I'm digging the pops of orange in this room!

Arch sofa floor lamp 1

Chelsea Sectional Floor Lamp Love this for my sectional family room sofa, right in the middle wedge cushion where I never have light to read!

Arch sofa floor lamp 11

Arc Lamps - 8 Beautiful Examples and Sources - arc lamp.jpg

Lamp behind couch

A minimalist modern floor lamp having a base of black coated metal. It's built of a large oval foot and a thin tall tapered and curved upwards stem. Its quite wide cylindrical subtly tapered upwards lampshade is black, too.

Arch sofa floor lamp 22

An arched floor lamp rover the sofa, such as this affordable one from West Elm. Overarching Floor Lamp - Polished Nickel | West Elm

Lamps behind sofa

The overall feel- Neutral yet warm, cozy, inviting | Helix bookcase, Chevron coffee table

Behind the couch floor lamp

Modernistic sweeping arch design and impressive range make this floor lamp a boon by a sofa - the light can reach the most distant corners. Other features of the lamp include satin-nickel finish and elegant round marble base.

Arcing floor lamps are dramatic and beautiful offering surprisingly warm

Arcing floor lamps are dramatic and beautiful, offering surprisingly warm and diffused light, and they add an immediate touch of modern. Love !

Lamp for sectional sofa

This modern floor lamp immediately draws all eyes to its dramatic arch. Although it may look fragile, a chrome base helps balance the arm so it remains in place. UL approved to ensure safety and quality for an experience that will last for years to come.

Arch sofa floor lamp 18

Sofa floor lamps

Adesso Goliath 1 Light Arched Floor Lamp $122.40

Arch sofa floor lamp 34

Plasma Floor Lamp, Chrome on

Over the couch floor lamp

Cb2arch lamp why do lamps like this cost so much and why do I have to like them... lol

Arch sofa floor lamp 2

Ion Floor Lamp @ @

Arch sofa floor lamp 31

Chrome Single Arch Arm Floor Lamp | This gorgeous floor lamp is the perfect way to make a style statement without utilizing a ton of space.

Minimalist apartment interior in scandinavian style olovo

Minimalist Apartment Interior in Scandinavian Style // OLOVO

Arch sofa floor lamp 30

Neat arc lamp for over the dining table. The base of the stem is wrapped in black leather.

Arch sofa floor lamp 20

Floor lamp with an original design based on long cord. The whole lamp is finished in black color. It features a standard conical shade that provides good level of light in small areas. This practical lamp looks nice in modern and classic indoors.

Sofa floor lamp 9

A post modern versatile floor lamp with drum shade and black color. Fits to industrial and contemporary interior with this gray color palette. I want to try it in my apartment.

Arch sofa floor lamp 33

06215a7d00983ac5_3800-w268-h486-b0-p0--traditional-floor-lamps.jpg 268×486 pixels

Giant curved floor lamp

I.O. Metro Arch Floor Lamp 48.5" w x 15" d x 84.5" h

Lamp love this giant arch lamp and the interior styling

Lamp / love this giant arch lamp (and the interior styling too). via emmas designblogg.

Sectional sofa floor lamps

A perfect proposition for all, who relish cosy, rustic interiors. This floor lamp would be a fantastic addition to both contemporary lofts and wooden-based, traditional interiors.

Sofa floor lamp 7

A mid-century modern pendant floor lamp and a small table - combined together created a gorgeous piece of furniture. It has three splayed legs. The pendant has a solid wood frame around the teardrop light fixture. Measures overall 55.5″H x 19″ table dia x 14.5″ table height.

Arch sofa floor lamp 16

Cantilevered arch in brushed nickel. $230.91 and free shipping. No diffuser, no dimmer. Brushed nickel.

Sofa floor lamp 28

Mid-century inspired Scandinavian home. Simple, yet alluring mixture of materials and patterns: gray fabric upholstered couch, striped monochrome floor rug, metal floor lamp, wooden cart replacing a standard end table, gray walls.

Couch lamp

BLUE Communication Office / Jean Guy Chabauty and Anne Sophie Goneau

Arch sofa floor lamp 23

The Cullen home...not only am I in love with Twilight; I'm in love with their house!

Arch sofa floor lamp 28

Wildon Home ® Arch Floor Lamp. $141.00

Arch sofa floor lamp 15

SCDA Cluny Park Residence, SIngapore

Arch sofa floor lamp 19

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Arch lamp with glass and grey sofa and pillow and

... Arch Lamp With Glass And Grey Sofa And Pillow And Wooden Coffee Table

61"h Capiz Shell Floor Lamp Ok11#5119f

Arch sofa floor lamp 26

modern living room colors with wooden floor and white fur rug and elegant sofa and window and arch lamp and rectangular table_2

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