French Wall Clocks

Viva la France! That is what these wall clocks say to your decorative scheme. As if pulled from one of the great hotels or tourist spots in all of Paris, our collection of French wall clocks show a style and class that any fan of the French scene will appreciate. They are analog and have a classic look that adds charming style to any decor. Take a look at this extensive collection for more.

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Large french wall clock

Old-fashioned clock inspired of French style. It it stylised on old-fashioned, so ceramic, circle face clock is aged by patination. This type of clock will be fit to interior of village or seaside guesthouse.

French wall clocks 1

A truly beautiful piece - this wall clock sports a slightly distressed design with its French winery look and will become a more than suitable addition to your home decor, always allowing you to tell the time precisely.

French wall

French cottage style in the house. This wall clock is made of durable materials and it includes black hands with Roman numbers. The clock is very practical and it also decorates different types of rooms.

Country french provincial pendulum wall clock hotel du parc 1921

... Country French Provincial Pendulum Wall Clock Hotel Du Parc 1921

French wall clocks

Giant clock designed for mounting on the wall. It has round shield with antique finish. It is powered by battery and fitted with Roman numeral. Elegant accent for the living room, bedroom and others interiors according to taste.

large 23 inch Wooden Wall Clock Round Shabby Chic French Decor Effel Tower

This piece of equipment is a clock that has got a round shape. It is designed for mounting on walls. The product has got Arabic digits that are very easy to read. It has got an Effel Tower pattern, so it has also got a decorative character.

Or less wall clocks french hotel wall clock 6 by

... or less wall clocks french hotel wall clock 6 by floating circus

Our advice Buying Guide

A French wall clock comes with a very distinct look that is often associated with class and elegance. Aside from the look and vibe of a French wall clock, it also serves an essential function of telling time. It's no wonder why a lot of homeowners choose to decorate a room with a French wall clock.

French wall clocks come in different types, colors, and designs. For an average shopper, it's easy to get confused on what to buy. To help you make the task a lot easier, this article is going to be a buying guide on French wall clocks.

What are the most common materials used for French wall clocks?

The most common material used for a French wall clock are metal, wood, and plastic.

  • Plastic is by far the most economical option when compared to metal and wood. Thus, it's the logical choice if the budget is a bit tight. However, since plastic is not a very durable material, don't expect the wall clock to last for a very long time.
  • Wood is the traditional material for a wall clock. Hence, it carries a vibe of timelessness and natural authenticity. Wood is also a beautiful material and it exuberates elegance. Thus, if you want the most aesthetically pleasing French wall clock, then wood is the default option. On the downside, wood is susceptible to moisture damage, which is why it's not recommended for outdoor use.
  • Metals come in many different forms, but iron and aluminum are perhaps the most common materials used for a French wall clock. The greatest strength of metal is its durability. Hence, a French wall clock made of metal is likely going to last more than a lifetime. The downside of metal is it typically makes the clock heavy, which means hanging it on the wall is a bit more challenging.

How are French wall clocks operated?

French wall clock typically comes battery-operated or mechanical.

  • Battery-operated is the most common operation type. As the name suggests, the clock draws its power from a battery cell. On the upside, battery-operation is a lot more convenient compared to the mechanical type. On the downside, you have to keep buying batteries.
  • The mechanical is the traditional type. Hence, it carries an "old world" vibe that some people find intimate and appealing. Mechanical wall clocks draw their power from a coiled spring. The advantage of this is it's economical in the long run as you don't need to buy something else to power the clock (e.g. battery). On the other hand, you need to wind a mechanically operated clock regularly, which can be a source of inconvenience.

How to style with French wall clocks?

Another thing you need to consider is the kind of aesthetic goal you are aiming for. If you want to add class or sophistication to a room, then you might want a French wall clock that comes with a Mid-century, Bohemian or French country style. Also, you might want to go for something that is oversized. If you want something that is trendy, then a French wall clock with a dash of Contemporary, Transitional or Shabby Chic style is a good option.


Paris wall clocks

Giant wall clock in vintage style. Round shield is made of wood with antique finish and decorated with sophisticated pattern. It has quartz movement and Roman numeral. Elegant design for each room.

Viewing home clocks large metal antique french style wall clock

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French wall clocks

Add a vintage, lovely and romantic touch to your home with the giant round wall clock. The wooden structure looks incredible in beige interior. It features Roman numerals and solid finish.

Large vintage french clock

Large Vintage French Clock

French provincial country chateau vendange france wall clock beige

... French Provincial Country Chateau Vendange France Wall Clock Beige

Paris wall clock

A well-designed accessory for indoors; this big wall clock knows how to impress with its accuracy and vintage craftsmanship. The ancient-looking timepiece comes with a durable round dial, a pair of decorative metal hands, and Roman numerals.

Antique french farcot cobalt porcelain wall clock

Antique French Farcot Cobalt Porcelain Wall Clock

French wall clock

Vintage setup for an antique relaxation spot in a living room, furnished with a single armchair made out of white-painted birch wood with a tufted upholstery, nicely fitting with the small side table and oversized wall clock.

Large 32cm aged ivory cream french wall clock ornate

large 32CM aged ivory cream french WALL CLOCK ornate

Wall clocks sale 3

This French train station clock enchants with its 45" diameter hand-painted iron frame. All beautifully painted, created to reflect a vintage charm and warmth. A good proposition for the kitchen wall.

French hotel wall clock antique style wall clocks timeworks

French Hotel Wall Clock - Antique Style Wall Clocks - Timeworks

Item C8201 Antique Style 12 Inch Botanical Lemon Clock

Wall clock having 12 inches in diameter, featuring antique style, large and easy to read Roman numerals on its dial and botanical motif. Additionally, clock's hands feature distressed finish, which is a great addition to variety of interiors.

13 french provincial brass morbier wall clock

13: French Provincial Brass Morbier Wall Clock,

Cafe Des Marguerites French Parisian Extra Large Vintage Wall Clock (Black Face) - 23-in

Inspired by vintage French style, this beautiful wall clock provides a weathered vintage look. Features a very large, 23-in in diameter, round face with Arabic numerals, an internal pendulum, and "Cafe Des Marguerites" logo.

Old french clocks

The beautiful and very stylish table with the bench is a perfect wood finish. Combined with the French styling of the décor, the massive chandelier and intriguing wall clock with Roman numerals on the dial, it delights.

Vintage Style Oval French Wall Clock Galerie du Gaston

Pulled out straight from the bag of vintage French wonders, this wall clock is inspired by an old pocket watch design, with distressed face covered by glass. The clock includes Roman numerals, and inscription that says "Galerie du Gaston", "798 Boulevard Raspail", "1885".

French wall clocks large

Rustic setup for a gorgeous, restoration style living room furnished with a pair of identical armchairs with cotton upholstery and thick cushions. The giant, oversized clock in the background provides a unique vibe to the room.

Antique Looking Fine Wines Wine Tasting Clock

This is a decent clock for wine afficionados - it has stylish distressed face with wine-themed signs and French vineyard logo. These motifs are painted on a solid wood board. The clock is round and it has distressed Arabic numerals.

Large paris wall clock

J'adore!!!! French Larkspur~ you must see this beautiful shabby chic blog, with so many brilliant decorating ideas!

Parisian clock

An exquisite coffee table that is going to enhance your home in a blink of an eye. Made entirely from sturdy wood, the table provides a weathered look that can be seen on its sculpted legs and rectangle top assembled from simple planks.

Old looking clocks

The clocks on the wall, the old antique standing clock, le table, c'est tres charmant; the only thing that doesn't work is what looks to be like a small lampshade in the upper right corner - ??

Vintage looking clocks

Wall clock with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Frame is made of metal with antique finish. Shield is covered with clear glass. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Oversize french blue wall clock transitional wall clocks

Oversize French Blue Wall Clock transitional-wall-clocks

23" Antique Looking Red Wine Wall Clock

Wall clock having 23 inch in diameter and featuring wooden construction, wine themed dial, large Arabic numerals and quartz movement. It's a great addition to kitchen, bar area or restaurant, thanks to it's theme.

Green kitchen clocks

French Bistro Blue Green Gallery Wall Clock

27-Inch High Servelk Metal Wall Clock

This type of clock is a product designed for wall mounting. It has got a durable frame made of metal, so it is not only attractive, but also very solid and resistant to wear or damage. The face features large arabic numbers.

Round french wall clock 1

Round French Wall Clock

Oval wall clocks large

In the XX c. quartz and atomic mechanisms-allowed for more accurate measurements of passing time. Take advantage of the potential of the french wall clock but also its decorative aspect in the form of a wooden round frame and a shield in a light shabby look.

Item C2001 Vintage Shabby Chic Style Roses Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

This round wall clock is beautified by a dainty pink rose design. The clock is characterized by sturdy MDF construction, and offers a face with no cover, precise quartz movement, and easy to read Arabic numerals. Requires 1 AA battery.

Large Metal Square Paris Decor Wall Clock

A very interesting and stylish wall clock that has got a square shape. Its frame is made of metal and its front features roman numbers that are easy to read. The clock represents a rustic, vintage stylization.

French wall clock cafe et macaron 12 metal embossed 1

French Wall Clock - Cafe et Macaron - 12" - Metal Embossed

French Country Rooster Kitchen Wall Clock - 12' Diameter

Pretty rustic French style 1AA battery-powered wall clock. Its round frame is of brown-reddish plastic, cover of clear plastic. A white face features a chequered border, black Arabic numerals, hands, lettering in French and a colourful cock image.

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Fantasy wall clocks 12

I'm going to make a wall of clocks one of these days...

Clock confiture de fraises

Clock "Confiture de Fraises"

Item C6120 Vintage Style Romantic Shabby Roses Clock

It is a beautiful clock that has got a romantic style and frame with pink roses. It fits to bedroom and living room area. You will be impressed how amazing this clock is. You need to have it.

Antique french wall clocks

French Antique Style Distressed Wall Clock CHECK PRICE

Old clock time shabby rustic distressed french by digitaidecades

Old Clock Time Shabby Rustic Distressed French by DigitaIDecades

French wall clock the perfect wall decoration to add a

... French wall clock the perfect wall decoration to add a sense of Gallic

Home clocks french chateau wall clock clocks

home clocks french chateau wall clock clocks

Unique wall clocks large 3

Cottage spring mantel - Cottage in the Oaks

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