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Shabby chic is all the rage with more eclectic personalities and decorative stylists. That takes a walk on the wild side outside of the norm and thumbs its nose at the same old, same old. So, there's no wonder why it's so popular. And if you were looking for the first shabby chic item to add to your home to dip your toes in the water, then we think these shabby chic wall clocks are a great place to start.

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Our Picks

Shabby chic wall

A shabby chic wall clock is not only a practical device but also an extremely stylish decoration. Provencal style ideally completes the white round wall clock, with an interesting delicate painted pattern in gray, and black clock-hands.

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New shabby chic distressed red rose wall clock

New shabby chic distressed red rose wall clock

Representing a cool, shabby chic design, this distressed red rose wall clock will add your space a unique character. Ideal for if you like rustic interiors. It features large Arabic numerals.

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Item C2001 Vintage Shabby Chic Style Roses Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

This round wall clock is beautified by a dainty pink rose design. The clock is characterized by sturdy MDF construction, and offers a face with no cover, precise quartz movement, and easy to read Arabic numerals. Requires 1 AA battery.

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Large cream shabby chic distressed vintage clock makers wall clock

... Large Cream Shabby Chic Distressed Vintage Clock Makers Wall Clock

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Shabby chic blue wooden wall clock with

Shabby chic blue wooden wall clock with

This stylish wall clock made with a wooden dial is a beautiful combination of charming blue and attractive design with functionality. Perfect detail for creative interior design. The excellent clock tips complement the whole.

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Vintage wall clocks details reviews delivery vintage rose clock gorgeous

Vintage Wall Clocks | details reviews delivery vintage rose clock gorgeous wall clock ...

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Item C6032 Vintage Style Shabby Chic Pink Roses Clock (10.5 Inch Diameter)

Wall clock having 10.5 inch in diameter and featuring beautiful floral motif on its dial. Additionally, the dial has aged look and the construction is made of high quality material. It's a great addition to almost any interior.

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Home clocks vintage distressed shabby chic retro style clocks 2

Home > Clocks - Vintage Distressed Shabby Chic & Retro Style Clocks

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Item C8219 Vintage Victorian Style Roses Clock (12 Inch Diameter)

A touch of Victorian style in the house. This clock features a very attractive theme that shows beautiful roses. This round clock features large roman numbers that are easy to read. It has got 12 inches in diameter.

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Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Stylish wall clock in antique style. Battery powered. The shield is made of metal. Received many positive ratings from satisfied customers.

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Shabby Chic Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Shabby chic wall clocks have a distinctly European aesthetic that can immediately transport you to the English countryside or a café in Paris. When selecting the ideal shabby chic clock for your home, consider whether the colors in the clock tie into your design scheme.

Shabby chic clocks come in a wide variety, so you can take your pick of imagery and colors that match your home decor. Look for a clock that complements your interior design but possesses some unique features that help it stand out so it can become a focal point.

The easiest way to achieve this is to select a clock with colors that tie into your home’s aesthetic but has a unique image that sets it apart, such as a romantic picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris or an English Rose.

Also, consider whether you find it easier to read a clock face with roman numerals or numbers and seek a shabby chic clock with your preferred system.

A shabby chic wall clock should be anywhere from 8”-32” in diameter. 8”-8.5” shabby chic wall clocks are relatively small; however, they make for cute romantic or Parisian accessories.

Many wall clocks measure 10”, 10.5”, or even 11” in diameter, making them the perfect size to accent your room and allow you to tell time easily. This measurement also provides enough space for beautifully printed flowers, birds, or decorative scrolls visible on the clock’s face.

If you want to make a big statement with your shabby chic clock, try a larger design. Try a 24” or 32” clock or an oversized wall clock with an even bigger circumference to go bold with your shabby chic design. Wall clocks of this size often feature ornate frames or dials, which can enhance your shabby chic aesthetic.

Best Ideas

Wall Clock

Wall Clock

This Antique Wall Clock in Distressed Grey Finish is characterized by durable metal construction. The clock includes a square face with Roman numerals, and is more than suitable for to be easily mounted on walls of rustic interiors.

large 23 inch Wooden Wall Clock Round Shabby Chic French Decor Effel Tower

This piece of equipment is a clock that has got a round shape. It is designed for mounting on walls. The product has got Arabic digits that are very easy to read. It has got an Effel Tower pattern, so it has also got a decorative character.

Item C1109 Romantic Pink Roses Victorian Style Clock

This type of clock is a product that introduces a Victorian style into the house. The product has got a functional character, but it has also got a decorative function thanks to its flower theme. The clock is 10 inches wide x 11.5 inches tall.

English wall clocks

Extra-large English wall clock featuring a nice floral background and a gorgeous rounded design. The piece is the perfect wall accents and can be used in interiors and exteriors. It also comes with large dark numbers and a thick metal frame around it.

White shabby chic clock

Fitting perfectly well to all rustic or shabby chic decors, this boutique wall clock enchants with a vintage appeal. It features Roman numerals and ornately finished, classic-looking hands.

Pink wall clocks 26

stunning pink shabby chic things | Shabby Rustic Vintage Style Chic Wooden Floral Pink Rose Faith Wall ...

Vintage Shabby Chic or Victorian Style Birds and Flowers 10 Inch Wall Clock. Antique White and Tan Background.

This wall clock has got a very attractive round shape with birds and flowers theme. It has got an antique white and tan background. The product includes roman numbers and a very reliable, wear-resistant mechanism.

Large shabby chic wall clock

A wooden clock that is completely unlike those encountered on a daily basis. Instead of a wooden round dial, it has a rectangular shape with spread out and stretched for hours in a brown color. The shape did not deprive him of shabby chic style.

Shabby chic wall clocks

Who would have thought that a large round table top can serve as a foundation for an oversized wall clock that exudes original shabby chic. Decorative hands and Roman numerals were added to complete the accessory.

Shabby chic vintage pink rose round wall clock

shabby chic vintage pink rose round wall clock

Item C6120 Vintage Style Romantic Shabby Roses Clock

It is a beautiful clock that has got a romantic style and frame with pink roses. It fits to bedroom and living room area. You will be impressed how amazing this clock is. You need to have it.

Pinterest crafts altered clock shabby crafts

Pinterest Crafts | altered clock | ~ Shabby Crafts ~

Wall clock shabby chic by tawnystreasures 145 00 shabby chic

Wall Clock Shabby Chic by tawnystreasures, $145.00: Shabby Chic ...

Item C2302 Vintage Style 12 Inch Music Notes Clock

A very convenient, functional and decorative piece of furniture. This is a round wall clock that has got an attractive frame with music notes pattern. It has got Arabic numbers that are very easy to read.