White Grandfather Clocks

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Grandfather clocks are classic items — not a fad. They’ve been around for centuries with little change over that time. And since the beginning, these timepieces have always boasted accurate inner workings and fine cabinet craftsmanship. We’ve taken a little license with the idea of the classic grandfather clock in these seven picks, but when you see the reimaged design styling, we think you’ll agree that they’re something special. They each bring a fresh take on a time-honored idea and are just too cozy to relegate to the past.

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Updated 25/05/2022
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White Grandmother Clock

White Grandmother Clock

Rounded curves give this painted wood clock the look of a musical instrument. It measures 32.25” high and has a quartz, triple-chime movement that needs two C batteries to operate. Chimes play your choice of Westminster or Ava Maria. 

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White Grandfather Clock with Display Shelves

White Grandfather Clock with Display Shelves

Alcott Hill®

This white grandfather clock stands 72” tall and includes three open and removable shelves in its central frame. Each shelf gives you 14.25” by 8” space for display. Its quartz clock mechanism needs five AA batteries to power the clock and the chimes. A single Westminster chime will ring on the hour but stays silent during the night. 


Designer Advice:

This lovely grandfather clock gives a nod to the modern farmhouse style with its rustic twist, shiplap detailing and planked style. Its fir wood is whitewashed to warm up the white but still allow the wood grain to show through. Perfect for any home with a casual and cozy decor style — whether it’s farmhouse, English country, traditional country or modern country. Use muted colors, antique/distressed looks, and simple decor.

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Weight Driven White Grandfather Clock

Weight Driven White Grandfather Clock

Old Time Chimes

Featuring an eight-day weight-driven mechanical clock movement, this white floor clock has an auto night shutoff option. The pre-tuned chime rods strike on the quarter hour. Each clock is made to order and requires assembly upon delivery. Stands 83” high and measures 30” wide by 16” deep.


Designer Advice:

Handmade in the USA, this grandfather clock is crafted from solid hardwoods and plywoods and finished with a durable, lustrous finish. We love the white stain with warm brown accents, but you can make this clock one of a kind by choosing from seven different stain types and dozens of stain colors. Choose from polished brass or silver clock mechanism components.

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Tripod Legs White Grandfather Clock

Tripod Legs White Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller®

Standing on a tripod base, this grandfather clock can play your choice of full Westminster or Ave Maria chimes. The chimes strike on the hour with 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 chimes on the quarter, half and three-quarters. It also features volume control and an automatic nighttime chime shutoff option to ensure your sleep is uninterrupted. 

Designer Advice:

Retro vibes give this white grandfather clock a modern look thanks to its high-gloss white finish. Metal accents plus a stationary white dial all feature a polished chrome finish. The large clock face measures 14.53” in diameter and has oversized time indicators. The back of this clock is fully finished, so it can stand away from a wall and look beautiful from every angle.

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Whimsical White Grandfather Clock

Whimsical White Grandfather Clock

Gift Mark

Styled after a traditional grandfather floor clock, this one doesn’t take itself too seriously. It stands 62” high and measures 17.5” wide by 6” deep. The clock face has standard/Arabic numbers and hands with a red second hand on a true white background. This clock runs on batteries and requires full assembly. 

Designer Advice:

Although the 21 storage compartments in this whimsical grandfather clock are sized to house a cd collection, we imagine all the other brilliant uses these cubbies could be put to. The playful detailing on the crown of the clock almost looks like ears and sets the tone for displaying small and unique collectibles that match its lighthearted design. Think how excited your kids (or grandkids) would be to have this fun clock in their room!

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Modern White Grandfather Clock

Modern White Grandfather Clock

Howard Miller®

Entirely modern in its design, this white floor clock is not your average grandfather clock. Finished in gloss white manufactured and solid wood, the polished chrome pendulum sits in an illuminated glass case with mirrored back. The clock’s triple chime comes with an automatic shut-off option for nighttime. Requires four C batteries. 

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Manufactured Wood Grandmother Clock

Manufactured Wood Grandmother Clock

Everly Quinn

In a nod to old-school, this white grandfather clock features a chain-driven clock mechanism. The clock stands 64” tall by 19” wide and 9” deep. It weighs 78 lbs, so is easy to move around. Chain-driven clocks are wound by pulling the weights up to just below the clock face and should run for eight days before needing to be wound again. 

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White Grandfather Clocks

Buying Guide

If the traditional brown wooden appearance of grandfather clocks doesn't appeal to you or wouldn't suit you home whatsoever, a white grandfather clock is the next thing you should consider. This has a totally different feel from the traditional brown clocks, and almost looks cartoon in nature. It has a French country feel, and is suitable for many country homes, as well as cottages, bungalows and other houses.

Much lighter and brighter than darker colors, you can experiment with the white colors and see which décor and items around your home will complement it or clash with it. Here are some popular styles of white grandfather clocks which you could consider for your home.

Once you have a white grandfather clock, it already looks more contemporary than a traditional clock would look. However, the modern white grandfather clock is very simple in appearance and omits many of the details and embellishments which would traditionally be seen. For example, the front of the clock is completely smooth, with the only detail being a circular ring in the center and the clock face at the top. The clock face may often omit the numbers, instead having just two hands which indicate the time.

For the homes which are trying to achieve a shabby chic look, nothing quite fits in as well as a distressed white grandfather clock. The weathered wood has been painted white but not varnished, so there is no shiny appearance. In its place, the distressed look makes this item appear vintage yet beautiful. The clock face has Roman numerals, and may also have a small amount of wording, such as where it was manufactured or the name of the designer.

Although many grandfather clocks have a circular clock face, you should also look at the styles which have a square or rectangular face. These can look much more similar to the traditional brown wooden grandfather clocks, allowing you to combine the more modern white color with an older and more vintage style. The clock face is often silver, contrasting beautifully with the white wooden exterior.

There are styles of white grandfather clock which are designed to be positioned on a table or unit rather than on the floor. This is a great solution if you only have a small home, such as an apartment or cottage. These look just like many of the designs already listed above, but are smaller in size and therefore more convenient to set up and move around.

Best Ideas

White grandfather clock 3

A great grandfather clock is a tall, freestanding, weight-driven pendulum clock with the pendulum held inside. Made of solid wood, represents idea of antique stylish clocks. It has a beautiful white hue and glazed center that shows the clock mechanism.

Distressed grandfather clock

This piece offers a modern spin on a classic design with its simple lines and fresh, white finish, while it still oozes a traditional vibe with its intricate mechanism and charming details on the front.

Painting a grandfather clock

A stunning grandfather clock that will make for a sublime option for any possible living room or bedroom, while its design might be timeless and classy but would still work wonders for any contemporary-styled interior.

White grandfather clock 1


Cheap grandfather clocks

A tall rustic grandfather clock having a streamlined wooden frame with a weathered white finish. It has a bell-like bottom part, a vase-shaped central one and a round glazed dial at the top with a crown. Arabic numerals and metal hands are black.

White grandfather clock 11

Bring vintage elegance into your home with this Victorian-style freestanding grandfather clock. Constructed from wood, the clock comes in a neat white finish and beautiful art décor detailing. You also get touches of gold accents for a super luxurious look.

White wood and glass grandfather clock

White Wood And Glass Grandfather Clock

White grandfather clock available at http www blackwhitefurniture

White Grandfather Clock...available at http://www.blackwhitefurniture ...

Large french style wall clocks

Traditional yet eccentric, these fancy decorations will push your guests off their feet. The vintage vibe is priceless. The grandfather clock is a timeless solution for any house. The perfected mechanism makes it a lasting investment, that will become the focal point of your living room.

White grandfather clock 7

Elegant old-fashioned grandfather clock. Framework is made of wood and covered unsmoothly of white paint. This hand-made clock will plays its role perfectly in a vintage living-room in old house of extended family.

Shabby chic grandfather clock

Maison Decor - Paris Grey with antique glaze

White grandfather clock 1


Cream grandfather clock

white on white. I've tried for this type of decorating before and have done everything white. Then I find myself searching for something with color. Such a cycle.

White grandfather clock 2

This grandfather clock sports a slightly off-white and distressed looking finish and will work wonders for any wall of your home, letting your interior both become way more functional and providing you with a nice addition to the house decor.

White grandfather clock 4

Love this painted grandfather clock (and check out the chalkboard insert, too)

White grandfather clock 15

swedish mora clocks, such a perfect spin on the somewhat-creepy grandfather clock. More like the fun, sophisticated aunt of clocks ;)

White grandfather clock 11

Stairway ~ Huge Rustic Metal Clock, Grandfather Clock, Antique Loveseat, Crystal Wall Sconce

White grandfather clock 17

Will have dress forms here and there with a wonderful vintage outfit on it.

White grandfather clock 12

"Love that clock !" I do too, I would like a Rocking Horse soon and I have a as I call it ' my Shutter Cabinet ' I made from an old Kitchen Cabinet and shutters, both I found the same day. The Clock.....I doubt I will find one I could afford..but ya nev

White danish grandfather clock at 1stdibs

White Danish Grandfather Clock at 1stdibs

White grandfather clock for the home pinterest

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White vintage style grandfather clock with key hooks

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Hey there granddaddy white clocks grandfather clock

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Hettich uhren 47 grandfather clock painted white hermle 1

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