Daniel Dakota Grandfather Clock


To add a gorgeous, old-world piece that exudes style and class, you will want one of these elegant, Daniel Dakota grandfather clocks. Made of fine wood with analog face and a polished pendulum, there is something special about a tall, steadfast grandfather clock standing sentry in your home. The loud chime on the hour will resound throughout the home.

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Daniel Dakota 71.63" Grandfather Clock

Daniel Dakota 71.63" Grandfather Clock

Impressive traditional clock with a frame of brown-finished wood and mechanisms of golden metal. It has a wavy arched top, round grooved posts, a dashy 2-tier base with a rope trim and carvings. An arched face has Roman numerals and black hands.

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Daniel dakota grandfather clock 4

Coolest pedestal clock I have ever seen! Looks like the one fromAlice in the Wonderland! Tall, wooden body of the clock with nice face of the clock in light beige with this old school style numbers! Such a cool thing!

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Daniel dakota grandfather clock 3

An antique, floor clock that is characterized by a dignified design. It's an elegant, wooden construction with a metal pendulum behind the glass at the bottom. The dial features a wooden, decorative frame and a white background with dark hands.

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Jenlea Daniel Dakota 71.63 Grandfather Clock

Jenlea Daniel Dakota 71.63 Grandfather Clock

A grandfather clock is always the perfect choice for sprucing up the traditional decor of any interior and make it pop with class and elegance and this one, with its rich, warm brown finish and smooth lines will do just that for your home.

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Daniel dakota westminster chime clock


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Daniel dakota grandfather clock 16

Neatly build grandfather clock supported by four extra thick legs and featuring a compact tall design. Constructed from wood, the clock comes in a neutral light brown finish with touches of gold plated metal accents that will blow you away. The piece also has that vintage-inspired style.

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Daniel Dakota Floor Standing Grandfather Clock

The floor-standing grandfather Daniel Dakota clock is a symbol of elegance and style at home. Large enclosed made of solid wood and MDF in a cherry finish, presents a metal clock, Roman numbers and glass fronts. He will measure time beautifully and dignified.

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Daniel dakota grandfather clock 17

Vintage and well-crafted grandfather clock with a compact and tall design. The piece features intricate detailing and superb art décor craftsmanship that will bring immense character into any space. It’s finished in a slightly glossed gold palette too for impeccable visual balance.

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Daniel dakota grandfather clock 11

Details about Daniel Dakota Grandfather Clock w Alarm Mint

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Daniel dakota clocks

Small yet still packed with immense functionality and the timeless design that proved perfect for so many before - this grandfather clock will let you always tell the time and will become a focal point of any room.

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Daniel Dakota Grandfather Clock

Buying Guide

One of the most traditional designs of clock still available, the Daniel Dakota grandfather clock is a popular home item for classic houses. Whether you have a modern home that lacks a timeless piece of furniture, or you just want a classic item for your hallway, this style of grandfather clock is a great option for many homes. Let's have a closer look at some of the specific styles which are available for sale.

People living in apartments or small houses don't always have the space for a full-size grandfather clock. Thankfully, the small version of the Daniel Dakota grandfather clock is a great choice. This has all the usual charms and features of a grandfather clock, but is a quarter to a third of the usual size. The usual size of a grandfather clock is around 6-7 feet tall. With the smaller grandfather clocks, the width is normally the same, but the height is smaller.

The smallest of the grandfather clock family, the mantel clock is an elegant piece to add to a smaller home. It's also a good option if you don't want a large clock taking up small in your home, or you don't feel like the style would suit your existing décor. This small clock is usually around one square foot, and can be neatly positioned in the center of your mantelpiece. The detail on this style of clock is normally curved and intricate to resembled the traditional appearance of grandfather clocks.

The white grandfather clock style is different from the traditional style which is normally plain hardwood. The wooden frame of the clock is painted with white wood paint to create a contemporary Daniel Dakota style. It is suitable for a bedroom or living room, and looks best alongside lighter décor. The chimes inside the grandfather clock can be set to sound on the hour, or you can turn this feature off if you wish for a less intrusive clock. The smaller versions of this clock are also a great addition to any child's bedroom, and can help them to learn how to tell the time too.

Another way to make the most of your grandfather clock and the other furniture in your home is to double up the clock with a display cabinet. This is attached to the clock and has 5-6 wide shelves to display your favorite ornaments. It may have a cabinet on either side to fit neatly into the corner of your living room, and it may even have shelves beneath the clock face for extra more storage space. The glass panels covering the display cabinet will instantly show off any items which you have displayed on the shelves. The varnished hardwood beams which connect the shelves and panels offer a traditional rustic feel while still looking perfectly in place inside the more modern homes.

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Jenlea Daniel Dakota 71.63" Grandfather Clock

Painting a grandfather clock

A stunning grandfather clock that will make for a sublime option for any possible living room or bedroom, while its design might be timeless and classy but would still work wonders for any contemporary-styled interior.

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