Modern Grandfather Clock

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Interestingly, grandfather clocks were initially known as long-case clocks. The term “grandfather clock” came from a popular song of the same name, which was inspired by the tale of a clock that stood in a hotel lobby and stopped after the death of its owner. Grandfather clocks are traditionally chiming, but this doesn’t have to be the case, especially with more modern renditions. If you’re looking to incorporate this timepiece into your home decor, keep reading for a selection of modern grandfather clocks. 

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Updated 17/10/2022
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Modern grandfather clock

Modern grandfather clock

Alcott Hill®

Bring some modern rustic flair to your home with this fir wood grandfather clock. It stands 72” tall with a glass lens and a whitewashed woodgrain finish. There are also three shelves to display decorative knick-knacks. It features Roman numerals and chimes every hour. It is battery-operated.


Designer Advice:

With its classic silhouette, this clock is an ideal centerpiece for a modern shabby chic living room. You can also place it in the corner of the room for maximum impact or as a transition piece from the living room to the dining room of a cottage-style home. The shelves are a nice way to personalize the clock and can be used to keep family photos, books, and succulents.

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Espresso cherry wood contemporary grandfather clock

Espresso cherry wood contemporary grandfather clock

Made from solid cherry wood with an espresso finish, this grandfather clock boasts a sleek contemporary design with a white dial and nickel-finished hands and hour markers. It chimes every quarter hour using cable-driven Westminster chimes.

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Solid rosewood grandfather clock modern 

Solid rosewood grandfather clock modern 

This modern clock is made from solid rosewood with a cherrywood finish. It has glass shelves, a top door, and a stable cutout base. The clock also features Roman numerals and it chimes on the hour to the tune of Westminster, Ave Maria, or Bim Bam chimes.

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Mirrored glass ultra modern grandfather clock

Mirrored glass ultra modern grandfather clock

It’s all in the details with this glitzy mirrored glass clock. It uses a quartz clock mechanism and features clear Roman numerals viewable through a glass lens. It also comes with a curio cabinet and three open shelves for all of your decorative accessories.

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Silver modern floor clock

Silver modern floor clock

Make a statement with this solid and MDF wood timepiece with a silver finish and inset mirror panels. It has a polished chrome pendulum, hour markers, and hands, as well as Roman numeral numbers. It chimes on the hour to the sounds of Westminster and Ave Maria.

Designer Advice:

This beautiful silver clock has a finished back so you can freely store it anywhere. It would look great in a modern living room with a polished chrome TV cabinet and glass coffee table. Finish the look with a white sectional and polished wooden floors to create a sleek yet elegant space. The cutout base draws the eye to the customizable pendulum, which you can engrave with your initials or a special message.

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Oakwood modern grandfather clock

Oakwood modern grandfather clock

This stunning piece brings the grandfather clock design to the 21st century, with an ivory oak base that has a round cutout that shows a nickel-finished pendulum. This ties into the circular 24-inch metal dial with suspended hour markers and minute hands.

Designer Advice:

Not only will this clock tick, chime, and tell the time with precision but it’ll wow your guests every single time. Its beautiful nickel-finished hardware goes beautifully with the smooth ivory oak base, making it ideal for a minimalist or Scandanavian-style living room. What’s more, it chimes on the hour, and because the pendulum is suspended on a rope, this results in a rich, warm sound. 

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Modern Grandfather Clock

Buying Guide

The traditional classic look appeals to many people, but the modern style is also an appealing option. Many people like to find some middle ground between the two opposites when it comes to the décor in their homes. A great way to add class and elegance with a modern touch is a contemporary grandfather clock. A purchase like this isn't something that everybody will make in their lifetime, so if you're feeling a little nervous about going wrong, here are some of the things you should consider.

While traditional grandfather clocks are wooden, contemporary clocks can be seen in a variety of materials. One of the most common materials for modern clocks to be made from is metal, although they can still be found made from wood then painted and varnished with high gloss paint. Ultimately, there is almost no end to the number of different materials which are used to make modern furniture items, so it won't be difficult to find something that you love.

A grandfather clock will often look best in the largest room, and if that doesn't work, the room with the highest ceilings. This is why many grandfather clocks can be found in the hallway, where the room is high and narrow, the perfect shape to frame the clock. Before buying a grandfather clock, measure the height of the ceiling in the room you intend to put it. You can then get an idea of how far up the clock will reach.

Since grandfather clocks take up a fair amount of space, you need to make sure that you have the space to cater for it. If you can't immediately identify a part of the house that you would position the new clock, you may want to think about rearranging the furniture so that you have the extra space.

Cleaning a modern grandfather clock is not much different to cleaning a traditional grandfather clock in terms of regular cleaning, but the products you use will vary. Older grandfather clocks made from wood normally require gentle and careful cleaning with specialized products. However, modern clocks which are made from metal or other sturdy materials can often just be dusted and cleaned along with the rest of your household furniture. If in doubt, speak to the supplier and ask what they recommend you do with the clock in terms of maintenance. Consider also that you'll need to clean the top of your clock which could be quite high depending on the size.

If you have children, taking this into consideration when buying any piece of furniture is a necessity. Some modern grandfather clocks are certainly not traditionally shaped in that they don't stand on the floor, they hang on the wall. These tall clocks are most often suitable for homes with very high ceilings in order to allow enough space. Modern grandfather clocks which stand on the floor are normally as child-friendly as possible, although you should still exercise precautionary measures.

Best Ideas

Modern grandfather clock

This rocket clock is designed by the British designer Charlie Turner. It features the white round dial, glazed panel, brushed silver coloured hour markers and chrome finish. It measures the 168 cm of high.

Contemporary grandfather clock 3

This unusual clock inspired by cascading waterfall is a beautiful combination of functionality and stylish detail of interior decoration. Beautiful rock motifs downstairs, large slender pendulum and lovely shield with Roman numerals form a unique whole.

Contemporary grandfather clock

This clock reminds me the clock from my granfather's home. It was exactly like this one, and was in the living room. It features the black color, large size, white face with Roman numerals and is made of hardwood and veneers.

1958 George Nelson Grandfather Clock Swag Leg Model 2256 Usa Germany Rare

1958 George Nelson Grandfather Clock Swag Leg Model 2256 Usa Germany Rare

Grandfather clock in vintage style. It is mounted on metal frame with antique finish. Sophisticated accent for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Black grandfather clock

A stunning timepiece with remarkable design, this Grandfaher Clock is truly flawless in its form. Its intricate frame is crafted of premium metal, with a striking dial that displays Arabic numerals and has 2 metal white hands along with a silver-finished second hand.

Rustic grandfather clocks

A contemporary interpretation of the so-called grandfather's clock. This urban floor clock with 1/4 inch mirror installed with its refined appeal, being the result of combining vintage and modern influences.

Contemporary grandfather clock 5

Grand, luxurious grandfather clock made from walnut wood. It’s dark, brown colour has a traditional, pricey feeling to it. And just look at the finish and how detailed the ornamentations are! Just beautiful.

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock

Industria 57.5" Chateau Standing Clock

Cool vinatge style metal clock with a rust finish. A stand has 4 sleek legs with curved pointy bottom ends and straight crossbas, A pendulum hangs among legs. A round clock hangs into an outer ring, has a white dial, black Roman numerals and hands.

Grandfather clock modern

This so-called grandfather's clock is a mid-century, Danish masterpiece, designed by Arenskjold Antiques Art. Made from teakwood, it will add a lovely, classic touch in modern interiors.

Modern grandfather clock 3

Modern Grandfather Clock

Funky grandfather clock

This Grandfather clock emanates with dramatic looks and breathtaking, optical illusion of numerous LED light reflections. It's a truly magnificent addition for modern interiors. Dimensions: 6'3" tall x 18" deep.

Metal grandfather clock

InsideOut Clock by POLaRT at Gilt

White grandfather clock for sale

Our factory in Germany manufactures many contemporary models such as this. Contact us for more details at

Contemporary floor clocks

Sometimes when you seek inspiration the reality is always closer to home than we realize. Presented contemporary grandfather clock - cardboard tube is arranged in a serpentine, inspiring its shape with Cornwall. Bright wooden texture and chrome clock.

Grandfather clock modern 6

How to change a classic grandfather clock into modern masterpiece? This project explains its precisely. All painted black, distinguishes itself with only different shade of the dark finishing (i.e. brighter clock face)

Round face grandfather clock

Grandfather clocks do not have to be old fashioned. Look at this modern piece of art. Made from light bamboo wood, it’s a perfect choice for minimalistic interiors. Be it eclectic or Scandinavian style, such a clock will be perfect.

Contemporary grandfather clock 4

Contemporary Grandfather clock

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Modernist grandfather clock from a unique collection of antique and

Modernist Grandfather Clock | From a unique collection of antique and modern clocks at

Modern grandfather clocks uk

Made in the grandfather style clock is an excellent way to contemporary interior design. Beautiful color and stylish fountain charms and will look great in the kitchen or living room. Standing clock gives a unique style to the whole interior.

Floor clock modern

Hentschel Ebony and Light Cherry Modern Grandfather Clock

Floor clocks modern

Image detail for -more in contemporary grandfather clocks view all grandfather clocks ...

Grandfather clock modern 22

If you’re into antique furniture, you might be interested in this antique, grandfather clock which perfectly mimics the classic design with modern inside elements to make sure this one works for a long time.

611162 howard miller contemporary grandfather clock crawford

611162 Howard Miller Contemporary Grandfather clock | CRAWFORD