Contemporary Mantel Clock

Clocks... what to say about them? Their functionality is obvious and now you have a rare chance to pick from a very wide range of choice. Below you will see clocks in contemporary designs – they differ in terms of their colour, size and other features. Thanks to that, even the most demanding customers should find the one they like.

Large mantel clocks

Mantel Clock Wood Bamboo Face 20 cm Contemporary Design Modern Collection New in Collectables, Homeware, Kitchenware, Clocks | eBay

Big mantel clocks

A cool contemporary standing clock having a triangularish frame of thin metal rods with a brass colour finish. Its dark blue dial with no numbers is also triangularish. Hour and minute lines and conical hands have a same finish like the frame.

Contemporary mantel clock 2

Tasteful clock fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. It is mounted on metal frame in the shape of pocket clock. Perfect gift idea. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Mantle clock ebay

Black Cherry Mantel Clock with Pendulum

Mantel clocks amazon

A splendid choice of gorgeous clocks that can be placed on your mantle, shelf, or table; beautifying your home with their graceful silhouettes and striking finishes. Each clock is very accurate, equipped with Roman numerals and a pair of black metal hands.

Tothora quadra 15 white table clock contemporary desk and mantel

Tothora Quadra 15 White Table Clock Contemporary Desk And Mantel Clocks
An aesthetic accessory for homes, schools, and offices. This cubic table clock is just perfect for displaying it on your mantel, desk, or office shelf. It has a clean white surface, with an unevenly placed dial, Arabic numbers, and black metal hands with a matching second hand.

Contemporary mantle clock

Sharp, Contemporary, Fabulous!

Mirrored mantel clock

The first developed in France in the 1750, this one is contemporary version of mantel clock - made of light walnut wood with silver hands of clock. The shield has a small oval shape, but very legible - based on a triangular barely visible base.

Contemporary globe black wire metal mantel clock

Contemporary Globe Black Wire Metal Mantel Clock

Contemporary inlaid solid wood mantel shelf or desk clock u10

Contemporary Inlaid Solid Wood Mantel Shelf Or Desk Clock U10
An elegant contemporary standing clock. Its frame of inlaid solid wood finished in browns has a straight bottom edge and an arched top one. A round white glazed dial has a metal rim. Arabic numerals and hands are black but a white second hand.

Ebay mantel clock

Modern cuckoo clocks- Mi dondolo cuckoo - contemporary - Desk And Mantel Clocks - New York - Italian furniture by CGS Group 'Momentoitalia'

Contemporary desk clock

Inova Team Zebrawood Handmade Clock contemporary-desk-and-mantel-clocks

Contemporary mantel clock 3

Contemporary mantel clock, with silver finish is a small home clock that is traditionally placed on a shelf, usually above the fireplace.Its main features are: cobalt blue glass columns, on a moulded oval base and little crafted in metal flowers.

The mantel clock a contemporary design 1

The Mantel Clock A Contemporary Design
The stylish clock in contemporary design is a perfect element of modern interiors. A beautiful mantel clock made of wood is presented with a unique clock face. No digits on the dial add the whole style.

Contemporary mantel clock 1

Made of the solid steel base, the comical mental clock is an impressive combination of the beautiful clock face in black and white Arabic numerals. The whole of the charm base is presented tastefully and will look in every interior.

Modern mantle clock 2

Modern mantle clock with simple rectangular shape and attractive orange finish. It features gold hands and Arabic numbers that are readable from large distances. This clock also offers a reliable mechanism.

Designer mantel clocks

Bulova Lanterna Mantel Clock modern-clocks

Contemporary mantel clock 6

Grandfather Clock

Kienzle mantle clock

Kienzle Mantle Clock
Stylish clock for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. It is powered by batteries. Shield is covered with glass and stone.

Modern mantle clock 3

Modern table clock with watermelon theme. Its durable construction is based on lacquered wood, enameled steel and enameled aluminum. White hands are responsible for showing hours and minutes. Red hand shows seconds.

Tothora totem 50 white table clock contemporary desk and mantel

Tothora Totem 50 White Table Clock Contemporary Desk And Mantel Clocks
Modernize your home space with details like this Tothora Totem table clock. It has the white color with the large black number 3. And trust me, you don't need more to create the unique extraordinary look.

Contemporary domed colourful metal mantel clock 887 p ekm 1000x1000

contemporary-domed-colourful-metal-mantel-clock-887-p[ekm]1000x1000 ...

Brilliant vintage chiming mid century art deco german junghans mantle

Brilliant Vintage Chiming Mid Century Art Deco German Junghans Mantle Clock
A vintage keywound mantel clock. A brownish woody casing is a bit worn. A round glazed face has a gold rim. A dial has a white rim, a brown centre, golden hours marks and hands. It chimes every half and full hour. A chime switch is at the back.

Modern mantle clock 16

Why not choose a modern-looking mantle clock for your interior that will easily add some color and charm to the interior and make it truly stand out with original appeal due to its vibrant, red finish?

Vintage kitchen clock ge flower white

Vintage Kitchen Clock Ge Flower White
Modern and useful mantle clock with an interesting shape. It features some decorative accents in its frame. It also features a round face finished in neutral white color. Green hands for hours and minutes are available with a gold hand for seconds.

Modern mantle clock

SEIKO Silver Contemporary Skeleton MANTEL CLock

Howard Miller 625-404 Marrison Wall Clock

This wall clock fits perfectly to contemporary and simple style and decor in your living room and bedroom. It has got a square shape and wood finish. You need to have it.

White mantel clock

Artisan Arts & Crafts Movement Mantel Clock Oak, metal : Lot 80

Little bit of magic for the mantel

little bit of magic for the mantel

Contemporary mantel clock

Boasting of detailed craftsmanship and timeless elegance, this beautiful mantel clock drowns in cherry finish and chrome accents. It features a sturdy wood case with a clear glass front, securing a chrome-finished pendulum, and a two-color dial with black metal hands.

The mantel clock a contemporary design

The Mantel Clock A Contemporary Design
A fantastic decoration for indoors; this mantel clock is as accurate as it is stylish, giving you a long-lasting tiemepiece. The clock comes with a walnut-finished wood case, a round off-white dial, and 3 black metal hands (hour, minute, second).

Contemporary mantel clocks

Contemporary mantel clock, because who doesn’t need a proper, stylish clock? The traditional style of the cypher blat, as well as the stainless steel frame, make it both traditional and modern – a combination that’s hard to find.

Invotis classic gear mantel clock contemporary heaven found on polyvore

Invotis Classic Gear Mantel Clock - Contemporary Heaven found on Polyvore

Contemporary wooden clocks

If your mantelpiece lacks proper decorations, you can always adorn it a little by using this vintage barrel hoop. It's designed of durable metal, offering a distinctive sculptural circle attached to the rectangle flat base.

Contemporary mantel clock 1

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White mantel clocks

iMax Essentials Green Apple Desk Clock X-99279 - contemporary - Desk And Mantel Clocks - Arcadian Home & Lighting

Thomas kent cotswold fern mantel clock 6 inch

Thomas Kent Cotswold Fern Mantel Clock 6 Inch
Wall clock with quartz movement and Arabic numeral. Round shield is made of resin. Modern accent for all kinds of interiors as needed.

Large mantel clock

Arabic stone, Thomas Kent Mantle Clock, 6 inches, table top clock, thomas kent mantel clock

Maple's 18-Inch Tire Wall Clock, Blue LED

This kind of clock is a product created for people who like cars and motorization. The product has got a round shape and it has got four arabic numbers that show 3, 6, 9 and 12. They are very easy to read.

LCD Projection Alarm Clock

LCD Projection Alarm Clock
Alarm clock with LCD display and projector. Displays time, date, day and indoor temperature. Alarm has the function of 5 minutes snooze. It is well appreciated by the customers.

Mantel clock contemporary

Archibald Knox for Liberty, Sterling Silver & Enamel Art Nouveau Clock...Stunning!!!!

Contemporary mantel clock 5

White clock for on top of piano

Contemporary domed black white metal mantel clock

Contemporary Domed Black & White Metal Mantel Clock

Mantel clocks ebay

Roco Verre Block Mantel Clock White at contemporary Heaven

Contemporary mantel clock

Details about Rhythm Contemporary Modern Mantel Clock Two Tone ...

Bardwell Mantel Clock

Bardwell Mantel Clock
Striking tabletop clock beaming with traditional flair. It grabs praises with its elaborately carved wooden case. Clear glass panels with golden framing expose golden clock mechanism and round face with Roman numerals.

Frank Lloyd Wright Willits Table Mantel Clock

Frank Lloyd Wright Willits Table Mantel Clock
Embellish your fireplace with this exquisite Mantel Clock in Light Cherry Finish. The clock features a solid wood case, mineral glass panel, clear protective lens, and round white face with black second hand. Requires AA batteries.

Contemporary mantel clock 4

Evil Dragon Pentagram Pendulum Mantel Clock

Pilot design small splat desk clock contemporary desk and mantel

Pilot Design Small Splat Desk Clock Contemporary Desk And Mantel Clocks
Modern and very original desk clock is a great way to have fun and funky decor. Beautiful colors and stunning details of the decor delight. The clear orange and white colors contrast beautifully on the clock face.

Kent solid wood table clock

Tothora Tact 25 Rustic Table Clock - contemporary - Desk And Mantel Clocks - Modo Bath