Modern Mantel Clocks

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In contemporary interiors, modern mantel clocks can make the perfect centerpiece for your mantel decor. These clocks are often made with sleek, minimalist designs and come in various materials like wood, metal, and even glass. Our experts have hand-selected the best contemporary mantel clocks, from sleek and minimal designs to bold statement-making pieces.

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Updated 05/12/2022
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Clean and Contemporary Mantel Clock

Clean and Contemporary Mantel Clock

Howard Miller®

Beveled with pristine jade glass on an aluminum silver finished base, this contemporary mantel clock will accompany most home interiors. The black Roman numerals and hour markers beautifully contrast against the white clock face. 

Designer Advice:

At just six inches in height, this beautiful contemporary mantel clock is perfect for smaller spaces. The sleek, modern design will look great in minimalist interiors. It has a built-in alarm, making it ideal for use in the bedroom as well as office and living room settings.

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Fun and Funky Mantel Clock

Fun and Funky Mantel Clock

Ebern Designs

Add a splash of color to your setting with this funky little mantel clock. The bright and bold yellow silhouette will bring a stylish metropolitan vibe wherever it is displayed. It will look superb in the living or dining room. 

$24.99 $19.99

Designer Advice:

This little mantel clock may be small at just eight inches in height, but it is sure to be a show-stopper! The bold yellow silhouette standing on black metal legs, brilliantly contrasted against its white clock face, will catch the eyes of your guests. Perfect for those wanting to add a pop of color to their setting.

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Funky & Contemporary Mantel Clock

Funky & Contemporary Mantel Clock


Add a touch of industrial style to your living room or bedroom with this funky and eye-catching mantel clock. Featuring a minimal silhouette of two cylindrical metal frames with an antique-inspired brass finish. We love the cool numberless design. 

$48.99 $54.99

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Glamorous Modern Mantel Clocks

Glamorous Modern Mantel Clocks


Update your mantelpiece with this elegant marbled glass mantel clock. Featuring a combination of glass with a stylish marble print and golden hands, complete with a gold metal frame which gives it an effortlessly sophisticated and chic feel.

$37.56 $61.99

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Mirrored Modern Mantel Clock

Mirrored Modern Mantel Clock


Featuring a beautiful distressed mirrored design framed with crystal accents, this contemporary mantel clock will add style wherever it is displayed. The clock face displays roman numerals and uses a silent ticking mechanism, making it suitable for use in bedrooms.

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Sleek and Stylish Mantel Clock

Sleek and Stylish Mantel Clock


Featuring a polished, minimalist design with golden hands, this modern mantel clock is eye-catching and glamorous all at the same time. It has a numberless face and uses a totally silent mechanism. An ideal choice for lovers of minimalism!

$31.99 $38.99

Designer Advice:

With its striking minimalist design, this clock will add style and sophistication to any room of your home. Available in four different colors, including a bold and funky orange and bright green, it's the perfect accent decor piece for those wanting to update their interiors with a splash color. Choose a color that contrasts with your walls for maximum impact.

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Modern Mantel Clocks

Buying Guide

You can place a contemporary clock on a mantel, and it will add both a design and a functional element to the room. Consider proportion and balance in how you display your clock on the mantle. If you place it on one end, match it to scale with another equal size item on the other end.

It is essential to add a contemporary mantel clock that complements or contrasts the room’s existing decor theme. For ultra-modern homes, you can incorporate a minimalist, sleek black and white contemporary clock. In a farmhouse-style home, consider combining old with new by choosing a contemporary mantel clock mounted on reclaimed walnut.

The modern design of these clocks is captivating and quirky, ensuring it will garner attention from guests.

When decorating your contemporary mantel clock, it’s a good idea to add other elements that either contrast or complement the piece itself.

For example, decide early on whether you want your place to look ultra-modern, or more vintage or farmhouse. If you’re veering more modern or minimalist with your look, select similarly contemporary accessories for your mantel clock—for example, shiny metallic statues, sleek polished wooden accents, or even (for a minimalist look) nothing at all.

If you’d rather embrace a cozier, more farmhouse look, we’d recommend adding aged books, vases of dried flowers, and old picture frames to complement your contemporary clock in a very pleasing way.

If you're pondering on whether a contemporary mantle clock is right for you or not, then here are some things you need to know about mantel clocks. Both traditional and modern mantel clocks are basically the same in terms of function; however, modern mantel clocks are designed for contemporary living.

Some of the most common materials used in modern mantel clocks include statutory cement or solid wood, and they are usually perfectly sprayed and smooth, giving them a clean and simple look. The mechanisms used in these clocks are also of high quality, and most of them contain a handy automatic night shut-off feature.

So irrespective of showing time, they bring charm and timeless elegance to your home. So if you have a modern or contemporary existing interior, then a contemporary mantle clock will simply add to the functionality and attractiveness of your living space.

Best Ideas

Big mantel clocks

A cool contemporary standing clock having a triangularish frame of thin metal rods with a brass colour finish. Its dark blue dial with no numbers is also triangularish. Hour and minute lines and conical hands have a same finish like the frame.

Modern mantle clock 3

Modern table clock with watermelon theme. Its durable construction is based on lacquered wood, enameled steel and enameled aluminum. White hands are responsible for showing hours and minutes. Red hand shows seconds.

Mantle clock ebay

High-quality mantel clock with a contemporary feel and a stunning unique design. The piece stands on two legs and comes in beautiful two-tone finishing with a dominant stained brown top and glossed black at the bottom. Perfect for any modern living room.

Innermost mantel clock 3d model item

Innermost Mantel Clock 3d model | Item

Contemporary mantel clock 2

Tasteful clock fitted with quartz movement and Roman numeral. It is mounted on metal frame in the shape of pocket clock. Perfect gift idea. Application in all kinds of interiors according to taste and need.

Mantel clocks amazing ageless gadget

Mantel Clocks – Amazing Ageless Gadget

Mirrored mantel clock

The first developed in France in the 1750, this one is contemporary version of mantel clock - made of light walnut wood with silver hands of clock. The shield has a small oval shape, but very legible - based on a triangular barely visible base.

Kienzle mantle clock

Kienzle mantle clock

Stylish clock for all kinds of interiors according to taste and need. Includes quartz movement and Arabic numeral. It is powered by batteries. Shield is covered with glass and stone.

Contemporary globe black wire metal mantel clock

Contemporary Globe Black Wire Metal Mantel Clock

Fairfax contemporary mantel clockclock black finish with quality

Fairfax - contemporary mantel clockclock - Black Finish with quality ...

Contemporary inlaid solid wood mantel shelf or desk clock u10

Contemporary inlaid solid wood mantel shelf or desk clock u10

An elegant contemporary standing clock. Its frame of inlaid solid wood finished in browns has a straight bottom edge and an arched top one. A round white glazed dial has a metal rim. Arabic numerals and hands are black but a white second hand.

Designer mantel clocks

Bulova Lanterna Mantel Clock modern-clocks

Brilliant Vintage Chiming Mid Century Art Deco German Junghans Mantle Clock

Brilliant Vintage Chiming Mid Century Art Deco German Junghans Mantle Clock

A vintage keywound mantel clock. A brownish woody casing is a bit worn. A round glazed face has a gold rim. A dial has a white rim, a brown centre, golden hours marks and hands. It chimes every half and full hour. A chime switch is at the back.

Contemporary burl wood skeleton clock w hour bell strike

Contemporary Burl Wood Skeleton Clock w Hour Bell Strike

Title contemporary style pendulum mantle clock brand london clock

title contemporary style pendulum mantle clock brand london clock ...

Contemporary mantle clock

State of the art mantel clock standing on a thick wooden base and supported by a curved metal frame. The clock also offers an excellent balance of colors with its natural wood grain base and industrial black metal elements. Its unique splendor will transform any space easily.

Tenney Table Clock

Tenney Table Clock

White mantel clock

Artisan Arts & Crafts Movement Mantel Clock Oak, metal : Lot 80

Contemporary mantel clock 3

Contemporary mantel clock, with silver finish is a small home clock that is traditionally placed on a shelf, usually above the fireplace.Its main features are: cobalt blue glass columns, on a moulded oval base and little crafted in metal flowers.

Max modern mantel clock

max modern mantel clock

Wood mantle clocks modern clocks by west elm

Wood Mantle Clocks - Modern - Clocks - by West Elm

Seth thomas mid century modern mantel clock

Seth Thomas Mid Century Modern Mantel Clock

Grey mantel desk table clock modern minimalist silent

Grey Mantel/Desk/Table Clock | Modern Minimalist | Silent ...

Modern mantel clocks decor roni young the best of

Modern Mantel Clocks — Decor Roni Young : The Best of ...