Kassel Wall Clocks

Originally designed in Germany, if you are interested in a classical cuckoo clock, then any of our Kassel wall clocks would work for your decorative and timekeeping needs. Handcrafted, with the highest-quality movements, you will love looking at these decorative and elaborate wall clocks. Take a stroll through our collection for more details and pick one for yourself.

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Kassel wall clock 2

Vintage Kassel 31Day Grandfather Wall Clock w/chimes by WOOPLACE,

Kassel wall clocks

A beautiful wall clock that sparkles with rustic appearance, thanks to its beautifully designed case. Crafted of mahogany-finished hardwood, the clock has lovely turned posts, a working brass pendulum, and a white round dial with Roman numbers and black metal hands.

31 day clock

Kassel 31 Day Wooden Wall Clock

Wall Clocks: Grandfather Wood Wall Clock with Chime, No Battery Required, Winding Key Included. Pendulum Wood Traditional Clock. Makes An Excellent Christmas Gift!

Classical wall clock with gold-colored pendulum, extremely elegant and stylish, it stands in line with the best furnishing traditions. The pendulum is exposed behind glass door, with golden ornament painted on it.

Kassel 31 day key wind chiming wall clock pendulum traditional


31 day grandfather clock

character clock 31 day wall clock Kassel 31 day

Kassel wall clock

This beautiful and retro-style Kassel Wall Clock is a piece of elegant and tasteful addition to your room design that would look neat and charming. Made of high quality carved dark brown wood would suit well to any interior.

Our advice Buying Guide

Kassel wall clocks almost look like miniature grandfather clocks. Rather than acting as free-standing items in your home, these clocks, as the name suggests, hang from your wall instead. Let's consider some of the main features of these clocks and determine what you should think about before shopping for one.

What are the most common shapes of the clock face?

There are various shapes for the clock face, but here are the most common:

  • Circular clock face: This style consists of a circular clock face which is surrounded by a circular wooden frame. Essentially, the entire piece of furniture is circular in shape, which is ideal for homes which require a softer finish.
  • Hexagonal clock face: Although this may seem like a strange shape to choose, it works well for clock faces. The clock itself is normally circular, although you may sometimes cross across hexagonal version. However, the outer frame protecting the main mechanism of the clock is shaped like a hexagon, which adds more interest without overcrowding the item.
  • Rectangular shape: A square or rectangular clock face is normally surrounded by a similarly shaped frame to match. This shape is more suited to homes which are slightly more updated than others, or if you are trying to avoid a perfectly traditional clock shape.

What different details can be found in Kassel wall clocks?

Choosing a Kassel wall clock for your home can be challenging, since there are many designs out there and all of them come with different details:

  • Birdhouse detail: One of the most common types to see, the birdhouse wall clock takes a rectangular shape as mentioned above. The difference is mainly the leaf detail which surrounds the exterior of the frame. Intricate leaves surround the clock, adding a beautiful touch which is ideally suited to cottages.
  • Clock face detail: As well as extra detail added onto the wooden surrounding of your Kassel wall clock, you are likely to also find some detail on the face of the clock. For example, many wall clocks will have Roman numerals rather than standard numbers, but more modern clocks will have numbers or even empty space where the numbers would normally be placed.

How to measure for a Kassel wall clock?

Measure the free wall space before you start looking for clocks. This will give you an idea of the size you are looking for, and you'll cut down on the risk of buying an overly large wall clock or one which is too small. As well as thinking about the width of your wall clock, you should consider how high up the wall it should be positioned. As a general guideline, you should be looking to place the wall clock at a height of around 6 feet.


Kassel wall clocks 1

The beautiful combination of old style in this enchanting wall clock makes the interior a unique climate. The small dial of the clock with Roman numerals and gilded details of the dial and pendulum combine beautifully with the dark shade of the whole.

Kassel 31 day grandfather wall clock approx 30 tall x

kassel 31 day grandfather wall clock approx 30 tall x

Kassel large cuckoo clock

character clock 31 day wall clock Kassel 31 day

Kassel clocks

Kassel 31 Day Wall Clock

31 day clocks

Kassel has created a wonderful replica of the old fashioned school ...

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Antique replica kassel wall clock 31 day wind up nib

Antique replica Kassel wall clock,31 day wind-up "NIB" Completed

Kassel cuckoo clock 2

Kassel Antique Clocks BrookWood Wall Clock New W/ Chime

Beautiful Kassel 15 Day Wood Wall Pendulum Clock with Glass Front

This elegant wall clock is beautifully crafted from sturdy wood, offering a functional, swinging pendulum. The clock chimes every hour and every half an hour, and includes a white face with Roman numerals, covered by a glass front panel.

Kassel Large Cuckoo Clock

Among all cuckoo clock, this one for sure stands out! Its solid wood construction features so many lovely details, that it in fact has a fairy tale feel! It has many elements that move, e.g. water wheel, or woodsman.

Kassel wall clock 3

Kassel Wall Clock

Kassel 31 day cherry wall clock with key and pendulum

Kassel 31 Day Cherry Wall Clock with Key and Pendulum, Works Well!

Kassel 15 day wall clock

Kassel 15-Day Wall Clock

Kassel 15-Day Wood Wall Clock Beautifully Crafted Wood Decorative Glass Front Swinging Pendulum

Add elegance, style and beauty to your home with this traditional and classic wall clock. It has got a solid wood construction and pendulum. you need to have it.

KasselTM 15-Day Wood Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got a pendulum, round face, solid wood construction and traditional design. It is a fantastic addition for your classic style and decor. You need to have it.

Kassel Large Cuckoo Clock

It is a beautiful and nicely finished wall clock with large size, solid wood construction and cuckoo. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks on your wall. It is a great choice.

KasselTM Small Cuckoo Clock

This cuckoo clock is characterized by compact size, so if you quite lack of blank space on your wall, it will do fine. The design leaves nothing to be desired: it has a set of decorative carvings that grab the beholder.

Kassel clock

Kirch Kassel Wall Clocks - Musical Wall Clocks

KasselTM Cuckoo Clock - Style HHCC7

It is a beautiful and nicely finished wall clock with solid wood construction and cuckoo. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks on your wall. It is a great choice.

Homeloo natural bamboo wood retro numeric cutter diy modern unique

Homeloo Natural Bamboo Wood Retro Numeric Cutter Diy Modern Unique Wall Clock
Minimalistic and modern clock made of natural material - bamboo. Acrylic on the back to stand out the numbers clearly. Linseed oil coating protects bamboo on the surface and deep into the fibre, and gives it a nice sheen.

Homeloo Bamboo Numeral Cutter Unique Modern Wall Clock (Blue)

Modern fonts and black clock hands come together for a fresh, contemporary look of this unique wall clock. The surface of the clock is crafted of high-quality bamboo. Item features quiet and smooth running Taiwan quartz movements.

Kassel wall clocks 2

beautiful wood clock | Beautiful Kassel 15 Day Wood Wall Pendulum Clock with


It is a classic and elegant wall lock with cuckoo that fits perfectly to traditional style and decor in your living room area. You will be impressed how high quality and beauty this clock is.

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Compare confidence!up to 70 can be

Sterling industries wooden wall clock

Sterling Industries Wooden Wall Clock
This is a wall clock that has got a solid wooden construction and a round shale. It features black hands and white Roman numbers. It measures 16" H x 16" W x 1.25" D and its mechanism works in a very reliable way.

New Kassel Cuckoo Clock Hand Carved Wooden Accents Precise Quartz Movement Requires 2 D Batteries

A classic piece: cuckoo clock. Used to be in every home once. Now you can have it in today's interior, too! This piece is characterized by highest quality of the make, with elaborate hand carved wooden accents.

Kassel tm large cuckoo clock with multiple moving features bird

Kassel™ Large Cuckoo Clock with Multiple Moving Features Bird Shuts ...

Bamboo wall clocks 11

Multicolor, star shaped wall clock. Colors power! Love the mix of finishes: plain bamboo background creates the stage for colorful diamonds, separate one for each hour, marked with black Arabic numbers.

Grandfather clock with curio cabinet

Grandfather Clock with Curio Cabinet

Homeloo Bamboo Numeral Forest Unique Modern Wall Clock

A fantastic improvement for homes and offices, this wall clock boasts of its intricate dial and durable bamboo construction. The dial is crafted in shape of large Arabic numerals, and equipped with black metal hands along with a matching second hand.

Fox clock wood bamboo woodland animal

Fox Clock Wood Bamboo Woodland Animal
Made of bamboo wood, the wall clock with two fox motifs is a great way to decorate the interior. Beautiful clock face with Arabic numerals and refreshing orange clock tips looks fabulous. Nice detail to the children's room.

Twinkle clock

Twinkle Clock
Minimalist star shaped bamboo board wall clock. For those who are fishing for a simple and unobtrusive timepiece which would nevertheless provide an eye-drawing decor accent. Straight black hands. No numerals.

Schoolhouse Quartz Regulator Clock Cherry

This Wall Clock with Swinging Pendulum & Black Finish can be an excellent choice for improving your home or office with functionality and impeccable looks. The clock includes a functional pendulum, a round white face with Roman numerals, quartz movement, and sturdy wood construction.

23" Wooden Large Antiquite De Paris Oval Wall Clock

Feel an antique vibe in your decor and bedeck it with a stylish, distressed wall clock crafted from wood and embellished with black ornamental signs looking like taken straight from 19th century. Gorgeous!

42 Kassel Cuckoo Clock

It is a traditional wall clock that has got a classic design, large size, solid wood construction and cuckoo. Everyone will be impressed how amazing it looks on your wall. You need to have it.

Guild 8 day wall clock

Guild 8 day wall clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock
It is a stylish and elegant wall clock that is made of plastic, copper, resin, and glass. You can choose one of two colors: antique gold and antique walnut. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

Kassel 19 inch Cuckoo Clock

It is a beautiful and nicely finished wall clock with large size, solid wood construction and cuckoo. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks on your wall. It is a great choice.

Howard miller wall clock model 613 110 retail 1499 00


Usmile 12" Vintage heart-warming family always and forver Wooden Wall Clocks Decorative wall clocks Retro wall clocks

Opt for a touch of vintage appeal with this retro wall clock, sporting the nice flower theme on the front and offering numbers big enough to make them really easy to read and tell the time with utmost precision.

Cuckoo Clock With Multiple Moving Figures And Deer

It is a beautiful and nicely finished wall clock with multiple moving figures, deer, solid wood construction and cuckoo. Everyone will be impressed how cool it looks on your wall.

These beautiful wooden clocks keep me on time for the

These beautiful wooden clocks keep me on time for the things that I need to do. I set them so that I know what hour it is on the hour. If I didn't have them I would be late for everything. I might not even get where I needed to go at all.

Kassel™ Black Forest Cuckoo Clock

This cuckoo wall clock has got a black forest design and solid construction. If you looking for a fantastic wall clock, you need to choose this one. It adds style and beauty to any home.