Unique Wall Clocks


Time is money? Actually, all those who have made their choices here, were satisfied and now you can be one of them, too. All that you should do is check out the designs, shapes, sizes and other details shown down here, and make the right decision. There are various options to choose from.

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Unique wall clocks

The unique combination of an atypical construction of this unique wall clock delights. A beautiful clock face with Roman numerals and decorative details impress. Excellent combination captivates and beautifully presents on the wall.

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Unique wall clocks 1

Featuring an absolutely fabulous idea to present the current hour, this wall clock will be an inimitable decor accent in any interior, catching the attention of any of your guests. A good example of the contemporary design.

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Creative clocks and unusual clock designs 15 9

Creative Clocks and Unusual Clock Designs. (15) 9

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Decorative wall clocks

Wall clock is the decoration of almost every home.The large decorative clock,with its unconventional form,is hand-made of metal elements, which with its lightness resemble gray-colored paper.Metal leaves form a beautiful flower-which surrounds the clock dial.

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Unique Bamboo Wall Clock Numeric Cutter

Unique Bamboo Wall Clock Numeric Cutter

If you are looking for unique and stylish interior decor, this phenomenal bamboo wall clock is perfect. The beautiful dial of the clock with an impressive Arabic numeral creates a unique combination.

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Unique wall clock 3

A quirky wall clock with an unusual, interesting appearance. The wall clock is made out of a metal plate placed on a wall with a bike chain with attached numerals, placed on a cog which rotates as the time passes.

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Wristwatch Wall Clock

Wristwatch Wall Clock

This astonishing wall clock has a really eye-catching look - it's stylized on a metal wristwatch in distressed finish. It has a sturdy, metal construction in silver and gold and a large clock face with black roman numbers and glass lens.

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Surfboard wall clock 33

Decorative and practical wall clock with a surfboard pendulum mechanism. Its round face features a multi-color pattern associated with sea. This clock features readable Arabic numbers and a reliable mechanism.

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GM Genuine Chevy Neon Clock

It is a retro Genuine Chevrolet neon wall clock that has got a blue chevy color and chrome finish. If you looking for a perfect retro wall clock to your garage, kitchen and other, you need to choose this one.

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Unique wall clocks rubic image

A uniquely styled wall clock to enhance the style of your interior décor. It’s made of a quartz frame and plastic face cover with unconventional dial face design. The black and white wall clock is a perfectly functional and decorative item for any home, business, or as a gift item.

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Best Ideas

French Country Rooster Kitchen Wall Clock - 12' Diameter

Pretty rustic French style 1AA battery-powered wall clock. Its round frame is of brown-reddish plastic, cover of clear plastic. A white face features a chequered border, black Arabic numerals, hands, lettering in French and a colourful cock image.

Oversized 31" Simply Unique Aluminum Wall Clock

Oversized 31" Simply Unique Aluminum Wall Clock

This Oversized 31-Inch Wall Clock in Silver Finish is characterized by durable and functional construction. The clock includes a sturdy, metal frame, and a round face with a glass lens and Arabic numerals.

Unique wall clock home and living

Unique wall clock home and living

That's your little piece of a postcard form a country far away. What time is there? This unique wall clock can answer this question. Black base, with an unconventional sticker - remnants of old letter or postcard.

ECOOPRO® 3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This type of product plays a very functional and decorative role. It is a wall clock that is made of durable hard plastic. It has got big 3D digits that are easy to read. Its mechanism is problem free and effective.

Large Metal Contemporary Wall Clock

This product is a wall clock that represents a very original and contemporary style in the house. It has got multi-colored, large numbers that are easy to read. The size of this product is approximately 27"H x 21"L.

Bulova Exhibition Typeface 12-in. Wall Clock

It is a wall clock that has got an antique bronze metallic finish and stylish design. If you looking for a perfect gift for your friends and family, you need to choose this product.

Fashion New Modern 3D Unique Creative Wall Square Clock Home Decor orange

Wall clock featuring very unique design, large 3D numeral and construction made of high quality plastic. This makes it a durable and appealing construction at the same time. It's a great addition to all modern interiors.

Clocks unique wall clock large wall clock wall by modernwallclock

Clocks Unique wall clock Large wall clock Wall by ModernWallClock, $64.99

Bark clock unique wall clock eur69 00

Bark clock unique wall clock, €69.00

Unique wall clocks 2

Unique neon lighted futuristic wall clock in blue frame; rotating LED lights create an illusion of moving lighted hands and hour marks - a design that just can't be passed up, even in complete darkness.

3D Big Digital Modern Contemporary Home Office Decor Round Quartz Wall Clock Green

This kind of wall clock is a product that represents a very attractive, modern and contemporary design. It is ideal for a home or office use. This kind of clock has got a very original hand stylization.

Demdaco Owl Wall Clock

Designed through an organic process from wood composite, this owl-shaped clock is equipped with an accurate mechanism and it looks very cute. It features Arabic numerals and black metal hands, and you can easily mount it on a wall.

NHL Chicago Blackhawks Chrome Clock

Round wall clock in chrome plated plastic case, with metal hands and glass lens. The face showcases big and glossy NFL Chicago Blackhawks logo - it is an officially licensed product. The design is contemporary, with sporty look.

IMAX Hotel Wall Clock

It is a Grand hotel wall clock that is made of 100-percent MDF. This product is high quality, nicely finished and has got a beautiful design. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall.