Electric Wall Clock


Never have to change the batteries in your wall clock again when you have an electric wall clock. Having your wall clock die is just inconvenient. Go with a constant electric current going into your wall clock you will never have to worry about that again. And our collection of electric wall clocks is very stylish.

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Our Picks

Mrk newgate electric wall clocks electric

Mrk newgate electric wall clocks electric

A high quality wall-mounted clock with an electric mechanism. This piece of equipment has got a round shape and it is supported by a metal base. Its face is made of solid, attractive glass and the overall size of this clock is 8.5"diam. x 3"h.

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Light up wall clocks

Backlit analog clock with Arabic numerals from Elgin Watches. The name and city where manufactured are written in small letters around the bottom rim. Hour and minute hands are black, the second hand is red. Utilitarian black metal frame.

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Vintage electric wall clock

Accentuate your bare walls with this stunning wall clock. Featuring a beautiful rounded design, the clock offers a stunning two-tone appearance with its dark walnut exterior and white background. There are also little touches of red and black that neatly finish this piece.

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Geneva 14-in. Electric Quartz Wall Clock - Black

It is a classic and simple wall clock that has got a black frame and electric quartz movement. It fits to any style and décor and is perfect for your office space. You will be impressed how great this wall clock is.

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Mrk Newgate Electric Wall Clocks Electric

Mrk Newgate Electric Wall Clocks Electric

A very interesting, stylish and simple wall clock that enhances any decor. It has got a reliable mechanism that shows current time in a very effective way. It features a solid metal base and a glass face.

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Vintage-Inspired Pocket "Cheval Noir" Wall Hanging Clock

Vintage-Inspired Pocket "Cheval Noir" Wall Hanging Clock

Stylish watch in Vintage style. It is designed to hang on the wall. Oval construction is made of iron. It has Roman numbering and is equipped with electric mechanism. Tasteful addition to the antique style to any interior.

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Vintage electric clock

An original vintage industrial factory office electric clock that comes with a brown Bakelite case. It comes from England and requires some revision to be adapted to American electrical standards. The clock has a diameter of 6.9 inches and is in perfect vintage condition.

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Electric Clock, 14-1/2", 5' Cord, Black Frame/White Dail

Electrick wall clock in round black frame, with white dial and big black Arabic numerals. When it comes to design issues, this piece is just classic. You can be sure that it fits gracefully with any interior.

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Electric wall clock 3

A classic vintage-styled large lighted Coca Cola wall clock complete with light bulbs. It’s a perfect piece for your man cave, bar, pool room, game room, kitchen, or garage. The high-quality clock comes with wall mounting mechanism and neon bulbs.

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General electric wall clock but really i 39 ll take

General Electric Wall Clock. But really, I'll take everything from Three Potato Four.

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Electric Wall Clock

Buying Guide

The best material for an electric wall clock depends entirely on the look that you’re going for.

If your home is more on the rustic-chic or farmhouse side, you’ll want to select a wooden clock (or one with a wooden frame).

More modern, minimalist, or eclectic homes would benefit from a metallic clock or even one made from plastic, ceramic, or melamine.

For a statement look, we like a metal electric clock that’s framed by a more rustic, organic element such as untreated wood or rough stone.

Not all of them, but most wall clocks are indeed electric.

In fact, the most common one you can find is now quartz, which is still a type of electric wall clock: this is because it relies on the oscillations created by a vibrating crystal using low-voltage DC-powered circuitry.

Best Ideas

Original large vintage industrial factory office electric wall clock with

ORIGINAL large vintage industrial factory office electric WALL CLOCK with brown bakelite case

Giant 8" Numbers LED Wall Clock with Remote Control

Giant 8" Numbers LED Wall Clock with Remote Control

This Giant 8-Inch Numbers LED Wall Clock in Black Finish comes with a remote control for a convenient use. The clock includes an aluminum frame, a glass lens, digital display of time and 110 AC adapter with 6 foot chord.

Electric wall clock 2

This electric wall clock brings vintage accents to any interiror, boasting of its gorgeous metalwork and accurate mechanism. Made of durable metal and slightly weathered, the clock also features a brass ring, a clear glass cover, Roman numerals and a second hand.

Wall Clock, Electric

This piece is classic among all clock designs. With its round black frame, black Arabic numerals, black hour and minute hands, red second hand and convex lens, it couldn't be more loaded with classic chic.

Sterling and Noble 11" Neon Wall Clock, Neon Blue

Wonderfully modern neon wall clock. It features bright electric blue neon frame and glass lens. Comes with high quality quartz mechanism providing great precision. For indoor use only, requires 1 AA battery (not included).

Schoolhouse electric supply co 1

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Vintage general electric square kitchen wall clock

Vintage General Electric square kitchen wall clock.

Chaney Instruments 14-Inch Electra Wall Clock with Set & Forget Technology

Electric wall clock in round black frame. The dial measures 14 inches in diameter, and it is covered with convex lens. The numerals are black and classically stylized. The hands are black, with red second hand.

Active Living Oversized Digital Blue LED Dynamic Wall Clock

This kind of wall clock is a very modern and convenient solution for people who want to know the exact date and time. The product has got a rectangular shape and it has got a blue LED screen that shows the current hour and date.

Miller electric wall clock from the 1940 39 s by

Miller Electric Wall Clock from the 1940's by HistoryReborn, $59.00

DecoMates Non-Ticking Silent Wall Clock, Retro, Brown

It is a very solid and attractive product. This wall clock has got a round shape and a wall mounting. It is very silent and it has got large numbers that are easy to read. Its simple stylization matches any decor.

Gulf oil co electric wall clock

Gulf Oil Co. electric wall clock

Fender Guitar & Amp 15" Neon Light Wall Clock Garage Band Music Studio Tin Metal Sign Red

This is a very interesting, attractive and original wall clock that has got a round shape and a neon light stylization. The product measures 17.4 x 17.4 x 5.5 inches and it has got a very reliable mechanism.

Seth thomas contract brown electric wall clock

Seth Thomas Contract Brown Electric Wall Clock