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Buy the best electric wall clock selected and recommended by interior designers. By Tara Gosselin.

Never have to change the batteries in your wall clock again when you have an electric wall clock. Having your wall clock die is just inconvenient. Go with a constant electric current going into your wall clock you will never have to worry about that again. And our collection of electric wall clocks is very stylish.

Classic Black and White Vintage Electric Analog Clock

Classic Black and White Vintage Electric Analog Clock

Classic Black and White Vintage Electric Analog Clock

Nyl Holdings Llc


This electric wall clock offers a minimalistic, classic analog clock look suitable for homes or businesses. The 14” diameter black plastic frame, hands, and large numbers contrast against the white background and red seconds hand.

Designer Advice

Vintage electric clocks offer the versatility of going with any design theme while being minimal enough not to stand out or clash with your existing space. They’re neutral enough to be common staples in schools, corporate offices, and kitchens. And you can use the classic understated look for any room and decor style at home.

Rustic Analog Bronze Framed Electric Clock 

Rustic Analog Bronze Framed Electric Clock 

Rustic Analog Bronze Framed Electric Clock 

Adalene - similar to Howard Miller Bulova Braun Westclox La Crosse


This rustic electric clock offers an analog design with black Arabic numbers and filigree metal hands. The plastic vintage bronze frame has a 13” diameter with a clear glass face. And it automatically adapts for Daylight Savings.

Designer Advice

The elegant vintage feel from the decorative metal hour and minute clock hands combined with the bronze finish of the circular frame adds a fancy feel. And the wide diameter and large Arabic numbers enhance the usability and versatility for all users. Plus, because it automatically adjusts to Daylight Saving, there’s no inconvenience of removing the clock to change the time.

Pink Neon Glowing 11” Analog Plug In Wall Clock

Pink Neon Glowing 11” Analog Plug In Wall Clock

Pink Neon Glowing 11” Analog Plug In Wall Clock


This 11” diameter analog clock with two gray hands and a red seconds-hand point to large retro white font numbers. When plugged up, the black plastic clock frame emits a bright hot neon-pink light for easy viewing.

Designer Advice

We love the look of neon light accents in game rooms, bedrooms, hallways, and bars. You can even pull off the style in living spaces for a fun retro vibe. Adding a pink glowing ambiance will soften the environment while making it easy to view the numbers. And the soft light is perfect as a nightlight for bedrooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Auto Dimming Digital LED Electric Wall Clock

Auto Dimming Digital LED Electric Wall Clock

Auto Dimming Digital LED Electric Wall Clock



This large-font electric wall clock with plug can be set at 12 or 24-hour format with auto-dimming and anti-reflective digital numbers in red or white. A 10-foot USB power cable allows installation at most wall heights.

Designer Advice

Unlike vintage electric clocks, being able to change the font color and the light brightness of modern wall-hung LED electric wall clocks is a major asset. In addition, you can customize the clock face to account for visibility for people with all eyesight and lighting conditions. It also lets you create a new design aesthetic without replacing your clock. 

Wall Mounted Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock

Wall Mounted Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock

Wall Mounted Digital Dimmable Alarm Clock



This large electric wall clock has a built-in alarm and thermometer, all displayed simultaneously in white font on a 6.15” wide by 3.1” tall black LED display. There are two built-in charging ports, backup batteries, and dimmable lights.

Designer Advice

Modern digital electric clocks give you the advantages of multiple functions in traditional styles. For example, you can use this electric wall clock as an outlet or charger for two devices and an alarm clock to keep you on schedule. In addition, backup batteries, a 30-second refresh thermometer, and the ability to adjust the brightness make it perfect for customization to make your life easy and comfortable.

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Electric Wall Clock

Buying Guide

The best material for an electric wall clock depends entirely on the look that you’re going for.

If your home is more on the rustic-chic or farmhouse side, you’ll want to select a wooden clock (or one with a wooden frame).

More modern, minimalist, or eclectic homes would benefit from a metallic clock or even one made from plastic, ceramic, or melamine.

For a statement look, we like a metal electric clock that’s framed by a more rustic, organic element such as untreated wood or rough stone.

Not all of them, but most wall clocks are indeed electric.

In fact, the most common one you can find is now quartz, which is still a type of electric wall clock: this is because it relies on the oscillations created by a vibrating crystal using low-voltage DC-powered circuitry.

Best Ideas

Light up wall clocks

Backlit analog clock with Arabic numerals from Elgin Watches. The name and city where manufactured are written in small letters around the bottom rim. Hour and minute hands are black, the second hand is red. Utilitarian black metal frame.

Sterling and Noble 11" Neon Wall Clock, Neon Blue

Wonderfully modern neon wall clock. It features bright electric blue neon frame and glass lens. Comes with high quality quartz mechanism providing great precision. For indoor use only, requires 1 AA battery (not included).

Electric wall clock 3

A classic vintage-styled large lighted Coca Cola wall clock complete with light bulbs. It’s a perfect piece for your man cave, bar, pool room, game room, kitchen, or garage. The high-quality clock comes with wall mounting mechanism and neon bulbs.

Fender Guitar & Amp 15" Neon Light Wall Clock Garage Band Music Studio Tin Metal Sign Red

This is a very interesting, attractive and original wall clock that has got a round shape and a neon light stylization. The product measures 17.4 x 17.4 x 5.5 inches and it has got a very reliable mechanism.

General electric wall clock but really i 39 ll take

General Electric Wall Clock. But really, I'll take everything from Three Potato Four.

Vintage electric wall clock

Accentuate your bare walls with this stunning wall clock. Featuring a beautiful rounded design, the clock offers a stunning two-tone appearance with its dark walnut exterior and white background. There are also little touches of red and black that neatly finish this piece.

Bai Retro Kitchen Timer Wall Clock, Black

It is a wall clock that has got a timer, black metal hands, convex glass lens and retro design. It is a fantastic addition to any kitchen. This product is available in four colors to choose: black, red, turquoise and chrome silver.

Vintage electric clock

An original vintage industrial factory office electric clock that comes with a brown Bakelite case. It comes from England and requires some revision to be adapted to American electrical standards. The clock has a diameter of 6.9 inches and is in perfect vintage condition.

Mrk newgate electric wall clocks electric

Mrk newgate electric wall clocks electric

A high quality wall-mounted clock with an electric mechanism. This piece of equipment has got a round shape and it is supported by a metal base. Its face is made of solid, attractive glass and the overall size of this clock is 8.5"diam. x 3"h.

Miller electric wall clock from the 1940 39 s by

Miller Electric Wall Clock from the 1940's by HistoryReborn, $59.00

Original large vintage industrial factory office electric wall clock with

ORIGINAL large vintage industrial factory office electric WALL CLOCK with brown bakelite case

Geneva 14-in. Electric Quartz Wall Clock - Black

It is a classic and simple wall clock that has got a black frame and electric quartz movement. It fits to any style and décor and is perfect for your office space. You will be impressed how great this wall clock is.

Wall Clock, Electric

This piece is classic among all clock designs. With its round black frame, black Arabic numerals, black hour and minute hands, red second hand and convex lens, it couldn't be more loaded with classic chic.

Schoolhouse electric supply co 1

Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Vintage general electric clock

Vintage Electric Wall Clock White and by VintageShelfAndWall, $48.00

Electric kitchen wall clocks

Red Retro Midcentury Electric Wall Clock by by RustologyAntiques, $38.00

Electric wall clocks

1990 Coca-Cola Coke Electric Wall Clock Lights Up

Harley-Davidson® Essential Bar & Shield Neon Clock

This wall clock is definitely going to satisfy motorcycle enthusiasts, especially Harley-Davidson owners. The clock sits inside of a finished in chrome frame, and with a blue neon running around the face. Also includes Arabic numerals, a red second hand, neon power adapter/transformer, and quartz movement. Requires 1 AA battery.

Antiques atlas brillie electric wall clock type 1556

Antiques Atlas - Brillie Electric Wall Clock - Type 1556

Buy newgate clocks 50s electric wall clock biscuit box

Buy Newgate Clocks 50's Electric Wall Clock - Biscuit Box ...

Newgate small electric wall clock polished aluminum

Newgate - Small Electric Wall Clock Polished Aluminum ...

Electric wall clocks with cord and auto set motor

Electric Wall Clocks with Cord and Auto Set Motor

12 75 black electric slimline commercial residential wall

12.75" Black Electric Slimline Commercial/Residential Wall ...

Preciser hollow electric guitar design vinyl record wall

Preciser Hollow Electric Guitar Design Vinyl Record Wall ...

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