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A large digital wall clock is the perfect way to combine modern styling and practicality in your home, school, or office space. Large digital displays are easy to read and are more accurate than traditional analog clocks.  When shopping for the best digital wall clock, it is crucial to consider size, accuracy, and aesthetic features to ensure they meet your design and functionality needs. Discover the best large digital wall clocks for your space. 

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Updated 07/04/2023
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Large LED Wall Clock

Large LED Wall Clock


What we like: Easy to read even with glare from the sun

What we don’t like: Doesn’t display the date

Not so good for: Small bedrooms where the display could be too bright

Perfect for: Classrooms, universities, and workplaces

This large digital clock is perfect for displaying the time in large open spaces such as university lecture theaters and sports halls. With a bright display and AM and PM indicators, this clock also accommodates those experiencing visual impairments.

The large LED wall clock comes in black and is powered by an AC Adaptor (included), so no batteries are required.


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Large Digital Wall Clock Calendar

Large Digital Wall Clock Calendar


What we like: Includes a remote control to easily adjust settings like brightness

What we don’t like: Available in only two LED colors

Not so good for: Small family rooms where the display may cause glare

Perfect for: Warehouses and gyms where timer settings are crucial

This chic digital clock designed for wall or shelf display comes with a remote control to easily adjust settings like brightness and set alarms. This big digital clock displays temperature and can be used as a stopwatch and timer to complete workouts, time recipes, and enjoy game nights with the family.

It is available with blue and red LED displays, and the brightness can be adjusted to six different levels.


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Minimalist Digital Clock

Minimalist Digital Clock

What we like: The automatic dimmer adjusts the brightness of the clock

What we don’t like: Requires a constant power source rather than being battery operated

Not so good for: Consumers who need the date and time displayed simultaneously

Perfect for: People who like minimal design with excellent functionality

This thin-bordered digital wall clock is perfect for rooms with contemporary, minimalist decor. The 6” white LED numbers make it easy to see the display from all angles, creating a gentle visual experience. Automatic dimmer settings allow you to sleep comfortably in the same room as the clock. It also acts as a nightlight at its lowest brightness so you can navigate in the dark when you wake at night.

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Digital LED Wall Clock with Large Display

Digital LED Wall Clock with Large Display

Marathon Watch Company

What we like: Calendar can be displayed in three languages

What we don’t like: Doesn’t have a backlight for viewing at night

Not so good for: Checking the time if you wake during the night

Perfect for: Kitchen use as the calendar display is helpful for scheduling

This digital wall clock with a big sized display is perfect for use in the home, office, and school. The digital display can be adjusted to English, French, and Spanish. The clock can be wall-mounted, but it also has a built-in foldable stand, which makes it ideal for on-desk display.

This digital LED Wall Clock displays the day of the week, date, temperature, humidity, and time, making it the perfect clock for everyday use.

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Modern Digital Wall Clock

Modern Digital Wall Clock

Marathon Watch Company

What we like: Sleek, modern design

What we don’t like: Doesn’t include an alarm

Not so good for: Nighttime use as there is no backlight

Perfect for: People with visual impairments

This is a modern-looking digital clock that looks great with all decor styles. It displays an incredible amount of information, such as the time, date, day of the week, temperature, and humidity. This makes it an excellent choice to combine with your HVAC system to maintain an optimal indoor climate.

Its large display is perfect for those with visual impairments. As it is battery powered, it’s also easy to transport and move as it doesn’t require a plug.

$87.39 $82.99

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Oversized Digital Wall Clock

Oversized Digital Wall Clock

Latitude Run®

What we like: Oversized display is easy to read

What we don’t like: This clock doesn’t display the date

Not so good for: Places like schools and hospitals where the date might be important

Perfect for: Kitchens, lofts, living rooms, bedrooms

The Oversized Digital Wall Clock is available with red or white LED lights. With a classic vintage look, this clock is perfect for displaying the time, temperature, and humidity in multiple settings. The clock includes a power adapter, so you don’t have to worry about changing batteries.

This LED display is perfect for spaces where seeing the time in the dark is necessary, like in cinemas or warehouses.

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Best for Value
Extra Large Digital Led Wall Clock with Large Display

Extra Large Digital Led Wall Clock with Large Display


Perfect For: Work and task spaces

What We Like: Adjustable brightness settings

Made of plastic, this digital LED wall clock with a large display features both standard and military time settings. It is equipped with six brightness settings so you can adjust it according to your needs. The large letters also make it easy to read, whether placed in your line of sight or somewhere at a distance. Aside from its extra-large size, it also comes in an even bigger size as well as smaller ones. Offered in black and white casing colors.


Designer Advice:

While this piece is ideal to be used in areas where you have tasks that need to be done, you can also hang it in your entertainment space. We recommend adjusting the brightness if you have a screen, such as a monitor or a television, below. This way, you can keep track of time without the glare or distraction from the clock.

What Users Say:

This clock is perfect for an entertainment setting.

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Atomic Wall Clock

Atomic Wall Clock

Marathon Watch Company

What we like: Self-adjusting and self-setting clock

What we don’t like: Short battery life; AA batteries need frequent replacement

Not so good for: Outdoor venues

Perfect for: Use in commercial offices, hospitals, and break rooms

This atomic digital wall clock synchronizes with the atomic clock in Colorado, allowing it to self-adjust its display time. It comes in black, brown and gray colors. This big digital clock includes all eight American time zones, displaying time, date, day of the week, and indoor temperature. The display can be set to AM/PM or 24-hour military time for accurate timekeeping. 

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Best for Value
Multi Functional Digital Wall Clock with Big Size

Multi Functional Digital Wall Clock with Big Size


Perfect For: Any areas in your home.

What We Like: Multiple features at an affordable price.

Packed with multiple settings and integrated functions, this digital wall clock in a big size is of great value. Apart from telling the time, it also has a temperature reader in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. Add to that, it comes with a week and daily calendar indicator. Controlled through a remote, you can easily adjust the brightness up to five levels as well as seven night-light color settings. Designed for mounting, this piece also comes with a stand.

Designer Advice:

The night light control settings make this an ideal clock to place in your bedroom. Available in five colors, you also have several options to choose from, depending on your wall colors and style. This is also a handy piece if you have kids who are sleeping in their own room and are still scared of total darkness come “lights off” time.

What Users Say:

It is easy to read and hang, and I love the colored 'night light' along the bottom

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Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

Jumbo Atomic Wall Clock

Marathon Watch Company

What we like: 4.5” high numbers make it extremely easy to see the display

What we don’t like: No screws included for wall-mounting

Not so good for: For bedroom use as this clock is quite large

Perfect for: For houses with a modern style and contemporary feel

This jumbo atomic clock comes in an industrial size and is perfect for use in large rooms like kitchens, boardrooms, and hospitals. Its atomic feature allows the clock to auto-adjust the time. A low battery notification is included, so you can change the batteries before they run out.

Equipped with six North American time zones and a fold-out table stand, this is one of the best digital wall clocks available.

$131.76 $103.99

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Large Digital Wall Clock

Buying Guide

Whether you’re looking to decorate your new home or current abode, or you feel that your office needs a new way to check the time, a large digital wall clock can be just what you need. Digital wall clocks have a growing appeal these days, mainly since they tend to be a lot easier to read. These types of clocks can add just the right touch if you know what you’re looking for.

If you're in for something more modern than your standard analog wall clock, it might be time to make the switch and say goodbye to the past - hopefully, your old analog won’t have hard feelings. But before you decide on what digital wall clock you want, it would be beneficial to read our tips on what to look for so the clock you choose suits your taste and your home the best.

Where you’re going to put it matters when it comes to choosing a large digital wall clock.

  • For a kid’s room or public office, something simple, bright, and easy to read is suitable. Some digital clocks display a bunch of extra information which may be unnecessary for a child or colleagues/employees.
  • For the main area of your home, you may prefer a clock that shows the day and date aside from the time.

When we say atomic, we don’t mean atomic bomb…we mean atomic digital clock! Atomic digital clocks are popular for being the most accurate display of time. Some of them even show the time down to the exact 100,000th of the second. Something you might like about these clocks is that most will automatically reset when needed. Atomic clocks may also display other details such as:

  • Day of the week
  • Day and month
  • Year
  • Current temperature in your home

If you like to be straightforward and you just want a basic display of the time, then your standard digital wall clock showing the hour and minute is for you. Most digital clocks will have the option to display in 12 or 24 hour times as well.

Digital wall clocks will typically use either LCD or LED technology in order to display the time, with LED being the most common. The difference between LCD and LED are as follows:

  • LCD: LCD stands for liquid crystal display. They have two layers of glass which are polarized before being assembled together. Liquid crystals in the screen either pass or block light to create the display. LCD screens are lit from the back of the screen with fluorescent lamps.
  • LED: A LED screen is actually a type of LCD screen. Instead of fluorescent lamps, LEDs use light emitting diodes (LED). It generally consumes less power and the back-lighting is available in two types: edge lighting and full lighting, which doesn’t make much of a difference for your clock, though your TV might have something else to say about it.

If you want a super simple digital wall clock, then both LCD or LED should be just fine for your tastes. If you care about the specs and you want a more extravagant clock, then LED offers a better visual experience for users.

Before you get too excited about that large digital wall clock your heart is set on, consider the following as well:

  • Is anyone who will be reading the clock color blind? Since people who are color blind have a hard time seeing red and green, you should make sure your clock doesn’t display those colors or has options to change the color if this could be an issue.
  • You might want to go wireless. Most digital clocks don’t need wires. If you’re going wireless, do you want solar or battery power? The choice is yours!
  • Are you going to use an alarm feature? If you plan on using your digital clock to set alarms and timers, then you’ll want to make sure the option is included. Alarms are useful for getting up in the morning, setting daily reminders for things like medications, or even making sure you get your casserole out of the oven before it burns!

Choosing the right digital wall clock for your home doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to which one to choose. Decorating your home is all up to you and your own personal taste. Just make sure you take our tips into consideration and you’ll be hanging that clock up in no time!

Best Ideas

eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape / 10" Red LED

This LED wall clock features a fabulous seconds indicator that displays passing seconds with the help of circling LED lights. The clock is easy to read, includes a durable round frame, and should be reseted in case of power loss. Powered by AC adapter.

Black Metal LED Wall Clock with Remote Control

Black Metal LED Wall Clock with Remote Control

The stylish yet functional design of this metal LED wall clock makes it a great overall timepiece for virtually every setting. An aluminum frame and blue LEDs shine very bright to let you know what the time is 24/7. Whether it is in an office or at home, this clock is extremely reliable and very sleek looking.

Cool digits wall clock jpg


eHealthSource Big Digital LED Wall Clock with Circling LED second indicator - Square Shape / 10" Red LED

Digital LED wall clock with circling LED second indicator, bright display, modern design and easy control. The clock is powered by AC adapter, which is included in the set. Thanks to the simple style the clock fits any interior.

The white white clock designed by vadim kibardin is a

“The White & White Clock designed by Vadim Kibardin is a modern 3D interpretation of the traditional digital clock”, according to its makers, Kibardin Design

Large digital wall clock 23

Digital wall clock in modern form. It is powered by batteries and fitted with calendar. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Simple form and contemporary design.

Large digital wall clock 17

Add something extra ordinary to your drawing room and choose the large digital wall clock with blue numerals. The rectangular shape looks modern under the TV or arm chair.

Big Digital LED Clock with Rainbow Color Circling LED second indicator - Round Shape (10" / multi color) (10 Second Color Indicator, Blue)

This kind of clock is a high quality piece of equipment that has got a LED indicator with an attractive circling second indicator. The mechanism is very reliable and it requires no reset after loss of power.

Large Red Digital Multi-Alarm Clock

Large Red Digital Multi-Alarm Clock

This multi-alarm clock has a sturdy black metal frame and large bright red numerals that even those with low vision should be able to read with no problems. You will be able to see the day of the week and date as well as the time. If you have been searching for a new alarm clock, this is one of the best options on the market.

Ivation Big Oversized Digital Blue LED Calendar Clock with Day and Date

This type of product is a high quality and very convenient calendar clock that has got a blue LED. It shows the current hour, day and date. It is a product that offers 3 levels of brightness. All pieces of information are easy to read.

Clocks with led digital clock big numbers calendar wall clock


Rectangular Black LED Wall Clock

Rectangular Black LED Wall Clock

The unique design of this wall clock is a guaranteed way to impress those who come into your home or office. The extra large numbers on this clock make it easy to see from wherever you are in the room. A patented bright LED design means that this clock is very visible at all times. It seamlessly combines style with functionality.

Amazing digital wall clocks

Amazing digital wall clocks

DBTech 0124BLU Huge Large Big Oversized Digital LED Clock, Blue

A very interesting, functional and aesthetic element. It is a high quality LED clock that shows blue numbers that are very readable. It is easy to read in darkness and in sunlight. It shows hours, minutes and seconds.

Large digital wall clock in wall clocks

large digital wall clock in Wall Clocks

Digital led wall clock

This sublime wall clock offers the huge structure and will make for the best choice for all those, who need to keep track of time with its LED face and the count up and down timers to ensure even more functional use.

Digital 5” LED Clock with Remote Control

Digital 5” LED Clock with Remote Control

Combining modern style with pure functionality, this clock offers a very convenient way to tell the time. It comes with a remote control that you can use to change display settings and alter the time whenever you want. This timepiece makes for an excellent addition to any home, and its slim and sleek design is just one of the many things to love about it.

Large digital wall clock png


Large big digital led wall clock countdown amp up timer


La Crosse Technology 513-1311OT  Jumbo Atomic Digital Wall Clock with Out Temperature, Silver

It is a contemporary digital wall clock that has got an out temperature, silver finish and atomic time and date. It is a fantastic addition to your living room, bedroom, kids room, family room and other.

Digital wall clock

Unfortunately, you can not always count on time cooperation. Therefore, it is worth taking care of your interior and also to make it more beautiful. If we love today, then an electric large digital wall clock with a red monogram will work best.

Large led digital wall clock hours minutes format support 12

Large LED Digital Wall Clock Hours Minutes Format Support 12/24 ...

Geeky clocks the big time digital wall clock

Geeky Clocks – The Big Time Digital Wall Clock

American lifetime extra large digital wall clock

American Lifetime Extra Large Digital Wall Clock -