Big Round Wall Clocks


This is a collection of big round wall clocks. Need we say more? Actually, yes, we do. Because just telling you that the clocks are large and round doesn't really speak to the quality and craftsmanship you're going to get when you purchase one of these clocks for your home. There is an elegance to the simplicity, and you can rest assured that every single one of them will tell perfect time, every time.

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Our Picks

Big round wall clocks 1

An extra large decoration for vintage interiors that lack an accurate wall clock. This giant, here, emanates with steampunk design, featuring a well-polished dial that holds large Roman numbers and black metal hands.

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Multicolor Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring colorful design and face featuring Roman numerals. It's a great addition to all interiors which need additional originality. It's a long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality materials.

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Woodland Imports Round Metal Wood Clock

Woodland Imports Round Metal Wood Clock

Do you need a large wall clock to the apartment? Well, you need to consider this one, which has got the round shape, Roman numerals, wooden and metal construction and vintage look.

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Antique large wall clocks

Love that clock

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Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Gears of Time Sculptural Wall Clock

Add style, beauty and elegance to your home with this beautiful sculptural wall clock. Everyone will tell you how amazing it looks on your wall. It is a very good choice. You need to have it.

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18" Round Panel Wall Clock

18" Round Panel Wall Clock

This is a very interesting round wall clock. It has a very original look and composition. Each digit of the clock is placed on a separate board, and each is in a different color. The whole makes a very interesting impress.

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Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Big Wheel Hour Wall Clock

Exceptional beauty of this unique wall clock goes together with sophisticated and futuristic design, offering solid clock mechanism, moving clock face, and quality material frame that will last for years to come.

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Shabby chic wall clocks

Who would have thought that a large round table top can serve as a foundation for an oversized wall clock that exudes original shabby chic. Decorative hands and Roman numerals were added to complete the accessory.

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Classic roman number round jaffaite clock large antique style cream

... classic Roman Number Round jaffaite Clock, Large Antique Style cream

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Big round wall clocks

Hand forged construction that is durable and attractive. This round metal wall clock features a Quartz mechanism for accurate time keeping. Large metal hands and Arabic numbers are readable and attractive.

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Big Round Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

If you’ve been wondering how to hang a large clock on your plaster wall, the short answer is carefully.

Big round wall clocks may be too heavy for an average wall, so you need to take some precautions. Without proper assessment, you endanger both your gorgeous clock and the wall.

The two safe ways to hang an oversized clock on your wall, especially plaster walls, are finding a stud or using wall anchors. For the first method, use a stud finder and locate the studs in your wall. Secure a screw into a stud from which to hang your clock. Leave room at the end of the screw, so it’s stable enough to support the weight of your clock.

There isn’t a stud available for many plaster walls, at least not in the location you want to hang the clock. In this case, use the wall anchor method—mark the wall, in pencil, where you’d like to hang the clock. With a hammer, gently tap the wall anchor into place until it’s sturdy. Then put the screw into the anchor and secure it, creating a stable foundation for your wall clock.

For optimum visual results, your wall clock should be approximately the same size as your firebox. This creates a balanced interior aesthetic, allowing your statement clock to be the focal point in the room.

When hanging big round wall clocks above a fireplace mantle, you should ensure that it is anchored at least 6” from the top of the shelf. This makes for a cohesive display and keeps the clock far enough away from the heat source to avoid damage.

Big round wall clocks should also be positioned centrally when hung above a fireplace mantel. This also creates a proportionate look and allows other mantel decorative items to sit comfortably and look visually appealing.

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