Oversized Wall Clock


For the eclectic designer, for the near sighted, for anyone who just loves a big wall clock, take a look at these. Oversized wall clocks are a fun and useful addition to any home. They come in plenty of styles, and each mounts easily to any wall. And they have quartz movements to keep perfect time. See our collection to pick your oversized wall clock.

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Our Picks

Oversized 48" Wall Clock

Oversized 48" Wall Clock

This huge wall clock can be a decorative and eye-catching element of room decor. It is made of solid MDF, has a traditional style and quartz mechanism. Clock face is white with black edge and roman numbers, all in distressed finish.

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Oversized wall clock

Oversized black and white clock with Roman numerals makes a bold statement about being on time. Perfect for an office or hallway where punctuality might be of supreme importance. Lovely filigree design on the hour and the minute hand.

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Large black wall clock

This oversized wall clock with Roman numerics will fit into both contemporary and traditional decors. It evokes associations with old train station clocks, visible from any place in the station.

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Sanctuary Oversized Wall Clock

Sanctuary Oversized Wall Clock

A magnificent, oversized wall clock which is made of metal and looks antique. You need batteries for this one. It's not over-priced and looks pretty decent in most traditional decors. It was manufactured and shipped from China.

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Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock

Karlsson Oversized Wall Clock

With such a clock your inner decor will get this mysterious "something" that topps off the ambiance and grabs praises. It has no numerals and no face. Just those big, big black hands! Uber modern! Viva la minimalism!

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Oversized wall clock

A great mix of exellence and durable craftsmanship; this oversized wall clock boasts of its powder-coated metal construction and hollow design. Also offers an accurate mechanism, Roman numerals and a pair of thin metal hands.

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Oversized wall clock 20

Rectangular Oversized Wall Clock I have this clock and did not pay $138 for it. Crazy

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Oversized 29" Wall Clock

Oversized 29" Wall Clock

Round clock designed to hang on the wall. Dedicated for the indoor use. It is made of metal and equipped with a quartz mechanism. Neutral addition in vintage style for the any interior.

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Oversized wall clock 17

Large oversize wall clock to give your interiors a unique attractive style. The oversized farmhouse wall clock is made of solid Burch wood with a white distressed finish. It features classic hand-painted black Roman numerals for a truly vintage look.

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Oversized Wall Clock

Buying Guide

An oversized wall clock can look good on its own but will look even better when paired with other decorative elements. First, decide on where you want to hang your timepiece. If you want to create an eye-catching focal point in your home, consider positioning it above a piece of furniture, such as a shelf, mantelpiece, console table, buffet, or sofa. Shelves, mantels, and console tables act as the perfect spot to display accent pieces such as lamps, plants, souvenirs, and candles that complement your oversized wall clock.

Another option is to surround the wall clock with artwork, picture frames, wall stickers, and decorative signs to create a visually interesting gallery wall.

To avoid damaging your wall or endangering your clock, follow these steps to hang your statement piece. Look at the clock hangers that should be connected to the back of your clock.

Mark the wall, using a sharp pencil, where these hangers will hit the wall when you hang your clock in the desired location. Drill a hole with a mechanical screwdriver in these locations. Insert screw anchors, which will help distribute and secure the heavy load.

Once the anchors are secure, place the screws that attach to the clock hangers inside those anchors. Screw them firmly in place until the oversized clock cannot move at all.

Best Ideas

Oversize wall clock bing images

Oversize Wall Clock - Bing Images

Large oversize clock 300x300 large oversized wall clocks

Large oversize clock 300x300 Large Oversized Wall Clocks

What a strange photo to use in a childproofing article

What a strange photo to use in a Childproofing article! Furniture should NEVER be placed near a railing and the alcohol readily available on top of it....Seriously???

Oversized wall clock 4

Oversized Wall Clock

Oversized wall clock same clock different view

Oversized Wall Clock-Same clock different view :)

30 inch diameter wall clock

Living Silver Oversized Wall Clock.

Oversized wall clock 16

With this oversized wall clock you will have no troubles, whatsoever, to decorate your room with geometric accents and modern flair. The clock comes with a lotus design, durable metal construction, and 2 slender white metal hands.

Open face wall clock

Our oversized wall clock made from an old wine barrel, probably easy to create at home.

Coavas® 3D Black Butterfly Decorative Wall Clock Modern Mirror Wall Clock Mirror Walls

This product is an element that features a practical and decorative function. It is a wall clock that looks great in contemporary indoors. It includes metal balls that can be put anywhere, so it is a good idea for creative people.

Large Wall Clock

Large wall clock, having 36 inch in diameter and black and bronze finish. Additionally, it has beautifully crafted hands and large Roman numerals, which are easy to read. It's a great addition to all interiors which require more originality.

Multicolor Wall Clock

Wall clock featuring colorful design and face featuring Roman numerals. It's a great addition to all interiors which need additional originality. It's a long lasting construction thanks to the use of high quality materials.

Oversized wall clock lt 3

Oversized wall clock <3

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Chateau Round Oversized Wall Clock & Reviews | Joss & Main

Firstime 36 in multi color oversized vibrant plaques wall

FirsTime 36 in. Multi-Color Oversized Vibrant Plaques Wall ...