Mission Wall Clocks


For a way to tell time that is a little different, we offer you mission wall clocks they are not only functional but attractive. They speak to a quality seldom recognized and long since forgotten. They're very handsome and made of only the best material, including a quartz movement that keeps your mission wall clock accurate all the time.

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Our Picks

Mission Style Qtrsawn White Oak Wall Clock Wood Face

Mission Style Qtrsawn White Oak Wall Clock Wood Face

Entirely crafted of solid red oak wood and equipped with a very accurate mechanism, the mission wall clock is a thing of real beauty. Its square case holds a dial with Arabic numerals and 2 black metal hands.

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Mission style qtrsawn red oak wall clock wood face

Mission style qtrsawn red oak wall clock wood face

Entirely crafted of solid red oak wood and equipped with a very accurate mechanism, the mission wall clock is a thing of real beauty. Its square case holds a dial with Arabic numerals and 2 black metal hands.

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Antique Arts Crafts Mission Wall Clock Great Wood Case And Face Maker

Antique Arts Crafts Mission Wall Clock Great Wood Case And Face Maker

A great choice for antique decorated living rooms, dens, and bedrooms. The mission wall clock boats of sturdy wood construction, with a square dial, brass Arabic numbers and dots, and a matching pendulum.

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Mission Wall Clock

Mission Wall Clock

The interior design counts every detail. Clock also. You can choose wood, hardwood or even recycled elements, a mission wall clock that is made in an ancient missionary style and has a slightly angular form with beige inside and tin clock-hands.

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Mission wall clocks 3

Are you looking for the elegant and traditional mantel clock? We suggest you this amazing mantel clock by y Terry Cross. It features the craft mission style and solid wooden construction.

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Mission wall clocks 1

A piece of vintage classic for your antique home decor, this mission wall clock is a proud representative of fine arts & crafts. Its frame is entirely made of wood, holding a square dial with Arabic numerals, and a working pendulum.

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Mission style wall clock

This mission-style wall clock will be a perfect touch of tradition and functionality. Its high-quality wooden finish will fit into rustic or country living rooms or bedrooms.

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Mission style wall clock 1

Mission-style wall clock

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Arts and craft clocks

Beautifully adorned, this craftsman style clock with a reproduction of Batchelder corbel constitutes a fabulous proposition for one's classic or traditional decors. Its dark stained wood features natural graining.

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Arts and crafts wall clock

An elegant traditional mantel clock with a pendulum. It's handmade by the Amish of brown stained wood. It has rectangular moulding both a base and a top. Black hands and Arabic numerals are against a square creamy dial. It requires 1 AA battery.

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Mission Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

A mission style wall clock can add a beautiful touch of vintage to your home, while combining traditional designs with a practical piece of furniture. Most of the clocks which are available are created using oak or pine wood, although this is not always the case. Let's look at some of the various clock designs which are available in this particular style.

The most popular designs of mission wall clocks include:

Grandfather clock style

If you love the grandfather clock style but you don't have the room within your home to accommodate a large clock, consider a mission style clock in the design of a grandfather clock. This comes with all the traditional appearance of an ordinary grandfather clock but takes up much less space. This rectangular shaped item has a square clock which takes up around half of the item. The rest of the space is taken up with either a chime in true grandfather clock style or with extra details and wooden panels. The extra detail could be a small colorful painted area or wooden pieces molded into a beautiful shape to match the clock's color.

Simple square clock

A simple square mission style clock will suit the more modern homes where you may feel that a traditional wooden clock doesn't quite fit in with the surrounding décor. This is normally four thin wooden panels which are joined together to create the square shape. Overlapping edges can give the appearance of a contemporary clock, while the block design enables it to suit your modern tastes.

Slate mission style clock

Wood isn't everybody's first choice, so if you're after something different for your home, you can consider the slate clocks which are available. These generally have fewer parts than their wooden relatives, since the wooden versions often have glass covers and other delicate pieces. Slate clocks tend to have the numbers and hands fixed directly on to the slate and do not have glass covers. The shape can either be long and similar to the traditional grandfather clock style, or you can choose a more square shape or shorter length which only takes up around 1-2 square feet on your wall.

Bonus tip: A standard wooden clock comes with all the practicalities that you need for your home in terms of telling the time, but if you want more of a feature piece for your room, consider a design with extra features on it. This is often in the form of an animal or figure which has been sculpted onto the clock, either along the top or the bottom.

If a simple design is still not modern enough for you, then look at the true contemporary designs of mission wall clocks. These come in a variety of styles, and here are some of the designs you will see.

  • No numbers: The omission of numbers on a wall clock is a sure sign of a contemporary piece. Instead of numbers, you may see colorful pieces, marbles or a blank background.
  • Chunky: A chunky clock is popular within the modern home, and if you already have a lot of furniture with is chunky, this type of clock will complement the room.
  • Gloss: A gloss finish when it comes to any clock instantly takes away any traditional look. This design can be found often in white or black, with large chrome numbers to finish it off.

Best Ideas

157 national clock mfg co mission oak wall clock

157: National Clock & Mfg. Co. Mission Oak Wall Clock

Mission wall clocks 7

Bulova Frank Lloyd Wright Exhibition Typeface Clock

Mission wall clocks

Bring into your home a touch of vintage sophistication, deciding on this mission wall clock. Its gorgeous design includes a square wood frame that holds a bit distressed dial with Arabic numerals and two black metal hands.

Antique mission clocks

Embodying the characteristic features of the mission style, this wall clock creates a great proposition for all traditional or classic interiors. Features a square clock face with Arabic numerals.

Decor amish wall clocks

Decor / Amish Wall Clocks

Mission style mantel clock

Classic wall clock made from wood. Wooden construction makes it stable and durable. Elegant finish, without any unnecessary decorations, makes it appropriate for all houses, regardless of their style and design.

Mission wall clocks 2

The sleek wooden construction of this beautiful mission-style clock is an excellent way to get a unique interior design. The functional clock with a luminous dial with Arabic numerals and a pendulum is beautiful and very stylish.

Mantel clocks modern 1

Modern clock with a solid wooden frame and glass doors. It also includes decorative and functional black metal hardware. Round metal face of this clock includes black hands and attractive Arabic numbers.

Square mission clock dial etched bronzed copper

Square Mission Clock Dial - Etched Bronzed Copper ...

Mission clock i really like this one

Mission Clock- I really like this one

Mission mantle clock

Mission Mantle clock

Mission style wall clock 1

A perfect clock to place on your mantle and enhance your home decor with vintage charm. The mission clock has a case made of cherry-finished hardwood, with a working pendulum, a square dial, Arabic numerals and 2 metal black hands.

Craftsman clock

Wall clock with antique finish. It is mounted on wooden frame and fitted with Arabic numeral. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Elegant wall decoration in all kinds of interiors.

2375 modern mission wall clock

2375 Modern Mission Wall Clock