Japanese Wall Clocks


If you are an appreciator of Japanese style, then you will love the look of one of these Japanese wall clocks in your home. They are lovely and made with the precision you would expect from the Japanese. Many depict scenes from iconic Japanese settings, and some even have the numbers in Kanji, the writing language of Japan. You will enjoy seeing one of these every day in your home. See collection for details.

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Our Picks

Antiqure 1948 Japanese Wall Clock Meiji Nagoya Made In Occupied Japan Exc

Antiqure 1948 Japanese Wall Clock Meiji Nagoya Made In Occupied Japan Exc

This stylish Japanese wall clock is a beautiful wood finish. Beautiful design with a built-in pendulum is incredibly elegant and adds a great interior. The Arabian digits and the simple circular dial of the clock form a beautiful whole.

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Japanese Style Bamboo Wall Clock

Japanese Style Bamboo Wall Clock

Minimal, taking its inspiration from original Asian design, this Japanese wall clock features dark case and light bamboo dial of square shape. There are no numerals - main hours are marked with dots.

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Collectibles clocks antique pre 1930 wall

Collectibles > Clocks > Antique (Pre-1930) > Wall

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Japanese wall clocks 1

Grid Clock - Japanese Designed and Very Cool Wall Clock

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Japanese wall clocks 8

Japanese designers are known for their savings in creating furniture and decorations. It has its own dimension in this Japanese wall clock,which consists only of the white and wide round frame.The empty inside will measure the time with the clock's holograms.

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Antique hanging case clock 1930s

Antique hanging case clock 1930s

Designed in the 1930s by Japanese artisans, this wall hanging clock brings antique charm to any decor. Its case is made of wood and features a working pendulum and a weathered, square dial with Arabic numerals and metal black hands.

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Japanese wooden 8 day movement meiji regulator wall clock japan

Japanese Wooden 8 Day Movement Meiji Regulator Wall Clock Japan ...

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Japanese wall clocks 15

The beautiful texture and simple design of this Japanese wall clock resembles the best modern Japanese elegance. Simplistic black hands and thin Roman numerals distinguish the project from the others.

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Japanese wall clocks 18

Japanese textile Pine(Matu) Wall Clock for

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Japanese wall clock

Japanese interior accents bring a unique atmosphere to the decor, so this wall clock with the flag motif and Japanese characters captivate you. Beautiful color and design impress with the details, which can not be ignored.

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Japanese Wall Clocks

Buying Guide

Fans of interesting and different designs will be pleased to hear that Japanese wall clocks are widely available to purchase for your home. There are various styles available, but if you're intrigued by Japanese culture and want to feature a part of it in your home, here are some of the designs you can consider.

Long wooden clock

A very traditional and long wooden clock is a classic vintage style if you're looking for something as authentic as possible. Positioned vertically along your wall, there are no numbers and hands – the time is told by a balance movement and mechanisms within the long frame and body of the clock. The wood is often aged and worn to reflect its age, and you could pay a fair price at auction for such an item.

Simple bamboo clock

A more minimal design such as the simple bamboo wall clock is ideal for modern homes. The clock face is made from a light brown bamboo material, while the outer frame is a glossy black or brown. On some designs, you may find other feature pieces, such as a boat shape along the top. There are rarely any numbers fixed to the clock face – normally you will only find dots or marks in place of some or all of the numbers.

Japanese number clock

With a background design in a solid color or Japanese flag style, a Japanese number clock is a great addition to your study or kitchen. Rather than Western numbers on the clock, you'll find the Japanese numbers, making it instantly recognisable that this clock style has been taken from Asia. Although there are various colors available for these clocks, there are most commonly white to represent peace and harmony.

Modern lines

Another modern style of clock which can be seen is a wall clock with modern lines in various directions. For example, there are straight pieces made either from wood or chrome which face horizontally, and similar pieces which are positioned vertically. This combination creates a base onto which a clock face can be made. The lines may also be curved outwards to create a somewhat 3D effect. A small solid square in the center of the crossed lines may form the middle of the clock and the home of the clock hands.

Origami style wall clock

As the name suggests, you can find origami clocks in many different styles. The most common are birds, where the clock hands are on the body or feathers of the bird, and flowers, where the petals provide the beautiful feature pieces and the center is a place for the clock hands and mechanisms. Choosing opposite colors is a common choice made by designers of origami clocks. You will often find contrasting patterns and colors between the petals or different parts of the clock. Popular colors are blue, purple, green, pink, and the contrast of black and white can be seen across many designs of Japanese wall clocks.

Best Ideas

Antique japanese large black lacquer wall clock seikosha ebay for

Antique Japanese Large Black Lacquer Wall Clock Seikosha | eBay For ...

Japanese wall clocks 2

The white was the inspiration for the white pain I added in the office to tie it all together. This round wall clock has the minimalist Japanese design and is made of solid plywood.

Kirie 01 bamboo clock

Kirie 01 bamboo clock

The handmade Japanese wall clock is made of bamboo, acrylic and clock parts. It is finished with natural oil with chocolate brown hour and minute hands. I really like this paper cutting design, it's adorable!

Japanese wall clock 1

A round wall clock with a beautiful and chic oriental inspired sakura cherry blossom illustration on the background. Its design is very minimalistic - with no numbers and black dots instead. It's a clock especially for Japan lovers.

Hazy35 Wall Clock

Hazy35 Wall Clock

This kind of wall clock is a very original and unique stylization. It has got a white opaque face that distorts the context and origin of the hands, so it has got a dreamy and floating appearance. The size of this clock is 13.78" H x 13.78" W x 2.68" D.

Wall Clock

Wall Clock

Stylish wall clock in antique style. Battery powered. The shield is made of metal. Received many positive ratings from satisfied customers.

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

Oversized 24" Atheneum Wall Clock

It is a stylish and elegant wall clock that is made of plastic, copper, resin, and glass. You can choose one of two colors: antique gold and antique walnut. Everyone will tell you how great it looks on your wall.

Antique japanese clocks

With this striking wall clock you won't have any problems with enhancing your room with elegance and vintage accents. Made in 19th century by a Japanese artist, this clock has a wooden case and measures time with a balance/verge movement.

Japanese wall clocks 7

Embodying the Japanese spirit - modest, yet elegant and functional, this wooden clock would be a charming addition to any modern dining or living rooms. It features Roman numerals.

Rare antique meiji nagoya japan wall clock 1895 1905 era

Rare-Antique-Meiji-Nagoya-Japan-Wall-Clock-1895-1905-era-No-744-Works ...

Vintage japanese aikosha 31 day wind up wooden wall clock

... VINTAGE! Japanese Aikosha 31 Day Wind Up Wooden Wall Clock with Key

This exceptional edo period striking wall clock includes a rare

This exceptional Edo period striking wall clock includes a rare Shitan wood case. A clock such as this one exemplifies the basic aesthetics of 19th century Japanese design. Edo homes relied on the natural beauty of wood objects to communicate prestige and

Aichitokei japanese wall clock no 2310 img_2229

Aichitokei Japanese wall clock No. 2310 (IMG_2229)

Japanese wall clocks 29

Simplicity. Harmony. Zen. These are three determinants of oriental arranged interiors. This japanese wall clock also remembers the balance, dividing it into a black color, a white dial and a red element in the center of a circular dial.