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Cuckoo clocks are a fun way to adorn your walls, and you might be pleased to know that they are no longer synonymous with kitsch decor. Modern cuckoo clocks are a great way to add personality to a contemporary home, giving you all the fun of a traditional cuckoo clock, but with a sleek, modern design. Check out these modern cuckoo clock ideas selected by our interior design experts.

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Mid Century Modern Cuckoo Clock

Mid Century Modern Cuckoo Clock

Featuring a minimalist design with a wooden front and white frame, this modern cuckoo clock will look great in contemporary homes. The cuckoo flaps its wings and makes a traditional ‘Cuckoo’ sound every hour from 6:00 to 21:00.

Designer Advice:

This delightful modern cuckoo clock is perfect for lovers of mid-century modern design. It uses a silent movement mechanism, and the volume of the cuckoo can be adjusted easily, making it ideal for use in almost any area of the home.

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Contemporary Cuckoo Clock

Contemporary Cuckoo Clock

A contemporary take on the traditional cuckoo clock, this modern cuckoo clock features a birdhouse design with clean lines and a contrasting colored door for the cuckoo to pop out of between the hours of 07:00 and 21:00.

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Modern Designer Cuckoo Clock

Modern Designer Cuckoo Clock

With a unique rectangular design, this modern cuckoo clock will be a great addition to any contemporary home. It features an all-white design on the body of the clock, with contrasting black clock hands and numbers for easy visibility.

Designer Advice:

One of the best features of this modern cuckoo clock is the light sensor, which turns off the cuckoo sound in dark environments, allowing you a peaceful night’s sleep. For the tweeting sound, this clock uses hand-crafted billows instead of a typical digital sound, which gives it a unique, sweet tone that you will love to hear throughout the day.

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Modern Pendulum Cuckoo Clock

Modern Pendulum Cuckoo Clock

Crafted from eco-friendly materials, this contemporary cuckoo clock has spared no attention to detail. Bold numbers make it easy to tell the time, and it can be mounted to the wall with the pendulum attached, or placed on a shelf.

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Unique Cuckoo Clock with Natural Birdsong

Unique Cuckoo Clock with Natural Birdsong

Featuring a funky modern design with a minimalist clock face, this modern cuckoo clock is sure to make a statement on your walls. Choose from twelve European songbirds or a traditional cuckoo sound.

Designer Advice:

This unique cuckoo clock is a wonderful choice for anyone wanting to add a touch of fun and personality to their home. It has a silent night feature that turns off the sound after dark, and comes with four different colored pendulums and birds, so you can easily switch up the color scheme as the mood takes you!

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Unique Pink Cuckoo Clock

Unique Pink Cuckoo Clock

With a hot pink plastic body and design featuring birds and leaves, this unusual clock is a contemporary take on the traditional German cuckoo clock. It comes with a swinging pendulum, and cuckoos from 7 am to 9 pm.

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If you’re looking for a perfect combination between a traditional design and modern, contemporary finish, take a look at this beautiful wall-clock. Perfectly matches mid-century furniture while retaining the classic look.

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Wall mounted cuckoo clock with a solid wooden construction and attractive carvings that assure aesthetics. This clock not only decorates indoors, but it also shows current time in a very reliable way.

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i am on a clock quest & can you tell i am obsessed with cuckoo clocks- reinterpreted? another tarabay design- also in the 300.+ range. too bad

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This charming cuckoo clock will make for a nice addition to your living room for when you want to keep your interior warm-looking and welcoming for when your guests come over. It is made of the highest quality wood to ensure years of seamless use.

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