Art Deco Lady Lamp

The female form is artwork in itself. So we give you a double dose of art with these art deco lady lamps, Like lovely sculptures, holding glowing orbs, these lamps accentuate the feminine form, while championing their strength and sensuality, in a lovely collection. Take a look and see for yourself. Perhaps we have just the right art deco lady lamp for your home.

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Exquisite art deco twin lady cold cast bronze lady lamp

Exquisite art deco twin lady cold cast bronze lady lamp
Table lamp in Art Deco style. It has carefully carving base in the shape of dancers. Glass lampshade gives warm tone of light. Sophisticated addition for each interior according to taste.

Huge Antique Art Deco Diana Nude Lady Lamp Working Honey Marbled Stepped Shade

Huge Antique Art Deco Diana Nude Lady Lamp Working Honey Marbled Stepped Shade
Designed in antique Art Deco style, this beautiful table lamp features a nude lady holding a honey-marbled stepped shade while standing on a tiered pedestal base. A great piece for both homes and offices.

Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp

Art Deco Goddess of Light Sculptural Floor Lamp
Here is a brass goddess, the real shape that impresses with its slender naked silhouette and gives light from the amber-colored jug held on the shoulders. This pitcher that makes a part of presented here art deco lady lamp - is our huge source of light.

Art deco figurine table lamps

A beautiful retro style electric table lamp in the shape of a mysterious naked woman hanging a spherical lampshade in wide spread arms. Its made od bronze-finished metal and has a square stepped base. A shade is of opal glass.

Art deco lady table lamp

A great piece for dens, offices, and private libraries - this art deco lamp emanates with class, elegance, and sophistication. Made in the 1930s, in Germany, the lamp offers a stable base with a woman holding a glowing sphere above her head.

Art deco lamp lady

An impressive addition for living rooms, dens, and offices. This Art Noveau table lamp has an intricate body made of quality bronze, displaying a woman leaning against a tree trunk. The lamp has 5 shades, each created of thick glass.

Art deco lady lamps australia

Thanks to this art deco 42 cm table lamp, you can easily improve your den or office. The lamp features a silhouette of a young lady, standing on a square pedestal base and holding a white orb glass shade.

Our advice Buying Guide

At its peak, the art deco movement was ubiquitous in the world of furniture, textile, architecture and even fine arts to an extent. Luxurious and bold furniture pieces influenced by colors, motifs and geometric forms sourced from across the continent made eye-popping centerpieces in homes and offices around the world.

But it enjoyed a short stint of fame, as the world of design transitioned into more modern styles inspired by the dynamic changes happening around the world. Come 1990, art deco started to make a roaring comeback in the collectibles and decorators market and its demand hasn’t waned since.

Art deco table lamps and lady lamps in particular are incredibly popular and if you are looking to buy one for yourself, then here’s a checklist to ensure that you make an informed purchase.

How to identify Art Deco?

The terms ‘Art Deco’ are loosely thrown around these days because of the high monetary value that authentic pieces from the 1920s and 30s command. Unscrupulous sellers might add these terms to their product descriptions to grab eyeballs or to inflate the price tag.

And then there’s the world of counterfeits to deal with. So, you have to be diligent about your purchase. Identify the authenticity of the piece before you swipe that card. Buy only from reputed sources.

Know the difference between Art Deco, Art Nouveau (a period preceding Art Deco by decades), Art Moderne and Art Deco Revival, which are newer pieces created to mimic Art Deco pieces.

Revival pieces are usually cheaper than authentic art deco pieces and unless you are a connoisseur, you’d hardly notice the difference.

What are the styles of Art Deco lady lamps?

Art Deco lady lamps are believed to have risen in popularity soon after the Paris International Exposition. That was way back in 1925 and it introduced the world to the astute depiction of balance, proportions, and style inspired by the Greco-Roman ideologies.

There are many distinct styles to pick from. The most notable ones are Egyptian and Roman styled statuettes and silhouettes. Tiffany-styled lamps with the base shaped like a lady works perfectly for bedrooms or side tables. In the living room, an exotic lady statue adorning a lamp will serve as the perfect centerpiece.

What are Art Deco lady lamps crafted from?

The Art Deco movement also witnessed the use of newer materials and craftsmanship techniques like bronze, gilt-bronze, chrome plating, steel and a variety of glass.

Frosted, clear and colored glass are common in art deco lady lamps and they give you aesthetics and functionality by exuding a warm, subdued glow. This brings us to the next most important aspect of selection.

Are vintage Art Deco lady lamps a good purchase?

Last but not least, we have the lamp itself. Vintage art deco lamps may not necessarily be electric ones. It can be oil wick lamps, candelabras or replicas of Aladdin lamps. There’s no denying that these offer an irreplaceable charm when ignited. But how practical will they be in a real life set up today? If you are looking for something practical and functional, an art deco revival lamp with an LED bulb might be a much better choice than a vintage antique piece.


Art deco lady lamp 7

Sculptural Art Deco lamp made of resin that resembles cold cast bronze, and milk (frost) glass sphere, with naked lady supporting the globe shade with her hands. The base has felt padding to protect furniture surfaces.

Art deco lady lamp 12

Art deco approach to a funky table lamp made out of wrought iron. The lamp is made to resemble a lady dancer with a subtle coat of patina and a back part acting as a light, covered with a matte, opaque glass shade.

Art deco lady lamp 5

This beautiful lamp in the form of a ball-dancer figure is a beautiful way to make a unique interior design. The Art Deco styling captivates the details and makes the functional lamp a masterpiece.

Art deco table lamps for sale

Enchanting with the abalone shell shade, this Louis Majorelle lamp can be a real bargain for the sea life fans. Its antique brass finish will look marvelous despite the passing time.

Large original art deco lady lamp by enrique molins balleste

Large Original Art Deco Lady Lamp by Enrique Molins Balleste C 1930

6ft Classic French Art Deco Decorative Peacock Lady Statue Art Nouveau Floor Lamp

Unique floor lamp in the Are Deco style. Carefully carving base is made of metal and finished with lady statue theme. Suitable for residential and commercial premises. Received a lot of top ratings from customers.

Indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps 7

indoor lighting lamps bedside and table lamps

Art deco figurine lamps

In the art-deco style, the lamps were often small sculptures - brass figurines with scrupulously carved shapes. For example, a beautiful lady supporting a vine, from which glass dome lampshades hang over. Art-deco lady lamp has an antique trim.

Deco lamps for sale

A classy table lamp with a metal base in golden hues. It has the form of a simplified figurine of a nude woman standing on a square stepped pedestal, having hands upright and 'holding' a hexagonal, tapered in steps upwards, shade of creamy glass.

Sywell photo art deco style lady lamp

Sywell Photo: Art Deco style Lady Lamp

Julianna-Art Deco Bronze Lighting 'Nora Standing' Lady Lamp

Adlp art deco lady lamp

ADLp Art Deco Lady Lamp

Vintage art deco nude lady table lamp

Vintage Art Deco Nude Lady Table Lamp

Art deco crackle lamp lady lamp art deco lamp naked

Art Deco Crackle Lamp , lady lamp , art deco lamp , naked lady lamp ...

Sasparilla lady lamp stylised lady lamp made by sasparilla in

sasparilla lady lamp stylised lady lamp made by sasparilla in the 1970 ...

Art deco woman lamp

Brings sophisticated nostalgia to any room by choosing this exquisite lamp shaped as an illuminating tree with green leaves and blooming pink flowers. The base of the lamp has 2 built-in lighting systems, making the whole tree to look like it's pulled out straight from a fantasy world.

Bronze lady lamp

Beautiful, sophisticated table lamp inspired of Art Deco style and it will be fit to luxurious interior. Kickstand is made of bronze and it is figurine of naked woman. She hold in her hands globule, glazed lampshade stylised on antique torch.

Lady lamp art deco

Designed in antique art deco, this table lamp allows you to easily improve your den or office. The lamp features a bronze silhouette of a young lady that looks like she is entering an old Roman bathhouse.

Lady lamp

An outstanding appearance of this lamp features 3 men holding a large ball shade, while standing on a beautifully designed base. Made in 1930s, the lamp is crafted from quality metal, boasting of German art deco style.

Art deco nude

Art Deco Dancing Nude Lady Lamp | eBay

Kneeling lady lamp

Kneeling Lady Lamp

Naked lady lamps

Antique design for an art deco table lamp crafted with care out of dark cast iron with a smooth finish. The lamp itself is made to resemble a lady dancer with the actual light placed behind it, creating a unique piece.

About art deco flying lady figurine tiffany stained glass table


Circa 1920s francefrench art deco figural seated lady statue lamp

Circa 1920's, FranceFrench Art Deco Figural Seated Lady Statue / Lamp Sculptor: Max LeVerrier lamp / statue by one of the best known and highly collected artists of the Art Deco period, Max LeVerrier. Seated nude woman, with a 1920's bob hairstyle, drap

Naked lady lamp

This lamp is a true piece of art. Art Deco never ceases to impress us. Golden colour makes it resemble the old, antique lamps. Interesting, even fascinating image of a man holding the globe is majestic and inspiring.

Silver art deco lady lamp

Silver Art Deco Lady Lamp

Julianna-Art Deco Bronze Lighting Lady Draped With Scarf Lamp

Artistic table lamp with a lady draped with scarf theme. This lamp is made of bronze that is solid and attractive. Round base assures support, strength and great stability. Light area is spherical and finished in white color.

Art deco pewter figurine lamp semi naked statue yoga girl

Art Deco Pewter Figurine Lamp Semi Naked Statue Yoga Girl

Original art deco max le verrier spelter and marble figural

Original Art Deco Max le Verrier spelter and marble figural lady lamp c1930

Art Deco Celia Nude Lady Cold Cast Bronze Statue Lamp Light

Deco lady lamp

A truly breathtaking design of this transitional piece can be one of the most beautiful decorations in your home. This art deco lamp features a stunning base of two women standing an a square pedestal, holding a beautiful glass shade.

Art deco deco seated lady lamp tc2455es

Art Deco Deco Seated Lady Lamp TC2455ES

Art nouveau figural bronze lamp lady holding a flower by

Art Nouveau Figural Bronze Lamp Lady Holding A Flower by Taupin D'Auge France | eBay

Art deco lamp table

Original table clock in the Art Deco style. Carefully carving base is made of metal with antique finish. Includes the pendulum and Roman numeral.

Superb art deco lady lamp 362128

Superb Art Deco Lady Lamp | 362128 |

Art deco tall lady lamp for sale classifieds

Art Deco Tall Lady Lamp For Sale | | Classifieds

Pair of art deco lady lamps in dundonald belfast gumtree

Pair of art Deco lady lamps | in Dundonald, Belfast | Gumtree

Lovely antique art deco lady lamp 461734

Lovely Antique Art Deco Lady Lamp, | 461734 ...

Lovely antique art deco lady lamp 461734 1

Lovely Antique Art Deco Lady Lamp, | 461734 ...

Original art deco figural twin lady lamp for sale at

Original Art Deco Figural Twin Lady Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

Original art deco figural twin lady lamp for sale at

Original Art Deco Figural Twin Lady Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

Original art deco figural twin lady lamp for sale at

Original Art Deco Figural Twin Lady Lamp For Sale at 1stdibs

Antiques atlas art deco lady lamp

Antiques Atlas - Art Deco Lady Lamp