Bamboo Pendant Light


Add some natural accents into the interior and choose a light bamboo pendant. Hang it individually or in clusters for a bigger impact. They look great above kitchen islands and make a stylish addition to all-white interiors.

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Bamboo pendant light

A fantastic set of lamps for spicing up your home with gorgeous shapes and captivating looks. Each of those beauties is made of sustainable bamboo, offering a lovely effect even when the light is off.

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Bamboo lighting fixtures

Now that’s a modern light fixture! It resembles a beehive and was made from bamboo wood. Given how fast bamboo grows, it’s also entirely eco-friendly. A perfect addition to any modern or contemporary house.

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Bamboo light shade

These pendants are in our kitchen, and my husband and I couldn't be happier with the look of it. They are made of bamboo and they are inspired by the coral.

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Bamboo pendant light 1

This bamboo cloud light is carefully handmade by Thai artisans using non-traditional bamboo weaving techniques used by fisherman. A great way to add an exotic, oriental vibe to the space.

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Bamboo pendant light

These modern lighting sculptures were designed by a young Thai artist who trained fishermen to use traditional bamboo weaving techniques in non-traditional ways. Each geometric joint of these intricately woven pendants is hand-tied, making each lamp uniq

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Synclair 1 Light Foyer Pendant

Synclair 1 Light Foyer Pendant

It is a synclair one light pendant that is a fantastic addition to your foyer. It adds light, style, beauty and elegance to any home. This product is nicely finished and high quality.

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Swish large bamboo suspension lamp david trubridge

swish large bamboo suspension lamp / david trubridge

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22" Hotaru Rice Paper Japanese Hanging Lantern Lamp with Light Kit White

Embodying perfectly well the Japanese style, simplistic, yet elegant and beautiful, this set of pendant lantern lamps has been designed from Hotaru rice paper. Each of the items measures 22" diameter.

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Bamboo light

Every hand made mirror is unique. It gives you a subdued, shining light that gives it a friendly and bamboo gives friendly atmosphere in your home. Interesting hanging, pendant bamboo lamp is great for lighting the table in the dining room.

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All products kitchen kitchen cabinet lighting pendant lighting 81

All Products / Kitchen / Kitchen & Cabinet Lighting / Pendant Lighting

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Bamboo Pendant Light

Buying Guide

Bamboo pendant lights can be quite the fashion statement. Pendant lights are versatile and easy to install. They work especially well in rooms with high ceilings. Bamboo is one of those resilient fiber/wood combinations that just keep on giving. Bamboo is an exceptionally renewable material, especially when compared to slow-growing trees such as redwoods. It comes in several different types and can be used as a wood substitute or as a fiber for weaving.

Frosted Shade inside Basket Weave

Conceal the lightbulb, whether it is incandescent, fluorescent or LED, inside a frosted tulip glass shade, and then add an open weave basket shade made of bamboo. The result is an airy, natural look that can dress up your kitchen, dining area or patio. It will go well with a tiki bar, potted palms and wicker furniture. But it can be mixed and matched with heavier wood furnishings, as well.

Simple Inverted Basket

That’s right. Weave an ordinary basket with a round bottom, turn it upside down and insert a pendant light fixture. The basket shade tones down the electric light, and gives a warm, natural look to the room. It will work well in a sunroom, kitchen or patio. With a little-added creativity, it can be adapted for a dining area or living room. As statements go, it says “natural” and “unaffected” very well.

Lantern Shaped Shade

You might remember the paper lamp shades you made in elementary school, the ones where you folded a piece of construction paper in half, cut equal-sized slits in the folded edge, and then glued or taped the ends together to create a paper “lantern.” Now imagine those paper slats made of bamboo splints that are bound to circular hoops of bamboo to form the lantern shape. The effect is light, airy and amazingly sophisticated.

Turban Gourd Shaped Shade

Bamboo slats can be used to make an incredible creation or two. For example, these thin slats can be bound to rounds of bamboo to create a shade that is shaped like a turban gourd. The slightly funky, rounded shape is an excellent choice for a family room, patio or sunroom. It is large enough to accommodate a larger sized glass light shade under the bamboo, which can be used to cool the heat from the bulb or to give it a different color.

Tiered Bamboo Shade

Imagine a three-layered wedding cake turned upside down and suspended by its base and you will easily be able to visualize the shape of this bamboo shade. It is made from shaped circles of flexible bamboo bound to rigid uprights. The effect is charming and far more sophisticated than the above description. It can encase small candelabra containing three or four imitation candlelight bulbs, creating a romantic atmosphere. Or it can be used with an ordinary bulb of any sort.

Bamboo Pendant Chandelier

Visualize two rings, one small, one large, with the larger one hanging from the smaller. Now drape it with graceful strands of bamboo beads, creating swag above and a bowl shape below. Finish it off with a hanging pull with a decorative pendant at the end. The effect is gorgeous and is perfect to decorate your Islander party or patio theme.

Best Ideas

Plumb pendant light by peter pierobon made of yellow cedar

The unique pendant lamp, which provides very romantic, dispersed light in your bedroom. Made of yellow cedar slats lit with a low voltage halogen light. The effect is amazing as you can see on the photo.

Diy bamboo lamp

Oh so cool bamboo koushi pendant light, for the kitchen island or dinette. If you are a fan of extraordinary and unique products, you have to choose this fantastic pendant.

Bamboo light fixture

Slatted pendant lightshades made of natural bamboo. Great to introduce pleasant retro vibe to a Scandinavian style interior. These light-diffusing globe lampshades are available in three different sizes.

60w modern pendant light in bamboo shade 1 light in

60W Modern Pendant Light in Bamboo Shade (1 Light) in ceiling lights

Bamboo lighting

Practical and attractive light fixture. This element includes a bamboo veneer construction for additional durability and attractiveness. Its brown, natural color perfectly matches different interior styles.

Made from dowels dipped in paint wires run up the

Made from dowels dipped in paint, wires run up the sides, feed through a hole drilled into dowels, socket covered with? Black duct tape?

Modern bamboo coral globe ceiling light pendant lamp fixture lighting

... Modern Bamboo Coral Globe Ceiling Light Pendant Lamp Fixture Lighting

Bamboo pendant light 24

Traditional bamboo pendant lights can bring lots of style to contemporary interiors, can't they. These teak & jute pendant lamps hint at traditional craftsmanship while retaining trendy geometric form.

Bamboo pendant light 3

The customizable bamboo pendant lamp. The construction is built of the wooden base, which is stable and the lampshade - it could be easy changed because of the magnetic mounting. So there is no problem to mix it.

Bamboo swivel bar stools

Being a very modern, minimalistic project, this combination of natural bamboo bar stools and white glossy kitchen island creates a cosy, yet sophisticated ambiance. Wrought iron legs guarantee solidness and durability.

Bamboo pendant light 5

Lacking natural hints at your interior? These pendant lights borrowed their design from Thai fish traps - that's where their net shades come from. Simple, but pretty, they bring nature through your door.

Bamboo light shades

Beautiful pendant lamp made of bamboo is an impressive and very stylish artistry and a nice interior detail. The whole made in openwork style impresses and beautifully presents the light. The perfect solution for the living room.

Bamboo pendant light 4

ikes room,

Woven bamboo veneer pendant light

Woven bamboo veneer pendant light